Dog walking in hot weather in Dubai

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Want to have an easier time when walking dogs in hot weather in Dubai? Read on to find out some tips to keep your dog and yourself cool as a cucumber while on a walk.

It is an understatement that the everyday weather in Dubai is scorching hot. There is even an old tale joke that Dubai has two climates: summer, and warmer summer, and not going to lie; it is very accurate. 

People all over the country are feeling the burn and sweat. Though this summer heat brings to mind trips to the beach, it can also lead to dehydration and less productivity when our bodies get tired from the high temperature.

This also applies to our doggy buddy. But keep in mind that walking dogs in hot weather is still possible.

Why is Dubai so Hot?


Located in the city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai sits on the Peninsula Gulf. It is a desert city surrounded by endless sand dunes on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other side. Like what I’ve mentioned before, practically Dubai has two general seasons, hot summer and hotter summer. 

Sand dunes located in Dubai

Technically, Dubai has a winter season that gets up to 22 degrees celsius. But during the summer, it gets searingly hot. Temperatures in July and August can hit up to 49 degrees celsius.

During these months, fewer people are outside their homes. They would instead escape the heat from their homes, and they would go to malls where air-conditioning is in full blast.

Lack of Clouds

Even though Dubai is on the same latitude as countries like the Bahamas and Taiwan, it has a far hotter climate. It is because of the lack of clouds.

Dubai sits in a high-pressure zone, and winds tend to flow from high pressure to low pressure. That means clouds don’t appear. 

Cloudless sky in Dubai

No clouds mean no rain. Without rain, it will make the land super dry, which will make it easier to absorb the heat from the sun. The hotter the ground gets, the hotter the air gets. 

Tips to Shake Off That Scorching Heat for your Dog

Taking your dog out for a walk is essential for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle and become more lively.

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However, during the high summer heat, walking your dogs will make it uneasy and uncomfortable for them.

Or worse, they might experience life-threatening heatstroke. Worry not because we have some tips for you to consider for walking dogs in hot weather.

Water is Your and Your Dog’s Best Friend

It is a fun fact to know that dogs do not sweat, unlike humans that release sweat during hot days, dogs pant. This is their way to release the excess heat from their bodies.

Additionally, one visual cue is their nose. If their nose is dry, it means they are thirsty and need to drink to replenish themselves. 

Dehydration is terrible for dogs because it might result in heatstroke that could make them pass out. Along with increased thirst, signs to look out for that your dog may be dehydrated may include lethargy, dry gums and tongue, and thick consistency of the drooling saliva.

Dog drinking water

On a daily average, depending on its weight, a healthy dog needs to drink about 15 to 30 mL of water per 450 grams. During a hotter day, dogs may need to drink more than the average to restore the water they consumed from panting.

Water is very vital to humans and dogs alike. It is advisable to bring separate filled-up water bottles not just for your dog but also for yourself. Better bring a dog bowl as well.

Check the Asphalt

If the pavement is hot for you to walk on, it is too hot for your dog. Always check the temperature of the asphalt or the ground if it is too hot. One test you can do is to hold the pavement using the back of your hand for 7 seconds. If you can manage to keep it there, it is safe for your dog to walk on it. 

Walking dogs in hot weather

Even though your dog’s skin on its paws is tougher and thicker, walking your dog on hot pavement can result in burned pads or burned paws. They are extremely painful for dogs for weeks.  Its symptoms include the following:

  • Limping
  • Discolored pads
  • Excessive biting of feet
  • Blisters and/or redness of the paws
  • Tearing parts of the pads.

Timing is Everything

Scheduling your daily dog walk is an effective way to lessen heat and discomfort for your dogs. It is advisable to walk your dogs early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Avoid walking your dogs from 10 AM to 5 PM, as that time of the day will be the hottest.

Sunset while walking your dog

Aside from avoiding the hot temperature for you and your dog, it’s also a great time to view scenic sunrise or sunset.

Shorter Fur, Cooler Temperature

Having thick fur, it is often a dog’s problem to feel hotter temperatures than humans. It is essential to keep our dogs groomed to protect them from heatstroke and dehydration. 

short fur dog taking a bath

Watch out for Pesky Dog Pets

Pests such as fleas and ticks are thriving during the summer. It is essential always to check your pets if they are having abnormal itchiness. Regular grooming will help in eliminating these unwanted pests.

Vet checking for ticks on a dog

Take a Rest From the Heat of the Sun

Every once in a while, it is essential to take a rest from walking your dog directly from the sun. Always keep in mind its behavior if they are getting uneasy or thirsty. If the dog gets too tired, they will move less energetically and will pant more often. 

Dog taking a break from walking

After some time walking, take a rest from the sunlight under the shades located near you. Make sure that your dog drinks water to rehydrate themselves. A short rest will surely boost your dog’s energy the next time they walk.

Hire a Professional Dog Walker

Dog walking is a booming business in Dubai. With the convenience and assurance that your dogs will stay safe and having fun outside your home, hiring a professional dog walker in Dubai is a good option. They already know the dos and don’ts of walking a dog in hot weather. 

Here in FursnPaws, it will be our pleasure to walk your dog. During the summer, we will be thrilled to walk your dogs in the early mornings or evenings to prevent them from dehydration due to the hot season.

In addition, we will keep your mind in peace by providing all the necessities for your dog, such as water and tender loving care. We will give you timely updates regarding your dog’s behavior as well as pictures of them having fun.

Dog drinking water

You can check FursnPaws’ testimonials on my Facebook page, website, or Instagram stories. Also, our first meet-up plays a significant role, as this is where you will get to know me better, to see me with your pet for the first time, and to decide if you would like to proceed or not.

Take Precautions For Yourself

Before taking care of your precious pup on a walk, you should also take care of yourself as well. Always make sure to bring your necessities such as sunscreen, your own bottled water, a portable fan, an extra shirt, and some baby wipes.

Prepping to walk your dog

Walk your Dog Nearby

You may walk your dogs in your neighborhood but make them feel extra special by bringing them to beautiful dog parks around Dubai. It is imperative to know that there are only selected public places here in Dubai, where we can safely walk our dogs without breaching the law. 

Here are a few perfect doggy spots that I recommend for walking your canine companions.

The Desert

With its vast, open-space desert, areas behind the Mirdif, Arabian Ranches, and Al Qudra are great places to walk your dogs with freedom. They will also get a chance to play tag with other fur buddies, as this is a trendy dog-walking spot in Dubai.

The Pointe

Located in Palm Jumeirah, this water-side mall is perfect for you and your dog if you both like shopping. Some restaurants even allow dogs inside as well. You just have to remember to keep your dog on their leash at all times and clean up after your dog. Bring some towels for your dogs as they can also swim on the beach.

Burj Park

Burj Park is a beautiful park in Downtown Dubai where dogs are legal to walk and play. It is essential to note that dogs can only set foot on the pavement, as the grasses are off-limits, as well for humans. With the scenic view of Dubai Fountains, your dog will surely love this park.

Burj Park

Dubai Media City Amphitheatre Park

Located in the heart of Dubai Media City, this beautiful park is perfect for walking your dogs. The grass area, the footpath, and the pavement are free to walk on. Overall, dogs will surely enjoy this area roaming around freely.

Dubai Media City

The Greens

If your dogs love playing on lush grasses and breathtaking landscapes, The Greens is suited for them. It is a top-rated dog park in the heart of Dubai, so expect a lot more furry friends your dog can play with.

To show the people how pet-friendly the Greens is, it designated an area where dogs can roam freely without their leash.


The most important tip when you are out with your dog is to have fun! Always make sure that both of you are having the best time of your lives while enduring the heat. Treasure your moments together outside and take photos to save these memories.

Dog and walker having fun

Now that you have known some tips on walking dogs in hot weather, call your furbaby, bring her out for a walk, and don’t forget to bring a water bottle!

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