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Cats are naturally playful and active in their day-to-day living. Kittens are equally as playful as large cats but kittens have the advantage because they are small enough and hence do not pose the bigger danger of dismantling many items in the house.

Best Cat Trees for Large Cats In 2022

For large cats, pet parents always have the risk of having their houses disorganized by the action of the cats jumping from one corner to the other.

Other house items that are vulnerable to your cats’ movements include bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, house furniture, home decorations, window and door curtains, etc.

Cat on Window

Many have wondered how to keep their cats happy within the house and at the same time, keep them away from vulnerable items.

Do cats need a cat tree? yes, they do. And it’s the best way to keep them away from your furniture.

In our contemporary world, cat trees have the following other common synonyms: cat climbers, cat castles, cat furniture, cat towers, etc. and in this article we will list the 15 best cat trees for large cats in 2023.

Some people have always resorted to purchasing a simple tree or old furniture that is supposed to act like a cat tree.

By doing this, you can run into the problem of further scaring your cat to approach the bought item. In other words, a cat tree should be beautiful for the cat and well designed to keep him there for long enough.

15 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

1. Refined Feline Lotus

This product has three color options and it has a L x W x H dimension of 20 x 20 x 69 inches. It features a sophisticated ply with an oak veneer design and a sleek finish that encourages your cat to climb and play.

The tower has a multi level design which means that you can use it effectively to accommodate multiple cats in your household.

This cat tree also features scratching pads and perches that collectively make your cat experience a good time on this tower.

The scratching pads will encourage your cat to sink his claws hence discouraging him from tampering with the carpet and other household furniture.

The cubby at the bottom of this cat tower is huge and can comfortably accommodate multiple large cats. It offers a good place for your cat to take a nap after successful playing and jumping sessions on the tree.

The cubby is furnished with a soft cushion both inside and at the top. This is to give your cat extra comfort when relaxing or sleeping.

The cushions in this cat tree can be washed and replacement units are available when the current ones become worn out. This helps in keeping up with hygiene.


  • It has a beautiful design.
  • It is very sturdy.
  • It can accommodate many cats comfortably.


  • Might be difficult for one person to assemble the parts.

2. On2 Pets with Leaves

This product has a base mat and a tree with artificial leaves. If you are looking forward to bringing the natural-looking environment to your cat right inside the house, then this is the product to consider.

If your cat likes hiding within the forest or flowers whenever he is outside, then this product will serve him well when he is indoors.

This product is made using pressed wood, carpet, and artificial leaves and it has three types of carpet mat; large squire, large round, and medium. You can have it in the following color options: Green, fall, plum, and summer.

The main tree part of this product has 3 bases where your cat can sit, relax and sleep. The cat tower offers a good spot for your cat to scratch without injuring himself. It is fairly easy to assemble this tree and it can support a large cat of 32 pounds / 14.5 Kg.


  • Gives your cat a natural environment within your house.
  • Sturdy with a moderate perch.


  • May incline your cat to leaves and plants and as a result, end up interfering with your houseplants.

3. Potby 67″ Multi-Level

Standing at a height of 67 inches / 1.7 meters, this cat tree is sturdy and comfortable for your cats. It also offers several amenities for your cat to play with and make use of.

The maximum recommended load is 50 lb. / 22.68 kg which means that you can have three or four cats making use of this product.

It is finished with a soft, high-quality thick plush cloth that offers maximum comfort to your kitties. The boards in this item are made to be rounded; this is a measure in reducing the risk of injuries to both you and your cat.

The cat tower has two spacious cat caves which are at different heights. This means that you can house two cats without interfering with their peace.

The product also comes with two jingling balls that enhance your cats’ fan on this tree. You can replace or add more hanging toys to the structure according to your liking.

It is so much easier to assemble this rather chunky product and on top of that, it also has great looks that enhance the beauty in your house. The overall measurements of this product are 31 “(L) x 22 “(W) x 67 “(H).


  • Beautiful, sturdy, and comfortable.
  • Can handle 3 to 4 cats and offer maximum fun activities.


  • The provided jingling balls snap off quite easily.

4. Bewishome Cat Tree for Large Cats

This one has many platforms where your cat can spend some quality time playing, relaxing, exercising, or sleeping. In the design language, the tree is sturdy and strong enough for a few cats to tip over.

Besides, it comes with a wall strap that can be used to fasten the tree on your wall for advanced stability. This product has two color variants: Grey and Light grey.

The tree has 2 big hideout caves where your cats can sleep separately while maintaining peace.

This cat tower has sisal scratching posts where your cat can stretch out his claws. The hammock in the middle of this tree is cozy enough to give your cat a more relaxed feeling when relaxing therein. Your cat will enjoy jingling the hanging balls found on this tree.

The plush material used in the finishing of this product is soft and comfortable offering your cat a good haven to spend his quality time.

This cat tree is easy to assemble and it has a generally good design that complements your home décor.

With measurements of 36.6″L x 30.7″ D x 62.2″H (93 x 78 x 158cm), it is extra large and can accommodate your large cat while it doesn’t fill up your room.


  • Comfortable and offers a lot of fun activities to your kitty.
  • Strong and sturdy product
  • Comes with a wall string for enhanced stability


  • A little bit expensive

5. Feandrea 67 inches Multi-Level

This cat tree has two condos on successive levels that will give your cats a good place to relax and take a nap. It also has 3 perches with raised edges where your cat can sit and watch over the things beneath.

If your cat loves peeping through the window, then these perches are ideal and safe for him rather than sitting on the edge of the window.

This cat tower is made of particle board materials that are strong enough to give your cat stability when sitting on the tree.

If your cat loves scratching on surfaces, then this tree has scratching posts covered with sisal which makes a soft and mild spot for your cat to claw on.

Your cat will love jumping between the levels of this tree without the worry of tipping because of the sturdiness and comfort offered therein.


  • Comfortable and stable for multiple cats.
  • Made with durable board material


  • The fabric easily comes off from the tree surfaces.
  • The perch levels have no raised edges

6. Made4Pets Modern

This cat tree has a modern design that features 4 perches and 2 condos one on top of the other separated by a single surface.

Genius Dog 300 x 600 - Animated

The condos are named deluxe and it truly appears like a palace for your feline friends. On the surface of each cat tree condo, there is a soft and fluffy mat that gives your cat the perfect place to relax or take a nap.

The cat tower also has sisal-covered scratching posts which are good for cats who like scratching on surfaces. These posts are comfier so your cat will keep off your furniture once you have this in your house.

There is a lounging center with a sunk net surface at the top part of this cat tree supported by 4 scratching posts.

At the bottom of levels 2 and 3 surfaces, there are jingling balls that hang downwards which are good resources when your cat is playing and jumping around.

The CARB-certified natural particle boards used to make it are durable and strong enough to withstand the forces of active multiple cats.


  • The cat tree condos are super comfortable.
  • Beautiful design with multiple fun areas for your cat.
  • Stable.


  • Corners of the material are easily damaged.

7. Pawz Road 60 inches

This cat tree has 2 perches with one being taller than the other. The tallest perch is made with a thick and cozy surface material that gives ultimate comfort to your cat when he wants to stay on top and watch over.

There is only one cat tree condo and that can be a little bit disadvantageous if you have a few cats and they are not getting along well. This tree has a hammock at the first level of the structure. The hammock is a great relaxing resource for your cat and he can even take a nap therein.

The cat tree has two hanging balls beneath each perch and one stationed ball at the entrance of the cat tree condo. These are great tools for keeping your cat lively during playtime.

It is easy to assemble it and it does not occupy much space within your house.


  • Comfortable perch surfaces.
  • Many fun areas.


  • It has only one condo with one opening.
  • Might easily be tipped off.

8. Lazy Buddy 68″ Wooden

This cat tree has one beautifully made condo with entrance and exit spaces. It also has one tall perch where your cat can sit and tower through your window or beneath. There are other multilevel layers in it and each of them has a soft landing where your cat can relax and spend some quality time.

At the surface of all the levels in this cat tree, there is a removable mat that offers comfort to your cat whenever he sits on it. Another advantage of the removable mat surface is that you can wash it anytime you think it needs cleaning without affecting the wooden trim.

At the bottom of the 3rd level hangs a rope that your cat can use to play with, hang, and chew. You do not need any specialized tools to assemble this product.

Since there is only one cat tree condo in this cat tree, you can consider purchasing two of these products if you own a few cats.


  • Soft and Comfortable.
  • Easy to clean the mats.


  • Only one condo.

9. Go Pet Club 72″

This cat tree has 3 perches that have raised edges, with the middle one being a little bit taller than the other two.

Your cat can comfortably sit and relax on the perch surfaces as he observes what’s going on outside or beneath him. There are also sisal-covered posts that are good for a cat that likes scratching on surfaces. The material used to make and cover the posts are of good quality and hence will not break your cat’s nails.

2 condos or playhouses are available in this cat tree and they are strategically located on different levels. Both cat tree condos have more than one space for entry and exit which enhances safety when cats are playing within the condos. The bottom condo is slightly bigger than the one on a higher level.

The cat tree is made with compressed wood and covered with faux fur that offers comfort whenever your cat is relaxing or taking a nap,


  • 3 elevated perches with side edges.
  • 2 roomy condos


  • Does not have a soft or fluffy mat in the condos.

10. Go Pet Club

This is another cat tree from Go Pet which has multiple fun areas with two condos. One condo is located at the bottom of the structure while the other condo is located at the top part within the same elevation.

The cat tree is made of carb-certified boards which is mild to your cat hence offering no health concerns. Apart from the condos, we have many fun areas in this cat tree. This means that your cat will get the best entertainment leisure and activities.

There are scratching posts that are tied with an artificial plant material that makes the tree has a more natural feeling to it. We also have one hanging rope that is thick enough to ensure multiple cats can hang on it without risking their safety.

The hammock located at the medium level of the structure is a good resource when your cat wants to relax or even take a power nap. The highest perch has a flat surface on the top where your feline friend can sit and watch over the activities on the ground.


  • Roomy, spacious, and comfortable condos
  • Multiple fun areas.
  • Sturdy and can accommodate multiple cats.


  • The highest perch surface does not have side edges hence compromising your cat’s safety.

11. Hey-bro 43.3 inches Roomy

This tree has good side edges on the top surface of the highest perch. This ensures your kitty does not fall off the ground easily when sleeping on it. This cat tree is not very tall, if you have a cat that does not like elevated surfaces, then you can consider getting such.

We have 2 roomy and spacious condos in this tree and they are located in succeeding levels of the cat tree.

It has a plush material finish that enhances comfortability to your kitty. The scratching posts are covered with sisal to ensure your kitty’s nails aren’t broken when he decides to scratch on them.

This cat tree has 2 hanging balls that are good toys for your kitty to play with whenever he is on it. The product is easy to assemble and can be cleaned without much worry.


  • Edged perch surface
  • Bigger playing and fun areas


  • The hanging balls can easily fall off after some time

12. Armarkat B5701 57-Inch

This is a simple and moderately tall cat tree for your large cat. It features two tall perches with flat surfaces on top where your kitty can sit and watch over what’s happening outside or beneath.

The surface of the perches has raised edges that enhance the security of your kitty when sitting on it. There is one hanging ball placed beneath the surface of the shorter perch

This cat tree has only one condo where your cat can sleep or relax. The condo has only one opening for entry and exit which may pose a danger when multiple cats are playing and jumping in and out of the area.

The scratching posts are covered with sisal which increases the durability of the material and offers a mild area where your kitty can scratch without breaking his nails.

The recommended maximum capacity of this cat tree is 40 lbs. / 18.14 kg. It is also best placed within a corner in a room to prevent distractions within the walkways in your house.


  • Comfortable and soft plush material
  • Sturdy


  • Only one condo with one opening

13. Frisco 65 inches XXL Heavy Duty

This heavy-duty cat tree from Frisco comes in two color options which can be carefully selected to blend in your home décor.

It features a multifunctional design that offers a spacious condo at the bottom for your cat to relax and take a nap after playing on the tree.

The condo has a wide opening for both entrance and exit. This gives your multiple cats a chance to access the facility freely without squeezing themselves.

Adventurous cats will absolutely love the large perch bed at the top of this tree. It offers playful felines an opportunity to relax and keenly observe their territory from an elevated level.

The tree also packs a basket hammock which offers a good position for your cat to relax and take an easy nap.

After waking up, your cat will be treated to an interesting game courtesy of the hanging sisal balls. These snatching and tossing games will stimulate your cat’s brain and they are good for his mental health.

The cat tower is supported by sisal poles which also act as scratching pads for your feline friend. This will help him develop healthy nails and also prevent him from scratching furniture in your house.


  • Provides more feline fun sessions.
  • The comfort accessories are removable and can be washed by machine.
  • It is a sturdy and heavy-duty.


  • The slope of the tree might be too steep for some cats.

14. Hey-brother Multi-Level

This one features two condos in succeeding levels. The condos are spacious enough for your kitties and you don’t need to worry about sleeping space. There is a small ladder that leads to the door of the first condo. Each condo has only one door for entrance and exit.

The material covering the entire tree is soft and makes your cat feel comfortable every time he is there. The mat covering the carb-certified material can be removed and easily cleaned.

Your cats will also get two perch hammocks that are secured enough compared to the flat surface on the normal perches. The hammocks are highly elevated and your cat can easily see through the window. The posts in this cat tree are covered with sisal which brings out a good spot where your cat can scratch.

There is a hanging ball at the bottom of one perch. This toy will motivate your cat to play and jump whenever he is on the tree. The tree is stable and sturdy and the parts used to make the tree are quite easy to assemble.


  • Comfortable and Sturdy.
  • Spacious condos.
  • Elevated Hammocks.


  • Each condo has a single door.

15.  Ace – PetPals Cat Condo

It has four-level perch surfaces including the bottom surface and one condo.

The topmost perch surface has raised edges which offers more security to your cat when sitting or sleeping over there. The condo is located on the bottom surface and it has an interesting calabash-like shape with only one door.

It has two scratching posts that are well covered with sisal material to offer your cat a good spot to scratch. There is a feather teasing toy that hangs from beneath the topmost perch that your cat can engage with actively when playing.

Assembling this product is quite easy because all needed tools are included in the retail packaging.


  • Comfortable with beautiful design.
  • Highly engaging feather toy that encourages your kitty to play.


  • One condo with one door.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Get A Cat Tree for Your Large Cat

Besides saving your house furniture and curtains from the tussles of your cat, a cat tree is also essential because it helps your feline friend to exercise and ease off some stress.

They come in different heights and perches and it helps stretch, play, exercise, and keep your cat active at all times.

Cat tower

1. Cats on a higher elevation feel more secure.

It is indeed true that cats like climbing on surfaces and observing whatever is below them as a way of getting a sense of security.

Cats who like staying outdoors will usually climb on top of trees to target their prey and maintain safety against predators. When your cat is indoors, he still needs to stay on a higher place or surface.

Cat on Hammock

2. They expand the territories of your cat

Your cat is the only one who can access and stay on the tree, he will be very happy and will thank you for the designated territory you have given him.

If you are an owner of more than one cat, then it can be a great place to improve the bonding of your cats because they can easily share the space with more perches, heights, and hideaways.

Cat relaxing on tree

3. It makes your cat happier and maintains peace

Kitties love climbing and stretching, and with a suitable cat tree, you will be so sure that your cat will always be happy to spend time within your house.

If you have many cats within your house, then it will serve as a haven for all because each one of them can have their perch without disturbing the other.

4. If you have a shy cat, he will feel more confident

Shy cats always like to hide especially when you have visitors or in a house with diverse kinds of pets. A cat tree is a sure way of making your timid cat love your house environment and in turn, boost his confidence.

He will enjoy spending much time in the perches of the tree during the first days, but with time, he will discover how big the territory is and will start stretching and playing all over the tree.

Shy Cat

Having looked at the benefits that a cat tree gives to your cat and you in extension, I will now take you through the various types that you can choose from.

Before purchasing one for your large cat, there are several factors you need to identify concerning your cat and the intended tree design.

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Cat Tree

They come in many forms and designs. Some have a condo, others are very tall while others are moderately tall, some have many perches where your kitties can hide, others have built-in hanging toys and exercising areas, and so on.

Do not rush to buy the one you have chosen by yourself, consider the following aspects about your cat that will help you get the best product.

1. The number of cats you own

Sometimes pets can get jealous of the others and end up engaging each other physically. When buying a cat tree, consider the number of cats you have.

If you have many cats, I recommend buying a relatively huge one that has both entrance and exit spaces in the condos to promote free movement of the felines.

Cats on tree

2. Is your cat very active?

Cats in their senior ages are less likely to engage in many activities compared to kittens and cats in their prime ages.

When buying a tree for a senior cat, you can consider one that does not have many branches, toys, and playing areas.

On the contrary, a very active cat will need a cat tree that has the maximum utilities for playing and exercising.

Active Cat

3. Very playful cats

A super playful cat will require a cat tree that has many toys, jumping, and exercising areas. For a cat that is not very playful, you can consider getting one that has many condos where he can sleep whenever he needs to.

4. Shy and timid cats

If your cat is shy or timid, you can consider getting a cat tree that has more hideout areas where he can spend some time when he does not want to be seen by strangers.

5. Does your cat like elevated places?

If your cat enjoys spending time on top of cabinets and other household items, then he will most likely appreciate tall cat trees that go equally high.

For cats that like spending most of their time under the bed or on the floor, then a shorter one will serve them well.

Active Cat

6. Is your cat a scratcher?

If your cat likes engaging with a scratcher, then he may either like the horizontal more than the vertical or vice versa.

You will first have to determine if your cat is a horizontal or vertical scratcher, then you can choose a tree that has the desired scratcher for your cat.

A good cat tree will prevent your cat from scratching on furniture since he will find it more soothing and fun to scratch on the sisal posts.

Cat scratching post

5 Things to Look for When Buying a Cat Tree for Large Cats

1. The features

Commonly for all cat trees, you will find features such as a soft sleeping surface, removable mat, and scratching surface.

Other features that are included are things like condos, half-tunnels, hammocks, hanging toys, and caves. You need to figure out the feature that you need to give your cats before anything else.

Cat tower

2. Easiness in assembling

When purchasing a cat tree for large cats, it is always good to go for one that can be assembled without any difficulties.

This will save your time when you are first installing it or when you want to move it from one location to another. Some of them do not require any assembling at all and they are shipped as ready-to-install products.

3. Is it sturdy?

Nobody likes to own a cat tree that can easily be tipped off by their cats and other pets. Especially for large cats, you need one that has good weight and stands its ground firmly.

Cat scratching wall

4. The durability

A good cat tree should serve your cat no less than a year at the minimum. Depending on the materials used to make it, pet parents should expect a service time of between 3 to 5 years.

The ones that are made of solid wood will stay for longer than the ones made of cardboard tubing.

5. Easiness in cleaning

Since your cats will be spending much of their time on the cat tree, it is important that you choose one with a material that can easily be cleaned especially because it will be laced with too much fur from your cats.

For more information on this topic, click here to read our guide on choosing a cat tree.

Are Cat Trees Safe for Large Cats?

Many people have pondered on the issue of safety for their large cats whenever they think of buying a cat tree.

When you have multiple cats in the house, there is a genuine risk of the cats making the tree wobbling and eventually tipping over.

Manufacturers are also aware of this risk and as a result, they tailor-make products that can withstand this risk.

They do this by using high-grade materials with good stability and weight that cannot be swung around with ease.

Predator cat on tree

On the consumer’s part, try as much as possible to place it in a corner of the house where there is less risk of interference and cannot be knocked over by anyone.

All the 15 products reviewed in this post are safe for your cats and you do not need to worry about the risks associated with tipping over.

If your cat suffers from high-rise syndrome as a result of falling off from a cat tree, make sure you see a vet for treatment and further medical checkups.

Cat tree

To Conclude

I hope that this guide helped you make a decision.

Otherwise, the key thing in making this decision lies in how well you understand your cat. Every cat behaves differently and needs a different environment to relax, play and sleep.

You can choose to buy two trees and this is especially recommended when you have multiple cats.

In the case of buying two or more trees, it is recommended that you go for different types that will boost the variety count in your house.

Have a look at the video below by Jasmine from Cat Lady Fitness where she talks about picking the best cat tree for your kitty.

Make sure to check our top picks for the best cat products if you are looking for other gadgets for you kitty.

On another note, if you like DIY projects, then check out the small guide I wrote on how to build a cat tree.

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