Are dog houses cruel

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Dogs are curious pets and they love to explore their environment. This means that they often like to be outside, taking in all the sights and smells of their surroundings.

Many pet owners find themselves in a situation where they have to decide whether or not to buy their dog a house.

But, are dog houses cruel? This is certainly a question that pet parents have asked themselves at this defining moment.

Some people believe that dog houses are cruel, while others think they’re a necessary part of keeping pups safe and comfortable. But, what’s the truth?

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at both sides of this issue and highlight what should work for you well. Stay tuned for some tips on how to make your dog’s house feel like home!

Is It Cruel to Keep Your Dog Outside?

It’s a common debate among dog owners, and the answer will depend on your dog’s personality and what you offer them.

On one hand, dogs are social creatures who thrive on companionship from both humans and other dogs.

They often get bored when left alone for long periods, which can lead to destructive behavior or even anxiety. Toy-breed dogs such as Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Yorkies, etc. should not be kept outside.

On the other hand, many dogs enjoy spending time outdoors. Such dogs include; Newfoundlands, Great Pyrenees, Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, etc.

They typically have more energy to burn off and may be less likely to spend the entire day inside your house.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to keep your dog inside or outside depends on the dog breed, personality, and circumstances.

If you’re considering keeping your dog outside, be sure to provide the appropriate shelter, food, and water, and make sure they have plenty of toys and space to run around.

8 Circumstances That Can Make a Dog House Cruel

A dog house is often seen as a necessity for pet owners, with benefits such as providing a safe haven for their dogs to sleep, rest, and take shelter from inclement weather.

Are dog houses cruel

However, there are situations in which a dog house can become cruel, making them more of a prison than a refuge. Here are some of them:

1. Tying up your dog in their house is cruel to them. This exposes them to physical pain and injuries when trying to free themselves.

It also digs into the dog’s mental health because they get the feeling of isolation and restriction. The best way to keep your furry friend secure while in the open is to fence the area.

2. Keeping too many dogs in a single dog house is dangerous for them. Dogs are pack animals and they practice hierarchy in their structure.

Your most senior dog will certainly not be willing to share space with others and this could lead to battles.

3. A very small dog house will restrict your dog’s movement and prevent them from freely moving/stretching within and lying down comfortably.

4. Leaving your dog lonely for too long in their house can be dangerous for them. This will subject them to separation anxiety.

5. A dog house without provision for food and clean water is definitely cruel.

6. If the kennel is not properly insulated or ventilated, it can expose the dog to extreme weather conditions, which can be dangerous for them.

7. An unclean dog house is cruel for your pooch because it provides a breeding ground for parasites that can cause serious diseases.

8. Placing a dog house outdoors when the weather is harsh, either too cold or too hot.

As such, pet parents should be aware of these potential hazards and take steps to ensure that their dogs’ houses do not become a source of cruelty.

Make sure to follow your local regulations concerning pet safety and housing.

Should I Get an Indoor or Outdoor Dog House?

When it comes to choosing a dog house, there are a few things you need to think through.

You should consider your dog’s needs and personality. If your dog is the type that enjoys being outdoors, then an indoor dog house probably isn’t the best option.

However, if your dog is mostly indoor-dwelling and only goes outside for the occasional potty break or walk, then an indoor dog house might be good for them.

You should also take into account the climate condition in your area. If you live in a place with extreme temperatures, you’ll want to make sure that your dog’s house will provide adequate protection from the harsh weather.

The indoor dog house is the clear winner when it comes to preventing your furry friend from having to deal with intense weather conditions. Hot summertime and chilly winters can take a toll on even the most hardened outdoor dog.

If you have concerns about your dog making a mess at home, an indoor dog house can provide a contained space for them to play and relax without having to worry about them tracking dirt and mud throughout your house.

However, if you have a large backyard and your pooch enjoys spending time outdoors, an outdoor dog house may be the better option. Just be sure to choose one that is weatherproof and well-insulated to keep them safe.

Dog in an outdoor house

Lastly, consider the quality you need within your budget. Dog kennels range in price from a hundred dollars or less to over a thousand, so it’s important to look for a good one that fits both your needs and cost.

What Kind of Kennel Is Good for A Dog Outside?

Dogs who love to spend most of their time in the open should have a proper shelter for their housing. Here are 5 tips to help you out:

1. The house should be sufficiently big for your Fido to stand up in and move, but not so big that the dog can’t keep warm in cold weather.

2. The dog house should be well insulated, have a waterproof roof, and be elevated off the ground to keep the pooch dry in wet weather.

3. The bottom interior part of the dog house should be lined with comfy dog bedding to give your pooch a comfortable place to retreat.

4. Your dog’s house should have proper ventilation to prevent the build-up of high temperatures and for air circulation.

5. The dog house should be placed in a shady spot, such as below a tree, to protect them from the hot sun.

By following these guidelines, you can provide your dog with a comfortable shelter that will safeguard them from harsh conditions.

How Big Should My Dog’s House Be?

The size of the dog house you need depends on the size of your dog. A general rule of thumb is that the dog house should be approximately one and a half times the size of your dog.

If you own a small dog or puppy, then you should go for a small kennel. And if you have a large one, you will need a larger shelter.

Certainly, there are always exceptions to the rule. If your dog is very active and needs a lot of space to run around, you may want to consider a larger dog house.

Conversely, if your dog is less active and prefers to curl up in a small space, a smaller dog house may be more suitable.

If you are stuck on how big you should go, the best way to determine the ideal size for your dog’s house is to ask your vet for advice.

Dangers Of Keeping Multiple Dogs in One Dog House

While it may seem like a good idea to put multiple dogs in one large kennel, there are a few dangers to be aware of.

Multiple dogs can create a lot of heat in a small space, which can lead to dehydration and overheating.

Many dogs in one kennel can create a heightened sense of territoriality, leading to fighting and even injuries.

If one dog becomes sick, it’s much easier for the illness to spread to the other dogs who are sharing the same house. For these reasons, it’s best to keep each dog in their individual space.

To Conclude

Are Dog Houses Cruel? It depends! If you provide your dog with a safe and comfortable space to call home, then they will enjoy their stay. However, some circumstances can make a dog house cruel.

All dogs are different and what works for another might not work for yours. Ultimately, you know your dog best and you should make the choices that are right for them.

Does your dog spend much time in their house? Comment below and let us know how you keep your pup happy and comfortable.

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