Are Golden Retrievers good for first time owners

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As a prospective dog owner, you are probably thinking of getting a good start with your first furry friend.

There are many dog breeds to choose from and each of those breeds has their strengths and weaknesses.

The Golden Retriever is one of those dogs that has been recommended for both first-time owners and seasoned pet parents.

But why are Golden Retrievers good for first-time owners? Keep reading this post to discover the qualities of the Golden Retrievers that favor new pet parents.

Are Golden Retrievers Good for first-time dog owners?

Yes, Golden Retrievers are definitely a good breed for new dog owners. These double-coated dogs have a set of characters that makes them easygoing around new pet parents.

Many people trying out a Goldie as their first-time dog have in no time discovered their gentle demeanor which makes them very popular across families in the United States.

Why Are Golden Retrievers Good for New Dog Owners?

Golden Retrievers have a set of lovely qualities that makes them a favorable choice among new dog owners.

Here are some of them:

1. They are loyal and affectionate

With a loyal canine friend by your side, you don’t need to be an experienced pet parent to shape their behavior and guide them on what to do.

Golden Retrievers are obedient to their owners and they find pleasure in spending some quality time together.

These dogs have the tendency to build affection towards their caregivers and this helps in creating the perfect family canine.

2. Easy to train

Golden Retrievers are smart dogs which makes them very easy to train. They may not be as popular as their close cousins, the Labrador Retrievers, but they are more intelligent.  

Goldies are also eager to please their owners hence they will take up their training sessions diligently and replicate the same within a short time.

New Golden owners will need to use positive reinforcement techniques while applying consistency, and a little patience to train their new furry friend.

3. They’re friendly

Golden Retrievers have friendly and social personalities both of which make them a preferable choice for prospective dog owners.

This lovely dog will easily come into your family, and blend with all members including cats, to create the perfect atmosphere that first-time dog owners are always looking for.

It’s worthwhile to mention that Golden Retrievers are not prone to aggression. This makes them calm dogs to be around, especially when starting your pet parenting journey.

4. Gentle with children

As a soon-to-be dog owner, you are probably looking for a pooch that will engage with your youngsters and make them happy.

Golden Retrievers are good with children and this makes them an ideal family dog to add to your home if you have toddlers around.

Are Golden Retrievers Good with Kids
Image credit: freepic.diller from freepik

Despite the Golden’s patience with babies, make sure to supervise their interactions since you wouldn’t want your little ones to provoke the new dog.

What You Need to Know Before Getting a Golden Retriever Puppy

You need to familiarize yourself with one or two issues about Golden Retriever puppies before adopting one.

This will help you to shape your expectations and provide the best care for your newly adopted canine.

1. Shedding

Golden Retrievers are double-coated dogs with a thick undercoat and long-furred top coat making them heavy shedders during the spring and fall when they blow their coats.

At about 6 months of age, your Golden puppy will start shedding some fur periodically.

You need to get your lint rollers ready to tackle the fur on your clothes and a good brush to control the shedding.

2. Grooming

Still related to their shedding pattern and hygiene, you need to prepare your grooming tools to clean up your Goldie puppy every so often.

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Get a good doggie brush to tidy your puppy’s coat and remove the tough mats and tangles that may dent their shiny coats.

Similarly, these puppies love playing in the mud and if they get such a spot, you can be sure to find them in the mud.

You, therefore, need to bathe your dog as needed to clean their whole body and keep the germs at bay.

3. Exercise needs

Golden Retrievers are high-energy dogs who require plenty of exercise to burn up their energy and build stronger muscles.

Before adopting a Goldie puppy, you need to assess how you will meet their daily exercise needs.

These dogs require daily walks, runs, and games to keep them energetic and active. These interactive sessions will also improve your relationship with your dog.

4. Space

Golden Retrievers are categorized as large breed dogs, so when adopting a puppy, you need to consider their personal space within the home.

Within 18 months, you should expect your Golden Retriever to be fully matured with their weight ranging from 52 to 75 pounds.

They need a well-sized bed to accommodate their body with good cushioning that is gentle on the joints when sleeping.

5. They love water

Golden Retrievers have an inherent love for water which stems from their ancestral breeds. When adopting a puppy, you need to be cautious about their safety in water bodies.

If you live along the coastline, then you will find the perfect company in a Golden when going for beach walks.

Make sure to restrain your dog using a leash and harness when taking them for adventures along the beach.

6. Health issues

We all aspire to live stress-free with our pets but sometimes they can be prone to certain medical conditions.

Golden Retrievers are not susceptible to acquiring many diseases but hip dysplasia has been reported as one of the most common health issues in this breed.

As you care for your puppy, you need to work closely with your vet to ensure you provide the best care in preventing the rise of chronic conditions.

7. Social life

Golden Retrievers are friendly dogs who do well when bonding with their human caregivers and other pets as well.

When adopting a Golden puppy, you need to build the knack on how you will provide them with the required social bond to make them feel better and as part of the family.

What To Expect With A Golden Retriever Puppy

With a Golden Retriever puppy, you can expect to add a fun-loving and energetic pet to your home.

In some cases, you will find the lovely pup running up and down from the kitchen to the bathroom area while knocking down some items along the way.

You can also look forward to them joining you on the couch for some snuggling when they need your warmth.

We recommend getting a dog crate to aid your training from an early stage, and lucky for you; Golden Retrievers are easy to train.

Sometimes when the puppy is bored and lonely, you may walk back home to find they tried to nibble on a few house items.

This could be due to teething and so you need to provide them with the appropriate chew toys to redirect their chewing habits.

Advantages Of Owning a Golden Retriever

1. Easy to train

Different dog breeds have different abilities to grasp commands and change their behavior. Golden Retrievers are highly trainable dogs thanks to their impressive intelligence.

You can potty train your Golden Retriever puppy and in no time, they will know what’s expected of them when they need to use the bathroom.

Their willingness to learn new tricks has made them a favorite breed for obedience training, agility, and even hunting – which is an instinctive character.

2. Loving and Gentle

The affectionate and gentle nature of Golden Retrievers has made them good candidates for use as therapy dogs.

You will find these dogs in hospitals and elderly homes providing companionship to ailing people to enhance their healing.

Are Golden Retrievers good for first time owners
Image credit: Davide Baraldi from Pexels

If you intend to add this dog to your family, you will be bringing home a social pet who loves being around people and sharing affection with them.

3. Loyalty

The saying ‘dog is man’s best friend’ is made manifest by the loyal nature of Golden Retrievers.

These dogs would stick by their owners both in good times and tough times by providing emotional support and friendship.

If you are looking for a dog to stand by your side all the time, then you can never go wrong with a Golden Retriever.

4. They are even-tempered

When you accidentally step on your dog’s tail, you may run into problems when they feel threatened or provoked. But not with a Golden Retriever!

These dogs are not easily driven into anger and therefore you can be sure to have an easy time making amends when you have crossed their path.

A Goldie will only get mad at you when you’ve hurt them so much and they bark when it is necessary.

Disadvantages of Golden Retrievers

1. They are heavy shedders

Shedding in Golden Retrievers could be one of the major reservations that people have when considering this breed for adoption.

Goldens have a double coat that sheds regularly but is more noticeable during two periods of the year. You need to get the right grooming tools to attend to your Golden Retriever’s shedding.

2. Health problems

No dog breed is completely immune from health problems.

Golden Retrievers have been closely linked with suffering conditions such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, retinal atrophy, and cancer.

You just need to watch over your dog’s health and take them for regular health screening for the early detection of chronic disorders.

3. High energy

If the high energy levels of Golden Retrievers are not directed to a positive outlet, they may develop behavioral issues.

The dog will use the pent-up energy in becoming restless, and uneasy, and develop destructive behaviors such as chewing on items.

Make sure to provide your Golden Retriever with plenty of exercises and mental stimulation to keep them occupied and healthy.

4. Separation anxiety

Being highly social dogs, Golden Retrievers are prone to develop stress and separation anxiety when they are left alone for an extended period.

If you don’t spend enough time with your Goldie, then they are likely to become destructive and pick up self-harming behavior which might be hard to correct.

Things To Know About the Breed

Are Golden Retrievers easy dogs?

Golden retrievers are one of the most easy-going dogs to add to your family. They are devoted to pleasing their human caregivers and they take a much shorter time to pick up behavior training.

They are also versatile and adaptable meaning they can fit in various family settings in the city and countryside.

Golden Retriever lying on the ground
Image credit: Stephen Andrews from Unsplash

Are Golden Retrievers high maintenance?

Owning a Golden Retriever will come at the cost of regular upkeep but they are not considered overly costly dogs to maintain.

Aside from basic care such as food, shelter, and health care, having a Golden Retriever requires regular brushing and occasional baths to control shedding.

Maintaining this breed can be graded between average to moderate. Due to their intelligence, you may only require the services of a canine behaviorist in training if it is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Golden Retrievers hard to own?

No! On the contrary, owning a Golden Retriever is an easygoing affair. These family dogs will typically fit into any family setting and they will do extremely well if they are loved back and well-trained.

As a potential owner, you need to find a suitable breeder and be ready to provide the required routine care for your new dog.

2. Should I get a female or male Golden Retriever?

If you need a larger, more active, and highly energetic dog for your outdoor adventures, then you can get a male Golden Retriever.

But if you are looking for a calmer, independent, and motherly dog that is smaller in size, then you will be better off choosing a female.

There is however no significant difference between the two genders. Both have a golden temperament that sets them apart from most other breeds.

3. What age is most difficult for Golden Retrievers?

Golden Retrievers, aged 6 to 18 months, transiting from adolescence into adulthood might present the most difficult phase in caregiving.

During this phase, your Goldie may want to carry along their puppy-like behaviors into adulthood while you may be focusing on instilling a more responsive behavior.

An adolescent Goldie might push you to the wall to try and have their way. It’s important to be calm during this period and never punish your dog for being naughty.

4. Are Golden Retrievers easy to train?

Golden Retrievers are smart, loyal, and eager to please. This set of characters makes it easy to train this dog breed.

You will notice a progressive response in consistent reward-based training on several commands and behavior.

Despite their inclination to easy training, you should always exercise patience and be consistent when training your dog

5. Is a Golden Retriever a good family dog?

Yes! Golden Retrievers have been the 3rd most popular family dog in America for many years running in a row.

Their friendly nature and gentle demeanor to children make this breed a go-to option for families looking for a canine companion that will not bring a burden.


Are Golden Retrievers good for first-time owners? The answer is yes. First-time pet owners will understandably look forward to a dog that is lovable, easy to train, loyal, social, etc.

Golden Retrievers have these adorable characteristics that will make them a favorable choice for a prospective pet parent.

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