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Going on a trip whether holiday or formal can be stressful for most people especially in 2022 where the airline regulations are so tight. Having a dog to carry along your journey will only make things more difficult for you if not prepared.

One sure way of streamlining your travel experience with a dog is getting the best airline-approved dog carriers to cage your pet throughout the journey.

Every airline company has its own set of regulations describing how passengers can carry their pets. Be sure to check your airline choice laws on the compatibility of the dog carrier you bring on board.

Good airline-approved dog carriers will offer comfort to your furry friend while keeping him safe throughout the journey. The next time you plan that vacation holiday, or if you are going for a business trip you now don’t have any excuse to leave your dog behind in boredom.

You might already have a dog carrier, the one you use to take your furry friend to the vet on routine checkups but it might not be convenient to use during a flight. When you are going on a long journey with your dog, you need to be very careful about comfort.

An uncomfortable dog carrier will give you a hard time during a flight because of the disturbances your dog might bring about in the course of the journey. In this post, I will take you through the 9 best airline-approved dog carriers in 2022.

5 Common Types of Dog carriers

Dog carriers come in different styles, shapes, and sizes to serve the diverse consumer needs that we have. You need to choose a style that serves you best having the dog’s comfort in mind.

1. Dog Backpack Carriers

These types of dog carriers are good for small to medium-sized dogs and they are also very portable and convenient for a travel-compliant dog. If your dog enjoys site viewing with you when walking him, then this backpack is a good option to make sure he enjoys everything with comfort.

Dog Backpack

Aside from traveling, this backpack can effectively be used when walking your dog. It might be tiresome for your dog to walk through long distances without getting fatigued. If you have this type of carrier, you can hop him once he gets tired and ensure he enjoys the rest of the adventure comfortably.

2. Dog Carriers with Wheels

Dog carriers fitted with wheels at the bottom are more convenient to use when you want to relieve your back or shoulder from the task of bearing your dog’s weight. For this reason, it is more appropriate to use this carrier for large dogs rather than small ones.

When using airline-approved dog carriers with wheels, be sure to pull your dog along a smooth surface e.g., in city walkways and airports. Subjecting your dog to rough terrain will make him uncomfortable and eventually he can be sick with aching joints.

3. Hard-Sided Dog Carrier

Hard-sided dog carriers offer the best protection to your dog during a journey. Due to their characteristic toughness, this type is mostly used during long journeys where your dog’s safety is kept a priority. If you have a dog that likes chewing on things, this dog carrier is suitable for him because it is made with a strong material that cannot be chewed.

Hard Sided Carrier

4. Soft-Sided Dog Carrier

These dog carriers include bags and they are mostly used to carry small to medium-sized dogs which are not so heavy. This carrier serves best the dogs which are compliant with traveling and do not offer a lot of disturbance during a journey. If you have a nervous dog or one who likes chewing a lot and digging, then this dog carrier will be a misfit for him.

Soft sided carrier

Soft dog carriers are more portable than hard dog carriers and they are perfectly used when you will have your dog within your custody throughout the journey. For this convenience, you can use this type of carrier to carry your dog along to restaurants, parks, malls, and such places.

5. Slings for Carrying Dogs

These types of dog carrier bags can be worn across the chest or supported through one shoulder. Some of these kinds resemble ladies’ handbags and they are convenient to carry small dogs.

A sling carrier bag can be bumpy when worn and your hand might introduce disturbances to your dog while inside. Always make sure that your dog remains comfortable in this carrier and you walk steadily having in mind what you are carrying.

Dog Sling

A sling dog carrier is perfect for small dogs who always like to be on the side of their owners. With this carrier, your dog can feel the calming effect of your hand hence feels more secured.

How To Choose The Best Airline Approved Dog Carrier for your Dog

Getting the best airline-approved dog carrier for your furry friend is not a walk in the park. You need to be sure what your dog likes and also keep in mind the nature of the intended journey you wish to have with your dog.

Get your dog’s measurements.

The first thing you ought to do is find the exact size of your dog in terms of body measurements and weight. Get the length from the nose tip to the end of the tail and add a minimum of 3 inches to that.

Dogs Exercising

Do the same for the height and add a minimum of 3 inches. The added measurement is taken into consideration to give your dog enough room to turn around, sit or stand while within the carrier.

Find the exact weight measurement of your dog and compare it to the maximum recommended weight that your carrier’s choice can bear. Your dog’s weight should not exceed the maximum weight your desired carrier bag can bear.

The purpose of the carrier bag.

Secondly, you need to consider what you will need the dog carrier for. If you need a dog carrier that can also be used for walking your dog, then for this case you can go with the backpack carrier. A hard side carrier is not ideal for purposes other than using to cage your dog for journeys.

Hiking with Dog

For flights, your first consideration is to get an airline-approved dog carrier. Have in mind that the regulations governing the transport of pets differ from one airline to the other. Be sure to acquaint yourself with the regulations of your airline of choice.

If you are using your dog carrier in a car, make sure that it is made with a material that has passed crash tests from a third party alongside being certified by the center for pet safety.

Consider your dog’s habits.

The habits of your furry friend whether positive or negative play a major role in determining the type of dog carrier you will get for him. If your dog likes chewing, you need to get him a carrier that cannot be torn apart easily by his teeth. If your dog plays a lot, get a carrier with much space and ensure he cannot easily escape.

5 Reasons Why You Need an Airline Approved Dog Carrier

1. You can take a flight with your dog.

Airline-approved dog carriers guarantee you the possibility of using them to carry your dog in an airplane. This is better than having a dog carrier that is not approved by any airline company which only limits you to home usage.

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2. Secures your dog during travel.

With a dog carrier, you can securely have custody of your dog right from the waiting area, during the journey up to your destination. There are many instances where dog owners lost track of their dogs in an airport because of using poor-quality carriers or crates.

Dog in carrier

3. Gives your dog a comfortable journey.

The same way we crave comfort in our travels is the same way your dog needs a comfortable journey too. A dog carrier gives room for your dog to stand, sit or turn around comfortably during a journey while being cushioned by a padded material.

Cycling with Dog

4. Used to conveniently carry your dog.

A dog carrier is not only useful when it comes to air and road travel, you can also use it to take your dog to a vet or conveniently carry him alongside you to the restaurants, malls, parks, and such like places.

5. Can be used to walk your dog.

A dog carrier is useful when you want to walk your dog when he is sick or very tired. You can also carry a dog carrier with you when giving your dog a normal walk then when he gets tired, you can hop him in the carrier and give him the chance to enjoy the adventure while resting at the same time.

Hiking with Dog

9 Best Airline Approved Dog Carriers in 2022

After looking at the things that you need to know about dog carriers, I will now take you through 9 of the best-rated airline-approved dog carriers you can buy in 2022.

1. Katziela Pet Carrier with Removable Wheels – Soft Sided, Airline Approved

This dog carrier comes with two color options, grey and black. It has a soft-sided material and it is convenient for carrying small dogs. At the base of the carrier, there are removable wheels which are useful when you want to pull the bag along a smooth surface.

To aid you in pulling, there’s a telescopic handle that can extend up to a maximum length of 35 inches. This carrier can support a maximum dog weight of 20 pounds. 

Ventilation in this dog carrier is sorted out by including a breathable mesh with transparent windows on the sides and top of the bag. The zipper can be opened easily to access your dog at any time with convenience.

On the sides of the bag, several pockets can be used to hold leashes, collars, toys, and even dog treats. There is a removable bag inside the carrier that you can use to give your dog a comfortable sleep when the need arises. The bag also ensures that your dog gets maximum comfort when in the carrier.

This carrier is airplane approved and it passes the TSA (Transport Safety Authority) standards. Being a soft-sided dog carrier, you can place it under your seat in a plane or just by your side when you remove the wheels.


Great overall design.

The soft-sided material is of good quality.

Comfortable for your dog.


The wheels can tip off especially when carrying a large dog.

Not sturdy enough.

2. Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs & Cats, G-Train Pet Backpack Carrier, Airline Approved

This is a backpack-designed dog carrier that comes with two color options; red and black. The maximum weight of a dog you can carry with this carrier is 25 pounds, meaning that it is unsuitable for large dogs.

The top part of this backpack is water-resistant while the bottom part is waterproof. This means that you can now go out with your dog to places where you may encounter water or rain while keeping your dog safe in this carrier.

The backpack is generally lightweight and is made of padded material with ventilation to keep the airflow running smoothly inside. There are many pockets in this bag that you can use to store the needed gear when going out with your dog.

You can carry your leash, collar, water, and dog food alongside your furry friend. Aside from carrying your dog, the backpack also has a laptop storage facility inside where you can safely put your laptop during a trip. This dog carrier has been approved by the TSA for pet travel standards.


The design is outstanding.

It is comfortable to wear

It has many storage facilities.


The straps can easily break.

Your dog might escape easily when he finds a gateway out.

3. Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack for Small Pets – Dogs & Cats

This is another dog carrier from Kurgo and it has two color options; heather brown and heather grey. This carrier has a box-shaped design and it is still a backpack.

You can comfortably carry your small dog in this backpack and the recommended maximum weight is 25 pounds. There is an interior tether in the carrier that can be attached to your dog harness hence making your dog more secured while inside.

You should not be worried too much about placing this carrier on a dry surface because the bottom part is made of waterproof material that is key in ensuring water cannot access the interior parts of the carrier.

The interior pad is comfortable for your dog and can be removed easily and washed with a machine. The back part of this carrier is also padded well enough to ensure that it is more comfortable to wear and walk with. The breathable mesh ensures that your dog has a constant air supply while staying inside.

When traveling with your dog using this dog carrier, you don’t have to carry a separate bag for your laptop since this carrier has sleeves where you can safely put your laptop and iPad.


Has many storage facilities including iPad and laptop sleeves.

Improves the safety of your dog by attaching a harness to an interior tether.

Comfortable to wear and comfortable for your dog.


Might be too bulky for some users.

Only comfortable when wearing. 

4. Sherpa on Wheels Pet Carrier, Black

This dog carrier from Sherpa has the black color option only. The carrier is made with a mesh material that allows for air to flow freely into your dog’s inner compartment.

The inner bottom part of this carrier is made with a soft material that gives your dog maximum comfort during long journeys. There are windows throughout the sides of this carrier that ensure your dog joins in the adventure when being carried along.

The windows also give you a chance to monitor the well-being of your dog while inside the carrier. If you need to keep your dog enclosed e.g. when he is asleep, the windows have roll-up flaps that can cover them. This also secures your privacy.

You can insert your dog in this carrier either through the side or from the top. The maximum dog weight that this carrier can support is 22 pounds. There is a shoulder strap that you can use conveniently to carry your dog via this carrier. The dimensions of this dog carrier are approved by several airlines.


Sturdy with many windows.

Provides enough room for your dog to turn around

Comfortable for your dog


Zippers may break off easily

It has relatively small wheels compared to the size of the carrier.

5. Teafco Argo Large Aero-Pet Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

This dog carrier from Teafco comes in four color variants; Berry Blue, Kiwi Green, Orange, and Tango Orange. It has been made with a light yet rugged nylon material that is strong enough to carry your small dog. Its small size means that you can perfectly put this dog carrier on the side or bottom of the passenger seat in a plane.

The carrier has mesh windows that provide ventilation for your dog inside the carrying chambers. We do not get a transparent window with this product hence you will not get the chance to monitor your dog while inside the carrier. The top zipper provides quick access to your dog and you can carefully carry him in or out without any complications.

There are several side pockets in this carrier that can be used to store and carry several dog gears including leashes, collars, and dog food. The shoulder strap is strong enough to withstand the recommended weight. It is also easy and quick to replace.


Good design and construction

It has a soft internal material and offers comfort for your dog.

The strap is sturdy


Not so much ventilation.

Storage space is minimal.

6. Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier, Large

This dog carrier from Sherpa comes in seven color variants to choose from. The carrier has mesh windows that provide a free flow of air for your dog in the inner chamber.

The zippers allow for both top and side entry hence increasing the convenience of how you insert your dog in the inside chamber. The material used to make this carrier is strong enough to carry the maximum recommended dog weight of 22 pounds. The shoulder strap is not slippery and is comfortable to wear.

The side of the bag has several storage facilities that you can use to carry your dog’s gear alongside him during your trips.

The dimensions of this dog carrier have been approved by most airline companies and it follows the TSA standards for pet travel. You can also use this dog carrier to move with your dog in a car, there are provisions for fastening it to a seat belt.


Smart design and well stitched

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Provides good ventilation

Comfortable for your dog


The zipper can easily break off. 

7. Mr. Peanut’s Expandable Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier

This soft-sided dog carrier bag comes in 5 color variants to choose from. It is convenient to carry small dogs with a maximum weight of 15 pounds.

With this bag’s dimensions, it might not be possible for your dog to stand or jump while inside, it is specifically designed for carrying a dog while lying down. This carrier is airline approved and you can comfortably place it under the seat in your front while in an airplane.

The carrier has breathable mesh on all sides to ensure maximum ventilation for your dog with additional ventilation on top that makes it a perfect choice for airline travel.

The carrier has a soft padded plywood base that provides a strong base to hold your dog securely. The double shoulder strap is comfortable to put on and does not put much strain on your shoulder.

The material is waterproof which means that you do not have to worry about minor water spills when traveling with this carrier.


Has a side expandable space to give your dog more room.

Comfortable for your pet.

It has a good design.


May easily become floppy.

8. One for Pets Deluxe Cozy Dog Cat Carrier

This pet carrier comes in 4 color variants to choose from. It is made with a material that offers maximum comfort to your dog while on a long journey. There is a zippered mesh top cover that can be altered to give you different angles or you can as well remove it completely to create more space.

When removing the zippered mesh, make sure your dog is safely secured inside and that he cannot escape. It is recommended not to do this for a more active dog.

The interior pad is soft and offers a comfortable space where your dog can spend some quality time. You can also remove the pad and wash it separately with a machine.

The nylon material is cool from the outside but provides the required warmth to your dog from the inside. This dog carrier includes a top handle and a shoulder strap for carrying.


Comfortable for your dog

It has a top handle.

Offers good ventilation


Might be bulky to carry

9. ROVERLUND Pet Travel Bag, Car Seat & Airline Compliant Carrier

This soft-side padded dog carrier comes in a good combination of colors. When buying this dog carrier, you will get a bonus leash that you can use to attach to your dog harness or collar and it also doubles up as a strong shoulder strap.

This carrier is compliant with the requirement of several airline companies and you can also use it to transport your dog in the car. You can use this dog carrier with your small furry friend of up to 6 pounds.

The carrier is comfortable for your dog and it has meshed windows that give enough ventilation to your dog. There are several storage facilities in the carrier that can be used to carry your dog’s gear during a trip.

You will also get a removable fleece interior bed which you can later use to give your dog a comfortable sleep.


Quality product with a beautiful design

The shoulder strap can be used as a leash

It has a top handle that you can use when you remove the shoulder strap.

Comfortable for your dog.


Has a low recommended maximum weight.


In the quest to get the best airline-approved dog carriers, pet parents may end up buying different carriers for different occasions and styles. It is a good thing to have a variety of dog carriers in your house that you can use when you want to travel with your furry friend.

The golden rule is always to check for the compatibility of your dog carrier to the airline of your choice if you intend to go with your dog on a flight.

Have a look at the video below by KK Keiki where she shows ‘How to fly with your Dog’.

Thank you for reading through my buying guide, out of the 9 best airline-approved dog carriers in 2022, I hope you found one that can suit you. If you have any concerns or questions, please leave a comment in the section below.

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