15 Best cat beds in 2022

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It has been reported that cats can sleep for 12 to 16 hours per day and most of the time they spend sleeping is during the daytime because they are most active at night.

With this in mind, it is therefore essential that you should provide your cat with a good and comfortable place to sleep.

It is important to know that sleeping with a cat in the same bed is not always a good idea as much as you may have him as your closest friend.

Dr. Weinberg concludes that sleeping with cats can generally affect one’s sleep pattern leading to anxiety.

Sleeping with cat

On many occasions, pet parents have bought cat beds for their feline friends only for them to never step inside the bed area.

Cats can be very picky on what accessories they use and it is therefore important that you get the best cat bed that is also attractive to your cat.

Other cat beds turn out to be toys the moment you hand them to your cat and he ends up tearing apart and destroying what you thought could be a haven for him.

Shopping for the cat bed is therefore not a very straightforward task like walking down to the market and coming back with one.

You need to have some information on what your cat prefers and the one that will also blend well with your house space.

We have done deep research on the cat beds that will fit many cats ranging from contemporary to modern ones to come up with the 15 best beds for cats in 2023 that you should consider buying.

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Things To Consider Before Buying a Cat Bed

Just like when buying calming dog beds, several factors come into play whenever you are choosing a cat bed for your kitty.

1. The size of your cat

Your Kitty’s weight and measurements are a great consideration when choosing a bed for him. His size will ultimately determine the size of the bed that he will fit in well.

Cat bed size

His bed should neither be too big nor too small for him. Most cats prefer a small and enclosed space for privacy which is the opposite of what most dogs prefer.

2. The age of your cat

When deciding on the type of cat bed for your cat, you need to be cautious about how old he is. A kitten can fit in many beds comfortably without having an impact on his health.

Cats grooming each other

On the other side, an elderly cat, especially one with health conditions would require a specific type of bed that keeps their joints and bones cushioned.

Your vet should be able to further advise you on the specific type of bed for such a cat.

3. The material

The main reason why your cat might refuse to sleep in his bed is because of the material texture and properties. Get a cat bed with soft material that gives your cat comfort and a nice place to relax.

To make things easier when it comes to cleaning, choose a material that can be washed in a machine.

4. The cat bed’s style

Cats are fancy and so are most of their accessories. Beds for kitties come in different shapes, styles, and designs. Choose the one that fits your cat’s habit which he can spend most time inside.

Sleeping cat

5. Easiness in cleaning

Get a cat bed made with material that can easily be cleaned because good hygiene is key in having healthy pets. A cat bed that can easily be disassembled is a good example of one that can easily be cleaned.

Common Types of Cat Beds

1. Enclosed bed

These are the most common cat beds since they love privacy. As the name suggests, this type of bed is enclosed and it only has a small opening where your cat will access the interior part.

The interior is overlaid with a soft lining that makes it comfortable and warm during cold nights.

2. Traditional cat bed

If you have a cat that is not very choosy on what and where to sleep then you can get him a classic bolster bed that nearly resembles a mat. This type of bed is easily washable and can fit in most areas of your home perfectly.

3. Condo cat bed

This is a cat bed that has a hiding place where your cats can play hide and seek games. This type of bed is more suitable for shy cats who prefer to stay away from people while also providing a bigger space for games.

4. Macrame hanging cat bed

This bed has a modern design that gives your feline friend a sleek way to relax and enjoy his time. It follows a design that mimics the natural cat hideouts found on trees.

It is best suited for playful and curious cats and can be fitted in a small space within your house.

5. Window cat beds

This is a type of hanging cat bed that is specifically put near the windows of your house. It is best suited for cats who like seeing the world in real-time, e.g., birds humming, or the traffic flow in your neighborhood.

Window cat bed

6. Fluffy cat bed

This type of cat bed has an extra soft interior that provides the comfort needed for cats to spend much time inside.

Most of these types of beds have a donut shape and they can either have a wide or narrow opening for your cat to enter.

The Benefits of Having a Cat Bed

Apart from providing a place for your cat to sleep, many other advantages come along with having a cat bed in your house.

1. It gives a very comfortable sleep

When sleeping in a cat bed, your feline friend gets instant comfort which makes him sleep even better. This is way better than sleeping on the cold floor, carpet, or even on the couches.

Fluffy bed

2. Your cat has his place

Imagine the feeling you would get when every time you try to sleep someone wakes you up because you are not in your place. Both cats and dogs are very territorial in their living especially when they want privacy.

Cat's space

A cat bed provides your kitty with a place he can call his own and now he has the freedom to sleep whenever he wants and in whichever position suits him.

3. It provides favorable temperatures

A good cat bed has radiators that keep your cat warm in cold seasons and provides a cold environment in hot weather. This is a crucial aspect in keeping your cat healthy no matter the season we are in.

4. It manages arthritis in elderly cats

It is approximated that 90% of cats over the age of 12 years are suffering from arthritis. For elderly cats with this health condition, a cat bed with orthopedic support will provide a cushion on itchy joints for your cat.

Elderly cat

5. Improves your cat’s natural skills

Some types of cat beds can be used to improve your kitty’s natural skills. For example, the condo cat bed encourages your cat to engage in hide and seek games which develop his natural hunting abilities.

6. Improves skin health

If you have a short-haired cat, you might have realized that he loses some hair every time he rubs his skin against a hard surface.

When he sleeps on the hard surface for very long, he can potentially develop skin conditions due to friction. A cat bed solves this problem by providing a soft and comfortable place to sleep.

15 Best Beds for Cats in 2023

1.    The Refined Canine Igloo Deluxe Pet Bed, Durable Poly Faux Rattan Bed, End Table, for Cat and Dogs

This cat bed from The Refined Canine brand has dimensions of 25 x 25 x 20 inches and it comes in four color options. It is handwoven with a nice rattan material and it features a soft cushion on the bottom resting part of the bed.

The top part of the bed has a soft deluxe wooden material that is thick and sturdy. You can place some items on the top part of this cat bed including cat toys for easier access.

The entrance opening is large enough for a large cat to enter freely and it can be used by both cats and small dogs. The handwoven design also allows for air to circulate within the cat bed freely hence bringing a cool breeze feeling to your cat’s place.

The soft cushion provides a nice and comfortable place for your cat to rest and sleep. Although it might attract fur from your kitty, the machine-friendly cushion is easy to clean and maintain.


Made with scratch-free rattan material.

Huge enough to accommodate two large cats.

It is of great quality and features a good cave design.


The soft cushion wears out easily.

2. MYZOO Spaceship Alpha, Warm and Cozy Pet Bed for Cat & Dog, Designed & Modern Cat House

With a cocoon design, this round-shaped indoor cat bed has measurements of 25″L x 16″W x 16″H and it comes in the walnut color only.

It is made with a wooden material that steadily stands on the ground and offers your cat a rounded interior where he can sleep and relax.

With its beautiful wooden design, this cat bed can fit your home decor and match perfectly with a wide range of furniture within your home.

It brightens up your house and adds some wooden touch to your wall which makes it stylish. This cat bed provides a warm rest to your cat hence it is a very good option during cold weather.

On either side of this cat bed, there are clear acrylic domes that enable your kitty to keep an eye on what’s going on outside. This is a perfect design for adventurous cats who like hiding in caves and observing their environment at the same time.

The transparent dome also makes your cat feel more secured and also reduces any anxiety that may arise from being in a cave.

This cat bed can comfortably accommodate two adult cats and provides an added space for them to cuddle and play. The transparent domes on both sides also increase the size of this bed.

You can also use this bed to house your puppies, small dogs, or rabbits because it is pet-friendly and provides the same comfort and touch to other pets besides cats.


It has great quality and design.

It is easy to clean.

The material does not hold fur from your cat.


It’s a little pricey.

Assembling can be a challenge to some people.

3. THE REFINED FELINE Kitty Ball Cat Bed, Curved Raised Shape, with Soft Washable Cushion

The Kitty Ball cat bed from Refined Feline is a good product to give your cat territory without sacrificing the space in your living room. It is made with a hand-woven faux rattan material which is also scratch-resistant.

This means that you do not have to worry about your cat stretching and exercising his paws by clawing the bed’s walls.

The roomy comfortable bed is raised from the ground but gives quick access to your cat. The soft cushion is removable and can easily be cleaned with a machine.

The cat dome has a diameter of 17 inches which provides a sizable space for your large cat to sleep and relax.

This cat bed is easily assembled by placing the cat dome over the base and joining them with a screw that is provided. You can assemble this bed to have the top part as a dome or cone.

The cone is good when your cat is sleeping because it offers higher privacy in his space. The dome shape can be used when the cat is just relaxing enjoying the cool breeze of the house.

Genius Dog 300 x 600 - Animated

The base part of this bed can be used as a scratching post for your kitten when cuddling and playing. This entire cat bed is durable and blends well with your house interior.


It has a styling design and is very easy to assemble.

The bed is sturdy.

It is durable.

One of the best cat beds for large cats


Might not be inviting for some cats.

4.    SAVFOX Long Plush Comfy Calming & Self-Warming Orthopedic Bed for Cat & Dog

If you have an elderly cat with medical conditions, then you need more than a normal cat bed for him. The SAVFOX long plush is an orthopedic cat bed made with a nice and clean synthetic fur plush for maximum comfort for your ailing kitty.

It comes in 3 natural color options to choose from and there are a variety of sizes ranging from small to extra-large. The bottom is made with a waterproof material which is also anti-slip to make it sturdy.

This donut-shaped bed is also good for cats who like digging and it provides a warm and cozy feeling for them. It is therefore a good option to use during the winter season.

It has a raised rim around the bed which provides warmth and gives your cat a sense of security while relaxing or sleeping. This helps your feline friend to ease down, relieve anxiety, and have a good sleep.

The bed cushion and the rim can easily be maintained and kept clean. They are machine-washing friendly and you can also manually wash them gently with your hands ensuring that the fabric sticks together.

After washing, you can tumble dry this cat bed with low heat to maintain the fabric texture and feel.


The bed is warm and cozy.

The natural colors blend with home décor.

It can be used for dogs too.

It relieves anxiety off your cat.


The bottom part can easily be torn.

Not good for chewers.

5.    Fhasso Luxury Bamboo Cat Bed – Eco-Friendly, Natural, Handmade Cat Cave Bed with Washable Velvet Cushion

This bamboo cat cave has measurements of 17.5 x 17.5 x 13 inches and it is made with plush, wood, and bamboo materials.

It’s a modern cat bed with a unique piece of craft from Fhasso and it features a handmade outer shell with a plush cushion inside that gives your cat a cozy feeling. 

The design is good for cats who like staying in caves or those who are shy and might want to hide from visitors. It offers a soft spot where your feline friend can curl and burrow while having a sense of security.

The bamboo bed has a natural interior color that blends well with home décor and can fit in many places within your house.

The inner cushion is soft and cozy, making your cat have a comfortable sleep within his space. The cushion cover can be removed and washed with ease removing all laced cat fur and dirt for improved hygiene.

The materials making this bed are soft and durable. The bamboo is environmentally friendly and can be sustained with ease. This bed will therefore last for a long time and you will only need to make cushion replacement if need be.


It has a beautiful cat bed cave design.

The bamboo material is both chew and scratch-resistant.

It’s easy to wipe, clean, and maintain the bamboo cave.

It adds a touch to your home décor.


The cushion can slide up the side walls when your cat enters the cave bed.

6.    K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Lookout Pod Heated Cat Bed

This cat bed has a removable heater which makes it a good fit for use during the winter. It measures 21 x 21 x 12 inches, comes in two color options, and is suitable for small cats and small dogs.

The removable heater can be taken away from the bed during warmer months in the summer and your cat can continue using the bed in such seasons.

The bed has a relatively small entrance opening and it features a Thermo look-out window that allows your cat to observe the environment from the inside.

The window makes your cat feel more secure when sleeping because he can peek at you while you can also peek back without disturbing his comfortable rest.

We have a removable soft cushion inside the bed which is also machine washable. This makes it easier to clean and maintain the entire bed.

The pattern of the bag features a one zip design that locks in your feline friend in the cave to provide him with the private space he might desire. The design provides easy assembly and convenient storage options for this bed.


Can be used in the winter to provide heat.

A good bed for sick cats.

Comfortable for small cats and kittens.


Space might be too confined for your cat to cuddle and play.

7.    little dove Pet Teepee Dog (Puppy) & Cat Bed – Portable Pet Tents & Houses for Dog(Puppy) & Cat Lace Style (with or Without Optional Cushion)

This pet bed resembles a little camping tent and it can be used to house both cats and bogs. It has five Pine Wooden poles which make a pentagonal shape covered with a canvas tent and a soft cushion at the bottom.

The tent design is unique and it most certainly would fit in most home decor and can be placed in many locations within your house.

The tent forms 24 Inches in height and 20 inches in diameter which is good enough to accommodate cats not exceeding 15 pounds.

The soft cushion is made from canvas also and it offers a comfortable spot for your cat to relax, play and sleep. You can wash the cushion in a machine hence it is easy to maintain and keep a good hygiene standard for your cat.

Each unit purchased will include free rubber caps and a free chalkboard to give your cat accessory an added touch in design.

This tent is however not suitable for chewers and players who might mess the setup and even tear the covering canvas tent.


It is sturdy with a unique design.

It has a lot of space inside.

It gives your cat a good hideaway.


Not good for chewers.

It can easily be messed up by playful cats.

8.    LIFIS Macrame Cat Hammock Bed Decorative Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf Home Decoration for Storage

This is a macrame hanging cat bed that is versatile and can be placed on walls and windows. It is suitable for cats who love to gaze through the window to monitor what’s going on outside and keep an eye on predators.

The bed measures 19.7 x 15 x 39 inches and it can be expanded to accommodate multiple cats. This space is enough for him to curl and relax comfortably with a cool breeze.

The angle of the bed is adjustable which makes it possible to hang it in different locations including walls, roof, windows, and so on.

You can also hang it near a heating radiator during the winter for your cat to get the warm and cozy environment he deserves at that time.

This hanging bed is made with a natural cotton rope which is mild to your cat and therefore will offer him a good accessory to play with safely.


It has an elegant design.

The bed is roomy.

It can be used for storage purposes.


It can be dangerous for kittens.

9.    PetPals Hand Made Paper Rope Round Bed for Cat/Dog/Pet Sleep with Pillow, Natural

This is a cat bed with a handmade paper rope pattern on the side from PetPals and it comes with a choice of 3 shapes. The paper rope has been carefully woven into a nice basket that can comfortably accommodate a large cat.

The material making this bed has a dull beige color and it might not be good for pet parents who love bright accessories for their cats. However, you can use a brightly colored cushion mat that matches well to compensate for the dull basket color.

The bed material is durable and can hence be used for a long time while changing the inner cushion mat if need be. The soft cushion is comfortable for your pet and it provides a good space for him to curl and play while within the bed.

This item requires very little assembling which is very simple and easy. All you have to do is take the soft cushion and lay it properly within the bed basket and you are good to go.

This cat bed has two handles on either side that can be used to lift your cat and shift his location efficiently without disturbing his sleep.

With more than 20 years in manufacturing pet accessories, PetPals made this bed in such a way that it can also be used to accommodate other essentials for your pet.


Simple aesthetic to match with your house space.

The paper rope material is strong and durable.

The cat bed is versatile and can be used as a storage unit.


It has some minor design flaws.

10. Cat Bed Soft Plush Cat Hammock Detachable Pet Bed with Dangling Ball for Cats, Small Dogs

This elevated cat hammock bed comes with two color options and measures 17.9″L x 17.9″W x 7.9″H. It is made with a plush and fabric material which has a nice soft touch to it.

The hammock is elevated by a round-shaped ring which adds a sense of security to your kitty’s place. It is suitable for cats who love staying in raised places and cannot sleep on the floor levels.

The fabric creates a cozy and warm setup for cats who love to curl while sleeping or relaxing. This cat hammock bed is sturdy and strong enough to keep your cat firm on the raised ground without swaying him back or forth.

The fabric has a Velcro which keeps it secured in the hammock circle. There is a cat ball toy on the ring above the fabric that keeps him entertained while relaxing in his place.

This toy is essential in ensuring your cat loves his place and creates a bond that makes him not play with the furniture in your house.

This hammock bed can easily be disassembled and cleaned to remove any odor or fur. The plush part can be washed in a machine which makes it easy to maintain and keep good hygiene standards.


Beautiful colors that blend in with home decor.

Easy to assemble and maintain.

You can hang toys from the top wire.

It is sturdy.


Some cats might hate the rocking feature.

11. SAVFOX Cute Cat Bed Elevated Collapsible Covered Capsule Cave Tent, Self-heated Removable Cushion Pillow

This is a uniquely designed cat bed from SAVFOX that features a collapsible design that is semi-enclosed to give your cat a sense of security while sleeping.

The body part of this bed is made with a premium cotton material with soft fabric. It also has a soft cushion that is placed at the bottom part where your cat rests. This cat bed comes with a choice of four natural colors and it has a measurement of 18 x 18 x 10 Inches.

If you have a very playful kitty then this bed is for you. It has two hanging balls toys which your kitty can play with as he awaits to sleep. These toys will make your cat always spend more time in a comfortable space without getting bored.

The folding design is convenient for both you and your cat when traveling. It takes up minimum space to store it and gives your kitty a new sleeping experience wherever you might go with him.

The soft cushion mat is comfortable for your cat and it is made with different materials on either side. One side has an artificial fur material that is cozy and does not easily shed while the opposite side Is made of a soft linen material. The cushion gives your pet a whole new experience in sleeping due to the materials carefully stuffed inside.

The bed has three steel rings for support which offers durability and sturdiness. The bottom part is waterproof and anti-slip giving your cat a perfect haven to spend his time and sleep without being tossed back and forth.

Always be careful not to subject your bed to too much water because it can alter the side fabric structure.The cushion can be washed in a machine safely without deforming its structure. However, the side linen material should be hand-washed carefully and regularly.


It has a beautiful foldable design.

The hanging ball toys will keep your cat engaged.

It has good quality materials.

Fairly priced bed.


The steel rings might fall apart when squeezed.

12. FELINEBOAT Petal Modern Premium Large Felt Bed with Scratching Pad for Cats and Kittens – Felted from Natural Wool

This cat bed from FELINEBOAT is versatile because it can be used as a scratch pad and a playmat too by your cat. The construction is so strong that it can resist your cat’s sharp claws hence offering an alternative ground where he can exercise and play.

This is good because it encourages your pet to play with it and it ends up saving your furniture in the house. The braided material making the mat is safe and not toxic. It is therefore a good accessory for your cat to engage with for an extended period.

The cat bed is enclosed by buttons and it is very easy to assemble. It then becomes so portable and you can place it in a variety of places within and outside your house.

The cat mat has measurements of 19*17*9 inches which makes it good for cats not exceeding 15 pounds in weight.

You can clean this cat bed by using a hair remover vacuum or deep clean using pet shampoo and brush. The materials cannot be washed in a machine hence the cleaning process and cycle can be tedious for some people.


It is versatile.

The mat is made with strong braided material.

It confines your cat securely.

The scratching pad discourages your cat from playing with furniture.


The mat might pick a lot of fur from a long-haired cat.

13. FUKUMARU Cat Hammock – New Moon Cat Swing Chair, Kitty Hammock Bed

This is a cat hammock bed from FUKUMARU and it comes with two color options to consider. The hammock can be modeled in either a swing mode or recliner mode depending on what your cat prefers at the particular time.

The frame of this hammock is made from pine wood which blends well in your home décor and adds a natural feel to the house. It can comfortably hold and support cats not exceeding 20 pounds.

When buying such a bed accessory for your cat, you should be concerned about his safety when relaxing or sleeping on the hammock otherwise your cat might fall off and never return to its place.

This hammock perfectly anchors in the floor, featuring an anti-sway design that keeps your cat in place and prevents him from tossing off.

It is a good option to consider for cats who like elevated places and hardly sleep on low beds. This hammock gives him a comfortable raised ground where he can comfortably swing and monitor his surroundings.

The cushion is made with a linen material that is reversible and can easily be washed in a machine. This makes it easy to maintain and keep good hygiene for your cat.


It is beautiful in design and color.

Good for cats who can’t sleep on the floor.

It is very easy to clean and maintain the linen cushion.

It sticks to the floor.


It can easily fall apart when moving it.

14. Best Friends by Sheri Novetly Pet Huts, 360 Degrees Security Coverage

Best friends by Sheri presents this fancy cat bed with 4 colors to choose from each one made with polyester material and measuring 20 x 20 x 19 inches.

This cat bed has a unicorn shape and is made up of a plush interior that gives your feline friend a comfortable rest and sleep. It is also made in a shape that will give him a good sleeping position to maintain his posture and ensure a good rest time.

The Novelty pet hut is lightweight and can easily be transported to different locations with a lot of ease. This makes a good option to use when going camping with your cat or in general traveling.

This cat bed is best suited for kitties who love to form burrows in their little spaces to enjoy their own time. It has a wide entrance opening that easily provides an all-around coverage hence making your cat feel protected in his territory.

This is key in ensuring your kittens are always at ease with a clear mind free from anxiety and eventually boosts their health.

The soft cushion inside the cat bed can be removed and washed separately. The entire bed is machine friendly and so it provides an easy time in cleaning ensuring that you remove all your cat’s messes and fur keeping his territory clean.

The internal cushion is reversible and it hence offers you an option of two different colors and the construction itself is durable and flexible.

Best friends by Sheri offers a guaranteed return if you or your feline friend do not like the cat bed you ordered.


It has a beautiful plush design.

Many color and pattern options to choose from.

The material does not collect a lot of furs.


Might get flimsy with time.

15. Cat Beds for Indoor Cats, Machine Washable Dog Bed for Small Dogs, Round Fluffy Donut Cuddler Calming Pet Bed

This fluffy cat bed from FAVOMATE has a donut shape and it comes in two size options to go with. Your chosen size should well correspond with your cat’s size and age to match his expectations.

The bed also comes in 5 natural colors to choose from hence giving pet parents a wide variety of tastes and touch to add to their home décor.

The raised part of this donut-shaped bed is there to provide support to your cat while he is sleeping and it also gives him a sense of security in his space. The inside part of this bed is soft and cozy with fluffy material that gives your cat a very comfortable stay. It is a good option to relieve stress and anxiety off your feline friend.

It is very easy to clean and maintain this cat bed because it can be washed in a machine. To keep the bright colors in their natural state, do not use bleaching agents when washing this bed.

It is also recommended to use low heat in washing to keep the fluffy material in its good state during washing. When your bed is dried, you will notice that the fur is not so fluffy, you will only need to pat it a few times to completely restore it to its original position.

The bottom part is made with an ant slip silicon fabric which helps to keep the bed in place which gives your cat a good sound sleep. The fabric is also waterproof which means that when your cat messes in it, your floor will be kept clean since the urine cannot pass through.


Very soft and cozy.

Easy to clean and maintain.

It is suitable for dogs too.


Not good for chewers.

The bed easily gets flat with little pressure.


Many people still consider cat beds as a luxury accessory but the advantages of having one for your cat are immeasurable. We hope that we have helped you find at least one suitable option from our list of the 15 best beds for cats in 2023.

You can watch the video below to learn how to clean a cat bed in easy steps.

Thank you for reading through our buying guide and I hope you found it useful. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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