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When it comes to humans, sleep hygiene is given top priority in our space and that is why we have seen an upward trend in the kinds and features of beds we have in the market today including smart beds, weighted blankets, and many more.

If you are a pet parent or you are planning on owning a dog soon, then you also need to consider how your furbaby will spend his time in your house.

Giving your dog a comfy bed is something that comes in handy to him especially when you are not around and he needs to spend some alone time playing with toys.

Dog Sleeping

A 2015 study by Mayo clinic revealed that there are dangers associated with sharing a bed with your dog including a decline in sleep efficiency.

Sharing the same bed with your dog cannot be likened to doing the same with another person e.g., sibling or spouse.

Even if it is within your bedroom space, there is a necessity to get a good bed for your dog.

As the name suggests, a calming dog bed is a bed designed for your dog to keep him relaxed and get some extra warmth from it.

One feature of these beds that stand out is their flush material which is soft, that allows your pup to enjoy some lone cuddling time and sleep.

Without a doubt, a good and calming bed is not only good for sleeping but also it helps your dog get a sense of security in your house.

Getting the best calming dog beds does not necessarily mean that you choose the most expensive ones in the market. There are many factors to consider when getting one, including the size and age of your dog.

In this post, I will give you the 10 Best Calming Dog Beds in 2023, 5 beds for big dogs and 5 for small dogs and puppies. Be sure to follow along and keenly check the ones that fit your needs and budget.

5 Best Calming Dog Beds for Small Dogs

1. Best Friends by Sheri Dog Donut Cuddler

This is a small-sized calming dog bed that is circular and it is good for dogs that love to cuddle as they relax or sleep.

The vegan faux shag fur finish on this dog bed mimics a mother’s coat and is suitable for providing warmth to your pup.

This dog bed is small enough that it can also be used by cats. For preference purposes, you can find this dog bed with a variety of attractive colors to choose from.


  • Soft materials used
  • It offers good comfort


  • The material does not last for long
  • May form lumps after washing

2. The Dog’s Bed Original Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed

Here is another calming dog bed that mimics the mother’s fur to give comfort to your puppy. The bed comes in grey color and is made with soft and fuzzy faux fur, a material that your dog will love.

This bed induces deep sleep, reduces anxiety, and is very comfortable. It makes your dog feel calm and secure.

The rim on this bed is slightly raised to ensure that your young dog gets his head and neck in a good position while sleeping.


  • Comfortable for small dogs
  • Easy to clean


  • The material is too soft, a chewing dog can tear it easily.

3. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

We get another calming dog bed from Furhaven and it features a donut-shaped cushy design. The bed’s shape is ideal for small dogs that like to cuddle and burrow.

The material used in making the interior sleeping area in the bed is an ultra-plush long faux vegan fur that provides good comfort to your pup.

Similar to other small beds, you can also use this bed to keep your cat. You will get the Taupe and Grey color option for this bed. Prices will differ with the desired size.


  • Good comfort
  • Value for money


  • Easily deformed by teething dogs

4. Spring Blossoms Fluffy Calming Dog Bed

This cozy calming dog bed is good for small dogs who like curling up when relaxing and sleeping.

The shag vegan fur, which is the material used in making the sleeping surface, is long and thick hence it does not easily fall apart.

The bed has a raised bolster all around that is meant to support your dog’s neck and head.

This calming dog bed is lightweight and you can move with it around during adventures and trips with your little dog.


  • Fluffy and very comfortable
  • Value for money


  • The pup can carry it around with his teeth
  • A teething pup can destroy it completely

5. SAVFOX Long Plush Comfy Calming & Self-Warming Bed

This calming dog bed is made of high-quality synthetic plush fur that ensures your little furbaby receives warmth and comfort during sleep time.

Genius Dog 300 x 600 - Animated

The donut-shaped bed is good for dogs that like to curl and cuddle a lot when sleeping. The bed has a raised trim throughout the sides that ensures your dog’s neck and head are placed in a comfortable position.

The bed can be hand-washed or washed with a machine. Ensure you put the correct settings during machine wash to prevent any damages.

The bottom mat of the bed is waterproof; meaning that you do not have to worry about urine stains on your floor from your little canine friend.


  • Comfort with natural colors
  • Anti-slip bottom ensures more stability


  • Easily stained
  • Easily destructible by teething dogs

5 Best Calming Dog Beds for Big Dogs

When it comes to grown-up dogs, you need a bed that is bigger so that it can offer your dog more space to play and cuddle around. The following are the top calming dog beds for large dogs that you can consider buying.

6. HACHIKITTY Dog Beds Calming Donut Cuddler

This calming dog bed is made using cotton and fabric materials and is long enough to accommodate a big dog. The bed has a raised trim that offers head and neck support to your dog.

The bottom round mat of this bed can be detached from the donut and you can keep it aside when you don’t want extra warmth for your dog, e.g., during the summer.

This bed is compatible with machine washing although hand washing is recommended.


  • Detachable dog mat
  • Very soft material, offering good comfort


  • A little smaller for very big dogs.
  • Easily stained

7. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

This bed is made of premium components that aids in the betterment of your dog’s health. It has a SOLID 4-inch MEMORY FOAM base which offers excellent overall comfort.

This calming bed can be used to reduce the levels of anxiety in dogs with the condition.

The bed has a raised trim that supports your dog’s neck and head whenever he sleeps. This bed is covered with water and tear-resistant material: you don’t have to worry about the dog’s urine staining your floor.

Also, if you have a dog that chews a lot, he may not pose a greater risk to this bed. The removable cover is easy to detach and it is compatible with machine washing.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Superior comfort for your dog


  • Catches fire easily

8. Washable Dog Round Bed Large Dogs

This bed by ANWA is good for medium to large dogs of between 20-50 pounds. It is ideal for dogs who like to curl and cuddle when they sleep.

The bed is made using a fluffy material that ensures your furbaby is kept warm in cold weather. The raised rim provides good support for your dog’s neck and head while giving him a desirable sense of security in the house.

The bottom mat of this bed is waterproof: you will not have the problem of encountering urine stains on your floor.

The mat is also non-slip, meaning that whenever your puppy is playing inside the bed, he will encounter reduced movements of the entire bed.


  • Soft, fluffy, and comfortable
  • It has a waterproof mat


  • Can easily be destroyed by a chewing dog

9. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed – Round Plush (Ball Bed)

This bed has a beanbag design that provides good comfort for your curling dog. The whole bed is covered with an ultra-plush faux fur material that ensures your dog gets a similar mother’s feeling whenever he sleeps.

You can add more fillings if the need arises because the interior of the bed is zippered. This gives you more flexibility with what you can do with the bed.

It is easy to clean this bed because you can detach the removable bed cover from the woven interior and wash it with a machine.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean


  • The material can be destroyed by a teething dog

10. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed – Deluxe Orthopedic

This is an L-shaped bed that has a raised trim on two sides making it easy for the dog to stretch in many directions while within the bed. The smooth ultra-plush faux fur accounts for the material used to make the sleep surface.

The bolsters are covered with easy-care micro suede material. Both materials are very soft and your dog will easily love spending much time in the bed.

The egg crate orthopedic foam improves your dog’s health by preventing pressure points in joints, legs, and hips. It works by distributing the dog’s weight equally throughout the bed surface.

There are a variety of colors to choose from in this product: Espresso, Dark Sage, Stone Gray, and Marine Blue.


  • Good design
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Can be destroyed by chewing dogs.

What to Look For When Buying a Calming Dog Bed

As I noted earlier, buying comfy calming dog beds require prior research on what you exactly need and the size and nature of your dog

1. The age of your dog

Similar to humans, as dogs age, they need more care and support when it comes to rest. For an elderly dog, you need to consider a bed that does not affect your dog’s joints in any way. I recommend seeing your vet for further advice on the bed you choose for an old dog.

2. The size of your dog

You need to take measurements of your dog then go for a bed that is slightly bigger than your dog. This will give your furbaby enough space to sleep in different positions without falling off.

3. Monitor your dogs’ favorite sleeping style

A rectangular dog bed will serve well if your dog likes to sprawl out when sleeping. If your dog likes to coil himself when sleeping, then consider getting a cuddler bed or cave bed.

4. Consider the bed’s material

There are both heavy and light-duty materials used to make dog beds. If you have a dog that likes chewing, you can consider that heavy-duty dog bed that the dog will find difficult to chew.

5. Easiness of cleaning

It is always good and healthy to keep things clean. I recommend choosing a dog bed that can be washed by a machine.

6. Consider the placement of the bed

If you are looking for an outdoor dog bed, then I will recommend going for an elevated one because it will allow more air to circulate hence keeping your dog cool.

Dog bed

Raised dog beds are also good for outdoor usage because it keeps the material away from dust. For indoor use, a plush dog bed offers more comfort than a raised one.

Once you have decided on your calming bed pick for your pup, you can easily make a purchase from Amazon or the bed manufacturer’s site.

Are calming beds only good for sleeping and relaxing your dog? The following 6 benefits are also associated with a good calming bed.

6 Benefits of a Calming Bed to Your Dog

1. A calming bed can ease your dog’s anxiety

Since most of these beds have a unique design that features a raised rim, it has been reported that dogs are most likely to calm down within a short time giving them a more relaxed environment hence reducing anxiety.

2. Extra Comfort for your pup

The raised rims in most of the calming dog beds offer extra comfort to your dog by supporting his head and neck when sleeping.

Comfortable Pup

3. Provides warmth during cold weather

Due to the flush and soft filling materials used to make these beds, your dog will certainly get some extra warmth, especially during cold weather. This is a good step in ensuring your dog maintains a good health status.

4. Ensure and maintain a good sleeping posture for your dog

Due to the unique design of these beds, your dog will most certainly adopt a good sleeping position when sleeping on it. This will help eliminate health concerns related to the joints and back of your dog, especially elderly ones.

Sleeping Dog

5. Calming dog beds are super easy to clean

Because most of them are machine washable. This will ensure that your dog has a clean place to relax and sleep.

6. Cuddling dogs can now feel more comfortable

Donut-shaped calming dog beds offer a good place for dogs who like curling to relax and cuddle. 

How do Calming Dog Beds Work?

Calming dog beds are used to provide a comfortable and relaxed place for your dog to relax, cuddle and sleep.

If you are purchasing a calming dog bed for the sole purpose of treating your dog’s anxiety, it is common to wonder how the bed works and if it will be effective for that purpose.

The truth of the matter is that these beds indeed reduce anxiety in dogs by easing their nervousness.

Before purchasing a calming dog bed to treat your dog’s anxiety, you first need to identify the real causes that give anxiety conditions to your dog.

After identifying the causes, you can then try and eliminate the causes and choose a bed that fits your dog’s conditions. A veterinarian’s advice is very important in this step.

Calming dog beds work by providing a smooth surface where your dog can lie, cuddle, curl and sleep. These beds are stuffed with fillings that have an equal temperature range with the dog’s temperature.

There is a sense of security and comfort that accompanies your dog when they are sleeping in a calming dog bed.

The comfort is further enhanced by the inclusion of super-soft foam and raised trim that supports your dogs’ neck and head giving him a more secure place to spend time in.

When your dog sinks in the super-soft foam, he receives a nice cuddle-like feeling that also gives his muscles and joints a good spot to lie on.

Having looked at the prerequisites for these calming dog beds, let me now take you through the 10 best calming beds you can buy.

5 Types of Calming Dog Beds to Choose for Your Dog

Calming dog beds are made in different varieties and shapes to serve different purposes for your dog.

Before deciding on which type of bed to go for, you need to know how your dog sleeps and the things he likes doing when alone e.g., curling.

The following are the most common types you will find in the market.

1. Bolster Dog Beds

Bolsters are calming dog beds that have a raised edge all around. If your dog likes leaning against something when he sleeps, then getting a bolster dog bed is good for him.

By curling and leaning against the raised edge, most dogs get a sense of security and they can sleep comfortably.

2. Cave-style Dog beds

This dog bed is ideal for dogs who like to burrow or hide when sleeping. You can easily know if your dog is of this type if you notice that he likes nesting into a blanket whenever he wants to sleep.

This type of calming dog bed is also good if you have a nervous dog, he will like sleeping on it whenever stressed as a way of hiding.

Cave Dog Bed

3. Donut-style Beds

This bed is very good for dogs who like curling and cuddling as they sleep. These beds are also made of a raised circle all around which provides head and neck support for your dog when he sleeps.

These beds are made with a soft sleeping surface material that encourages your dog to curl before sleeping.

Donut Style Dog Bed

4. Orthopedic Memory Foam Beds

If you have a dog who suffers from bone and muscles related conditions, then this bed is a good haven for him. In most cases, the vet will recommend this bed when your dog has been diagnosed with such ailments.

These orthopedic beds work by reducing the surface pressure on the ailing spots hence speeding up the recovery process and proving a soft area to sleep.

5. Self-Warming Dog Beds

If your dog is always in a quest to look for a warmer environment to sleep, then this bed is recommended for him. Also, for the dogs who naturally tend to get colder than others, this bed is good for them.

Your dog will simply lie on the sleeping surface to receive warmth and a soft environment to sleep in.

For better dog care, it is important to get more than one type of calming dog bed for your pup since we have seen that each type of bed serves a different purpose.


There are a ton of calming dog beds in the market that you can choose from but you need to be very careful when purchasing because some products are not good for your dog.

In this post, I took my time to look at the best calming dog beds available that will meet most of your dog’s needs.

When cleaning your dog beds using a machine, ensure you go through the conditions that have been highlighted by the bed’s manufacturer to prevent destroying the bed during cleaning.

Most people who complain about their dogs destroying their beds after cleaning is mostly due to a mismatch in the cleaning conditions.

Thanks for reading through my post. Make sure to check our other top picks of the best dog products.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the section below and I will be happy to check that out.

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