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Cats spend most of their sole time grooming themselves and it is easy to conclude that they do not need any further assistance from us.

Your cat will certainly need you to help him out with grooming problems he cannot solve including straightening his fur and combing it.

Cats grooming each other

For most pet parents, it is very common to find their clothes or furniture laced with cat fur all over, and having to deal with that can be tiring.

You can use a cat brush to control the shedding and also to keep your furbaby look sleek, clean, and elegant.

Getting the best cat brushes for your furbaby requires keen scrutiny on him and what his fur and skin type can manage.

There are many types of cat brushes in the market and they come in different shapes, forms and factors.

As a pet parent, it might not be so easy to choose the most appropriate cat brush for your furry friend. We have made the work simpler for you by looking at the top 10 best cat brushes in 2023.

The 10 Best Cat Brushes

1. FURminator Long Hair Cat Deshedding Tool

This furminator cat brush comes in turquoise and purple color options and it is made with a stainless-steel edge for brushing off your cat. The pinned edges reach the topcoat of your cat and can be used to safely remove loose hair from him.

The curved edge design on this product takes the shape of a cat’s body and it ensures that he is comfortable during the grooming session. When used as directed, you will get the best results for your cat’s skin.

The handle is well designed and it has a soft plastic material that makes it comfortable to hold when grooming your cat.

This is very important because it gives you an easy time to focus on the most important aspect of keeping your cat safe while grooming him.

This tool is one of the best cat brush for long-haired cats and it is more effective for long-haired cats weighing over 10 pounds.


  • It has a good design that is comfortable for you and your cat.
  • Effective in removing hairballs.


  • If not used well, it can thin your cat’s hair.

2. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Cat Slicker Brush

This brush has a curved bristle design that is meant to groom your cat effectively without inflicting any pain to your cat’s skin. It has a 5.8 inch brush head.

You can use this brush for your small or long-haired cat or dog to remove mats, untangle knots, remove loose hair, dander, dirt, and other debris material.

An issue of concern with many pet parents is how to remove the dirt materials and hair from the brush once you have groomed your cat.

This concern has been catered for in this brush because you will simply press a self-cleaning button which will retract all the needles into the brush head leaving the shed hair on the flat surface. You can then wipe off the surface with ease and dispose of the fallen hair.

The handle is made with a soft anti-slip material that allows you to have a comfortable grip when grooming your furry friend.


  • The self-cleaning mechanism is convenient.
  • The massage feeling helps to create a stronger bond with your cat.


  • The bristles can be a bit hard for some cats.

3. HandsOn All-In-One Pet Bathing & Grooming Gloves

Handson brush

This glove brush comes in 3 different color options to choose from. It is made with a strong flexible nylon fabric and contains grip gloves for five fingers.

Before purchasing this product, be sure to check the size that fits in your hand. This is important because size is an important aspect when it comes to gripping and brushing over your cat.

The grip section is made of non-aggressive rubber nodules that will be used to wipe off dirt and unknot the entangled section of your cat’s hair.

At the palm area of the gloves, there are some round tips as well which provide a rough surface to groom your cat.

The gloves have a secured hook and loop fastener at the end which can be adjusted to ensure that you get the most appropriate fit for grooming your cat.

Due to the humanly feel of the gloves, your cat will comfortably feel that he is going through a massage during grooming sessions. This brush, therefore, helps to strengthen the bond with your furbaby as you groom him.

You can use these grooming gloves to clean your other pets including dogs and animals such as horses. When you are using it to groom multiple pets, be sure to wash after every use before switching the usage.


  • The gloves are lightweight and durable.
  • The nodules are soft hence cannot scratch your cat.
  • Can be used for multiple pets and animals.


  • The loose hair from your cat might stick on the glove surface during grooming.

4. Catit Senses 2.0 Cat Hair Grooming Kit

If you have a short-haired cat, you can consider getting him this grooming kit which contains several brushes and nail clippers to keep him tidied.

The included tools are nylon slicker cat brush, metal slicker cat brush, rubber palm cat brush, fine grooming comb, and curved cat nail clipper all weighing 1.26 pounds.

You can use the different brushes to achieve your desired grooming goal including removing mats, loose hair, dirt, dander, softening hair, untangling knots, and many more.

All the tools are contained in a compartment that keeps them upright preventing the brush teeth from being spoiled.

With this kit, you can keep your cat shiny and clean since the grooming will reduce hair shedding and distribute the oil evenly on the coat surface.

Have a look at the review video below from Happy Tails talking about this product.


  • Contains all the brushes needed to groom your cat.
  • The kit compartment keeps the brushes safely.
  • All brushes have a comfortable handle.


Genius Dog 300 x 600 - Animated
  • The container lid does not lock in the base.

5. BISSELL FURGET IT Cat and Dog Grooming Brush

This grooming brush weighs 7.2 ounces and is made with rounded edge teeth for grooming your cat. You can also use it for your dog, make sure you clean before interchanging the pet usage.

This brush can effectively be used to remove shedding from the undercoat and unknot hairballs on your cat.

Regular grooming of your cat will give him shiny and soft hair. One of the edge sides has 9 teeth while the other side has 17 teeth.

You can use the 9 teeth side to carefully remove stubborn mats from your furbaby. The 17 teeth side can be used to smoothly brush and remove dirt, dander, fluff, and other debris from his skin.

It works perfectly for any type of cat but it is exceptional for medium to long-haired ones.


  • Effectively removes all loose hair.
  • It has a soft handle and a good grip.
  • It has teeth on both sides.


  • Can get the hair off your cat if used roughly.

6. Hertzko Pet Hair Brush and Hair Dryer & Comb

This device has a dryer and brush for grooming your cat. It comes in the purple color only and the handle is made of a plastic material.

You can use the brush to remove loose hair, dirt, dander, or any other debris material while the dryer will warm up your cat especially during cold weather.

You have the option to adjust the dryer temperature and low wind according to your conditions and needs. Be sure to use lower temperatures for small cats or those with heat-sensitive skins.

If you have a larger cat, you might require more time to hover the dryer on him to completely remove moisture as compared to a smaller cat.

The brush has rounded plastic tips that are used to safely groom your cat without posing a safety issue on your cat’s sensitive skin.

The power supply cord is 6 feet which is long enough to give you room for maneuvering as you groom your cat comfortably.

Also, the motor that powers the dryer is powerful but gives less noise which does not frighten your furry friend.


  • The brush removes tangles and loose hair effectively.
  • Gives much less noise than a blow dryer.
  • Allows you to brush your cat as you dry them after bath.


  • It can disassemble easily when left unmonitored.

7. LIVEKEY Pet Brush and Hair Dryer

This product has a pet dryer and a coming brush hence it provides a 2 in 1 functionality. It weighs 13 ounces hence can be categorized as a portable device that you can keep in your cat backpack when moving with him.

You can use the comb for your routine grooming and the dryer can be used to remove moisture from your cat. For example, if your cat gets wet or when the weather is cold, you can use the dryer to provide warmth to him.

The device has adjustable options for temperature and wind blow for the dryer. Choose a setting that serves your cat well according to the season and circumstance.

Be careful not to use a lot of heat for small kittens who are sensitive to temperature.

The dryer works well without producing noise that can scare away your cat. You can be sure to comb and dry him without facing resistance in terms of escaping noise. 

You can easily remove mats on your cat’s coat using the brush while drying him. It also untangles small knots without inflicting pain on your cat. 


  • Lightweight.
  • Very quiet compared to blow dryers.
  • Comfortable to hold and use.


  • Might be destroyed easily when left unmonitored.

8. ShedTitan Self Cleaning Brush & De-matting Comb

This product includes a slicker brush and a de-matting comb each with its handle. The combination of these tools is essential in removing tangles, mats, dander, dirt, loose hair, and most other debris material from your cat’s coat.

The slicker brush has finely bent wire bristles that penetrate the undercoat of your cat to safely remove any foreign material and straighten the hair.

It also has a self-cleaning mechanism; you will simply place the button then the bristles will be retracted to the brush head then you can efficiently clean it.

Remember never to press the self-cleaning button while you are still grooming your cat. The comb has alternating tall and short teeth that are used to untangle knots and remove mats from your cat’s coat.

The action of these two grooming tools will result in less shedding and a clean-looking furbaby. This has the long-term positive effect of maintaining the good health of your feline friend.


  • Easy to clean the brush.
  • Good combo for a complete grooming session.
  • Effectively reduces shedding.


  • Too big for some cats. 

9. Friends Forever Dual Side 2 in 1 Pet Grooming Combo

This silicone cat brush has bristles on both sides of the oval-shaped head and it weighs 0.51 pounds.

You will also get an undercoat de-matting rake and which can be attached to the handle of the brush. It comes with blue and black color variants.

The silicone handle has a unique shape that provides a good grip hence giving you a comfortable grip when grooming your cat.

You can use this product to remove mats, fallen hair, dirt, debris, and untangle simple knots on your cat’s body.


  • The handle locks nicely on the brush head.
  • A good tool for a hard coat.
  • Can be used for diverse-haired cats.


  • The handle joint is not made with very strong material and it can easily break off.

10. Happi N Pets Premium Cat Arch Self Groomer

This product is made up of a non-slip mat, cat brush, and a mouse toy with catnip. It is suitable for large cats because the brush forms a canopy of up to 12 inches.

Your cat can now groom himself with the brush as he plays with the toy on the mat. The brush has bristles on all sides that aid in the removal of loose hair and debris.

Your cat will brush his body against the bristle the same way he does on walls. After a short period of use, he will be accustomed to this product and would run to it whenever he wants to play and groom.

Small knots can also be untangled during the grooming session. This helps in making your house free from fur from your kitty.

The base of this item weighs 2 pounds and it is therefore sturdy hence it will not move around when your cat is grooming.


  • Cute self-groomer design.
  • The mouse toy keeps your cat entertained.
  • Safe and sturdy.


  • Can be a misfit to taller cats.

Why You Need to Brush Your Cat

Grooming your cat by brushing him regularly is not only convenient for you but also good for your cat’s health. Here are some of the main reasons that explain the importance of brushing your cat.

1. Controls shedding

Regular brushing of your cat will aid in shedding off the excess hair he carries. This reduces the amount of fur that may end up in your cloth when petting your cat or on your furniture when he plays around.

You can brush your cat at least once every day or two. When checking for the best cat brushes for shedding, always consider the one that picks loose hair from the undercoat while giving your cat a massage feeling.

Long-haired cat

2. Reduces hairballs

Long Haired cats have a problem with hairballs which develop randomly on their skin. This problem can be reduced to a greater extent by brushing them regularly.

Knots on coat

3. Preventing mats

Mats in cats are the hair knots that form around your cat’s body as a result of long fur. Mats can develop as a result of shedding the undercoat which entangles with the overcoat. There is a great tendency for mats to also form on your cat’s moving body parts such as legs and tail.

Entangled hair

Brushing your cat regularly will prevent mats from developing. They are often painful to cats and deny them their comfort. If your cat has developed a mat, you can carefully cut it off but never use scissors to do that.

Some specialized brushes and combs are used to painlessly remove mats and you can consider using them.

4. Grooming your cat

Brushing your cat regularly is a good way to ensure that he is clean and healthy. You can easily eliminate dirt, debris, or oily stains from your cat than if he were to do it alone using his tongue. Brushing your cat is also pain-free and it can best be used to keep an elderly cat with arthritis clean.

Brushing cat

5. Creates a strong bond

If you have multiple cats, you most certainly have noticed that they spend some time grooming each other. Cats always do this to bond with those they love and build affection.

You can create a stronger bond with your furry friend by doing the same thing in brushing him regularly. He will recognize that you are a key player in keeping him clean and hence develop more affection for you.

To determine how often you need to brush your cat, you need to know his fur type and length. Typically, a long-haired cat needs more brushing than a short haired one.

5 Common Types of Cat Brushes

Depending on your cat’s fur type, you need to carefully consider the kind of brush you are choosing for him.

Other considerations to keep in mind include what you intend to do with the brush other than routine grooming.

1. Slicker brushes

These brushes have very thin teeth and so you need to be extra careful not to scratch your cat when brushing him.

These brushes are suitable for use by a wide variety of cats but worked specifically well for long to medium-haired cats.

Slicker brush

Slicker brushes are slightly bent and are good to remove dead fur, dirt, dander, and spread the oil evenly over your cat’s coat. You can use this brush regularly to prevent matting.

2. Bristle brushes

These brushes are used to groom short haired cats with sleek fur. The brush has very smooth bristles that run over your cat’s coat to leave it shiny and glowing. For long-haired cats, you can use this brush for finishing after using a stronger one for grooming.

3. Pin Brushes

These brushes have strong pin teeth that are used to remove knots and hairballs on your cat’s coat. It provides a good way to prevent matting on your cat.

The long pins can go into any knot on your cat and run smoothly to straighten the coat. This brush can be used by any cat type but it works well for medium to long-haired cats.

Always be careful when using this type of brushes because some of the pin types can easily scratch the skin surface of your cat when you apply too much strength when using it.

4. Two-sided brushes

As the name suggests, this brush has teeth on both sides and it is useful when grooming multiple cats.

One side of the brush has thin pins which are used for disentangling hairballs while the other side contains smooth bristles which are used for smoothening your cat’s hair and grooming and spreading natural oil over his coat.

5. Rubber brushes

These brushes have rubber nubs which are milder to use compared to the ones with metal teeth. This material forms the best cat brush for short hair cats because of the close contact with the skin.

If you also have a cat that doesn’t like metal brushes, then you can consider getting this type for him. You can also use this brush for grooming a cat with sensitive skin that may be susceptible to injury by a metal pin or bristle.

The rubber nubs are good in distributing oil over your cat’s coat as it massages his skin. It will also aid in the shedding of loose fur from your cat’s body as it gently runs over the coat.

As you groom your cat with his preferred and suitable brush, you can carefully monitor his reaction during the process and see if there are specific places he doesn’t want to be touched.

This can help to diagnose if your cat has a skin problem and also in the identification and removal of fleas as well.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Brushing Your Cat.

During the grooming sessions on brushing your furry friend, there are some mistakes that you can easily make and ignore. These mistakes can be dangerous to your cat immediately or in the long run.

1. Using a lot of force when brushing

Brushing your cat requires minimal force because you are focused on removing light materials from his body. A forceful brushing session can be both unpleasant and painful for your furry friend.

2. Using the wrong type of brush

The wrong type of brush can cause excessive shedding of your cat’s living fur. By brushing him with the wrong brush, you might be plucking the hair that he needs.

Remember you are only supposed to shed dead and loose fur from your cat’s coat. You might also injure your cat’s skin by using the wrong type of brush during grooming.

3. Removing mat in the wrong way

When you encounter a mat on your cat’s body, it is important to cut it off carefully with a razor blade. Some mats are so loose that they can be removed easily by hand but that is rarely the case.

If you remove a mat in the wrong method, it will be more painful for your cat and he might run away from the grooming session.

4. Ignoring specific parts of your cat’s body

Since cats usually groom themselves, it is easy to ignore some parts of their body, having in mind that he has already done the grooming.

As we have seen earlier, there are certain things that your cat cannot eliminate by himself hence he needs assistance.

Cat grooming

5. Brushing against the natural coat direction

It is common for some pet parents to run the brush opposite the direction of the cat’s coat. This practice can lead to excessive shedding of live hair which can be detrimental to your cat.

Most cats will react aggressively when you brush against their coat and this can lead to a weakened bond.

If you want to go against your cat’s coat direction, it is recommended to use a blower which will aid in removing dust and smoothening the fur.

Always remember that each grooming session is an opportunity for you to learn more about your cat’s behavior, what he likes, and what he hates. There’s no specific brushing procedure that can be shared with all cats.

If you have multiple cats, take your time and learn how to handle every one of them without causing discomfort to any.


Getting the best cat brush for grooming your cat might require you to purchase more than one type especially if you have multiple cats.

As you have learned by now, different brushes are used to perform different functions.

Always remember to regularly groom your cat even if he stays indoors most of the time. The effect of a dirty undercoat can be huge for cats and may make them lose their comfort until they are cleaned.

Have a look at the video below by Cat Lady Fitness where she talks about how to brush your cat if he doesn’t like it.

Thank you so much for reading this buying guide. I hope that you found a cat brush that may suit you and your cat.

Make sure to check our other top picks for the best cat products, I’m sure you will find something you like.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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