11 best cat litter boxes in 2022

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One thing that all pet parents have to embrace is the control of waste from their lovely cats. Nearly all kittens will find it easy to relieve themselves on the floor which certainly makes your house messy and leaves a bad smell.

With a good litter box, your cat will find it easier to leave his waste therein and hence eliminating the need of cleaning your floor every other time.

A cat litter box is an essential accessory to keep your house clean and with a good smell. They come in different designs, shapes, colors, and features that will make your cat embrace good bathroom behavior.

11 best cat litter boxes in 2021

Finding the best product that will suit your feline friend can be a tedious task but this is where we come in.

The normal cat litter boxes differ from the automatic cat litter boxes in the aspect of cleaning. For the normal ones, you will have to manually scoop your cat’s droppings from the litter whereas the automatic one does all the work for you.

The normal litter boxes have the advantage of being minimal in design and easier to use. They are also good for potty training your kitten.

If you are on a budget, then it is advisable to check out the normal cat litter boxes since they are more  affordable than the automatic ones. We did our extensive research to come up with the 11 best cat litter boxes in 2023.

Our products range from those that are good with small to large cats and the various breeds that you may have.

11 Best Cat Litter Boxes In 2023

1. Modkat Flip Litter Box with Scoop and Reusable Liner

This cat litter box from Modkat comes with a scoop for your convenience during cleaning. This combo has 2 boxes, one in white and the other in gray.

The box has measurements of 20 x 15 x 16.75 inches which is spacious enough to hold an adult cat while occupying a small space in your living area.

The litter box is enclosed and it has a good height which helps in preventing litter scatter. This ensures that your carpet is not laced with kitty litter every time your cat uses the box.

Although it’s an enclosed litter box, the lid can be configured into three positions to accommodate your cat’s preference.

You can have it as fully opened, half-opened, or closed. This means that whether you have a shy cat or an outgoing one, this litter box has got you covered.

The litter box is very easy to clean and it provides easy access to the kitty litter for scooping. This ensures that your hygiene levels in the house are up to par.

The pending hooks and reusable liners in this litter box are patented and rip-resistant. The system keeps the liners securely locked in place and they are much easier to clean during your routine washing procedure.


  • The flip lid provides for easy cleaning.
  • It is well constructed with quality materials.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It can be configured to both open and enclosed litter boxes.


  • Might be difficult to clean the corners.

2. Modkat XL Litter Box includes Scoop and Liners

If you have a large cat, then this cat litter from Modkat will be an ideal bathroom accessory for him. The box has measurements of 17.32 x 21.26 x 16.54 inches and It provides both top and front entry to suit the preference of your feline friend.

If you have a cat that vigorously digs on the kitty litter before dropping his waste, then it is recommended to configure this litter box to a top entry configuration.

Here, your furchild can dig the kitty litter and you will not have to worry about the state of your floor or carpet because it will be pebble-free.

The front entry configuration is best used by kittens, senior cats, or those that prefer the more classical way of getting into a litter box.

This configuration has a large entryway that allows your kitten to get into the box with ease and it is also good for training purposes.

The swivel lid can be configured into 3 styles and it is very significant when you want to scoop or clean the litter box.

You do not have to deal with removing the hood just for scooping, simply swivel the lid away and get the job done in seconds.

The liners used in this litter box are made with a durable tarpaulin material that is scratch resistant, and very easy to clean. The liners are reusable and so it provides for an easier and eco-friendly way of use.


  • The swivel lid provides for easy cleaning.
  • The top and front entry serve for flexibility.
  • The reusable liners are durable and they hook securely.


  • The top entry lid is not tightly secured.

3.  Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Planter

Have you ever thought of face lifting your home décor with a cat litter box? This product by Good Pet Stuff is ideal for pet parents who love indoor plants since it comes merged with the litter box.

At a glance, you will think that this litter planter is a house plant grown in a clay pot. The plant used here is artificial and so you do not have to worry about constantly watering it.

It has been cleverly designed to feature a bottom part which is a litter box for your cat. The box has a cut-out that your cat will use for entry and exit from the interior part.

Being an enclosed litter box, this product prevents litter tracking which is a great concern especially when you place it in your living room.

It also has a filtered vent system that controls the odor from within the pot and prevents any from escaping to your home’s atmosphere.

The top part can be popped out easily to give you ease of cleaning and changing the kitty litter.

The pot has a large internal capacity and is therefore ideal for large cats or multiple cats.


  • Provides a clever home décor.
  • It is large and can be used by multiple cats.
  • Very easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • It gets unnoticed as a litter box.


  • Some people say it looks cheap

4. GENENIC Foldable Large Cat Litter Box with Lid

This cat litter box is foldable and enclosed in design. It is therefore an ideal cat litter box to use when traveling with your fur sibling.

With a weight of 2.76 kilograms, you will not encounter a load burden when carrying this litter box with you.

The product comprises one fence and it is therefore very easy to put together, install, disassemble, and clean.

Leakage can be an issue when using litter boxes but with this product, you do not have to worry. The gap that is between the base of the box and the walls are securely fastened with silicone tape that prevents all kinds of leakage.

This silicone strip is only available with the black variant.

When cleaning the litter box, you will simply be required to slide the bottom drawer out and do the necessary scooping and other routine maintenance.

This product has two openings, one at the top and the other at the front. Your cat will use the front opening to enter into the box and later on use the top opening to come out.

On his way out, he will encounter a 5mm sand filter hole where he can shake off the kitty litter before coming out. This helps in preventing the messy litter from building up on your floor space.


  • It is easy to travel with.
  • It offers a generous space for a large cat.
  • It can be disassembled for easier storage.
  • Prevents kitty litter mess.


Genius Dog 300 x 600 - Animated
  • The gap in other color variants may leak your cat’s pee to the floor.

5. iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box

You can get yourself this stainless-steel litter box and experience the rust-free nature with convenience. The litter box is made with rounded edges that eliminate the hazards that could have been brought by sharp edges.

This is an open tray design litter box and it is convenient for cats who are not shy and those that love staying in a well-lit environment.

If your cat is fond of vigorously digging into the kitty litter before using the box, then he might scatter some dirt on the area you placed the box.

You can control this by using raised walls or giving your cat his partitioned space using screens.

With this stainless-steel litter box, you can be sure that there is enough odor control in your house. Unlike some plastic boxes, these stainless-steel ones cannot absorb urine or solid waste odor.

This ensures that your house is kept clean with a fresh fragrance even within the litter box area.

With a size measurement of 23.5×15.5×6 inches, you can comfortably use this litter box for your large cat and it also provides enough space for him to freely walk in and out.


  • It has a large space.
  • No leakage issues.
  • It is lightweight.


  • The box might easily be scratched by hard objects.

6. Petmate Booda Dome Cleanstep Litter Box

With an enclosed design, this litter box gives your fur child the privacy he needs when going to the bathroom. It is made with 95% recycled materials.

This hooded top also helps to prevent litter scatter by cats who love to vigorously dig before they use the box and to prevent odor from spreading to the whole house.

It also has a sleek design with an entry and exit ramp that are meant to remove kitty litter from his paws when he walks out.

This is a spacious cat litter box and it is, therefore, suitable for cats of all sizes and breeds. It provides enough space for your cat to turn while inside and use the same opening as the exit door.

The sleek design blends in with your home décor and furthermore, it occupies a small floor space.


  • It has a large interior space.
  • It controls litter scatters and tracking.
  • Provides good odor control.
  • It has no leakage.


  • The top hood does not fit very firmly.

7. Puppy Pan Dog, Cat & Small Animal Litter Pan

If you want a litter box that can be used for both small dogs and cats, then this product from Puppy Pan might be what you are looking for.

Being carefully designed as an open tray product, these large litter boxes for cats provide a huge surface where your furry friends can use for their bathroom.

The Puppy Pan litter pan has a wide and very low opening which allows your fur child to enter without much struggle.

This is specially designed for senior cats and extra small puppies who might have challenges accessing the normal litter boxes.

The huge interior space can hold kitty litter or a potty-training pad to use for the convenience of your furry friend.


  • Convenient for training your cat.
  • It can be used by multiple pets.
  • There are no leakage issues.


  • Prone to litter scatter and tracking.

8.  Lucky Champ Cat Litter Pan

This product has a low entry that is ideal for kittens and senior cats with mobility issues. It is a good accessory to use when training your kittens and introducing them to the usage of litter boxes.

As an ideal senior cat litter box, it has a sizable internal space that can accommodate large cats. The side grip of this pan is rubberized to provide you with a sturdy handhold.

This will be of help when you are moving the pan from one location to another.

As a measure of controlling litter scatter, this pan has a high back wall that can block the litter being dug by your feline friend. This helps to keep the floor space clean and free from kitty litter dust.

This product has been made with a non-porous plastic material that does not absorb odor and is very easy to clean. With good maintenance, you can use this product for a long time without staining it.


  • Good for kittens and senior cats.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The back wall controls litter scatters.


  • With the front entry, some cats will find it difficult to turn while inside.

9. Van Ness CP66 Enclosed Sifting Cat Pan/Litter Box

This enclosed litter box from Van Ness has body measurements of 19.5 x 15.25 x 17.5 inches and it weighs 5.18 pounds. It has a highly polished plastic finish that makes it odor and stain-resistant.

You can use this litter box comfortably for long periods and still maintain its clean nature. You need to ensure that you do the daily scooping and regularly clean the box while replacing the kitty litter.

The enclosed design and the covering lid provide the benefit of odor control which can be an issue when dealing with cat wastes.

Being a small litter box for cats, the covering lid can be popped out easily to leave a clear entryway for your cat.

You can also take off the top hood to remain with the bottom tray. This will be ideal for cats who are not shy and those that prefer well-lit environments.


  • It is sturdy.
  • It provides good odor control.
  • The litter box can be configured in different ways.


  • The lid can break off easily. 

10. Whisker Litter-Robot Wi-Fi Enabled Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

This self-cleaning cat litter box is ideal for pet parents who do not have time to manually scoop the traditional litter boxes.

It features a self-cleaning system that removes waste from the unit once your fur child steps out. With such a unit, you get to save on time and money that could have otherwise been spent on the daily cleaning of the manual boxes.

This unit is beautifully designed and can therefore blend in your home décor seamlessly. It also has the ability to handle up to 4 different cats, making it a flexible and cost-effective multi-cat litter box.

It can easily be featured as one of the best automatic cat litter boxes because of the smart features that it packs.

The litter box has a fully enclosed carbon-filtered waste drawer which offers very impressive odor control. This helps to keep your home clean, neat, and with a refreshing atmosphere.

This product has Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you to monitor it from your phone via the Connect app.

The app will give you timely updates on the usage of the box and waste levels hence notifying you when cleaning is needed.


  • It offers very good odor control.
  • Can be used by multiple cats.
  • The Connect app will keep you updated.
  • It has night lights for improved visibility.


  • Very delicate components that need extra care while handling.

11. PetSafe ScoopFree Original Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

A self-cleaning cat litter box will save you the hassle of daily scooping your cat’s waste. If you are very engaged in work, then you will find this type of cat litter box very useful.

This particular model from PetSafe comes in purple and Taupe color variants. You also get to choose the entry configuration that your cat may prefer. We have top entry, front entry, and uncovered variants.

This litter box offers very high levels of odor control because it automatically removes waste every time your cat uses the box.

The Crystal kitty litter also aids in odor control by absorbing smell from your cat’s wastes. It absorbs his urine and dehydrates the solid waste to remove all possibilities of odor.

To help keep our house free from litter mess, the crystal kitty litter, which is one of the best multi-cat litter, is almost dust-free and does not stick on your cat’s paws when he digs.

The top entry variant has a large surface that is grated to help reduce litter tracking. This is therefore a good option for cats who love to vigorously dig before they can relieve themselves.

This product uses a plastic tray lining which helps in preventing any leakage from the box. For clean-up, you will be required to remove the tray and dispose of it. There is a lid included on each tray, which provides an easier means of disposal.

PetSafe has fitted a motion sensor and health counter on this product that keeps track of the frequency your cat uses the box. This is to provide important information for health records.


  • It provides good odor control
  • The crystal litter removes all moisture from dry waste.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is much easier to remove the top hood.


  • Not the best option for multiple cats

Advantages Of Having a Cat Litter Box

You may think that litter boxes for cats are only beneficial to the cat, but that is not entirely true. These accessories spread their benefits across all family members and your home at large.

In this section, we will dive in and look at some of the advantages that will come your way with the ownership of a litter box.

1. No more bad odor

A litter box is like a toilet space for your cats. If your cats were previously soiling your floor and sofa, you can now be relieved of the bad odor that came from that action.

Sleeping with cat

The litter powder that is used in these boxes has a special adsorbing power that extracts all the bad odor from your cat’s droppings.

It is recommended to always scoop the litter box regularly. Do not wait for the droppings to pile up which might bring back the unpleasant odor that you avoided at first.

2. Dignifies your cat

If you have a shy cat who loves spending solitary moments, then it is most likely that he does not want to be seen while relieving himself.

An enclosed cat litter box helps in upholding your cat’s dignity and allowing him to enjoy his private space while using the bathroom.

This will in the long run help your cat in reducing stress and anxiety that might have built up by relieving himself in open places.

3. Good for training your cat

When you have a new cat or kitten, it is possible that he may lack good bathroom behavior. In this instance, you need to find a quick way of potty training your feline friend to furnish him with good behavior to keep your house clean.

The best accessory to use in this case is the cat litter box. With consistent training sessions, you can be sure that your cat will adopt good bathroom behavior as fast as possible.

Things To Consider When Buying a Cat Litter Box

Buying a litter box for your cat might appear to be a straightforward task but there is more to it. You need to know the orientation of your house and where exactly you need to place the accessory.

Above all, you need to be sure that your cat will use the litter box properly.

1. Where to place the box

First among the things you need to ask yourself is the exact location you need to place the litter box. Some people prefer placing the litter box in the living room while others prefer keeping it along the corridors.

Have a look at the video below from Animalist that explains the perfect location to place a cat litter box

Whichever location may fit you, just ensure that there is enough space to place the box and that your cat can access it easily.

2. How many litter boxes do you need?

It is widely agreed that you need a litter box for every cat in your house. You can take this further by providing an extra box just in case you may be late in scooping one of the boxes.

The boxes should be placed in strategic areas within your house where your cat can access with ease. You should regularly clean the litter boxes to prevent any build-up of bad odor and for maintaining good hygiene.

3. Size of the box

A good cat litter box should be large enough to accommodate your cat comfortably. It should however not be too big for him. 

Automatic cat litter box

The overall size should also be small enough to fit the dedicated space that you intend to place in your house. A minimal cat litter box will not interfere with your home décor.

4. Material used in construction

A good litter box should be made with a heavy and durable material that is easy to clean. In most cases, this material is usually plastic and it has proven to hold up well with time.

Flimsy litter boxes are always tough to clean and they can easily break apart if not handled well. This should be avoided at all costs.

5. Type of litter box

There are different types of cat litter boxes that are fit for different cats. We have the enclosed box which is the most preferred since it offers privacy and prevents your cat from splashing litter while digging.

We also have open trays which are good for cats who love lit areas and do not give much attention to privacy while relieving themselves.

You need to know which category your cats fall into for you to purchase the right accessory for them.

Training Your Cat to Use the Litter Box

If you have a new cat or a kitten, then chances are you need to train him on using the litter box effectively.

Training your cat on the use of this accessory is not a tough task. Furthermore, most kittens usually learn from their mothers how to dispose of their wastes.

Cat on carpet

Naturally, cats have an instinct to always bury their waste products. This further makes the training much easier because your cat will be so happy to find a better way of hiding all evidence of his droppings.

What You Need

Before starting the training sessions, you will need to have the following items ready for use.

1. Cat litter boxes

Get a box that is more appealing to your cat. If he is a shy one, it is recommended to get him an enclosed box that will offer him the privacy he craves for.

You can get him an extra box that will give you convenience when training him.

Place the boxes in strategic and easily accessible areas. They should not be so much exposed otherwise your shy cat will find it difficult to use them.

2. Kitty litter

After you have bought a litter box, the next task is to figure out the type of kitty litter you will use with this box.

Kitty litters are made in many forms and you will get both expensive and inexpensive options. It is recommended to always reach out for the non-clumping kitty litter that will not present challenges in scooping and cleaning.

Most cats are comfortable with any good kitty litter. Some picky cats will narrow down and be selective on the litter based on smell, texture, and material.

During the training stage, it is recommended to start with an unscented litter then you can later change to scented once your cat has fully learned how to use the litter box.

At this stage, you do not want your cat to associate the litter box with a smell he doesn’t like.

3. Rewarding mechanism

Have a form of rewarding your cat ready before you start the process. In most cases, it is best to use healthy treats and toys to reward your cat for good behavior done.

giving cat treat

Once you see your cat making an improvement during the training sessions, be sure to appreciate his efforts by giving him his favorite treats.

You can place some of his favorite toys at the location of the litter box, this will help him create a positive association with the accessory.

I made a list of the best interactive cat toys, if you’re looking for a new gift for you cat.

Easy Steps to Follow When Training Your Cat to Use a Litter Box

Once you have had access to the above-mentioned items, you now need to start the training sessions. The following easy steps will give you an easy guide to help your cat adapt to good bathroom behavior.

1.    Show your cat the location of the litter box and let him spend some time there. While at the location, your cat will sniff and inspect the place in an attempt to identify any familiar or strange thing.

This is perfectly normal and it helps him to create an association with the location.

2.    Once you have shown your cat the location of the litter box, do not change it. Allow him to familiarize himself with the accessory and create a connection with the exact spot.

3.    A short moment after his meals, take your cat and place him inside the litter box. You can also do this immediately when she wakes up from her routine naps.

If your cat is pressed and needs to relieve himself, he will find a sweet spot with the right textured materials to do the business.

4. When you notice your cat sniffing and digging the carpet or sofa, take him immediately and place him inside the litter box. If he successfully uses the box to relieve himself, pat him and reward him for the positive reinforcement.

5. If your cat makes mistakes in using the litter box, you can carefully correct him while showing him the right things to be done.

Do not at any instance punish your cat for failing to use the litter box or for accidents made. This will make him create a bad association with the box and he may end up never using it again hence making the training more problematic.


From our list of the 11 best cat litter boxes in 2023, you have noticed that a few are automatic while the others are manual.

If you need to eliminate the need for daily scooping, then an automatic cat litter box is what you need.

Thanks for reading through this buying guide and hope you found a product that suits you.

If you’re looking for other cat products, make sure you check our top picks for the best cat products for this year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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