10 best cat scratching posts in 2022

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Cats do not scratch on surfaces as a hobby. They do it because it is good for their claws, getting manicured and some want to mark their territory.

Your cat’s claws need regular sharpening. They scratch on surfaces to remove worn-out claws and expose new ones.

Cat scratching sofa

If your feline friend cannot find a suitable scratcher for him, he will sink his claws on your furniture and carpet, making you think that he is being malicious.

When he is scratching on your furniture, he might cause huge damages which will be costly to repair.

Also, some household items are made with very hard materials. When your cat scratches on an unsuitable surface, he risks injuring his paws.

So, when you see your lovely companion tearing up your sofa, the best thing to do is direct him to a scratch post for him to learn.

When teaching him how to use a scratching post, do not drag him by force and hold him there still. By doing this, your cat will be frightened and he will avoid the scratching post completely.

Cat on carpet

Finding the best scratcher for your cat can be an uphill task especially if you have multiple cats.

Whether you own kittens, senior or elderly cats or you have a super scratcher, we did our extensive research and came up with the 10 best cat scratching posts in 2023.

You will find a product that suits your cat’s age and behavior while complementing your home.

10 Best Cat Scratching Posts

1. PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge

You can now give your cat his scratcher and add him a lounge of his own by getting this product from PetFusion.The two-tier lounge structure is perfect for felines of any age.

It offers the right spot for your cat to play, scratch, stretch, exercise, and lounge all in the same place. The cozy feeling of the Jumbo Cat Scratcher will keep your finicky companions entertained for long hours.

This lounge is made with recycled cardboard material with impressive durability. All the sides are coated with the right textured materials to give your cat a smooth surface to scratch inside and out.

You can therefore flip it upside down to give your cat a fresher surface after some time. The scratcher also includes a premium organic catnip leaf that entices your cat to scratch and exercise.

The lounge features a long design with curves that gives your cat a very comfortable space to spend his time on. It can serve multiple cats without compromising on the space for playing.

PetFusion made this product with very neutral colors on the attractive design. It can therefore blend very well in your house décor and you can place it in your living room.

Take a look at the video below from PetFusion that showcases this product


  • It is well made and durable.
  • It serves multiple cats.
  • All surfaces have the right texture for your cat to claw in.
  • Includes catnip leaves.


  • The sides are a little bit sharp.

2. MS!MAKE SURE Three Modes Scratching Post

This product has a premium construction and can be used in multiple ways. You can place it vertically as against a wall or furniture. You can also lay it flat on the floor to act as a mat scratcher.

It has a huge scratching surface that gives your cat the right spot to sink his claws every time he needs to.

The surface can also be converted into a small handy coffee table supported with a sturdy base. The Velcro on the back is used when fixing this pad on the table or floor.

The scratching surface is furnished with a natural sisal material carefully woven to give your feline a different experience every time he claws on it.

Your cat can use this product in many ways other than scratching. He can lay on it to rest, vent, and play.

You can remove the scratching surface and attach a fuzzy ball to the supporting frame. This will give your cat endless time for playing and tossing the ball back and forth.

This product is super portable and can be placed in many places within your house. Taking advantage of the different usage modes, your cat will have so much fun with it.

The manufacturer offers a 6 months warranty on this scratcher. If your cat fails to adapt to it, be sure to give them a call for quick assistance.


  • It has a strong scratching surface with the right texture.
  • It can be used in multiple ways.
  • Stand-alone design for a wall scratcher.
  • The scratcher has a beautiful design.


  • Large cats might topple down easily when resting on the surface.

3. Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Post

Your feline will love this tri-post from Frisco because it has a structure similar to a natural tree with green color.

The cactus-shaped design gives your cat an impression that he is actually in the woods stretching out his body on physical trees.

The hanging ball toy also invites your cat to play with it hence he will find it amusing to stay around this scratching post.

The three posts are covered with sisal that makes a good surface for your kitty to sink his claws. The material is very safe for your cat. He won’t injure himself when playing with the scratcher.

For stability purposes, this scratcher has a double-layered base which makes it stable and cannot wobble when your cat is scratching on it.

The parts of this product are very easy to assemble. The bright pink flower decoration blends in well with your home décor making it suitable to place this product in your living room.


  • It has multiple posts.
  • The scratcher design mimics a cactus tree.
  • It is tall and stable.


  • The three posts are packed so closely.

4. Catinsider Cactus Cat Tree with Hammock and Scratching Post

This scratcher has a 35-inch-tall post with a hammock supported by a smaller post. It features a cactus design with sisal wrapping on the post.

The texture of the scratcher is good and it will not offer your kitty any difficulty when scratching. It is, therefore, a great substitute for your sofas.

The circular-shaped hammock is comfy and can be used by your cat to curl up and extend his sleeping sections. It also has a fluffy pom-pom hanging from the tall post.

This toy is crucial in giving your cat the thrill to continue spending much time in the scratcher.

The base of this product is a square with dimensions of 15.7 by 15.7 inches and has been covered by a maroon sisal material.

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This base is weighty and therefore makes the whole product stable when your feline friend is scratching. It also doubles up as a mat scratcher which is a good replacement for cats that love scratching on carpets.


  • It is tall and beautiful.
  • The hammock offers a comfy space for your cat to curl.
  • Easy to put up.

Made with great quality materials with a good texture for cats.


  • Plus size cats might tip off when scratching the post from the hammock.

5. SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post

Your feline friend will feel very safe scratching on this sturdy post. It is made with a simple design and it features a wooden material covered with woven sisal to give your cat the right texture for his claws.

SmartCat made this product with the beige and grey color options and they both look amazing and can blend in your home décor impressively.

With 32 inches in tallness and a weight of 35.2 ounces, this vertical post is ideal for cats of any age. It can be featured as one of the best cat scratching posts for large cats.

This post is durable thanks to the premium wooden material used in its construction. It offers a wide base of 16 by 16 inches which makes it very stable and does not present a tipping hazard for your cat when using it.

Very minimum assembling is required when you purchase this product. Simply put the base and the post in place using the provided screws. You will not need any specialized tools to perform this function.


  • It has a good height and stability.
  • It is beautiful with a simple design.
  • The wooden material is durable.
  • Ideal for big cats.


  • It has no rounded corners which might not be ideal for some people.

6. LUCKITTY Coconut Tree Scratch Post with Hammock

This product from LUCKITTY has been well crafted for multiple uses by your cat. It features a tall scratching post that mimics a coconut tree which will give your cat an impression that he is outdoors.

There is also another shorter post with a perch on top. Your cat can spend some quality time relaxing on the perch while monitoring other pets.

Between the two posts, there is a hammock that is made with a strong white fabric. This is a good spot for your feline to curl up and sleep whenever he wants.

The scratching posts are well covered with sisal material that gives your cat the right texture for clawing. It offers the right spot for your kitty to exercise, stretch and stimulate mentally hence improving his health.

The posts are supported by a wide base at the bottom that ensures your lovely friend will not tip off whenever he is using this product.

The base is beautifully padded with a soft material that gives the right texture for your cat to claw. Cats that love clawing on carpets will find a good alternative here.

You will be required to put together the different parts of these products using the provided screws. Assembling takes minimum effort and does not present any challenges during the process.


  • It can be used in multiple ways.
  • The tall post has a beautiful coconut tree design.
  • The hammock is comfy for your cat.
  • The bottom base can be used as a mat scratcher.


  • The base might be light for large cats.

7. Cat Tower with 3 Scratching Posts

This cool cat scratching post features not one, or two but three vertical posts for your cats to claw their way up.

Each of the three posts has different colors and design schemes making it a beautiful product to have. It is therefore a very good product if you have multiple cats in your household.

Each one can keep scratching without interfering with the others’ space.

This product has three toys; a toy mouse and two fizzy balls. These toys are helpful in keeping your cat enticed while spending his time on the posts.

It also attracts your cat and keeps him engaged for hours hence saving your household furniture from his sharp claws.

The base of this post is large enough to offer the required stability for your feline to feel safe while using this product.

The base is also soft and carpeted making it a good option for your cat to use as a mat scratcher. He can also rest therein after having a long engagement with the vertical posts.

The product also features a perch on top that adds to the overall stability of your cat when engaging with it.


  • It is a well-made and beautiful product.
  • Can be used by multiple cats.
  • The different sisal patterns on each post have the right texture for your cat.
  • It has a perch that adds stability.


  • It might not be suitable for large cats.

8. K&H EZ Mount Scratcher for Windows

For cats that love staying on elevated places while monitoring their territories, this budget-friendly scratcher is a good match for them.

This product is made of cardboard and it is best placed across window panes to give your kitty a glaring view of the outside. It easily mounts on many glass surfaces and you can flip it up when your cat is not using it.

The cardboard measures 20 by 11 inches and is roomy for most cats out there. It can support cats of up to 50 pounds of weight.

Your cat will find it pleasurable to claw on the surface of this product as opposed to your house carpet. It, therefore, gives your feline healthy nails every time he scratches on it to remove worn-out ones.

You are given the option to purchase separate removable refill pads for this scratcher’s frame. You can get the kitty sill cradle of the kitty sill design both tailored to give your cat an amazing experience when using them.

This is a cat scratching post with a catnip bonus bag in every unit bought. This should get you started by enticing your lovely companion to stay up.

It is recommended to clean your window thoroughly before installing this product. Make sure it is free from dust, pollen, or moisture that may give your cat respiratory problems when exposed to them.


  • Keep your feline nails healthy.
  • Your cat can now bask in the sun while in your house.
  • You can buy refills when needed.
  • It has a curvy design that gives your cat the perfect resting position.


  • Might not fit some windows.

9. PAWZ Road Cat Scratching Post with Play Ball

If you have a kitten that is getting started on scratching on surfaces, then he will love this product from PAWZ. It features a horizontal scratching post that is elevated to 6.3 inches and extends to 15.7 inches.

It also has a cardboard base of 12.4 by 15.7 inches. Therein is a mat scratcher that will keep your kitty away from scratching your carpet.

This post allows your cat to scratch from multiple angles even while sleeping on the base. It also offers a humble ground for him to stretch his body out fully.

The premium material making this product is covered with safe sisal that has the right texture for your cat to claw all the time.

The product has a fuzzy ball that is suspended upwards. Your kitty will have fun all day long as he tosses the ball back and forth.

Since it features a horizontal post, this product is very stable and does not present any major tipping hazard when your feline is using it.

You will be required to put together the parts of this product. The assembling process is simple and does not require any specialized tools to complete.


  • It is well made.
  • Offers spots for multiple cats to scratch.
  • Features a post, mat, and a fuzzy ball.
  • It is a good product for kittens.


  • The sisal covering on the mat might come off easily.

10. Frisco Wall Sisal Cat Scratcher

If you have a cat that loves scratching and stretching against the wall, then he will love this wall scratcher from Frisco.

The sharp claws on your cat might interfere with the painting on your walls. He might even damage and chew your window curtains if you do not attend to him promptly.

This product has the right sisal texture that will give your cat a good alternative to sink his claws. It also gives your cat a nice spot to have the much-needed body long stretch and maintain his manicure.

This product encourages your cat to engage in exercise and the process relieves him from stress and anxiety.

Putting up this scratcher on the wall is very easy. It has a handy hookup and loops that are used to secure it in place.

If your cat loves scratching on the carpet, don’t worry because you can still lay this product flat on the floor and it will serve the same purpose.


  • It has the right texture to keep cat nails healthy.
  • Can be used both on walls and floors.
  • It is well made.


  • Not good for big chewers.

What Is the Best Cat Scratching Post?

When buying a cat scratching post, your feline friend’s priorities should be met first. Look for a scratcher that suits him best before considering how it will blend in your home décor.

A good scratching post should attract your cat and make him never sink his claws in your furniture again.

You should keep the following factors in mind before making the final purchase decision of the scratcher you would like to buy:

1. Height

A good cat scratcher should be tall enough for your cat to stretch out his body fully while scratching on it and claw down.

This makes it easier for your kitty to extend his body to the maximum and exercise his muscles as he claws. This improves your cat’s flexibility and physical strength.

2. Sturdiness

A sturdy cat scratching post gives your cat a good alternative for the sturdier sofa he might have been used to.

It makes him stretch out his full strength on the surface while the post would not wobble or fall. It should stay right in place when your kitty uses it throughout.

Cat scratching on post

If the scratching post is wobbly, it also presents a hazard for your cat because he can injure himself while clawing.

If your cat finds an unstable post, he will most likely not use it again. They prefer sturdy and unmoved objects for their safety too.

What does a tall and sturdy scratching post look like?

For a post to be tall and sturdy, it must have a big supporting base and a thin scratching post. A taller post will require extra heavy bases to make them sturdier.

You should avoid posts with very lightweight bases and bulky tall posts.

3. Material

Cat scratching posts are available in an array of materials. Some of these materials are very attractive to the human eye but are not appealing to cats.

The most commonly used materials are sisal, wood, carpet, and cardboard.

The texture of the material should be smooth and safe for your cat’s claws. Felines like scratching on surfaces which their claws can sink into.

A good material should have a texture that outsmarts your sofa’s material because until then, your feline friend will still find the sofa more appealing to scratch on.

4. Angle of scratching

Cats like to scratch both in horizontal and vertical directions. Although some cats prefer the vertical direction only, it is important that you know what your cat prefers.

If he scratches in all directions, then you need to get him a post that has multiple scratching points for him to get the best from it.

The Benefits of a Cat Scratching Post

Your feline friend gets more benefits from using the scratching post than you may think. Besides, you will also get the benefits of having this post in your home as a pet parent.

1. Maintaining your cat’s claws

Cats will scratch on posts when they want to remove worn-out claws from their paws. This makes the newer and sharper claws emerge giving your cat a nice natural feeling.

Healthy claws

2. Save your sofas and carpet

A good cat scratching post is more attractive to the cat than the sofa and carpet. This will make him spend his time on the post and leave your household items intact.

A post, therefore, gives your cat a safer surface to scratch on than the household items which might be dangerous for his paws.

cat on fluffy carpet

3. Improves his health

Your cat is now able to stretch his shoulders, back, and muscles effectively on a scratching post. This makes him improve his physical health and is a good step in relieving stress and anxiety.

I wrote a guide on how to reduce anxiety in cats, you might find it helpful.

Clean Cat

4. Helps to introduce new cats to their new home

Since all cats are natural scratchers, a good scratching post will help in accustoming a new cat to his newly found home.

He will find the place welcoming and ready for him once he spots a place he will use to scratch and stretch.

Types Of Cat Scratchers

There are different types of scratchers you will find out there and a scratching post is just one of them.

Having these scratchers in your home can be very good especially if you have multiple cats. It is equally important to give your cat more than one option when it comes to his scratching behavior.

1. Cat scratching posts

These are the most common type of scratchers out there because most cats find them suitable. They are made with a vertical post that is wrapped with a soft textured sisal material.

The vertical post is supported by a strong base which makes the accessory stable.

Cat scratching post

You can have this type of scratcher in different configurations and you can now choose the one that fits you best.

2. Mat scratchers

A mat scratcher is best used by cats who like scratching on lower surfaces like carpets. If you find your cat spending most of his time on your floorings, then he will most likely appreciate getting a mat scratcher.

This type of scratcher comes in different forms and shapes. We have the more basic rectangular design which can just be placed near your carpet. There are also others that take on elegant designs like recliners and many other shapes.

When buying mat scratchers, ensure that it has a material that your feline friend will find more attractive than your carpet. Otherwise, he will still use the carpet if you get a dull one.

3. Cat trees

Cat trees are also called multipurpose scratchers because they offer more than posts for scratching. These accessories have caves and condos where your cat can spend quality time inside and even sleep.

Even if they use the cat tree to sleep, I recommend keeping their cat beds since cats like to change sleeping locations from time to time.

Multifunctional post

You will also find hanging toys for your cat to play with. Cat trees offer the best overall spot for him to curl up, stretch and scratch all in one package. It helps cats exploit their curious nature and natural hunting skills.

Even if you cat has a lot of toys, I recommend ordering a cat tree with hanging toys. Cats will love these.

They come in different structures and sizes. Generally, a cat tree can accommodate multiple cats and it is the perfect accessory for them to mark their territory.


From our list of the 10 best cat scratching posts in 2023, you might have noticed that all of them feature a different design language and form factor.

You can get more than one scratching post for your cat to give him more comfort and ensure that your sofas are completely safe from his sharp claws.

Always remember to keep your feline’s considerations first when buying a scratcher for him. If you are introducing him for the first time, try and get the one that has toys, perches, catnip, and hammocks.

This way, you can be sure that he will get enticed.

Thanks for reading through our buying guide, we hope you found a product that suits you. if you haven’t then make sure to check our picks for the best cat products.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below.

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