12 best dog chewing bones in 2022

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One of the hardest things pet parents ever want to deal with is having a dog that chews on everything in the house.

These types of pups bring losses in the house because they destroy furniture, carpet, curtains, and every other soft thing in sight.

There are many products out there so getting good chewing bones for dogs might not be a very straightforward task.

Most dogs love chewing bones that they can actually eat and, in this case, you can consider buying him some treat bones that have been certified for dog consumption.

12 best chewing bones in 2021

Other dogs just like chewing for the sake of it. This mostly happens with teething puppies who are trying to put their new set of teeth into action.

In this case, you can invest in dog chew bones that are soft yet indestructible. This will give your dog a good alternative to sink his teeth while providing him with dental care.

Before buying that chew bone for your dog, you need to be sure of the type you want and your dog’s behavior. Some dogs need to chew bones for mental stimulation to keep them active and intellectually fit.

We have done extensive research and reviewed the 12 best chewing bones for dogs in 2023. Among our products list, you will find a variety of options including those that serve different dog sizes, types, and breeds.

Our Top Picks for the Best Chew Bones for Dogs

Best for Small Dogs
Best for Medium and Large Dogs
Best for Large Dogs
Best for X-Large Dogs
Best for Aggressive Chewers
Best for Small Dogs
Best for Medium and Large Dogs
Best for Large Dogs
Best for X-Large Dogs
Best for Aggressive Chewers

12 Best Chewing Bones for Dogs In 2023

1. Amazing Dog Treats Meaty Beef Marrow Bones

You can give your canine sibling a barbeque experience by giving him these bones that have been smoked and slowly cooked at lower temperatures.

This type of processing is ideal to give your dog a tasty and safer chewing experience.

These chew bones have been sourced from approved cattle suppliers in Brazil and they do not feature any artificial ingredient that may be harmful to an allergic dog.

They can be given to all dog sizes ranging from small to large breeds. These chew bones are therefore a good source of protein for your dog and also provide a low-calorie diet that keeps his health in check.

These tasty chew bones can therefore be used to reward your canine companion for good behavior and also use it to spearhead his training schedules.

If you desire to take a short break from your pup, then you can achieve it comfortably by giving him these tasty bones to keep him busy.

By aiding the removal of tartar and plaque, these chew bones are perfect treats to keep your dog’s dental hygiene at optimum.

His teeth will turn out to be whiter and brighter after every long engagement with these marrow bones.


  • They are tasty for dogs.
  • Effective for use during dog training.
  • It has significant nutritional value for your dog.


  • Might be easy to spit after a short while when munched with a power chewer.

2. K9warehouse Elk Antlers

How about giving your dog a taste of the bush? These deer antlers for dogs have been carefully cherry-picked and smoothened to bring out the best size and texture for your furry friend to chew.

The antler’s texture is soft on the mouth and tongue yet tough on your dog’s teeth. In this regard, these bones help to remove tartar and plaque from his mouth keeping his dental health in good condition.

If you have a large dog with aggressive chewing traits, then you can calm his teeth by getting him these deer antlers which are well-crafted to withstand easy splintering.

This product presents a good challenge for power chewers who would otherwise be damaging furniture and curtains in your house.

These deer antlers for dogs have been sourced in the USA by shed hunters who then minimally process them to get a variety of sizes and weights to fit all dog’s needs.

The final product is a natural dog chewing bone free from bad odors and filled with palatable flavor that will entice your pup to chew.


  • It has a variety of selections to satisfy all dogs.
  • Good for your dog’s teeth and gums.
  • It has no mess or odor.


  • Might not last when munched with a power chewer.

3. K9 Connoisseur Single Ingredient Dog BonesBest for large dogs

If you have a large dog who is a heavy chewer, you need to be very precise in the type of chewing bone you give him.

The K9 Connoisseur bone is sourced from grass-fed cattle and it features the beef flavor only. Being a single-ingredient product, this bone does not feature any grain fillers.

It is therefore a healthy choice to give your allergen pup. The beef composition accounts for 30 % protein in this dog bone which is a low-calorie nutritional choice to keep your pup healthy.

You can use the K9 Connoisseur dog bones to reward your furry friends for good behavior. This makes training sessions easier and it aids in building a well-mannered dog easily.

The texture of this dog bone is well done to make it a good choice for improving his dental hygiene. When your dog constantly chews this bone, he intermittently removes plaque and tartar from his teeth.


  • It is nutritional and durable.
  • Keeps aggressive chewers busy
  • Sourced and made with a single ingredient.


  • Some batches have been reported to be hollow, missing the bone marrow. 

4. Devil Dog Pet Co Antler Dog ChewBest for aggressive chewers

With a large dog, you need a big chew bone that can keep him engaged longer but without splintering.

Every piece of the Devil Dog Pet Co antler has been carefully selected and measured to keep up with the best standards available in this category.

The huge chew antler piece will keep your large dog physically and mentally stimulated to help prevent boredom which could have built up anxiety.

This product is best given to moderate chewers who will not split them up within minutes and injure themselves in the process.

Packing an all-natural ingredient is key when looking for a good chew antler for your furry sibling and this product checks that box.

It does not feature any artificial rawhide formulation or flavorings that may have a digestion impact on your lovely dogs.


  • Suitable for huge dogs.
  • Can be used by two dogs in bonding.
  • Moderate chewers cannot easily chip the piece.
  • One of the best chew bones for large dogs


  • inconsistent products in form of size, color, and texture have been reported.

5. Earth Animal No-Hide Medium Flavored Rolls Natural Rawhide Alternative Dog Chew Treat

These chew bone treats are made with 7 pure and natural ingredients and they come in different flavors to choose from. This gives you flexibility when you have multiple dogs who prefer diverse chew-bone flavors.

The chew bone sticks have been made in a size that is just perfect for your medium-sized pup. It will give your dog engaging entertainment preventing him from accumulating boredom which might cause anxiety.

The natural constituents of the chew bone are very easy to digest and give your dog an easy time to benefit from its nutritional value.

There are no artificial rawhides, bleaches, colorings, or flavor enhancers that may give your dog an upset stomach. Each bone is carefully crafted to give your dog an enjoyable time while chewing.

Genius Dog 300 x 600 - Animated


  • Made with a wide variety of flavors to choose from.
  • Lasts for a moderate time.
  • Can be used to reward your dog.


  • Can easily be chipped by a power chewer.

6. Nature Gnaws Elk Antlers for Large Dogs – Premium Natural USA Antler Chews

A mixture of split and whole elk antler chews is an ideal product if you have multiple dogs that require chew bones.

This product from nature Gnaws is sourced from healthy elk deer and minimally processed to soften the sharp edges and get the right size for your dogs. It is suitable for large dogs of all breeds.

The antler chews do not feature any artificial rawhide which might present your pup with digestion complications.

Instead, this product will give your dog an engaging time to chew and it does not present any health hazard to worry about.

Once your dog is done chewing, he does not leave behind a messy floor with an unpleasant odor.

This is because the chew antlers have carefully been processed to prevent massive chipping which might also give your dog a choking hazard.

If your dog has tartar and plaque on his teeth, you can give him these chews to help improve his dental care. The meaty flavor also helps remove bad breath from his mouth and gives him a natural one.


  • Good for young dogs.
  • It keeps your pup engaged for a long time.
  • It has minimal chippings.


  • Some products have been reported to be inconsistent with mixed packaging.

7. 1-GIANT-JUMBO Whole Elk Antler for DogsBest for X-large dogs

If you have a large dog who has the habit of picking up sticks and chewing on wood, then you need to get him a favorable alternative.

The giant elk antler from Jumbo is the perfect choice that will give your large dog a reason to stop chewing on wood.

This chew bone has been sourced from elk deer and it is suitable for large dogs weighing 75 pounds or more.

Each antler piece has been cut by hand and carefully sanded to remove all sharp edges that may otherwise harm your pet.

This product is an all-natural elk antler that is packed with vital minerals like zinc, calcium, manganese, and phosphorus.

The minimal processing step does not feature any addition of artificial ingredients that may be harmful to an allergic dog.

You can use this giant elk antler to keep your dog busy for a long time as you attend to other pressing issues

It is recommended to keep an eye on the status of the antler and dispose of it when it becomes chipped since it can present a choking hazard to your pup.


  • It keeps your dog busy for a long time.
  • Encourages solo playing and self-entertainment by dogs.
  • Minimally processed to maintain its natural status.


  • The products might have inconsistencies in size and thickness.

8. Nylabone Healthy Edibles Broth Bone All Natural Dog Treats Made with Real Bone Broth Best for small dogs

Some dogs are highly motivated by some tasty food and it is important to consider them while buying their chew bones.

The Nylabone dog treats are formulated with a natural ham flavor that attracts your dog and entices him to keep chewing.

You can therefore use this chew bone as an effective reward scheme for your furry siblings of all sizes.

This is one of those products that has been formulated with additional ingredients to give your dog a tasty experience every time he chews his bone.

The product is made with a bone broth and further crafted with dehydrated whole food for additional taste and nutrition.

A piece of allergen advice to keep in mind however is that this tasty bone consists of starch and carbohydrates in fortified forms.

If your pup is underweight and you would like him to add some mass then this bone will supplement his diet with the needed calories.

This product can be featured as one of the best chew bones for small dogs because of the incredible experience it gives your pup when chewing. 


  • Effective for training and rewarding your dog.
  • It packs a lot of nutritional value.
  • It keeps your dog engaged for a while.
  • The tasty flavor attracts dogs effortlessly.


  • Not all small dogs can easily digest these chew bones when swallowed.

9. Premium Deer Antler Pieces – Dog Chews – Antlers by The Pound

If your dog loves the crunchy nature of deer antlers, then you can choose to buy him many pieces that will take him through the entire week.

This product consists of deer antlers that are good for all dog breeds and sizes. The antler chews are appropriate for all dog breeds and sizes.

A mixture of split and whole antlers will serve you well especially if you have multiple dogs with varying levels of chewing prowess.

This product is however recommended for medium and large-sized dogs. Small dogs and puppies might be exposed to chipping hazards which might endanger their safety.

Each antler stick is 6 inches in length making it a good option for both aggressive and normal chewers.

These products have been sourced and minimally processed in the USA and are approved by relevant authorities for pet consumption.

When your furry friend engines with these antlers, he does not leave behind a messy floor with an unpleasant odor.

Above other benefits that he gets from these chew bones, your dog will also have a nutritional supplement for his diet.


  • Offers great variation.
  • Can be used to reward your dog.
  • Ideal for a wide variety of dogs.


  • The antlers can splinter easily to present a choking hazard.

10. Ultra-Chewy 4″ Beef Marrow Bone Dog Treat

With the ultra-chewy dog bone, you may notice an inconsistency in the color and shape of the product but that is because it has been naturally sourced and minimally processed to give your furry pal a taste of beef. The product is suitable for all dog breeds and sizes.

The beef bone has slowly been roasted to achieve an irresistible smell that will instantly attract your dog to give it a bite.

The minimal processing procedure is also essential because it ensures that the beef bone is free from all sharp edges that may otherwise harm your pup.

This chew bone has been laced with natural oil that gives it a good scent and flavor. To prevent staining your carpet, you can give this bone to your dog in an area that is easy to clean after he is done.

Your dog will get engaged with this product for a moderate time giving him breaks from boredom and you can also use that to capture his attention when you want to complete other tasks.

The bone provides your dog with a supplemental source of calcium which is good for his own bone development and it is also packed with sweet marrow.

Your furry friend will reduce his chances of forming tartar on his tooth by chewing this bone which aids in the removal of plaque.


  • They are attractive and tasty to dogs.
  • It keeps your pup engaged for a while.
  • It has nutritional benefits from the marrow.


  • Some batches have been reported to be brittle on young dogs.

11. Bones & Chews Made in USA Roasted Marrow Bone

With a length of 3 inches, you can buy these chew bones for your young and adult small breeds to keep them physically and mentally stimulated as they grow.

The chew bones have been made with grass-fed cattle which have been sourced and minimally processed in the USA.

The brief process ensures that the sharp edges of the bones are smoothened out to give your pup a safe experience when chewing the bone.

Further slow roasting is meant to preserve the bones and maintain their natural beefy flavor. Your smaller dog would be instantly attracted to this bone to take a bite.

You can therefore use the products to reward your dogs and train them for good behavior.

If you have an allergic dog, do not worry because the formulation of this product does not feature any artificial ingredients that may harm your pup.


  • Perfect size for smaller dogs.
  • Tasty and nutritious.


  • Might be thick for some puppies to manage.

12. Redbarn 3 to 6″ Filled Dog Bones (Peanut Butter, Cheese N’ Bacon, Beef)

This product is a natural beef femur bone and it comes with Peanut Butter, Lamb, Chicken Cheese N’ Bacon, and Beef flavors.

The bone constitutes very appetizing fillings that do not include rawhide and grains.

This bone will satisfy your pup’s natural chewing instincts which will help in developing his natural abilities.

It further helps in keeping up with good dental care by removing plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth.

The chewing bone will keep your dog engaged for longer because it is enticing and durable. It is, therefore, suitable for use by large dogs who are heavy chewers and can last for a week or more.


  • It has many flavor options.
  • It is durable.
  • Made with palatable fillings.


  • Might be chipped easily by strong dogs.

Never Let Your Dog Chew the Following Things

There are a few things that dogs may love chewing but are hazardous to them. Most of these things are found within the vicinity of your home and yard.

Be sure to always scan your environment and identify the things that your dog may unknowingly chew.

1. Sticks

Broken sticks, wood, and twigs are found literally everywhere outside your house and it might be hard to control how your dog reacts to them.

dog chewing stick

When your dog chews on wood, sticks, and twigs, he risks injuring his mouth, and tongue and further harming his stomach.

The dry and brittle wood chippings will certainly injure your pup’s gums when trying to chew on dead wood.

2. Plastic bottles

Plastic water bottles can also be found outside in an untidy environment. Your dog may encounter such items when strolling the neighborhood unattended.

Most dogs love the texture of plastic bottles and they crave the sound it produces when squeezed. Such dogs will find it satisfying when chewing plastic bottles to fulfill their natural desires.

Plastic Bottle

When your dog vigorously chews on plastic bottles, he may injure his mouth, tongue, and gum using the sharp ridges of the bottle.

Always ensure that you recycle all plastic waste in your home and keep an eye on your dog whenever you go walking with him.

3. Ice cubes

When you give your dog big chunks of ice cubes to cool him in the summer, you are in fact hurting his dental health.

The risk is even worse when subjected to senior dogs and puppies. Dogs that love eating frozen foods and treats may enjoy picking an ice cube from the floor whenever he finds one.

Ice cubes

Always ensure that you keep track of your ice cubes from the freezer to prevent dropping one or two which may attract your dog to toss it around with his teeth.

4. Pebbles

Small rocks can be found literally everywhere outside your house and dogs are keen enough to notice how we interact with them.

When you kick small rocks while with your dog, he might be curious to know your interest in playing such a game. He may end up picking one or two with his teeth and chewing on them from time to time.

Dog chewing pebbles

This behavior certainly puts your dog’s health at risk because he might injure himself or ingest some pieces to his system.

Pebbles may damage your dog’s digestive tract and other than that, he is presented with a choking hazard when engaging with them.

Benefits Of Chewing Bones for Dogs

We already highlighted some of the benefits that chewing bones give your dog. Dogs have sharp teeth and they are natural chewers, this makes everything in their sight an ideal candidate to land between their jaws.

Chew bones present alternative and safe options that your dog can chew to strengthen his natural behavior and correct unwanted chewing.

1. Improves your dog’s dental health

By chewing good bones, your dog’s teeth are kept at a good hygiene level which improves his dental health.

When dogs chew, they stimulate the release of saliva enzymes which help to remove and prevent the build-up of plaque on his teeth.

Dog teeth

The chewing bones texture also helps in removing tartar and brushing off bacteria from your dog’s gums hence keeping his dental health at an optimum.

2. Mental stimulation

When your dog is engaged in intense chewing, he is stimulating his brain and exercising it for tough puzzles. Regular chewing of bones will hence make your dog an intelligent pet who can solve tough puzzles..

3. Nutritional supplement

Most chew bones contain nutrients that can be vital in supplementing your dog’s diet. You will find nutrients such as proteins, minerals, fats, calcium, and phosphorus in natural chew bones for dogs. 

You should not replace your dog’s balanced dietary plan with chew bones. However, these bones provide a supplemental form of diet which is certainly good for your dog’s well-being.

4. Strengthen the dog’s jaws

Dogs chew by engaging their jaws in the heavy back-and-forth task which is critical in stimulating their jawbones. The soft dog food diet does not usually present enough jaw exercise to your canine friend.

Dog's Chew Bone

Chewing bones hence play a critical role in stimulating his jawbones to keep him naturally fit.

Proper chewing is also good for teething puppies as it helps them relieve gum pains while strengthening their jaws.

Find out when you should start giving bones to your puppy.

5. Correct destructive chewing behavior on dogs

If your dog loves chewing excessively, then you might have had to replace your curtains, furniture, or carpet.

Excessive chewers will always sink their sharp teeth on anything favorable to them until you provide a better alternative to them.

Chewing bones for dogs can be used as good alternative to stop your dog from chewing on other things in your house.

These bones are modeled with the right texture, shape, and smell to entice your canine friend to spend more time chewing.

6. Keeps your dog occupied

A dog can spend a lot of time focusing and chewing on a bone for entertainment and mental stimulation. This in turn keeps your dog occupied and enables him to play alone without interrupting you.

Dog chewing bone

You can therefore use this time to finish up your tasks or take your dinner uninterrupted before your pup sums up his engagement with the bone.

What Are the Best Chew Bones for Dogs?

Before making the final purchase decision, you need to know a few things about the best chew bones for dogs. Every dog has a chewing habit that corresponds to a preferred chewing bone.

1. The type of bone

What motivates your dog to chew? If he is motivated by food, you can get him rawhide chew bones which will entice him to chew more.

Natural chew bone

If your dog chews for exercise and mental stimulation, then you can consider getting him a naturally smoked real bone.

2. Size of the chew bone

Ensure you get the right size of chew bone for your dog. A good chew bone for dogs should be small enough to fit their mouth without straining their jaws.

Small dog with bone

3. Allergies

If your dog suffers from certain allergies, then you need to consider that when buying a chew bone for him.

Some dogs are allergic to the proteins found in raw chew bones. In this case, you need to find the best alternative that will not trigger allergic reactions in your furry friend.

Have a look at the video below from Ultimate Pet Nutrition that shows you the criteria for getting the safest chew bones for dogs.

Common Types of Dog Chew Bones

If you are wondering what is the best chewing bone for dogs, in this section, we will highlight the most common types of chew bones that are there in the market today.

1. Dental chew bones

Dental chew bones for dogs are specifically made to attend to your canine’s dental care by providing him with an accessory that removes plaque build-up from his teeth.

Dental chew bones also have the ability to brush off tartar and remove some bacteria from your dog’s gums.

2. Bully sticks

Bully sticks have a natural bone shape and they are made from an all-natural protein source. Due to their soft texture and palatability, these are good chew bones to give a dog who is motivated by food.

Bull stick

They offer good nutrition supplements to your furry friend.

3. Rawhides

Rawhides chew bones are made from the raw hides of some animals, usually beef and pigs. Rawhides are usually thicker than bully sticks and they have a natural aroma and flavor.

These types of chew bones for dogs come in different processing levels, some are bleached while others are left natural.

Pressed rawhide is the toughest of this type and it will last longer serving your dog. It however might present a hazard when ingested by your furry sibling.


From our list of the 12 best chewing bones for dogs in 2023, you will find that they are all safe for dog consumption.

Getting the right-sized bones for your furry pal should be your key consideration because of his safety concerns.

Thank you for reading through our buying guide. We hope you found a product that meets your expectations.

If you’re looking for other products, make sure you check our picks for the best dog products in the market.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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