22 Best Dog Brushes in 2022

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Dogs, just like cats, are fond of grooming themselves from time to time. This should not be enough reason for you to ignore grooming your dog regularly

When it comes to cleaning your furry friend, brushes are the most common and effective tools you can use to give his coat a clean and shiny appearance.

22 Best Dog Brushes in 2022

When choosing the type of brush to get for your dog, there are several factors that you need to consider and it might differ with the type of dog you have.

For example, a de-shedding brush for long-haired dogs might not yield the same results for short-haired ones.

It is therefore important to consider your dog’s fur and get a brush that serves his needs. In this post, we will give you an outline of the main types of dog brushes you can buy and we narrowed it down to give you the 22 best dog brushes in 2023.

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22 Best Dog Brushes in 2023 – Best Dog Brushes for Short Hair 

1. FURminator Short Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

FURminator short Hair brush

This de-shedding tool from furminator has the same good design and features as the one for long hair but it is used to remove loose hair from short-haired dogs.

There are also 3 color variants to choose from and you can select the size range between short to large dogs.

Have a look at the video below from HellaCrayyReviews to see a showcased review of the furminator short hair dog de-shedding tool.


  • Very good de-shedding tool.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Strong and sturdy design.


  • It might cause thinning of your dog’s hair.

2. Bom Garoto Dog Grooming Kit with Absorbent Dog Towel and Dog Brush

This grooming kit includes a dog brush and an absorbent towel. It is an essential pack for showering your dog and making grooming sessions enjoyable and fun.

The towel is thick, dual-fluffy, and very absorbent. You can use it to remove moisture from your dog’s coat after every shower.

The towel is moisture hungry and can also be used during adventures especially when you take your dog to the beach.

The brush has a small size and it takes on a shape that perfectly fits your palm. It has very soft silicone tips that will give your dog a smooth massage as you brush or bathe him gently with shampoo.

It picks up all dirt and debris from your dog’s coat and gives him a flawless shiny topcoat.

Cleaning the brush is very simple, just run it over clean water and all the dirt, hair and shampoo will drain away.


  • Very soft bristles on the brush.
  • Great kit for bathing your dog.
  • Offers value for money.


  • The brush might be very small for some people’s hands.

3. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Brush

This is a slicker brush with a self-cleaning mechanism that is activated by pressing the clean button to retract the bristles in the pad every time you want to remove stuck hair.

It has a comfortable handle that has a small space where you can place your thumb during the grooming process. This gives you more control of the brushing process and gives you the much-needed comfort.

The slicker brush can be used to untangle knots, remove loose hair, mats, and debris from your dog’s coat.

This will make your dog look sleek and sharp with a beautiful coat after every grooming session. The bristles have a unique design that glides smoothly to your dog’s undercoat without irritating his skin.

The self-cleaning feature can also be used to protect the bristles when you are storing the brush for the next grooming session. It keeps them safe inside the pad hence can be used for a longer time.


  • Easy to use and clean.
  • It has a very comfortable grip.
  • Effectively removes loose hair.


  • The retraction mechanism can fail after a while of usage.

4. Hertzko Bristle Brush

This brush has an oval-shaped pad and weighs 0.35 pounds. It features soft and densely packed bristles that are used to remove debris, dust, dander, and untangle knots on your dog’s coat.

You can use it for all dog sizes with varied hair lengths.

The soft bristles will also massage your dog whenever you brush him. This will improve his blood circulation and help to relax his muscles. Your dog will ultimately have a shining topcoat and healthy skin.

The brush has a good handle which gives you a comfortable grip whenever you are brushing your furry friend. This makes the grooming session more enjoyable and less tiresome on your hands.


  • It is sturdy.
  • It has lots of firm and long bristles.
  • Removes all dirt.


  • It does not remove all loose hair.

Best Dog Brushes for Long Hair

5. FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

When it comes to choosing good pet grooming tools, it is common to come across a furminator dog brush, or de-shedding tool. It is a brand that provides pet parents with good tools for grooming their lovely fur friends.

This brush comes in the choice of three colors and you can also choose the right size ranging from small to large. It features an ergonomic design that has steel bristles on the brush pad and a sizable hand-contoured handle.

The brush bristles on the pad will glide into your dog’s topcoat to remove all loose hair and dirt material from his skin. The edges are sharp but cannot hurt your furry friend’s skin when used appropriately.

The handle offers a comfortable non-slip grip, ensuring that you have an easy time grooming your dog to make him healthy and clean.

There is a hair release button named FURejector that you can press to quickly remove hair from the edges of the tool.

This product is best used to groom longhaired dogs and when used regularly, you will notice a significant reduction in shedding.


  • Very good for de-shedding.
  • It has a comfortable non-slip handle.
  • The curved edges conform to your pup’s body contour.


  • It might thin your dog’s coat if used inappropriately.

6. Bass Brushes The BIO-FLEX Pet Brush

The bio flex pet brush from Bass Brushes has an eco-friendly construction and is easy to hold handle. The handle is entirely made of plant material, and the durable brush is strong enough to last you for a long time.

It features flexible nylon pins that are good for detangling your dog’s hair without pulling his coat, this makes your furry friend feel comfortable and enjoy the experience.

This pet brush is therefore suitable for grooming all hair types of dogs and it can also be used to groom cats and horses.


  • It is effective for detangling clumped dog hair without pulling.
  • Can be used to groom multiple hair types.
  • It features an impressively easy to hold construction.
  • The brush is 95% biodegradable.


  • The nylon pins may not be very effective for dogs with dry hair and coat.

7. Master Grooming Tools

This brush comes in the purple color and you can purchase up to a 4 pack at an additional price. It weighs 0.35 pounds and has metal pins on both sides of the brush head.

The brush head and pins are fashioned in a way that conforms to the body shape and contour of your dog; this ensures that your dog receives smooth strikes every time you use it.

You can use this brush to remove dirt and other debris from your dog’s coat. The metal pins will get into the bottom of the undercoat to ensure every bit of your dog’s skin is well-groomed.

The purple handle is soft to hold but not as comfortable as other brushes in this category. This brush will serve your medium to long-haired dog well to get the finer details of his coat addressed.


  • It is flexible and easily maneuvers over your dog’s coat.
  • The bristles are not rigid.
  • It has a nice design.


  • The pins might be sharp for skin-sensitive dogs.

8. Vetnique Labs Furbliss

Vetnique brush

If you were late in de-shedding your dog then you need to figure out how to remove fallen fur from your furniture and clothes.

This brush can gently remove the fallen fur and dander by gently swiping across your clothes or furniture. It is also a multipurpose grooming brush that removes loose hair and tangles from your furry friend’s coat.

When used on your dog’s coat, it is very smooth and offers a calming massage that makes him relaxed and improves his blood circulation therein.

The brush works on all coat types and can also be used to groom cats and other pets.


  • Can also be used during bath time.
  • It picks up fallen fur from your clothes.
  • Can easily be cleaned by a machine.


  • Not a good brush for heavy shedders.

Dog Brushes for All Hair Lengths

9. Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush

This is a slicker brush from the Chris Christensen brand that is made of rubber material. You can choose from small to large-sized brush depending on your dog’s size.

The rubber grip is comfortable to handle and cannot slip off your hand when grooming your pup.

This brush is best used to groom Poodles, Goldendoodles, and Labradoodles with medium to long-haired coats. It can untangle knots, remove loose hair and painful mats from your dog’s coat.


  • Good for shedding dogs.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Offers value for money.


Genius Dog 300 x 600 - Animated
  • Some pins are not so firm.

10. Friends Forever 6 in 1

This kit contains a set of 6 items that are essential for grooming your dog. You can also use these tools to groom your cat where applicable.

Therein, you will find 4 different brushes and combs, a nail trimmer, and a file. The brushes included are De-shedding Comb, Grooming Brush, De-matting Comb, and grooming comb.

During the shedding season, you can use the de-shedding comb to remove all loose hair from your pup. When bathing your dog, the grooming comb can be used in the process effectively.

For painful mats on your dog’s coat, you can use the de-matting tool to remove them without inflicting any pain on your dog.

When buying this kit, you have the advantage of doing a lot more when grooming your dog compared to buying one brush.

You can trim your dog nails when they’re long, you also have different tools that you can use to groom multiple dogs.

All the brushes and tools have a comfortable plastic handle that makes the grooming session relaxed and enjoyable.

You can put all the tools in the carrying case that comes with every purchase of this kit box. This also allows you more portability when you want to carry these tools along with you when traveling with your dog.


  • Provides an all-in-one grooming kit.
  • The carrying case is well partitioned.
  • Good de-shedding tool.


  • The handle might come off easily.

11. Hertzko Pet Hair Brush and Hair Dryer

This device has a dryer and brush for grooming your dog. It comes in the purple color only and the handle is made of a plastic material.

You can use the brush to remove loose hair, dirt, dander, or any other debris material while the dryer will warm up your cat especially during cold weather.

You have the option to adjust the dryer temperature and low wind according to your conditions and needs. Be sure to use lower temperatures for small dogs or those with heat-sensitive skins.

If you have a larger dog, you might require more time to hover the dryer on him to completely remove moisture as compared to a smaller dog.

The brush has rounded plastic tips that are used to safely groom your dog without posing a safety issue on your dog’s sensitive skin.

The power supply cord is 6 feet which is long enough to give you room for maneuvering as you groom your dog comfortably.

Also, the motor that powers the dryer is powerful but gives less noise which does not frighten your furry friend.


  • The brush removes tangles and loose hair effectively.
  • Gives much less noise than a blow dryer.
  • Allows you to brush your cat as you dry them after bath.


  • It can disassemble easily when left unmonitored.

12. Chris Christensen A040 Wood-Pin Brush

This wooden pin brush can be used for both dogs and cats and it weighs 0.19 pounds. It can groom your short, medium, and long-haired dog with thick or curly hair.

The brush can untangle knots and straighten your dog’s coat making him glow and shiny. The wooden bamboo pins on this brush are soft and they give your dog a massage-like strike hence making him enjoy the brushing session.

The wooden crafted handle is comfortable to hold when using hence making your dog’s grooming session comfortable.


  • Good quality.
  • Easy to use.
  • It does not break healthy hair.


  • The wooden pins can easily break.

13. Slicker Dog Cat Grooming Brush

This is a slicker deshedding brush that weighs 0.05 pounds with a rubber handle. You can use it to remove loose hair from your furry friend and consequently reduce shedding.

It is perfectly used to groom a dog with thick, curly hair and it can be used for a wide range of dog sizes.

The ergonomic designed wooden handle makes it easy and comfortable to brush your pet without using a lot of energy.

It rotates easily hence painlessly removing the mats, and knots on your dog’s coat. The metal pins are well spaced on the brush head and will gently remove all fur from your dog’s coat without tugging.

The pins also stimulate and distribute natural oil on your dog’s skin hence improving his health and appearance.

Each pin has a soft rubber cushioning on the head that allows it to give your pet a smooth brushing experience.


  • It has a good design
  • It is wide hence more effective.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • Can easily break when mishandled.

14. GoPets Self-Cleaning Grooming Comb

This slicker brush weighs 0.5 pounds and comes in grey and orange color variants. It has soft bristles that give your dog a comfortable and smooth brushing experience.

You can remove mats, knots and straighten your dog’s coat painlessly by using this brush in your everyday grooming sessions. It works perfectly for dogs with all hair sizes and shapes.

You need to be cautious about the striking energy you use when brushing your dog’s coat. For short-haired ones, just make a simple swipe and the bristles will penetrate through the coat to groom the undercoat without harming your dog’s skin.

Once you have groomed your dog, you can remove the hair stuck on the bristle easily by pressing the self-cleaning button which retracts the bristles into the brush head and leaves the hair and debris on the head surface.

You will then wipe off the surface leaving your brush clean and ready for the next grooming action. This mechanism can also be used when storing your brush, keep the bristles retracted to prevent them from damage in their storage compartments.

The soft silicone gel handle is non-slip and it ensures you have a comfortable grip when grooming your furry friend.


  • It has a wonderful grip.
  • Self-cleaning mechanism.
  • Effectively removes all tangles.


  • The handle will leak gel if chewed by your dog or torn.

15. HandsOn All-In-One Pet Bathing & Grooming Gloves

HandsOn brush 2

This glove brush comes in 3 different color options to choose from. It is made with a strong flexible nylon fabric and contains grip gloves for five fingers.

Before purchasing this product, be sure to check the size that fits in your hand. This is important because size is an important aspect when it comes to gripping and brushing over your furry friend.

The grip section is made of non-aggressive rubber nodules that will be used to wipe off dirt and unknot the entangled section of your dog’s hair.

At the palm area of the gloves, there are some round tips as well which provide a rough surface to groom your dog.

The gloves have a secured hook and loop fastener at the end which can be adjusted to ensure that you get the most appropriate fit for grooming your cat.

Due to the human feel of the gloves, your dog will comfortably feel that he is going through a massage during grooming sessions. This brush, therefore, helps to strengthen the bond with your furry friend as you groom him.

You can use these grooming gloves to clean your other pets including cats and animals such as horses. When you are using it to groom multiple pets, be sure to wash after every use before switching the usage.


  • The gloves are lightweight and durable.
  • The nodules are soft hence cannot scratch your dog.
  • Can be used for multiple pets and animals.


  • The loose hair from your dog might stick on the glove surface during grooming.

16. Paws Pamper Boar Bristle & Pin Brush

This is a double-sided brush that has boar bristles on one side and stainless-steel pins on the other. The stainless-steel pins are well spaced and distributed on the brush pad, this makes it difficult for debris and hair to clog between the pins.

You can use the pin side of the brush to detangle your dog’s hair and remove all knots and mats. Afterward, you can then straighten and smoothen his coat by brushing using the boar bristles.

This allows for effective oil distribution on your dog’s coat and skin stimulation which keeps him healthy and shiny.

When smoothly brushed, the round and well-polished pins will give your dog a massage which helps in aligning his muscles and strengthening the bond with him.

The brush has a lightweight beechwood handle which is soft and comfortable to hold. This makes the grooming sessions with your dog enjoyable and fun.


  • It has two sides with bristles.
  • High-quality brush. Good for controlled shedding.


  • The brush handle can easily crack.

17. MISTHIS Dog Bath Brush

This dog brush has silicone bristles that are soft and can be used to massage and bathe your dog. This will effectively remove all dirt, debris, loose hair, and untangle knots and mats.

The brush has a shampoo dispensing design that allows you to add dog shampoo and dispense it easily when bathing your dog.

It can take up to 80ml of shampoo when full hence making it a good option to use for small and medium dogs.

You will release the shampoo by squeezing the handle slightly while aiming at your dog’s coat when showering him.

The handle is non-slip and it offers a comfortable and secure design that allows you to continuously groom your dog without any discomfort.

After you are done showering your dog, you can open the lid and easily clean the brush in all areas to get it ready for the next bath session.

You can also use this brush for shampoo storage for the next shower, be sure to put it in a position that will not leak out the content.


  • The soft plastic material does not hurt your dog.
  • Great brush for bathing and massage.
  • Very easy to use and clean.


  • It has a low shampoo capacity for larger dogs.

18. Highland Farms Select De-shedding & Grooming Tool

Made from wooden material with metal bristles, this dog grooming brush has a simple design and is very easy to use.

You can choose from small to large depending on your dog size and you can also use this brush to groom other pets.

This brush is a great deshedding tool that effectively removes all loose hair from your dog’s coat without hurting him.

The construction is perfectly meant to remove all dirt, debris, and other foreign matter from your dog’s coat with a simple strike and being comfortable to both you and your dog.

You can use this brush regularly when grooming your furry friend to relieve him from the disturbance of annoying mats and other conditions.

The smooth massage given allows your dog to calm down and eventually develops a stronger bonding with you.


  • Good design that allows you to control the strikes easily.
  • Works perfectly on silky and curled hair.
  • Very good for deshedding.


  • The bristles can cut your dog’s healthy hair.

Best Dog Combs

19. Resco Wrap Comb for Dogs, Cats & Small Pets

This comb comes in sparkle purple and carbon fiber colors and it has long pins on an aluminum handle which makes it a great option for use on a long-haired dog.

All the metal pins are tapered and they can glide into your dog’s undercoat with ease to untangle every knot, remove mats, and loose hair. The pins have been pressed on solid brass and are therefore hard enough to fall off easily.

The aluminum handle will fit into your palm comfortably and give you an easy time when grooming your furry friend.

It has counters which are meant to take on the shape of your hand hence eliminating wrist strain and fatigue that may come along while brushing your dog.


  • It has long tapered pins.
  • Has a good design with a comfy handle.
  • Very easy to remove any clogged hair.


  • The teeth spacing can be too wide for some dog fur.

20. Petpost Tear Stain Remover Comb

Petpost Tear Stain comb

After you have removed all mats and loose hair from your dog, you might need to comb his hair to be beautiful and perfect.

This comb has blunt pins that slide over the undercoat of your dog to ensure his hair is straightened up and free from all remaining dirt and debris.

This comb can also be used to remove tears and crust from your dog’s eyes. When used regularly, it can prevent the build-up of mucus on your dog’s eyes.

This comb is very portable and you can easily slide it inside your dog carrier whenever you are traveling with your dog.


  • It massages your dog smoothly.
  • It prevents the tear from building up on your dog’s eyes.
  • It is durable and gentle.


  • Might not be comfortable for some when holding.  

Best De-matting Tool for Dogs

21. Safari Dog Mat Remover

Does your dog have painful mats that make him uncomfortable all the time? You might need a dedicated mat remover that will painlessly remove all mats from your dog.

Some brushed and de-shedding tools can remove milder mats but there are those that need special attention.

This mat remover from safari will cut through all tough tangles on your dog’s coat and remove loose hair and mat.

The blades are sharp, well-rounded, and safe hence they cannot hurt your furry friend when used with caution.

This tool has a comfortable handle made of an anti-slip rubber material. This ensures that your hands are comfortable during the entire grooming session.


  • Removes tough mats.
  • Very comfy grip.
  • The rounded blades ensure your dog is safe.


  • The blades can be too small for some dogs.

22. Safari De-matting Dog Comb

Safari De-Matting Dog Comb

This is another dematting tool from safari, but it has long pins that make it also function as a dog comb. It can therefore be used to groom long-haired dogs.

Matted hair can be an avenue to trap moisture and dirt on your dog’s coat and for this reason, you need a good dematting tool to painlessly remove all mats from your dog.

This comb features stainless steel sharp blades that can cut the toughest mat and remove all tangles and loose fur from your furry friend’s coat.

The blades have a rounded edge that ensures your dog’s skin is not hurt during the grooming process.

Each brushing stroke also gives your dog a smooth massage on his skin and it makes him become more relaxed and improves his blood circulation.

The handle is made of an anti-slip rubber material that gives you a very comfortable grip whenever you are grooming your lovely dog.

This works to greatly reduce the wrist strain and fatigue, while the thumb rest position gives you a firmer grip of the tool.


  • Removes tough mats.
  • It has high quality and sharp blades.
  • It has a comfortable grip.


  • Can be difficult to use for beginners

Our Top Picks 

We carefully reviewed the best overall dog brushes that do the best job with specific dog breeds which are usually harder to brush and groom. The following are our picks for the respective 5 dog breeds. 

Best dog brush for Golden Retriever

Professional Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats by GoPets

Best dog brush for Shih Tzu

Hertzko Bristle Brush for Dogs and Cats with Long or Short Hair

Best dog brush for Maltese

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker Brush

Best dog brush for Poodles

Master Grooming Tools Double-Sided Soft Flexible Slicker Brush

Best dog brush for German shepherds

FURminator Dog Deshedding Tool

Benefits of Brushing Your Dog Regularly

1. It reduces shedding

By brushing your dog regularly, you will be removing loose fur from his coat before it sheds naturally and sticks on your clothes or bedding.

If you own any dog breed that doesn’t shed hair, then you might be a bit relieved from the irritation that comes with fur falling.

Double-coated dogs like Labrador Retrievers are very prone to shedding. I have written an article on the causes of Labrador Retriever shedding, and how you can manage it.

2. Brushing keeps your dog clean and neat

Dogs also desire to look clean, neat, and sharp. One way to give your pup this nice feeling is by ensuring that he has a healthy coat that keeps him comfortable all the time.

Clean dog

You can easily know if your dog is comfortable or not by observing his reactions and behavior. A healthy, fit and comfortable dog will jump up and down especially when he sees you around.

3. It’s a way of monitoring your dog’s skin

By brushing your pup regularly, you can easily notice any unusual pattern on his skin. This could be a skin disorder and it is important that you act on it as early as possible before it erupts and causes more damage.

To keep an eye on your dog’s health, you should examine his skin regularly and act on the issues that you can solve. For complicated conditions, you need to visit the vet as soon as possible.

4. It strengthens bonding

Every pet parent’s wish is to have a strong affectionate bond with their lovely pets and one way of achieving this is by brushing your dog regularly.

Brushing your dog acts like a massage section for him especially when there are no disturbing mats to remove.

This makes your dog feel very great and will always look forward to the next time he sees you holding a brush ready to spend some time with him.

5. It helps in distributing oil on your dog’s skin

Dogs usually produce natural oils on their coats and by brushing them you are also aiding in the distribution of oil on their skin and also preventing the formation of grease bumps.

Every stroke is a driving force for natural oils to spread throughout his coat. This also stimulates the production of more oils to keep your dog’s coat shining throughout the day.

6. It removes and prevents mats

If left unmonitored, mats can be very painful to your dog and can aid in the development of wounds and infections.

You can painlessly remove mats by getting a de-matting tool for dogs which will also straighten the fur hence preventing the easy formation of mats.

Dog with long hair

7 Common Types of Dog Brushes 

1. Slicker Brush

The slicker brush for dogs is used to remove tangles and knots on medium to long-haired dogs. The brushes have fine bristles made of wire and they smoothly find their way to the knots and help straighten your dog’s hair.

Slicker dog brush

This brush can also be used to reduce shedding in dogs since it removes loose hair from your dog’s coat.

When using this brush, always make gentle strokes because the bristles can scratch your dog’s skin if harshly used. It is not suitable to use this brush on short-haired dogs.

To learn how to use a slicker brush properly, have a look at the video below from Leading Edge Dog Show Academy

2. Bristle Brush

These brushes are mostly used for finishing purposes when you have already removed loose hair, untangled knots, and distributed natural oil on your dog’s coat, you can now use a bristle brush to smoothen your dog’s hair.

You can also use this brush for grooming your short-haired dog in addition to using it as a finishing brush.

3. Pin Brush

These brushes have pins with protective balls at the end that help to give your dog a smooth touch when being used.

Pin brushes are good for removing tangles and knots but they are not the best for removing loose hair from your pup’s coat.

They are therefore more effectively used for grooming dogs that do not shed or those with long, curly fur.

4. De-shedding tools

As the name suggests, this type of brush is used to remove loose fur from your pup’s coat. They are specifically meant to get into the undercoat and remove any loose fur on track.

Deshedding tool

You can use this tool during the shedding season of your dog and you will have saved yourself from collecting fur from your house furniture, clothes, and bedding.

5. Dog Combs

Dog combs have a single line of long pins and are used to straighten your pup’s hair after you have stroked him with slicker or pin brushes.

When grooming your dog around the ears or the face, you can use a dog comb as it would yield more positive results than other brushes.

combing dog

If you have a long-haired dog, you can get the wider-spaced dog comb but for short-haired dogs, go for the narrowly spaced one with finer teeth.

6. Flea Comb

This is a special type of dog comb used to remove fleas and other debris from your dog’s coat. If your dog likes being on the outside playing and interacting with other animals, he can easily carry some parasites from there and they usually lodge under the coat.

This comb’s teeth can easily collect fleas and even their eggs right from the undercoat and eliminate them making your dog clean and healthy.

If your dog shows signs of flea infestation, you will need this brush to first stroke through his fur before you can seek further treatment.

7. Rakes

This type of brush is good for grooming a dog with a double coat like the German shepherd. The bristle penetrates deep down to the undercoat to untangle knots and remove foreign matter present there.

Rake brushes are good for removing loose hair during shedding season where dogs with double coats lose a lot of hair.


For all the best dog brushes that you can consider buying, it is always important to first know your dog’s hair type and pattern.

Some brushes can work across all dog hair sizes while others cannot. If you own multiple dogs, I would recommend that you buy more than one brush even if all your dogs are of the same coat type.

Have a look at the video below from AnimalWised to help you understand more about the different brushes for short, medium, and long-haired dogs.

If you’re looking for other dog products, make sure to check our top picks here.

Thank you for reading through my buying guide, I hope you found one or two brushes that can suit you. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below.

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