14 Best dog gate in 2022

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A dog gate, similar to a playpen, is used to give your dog restricted movement within your house. It is an important accessory because it keeps him away from dangerous areas in your house and it also prevents him from chewing your valuables.

Most dog gates are made of wooden, metallic, or plastic materials. We also have those that have a combination of plastic and metallic mesh.

Choosing the best material will depend on several factors including whether your dog is a hard chewer or not.

For dogs that don’t chew a lot, you can use wood or plastic dog gates, for the chewers, however, it is recommended to use metallic gates.

Dog in Pen

Dog gates are therefore used to keep your dog safe especially when you are not in the house. They are also used to separate dogs from other pets or keep them away from dog-shy visitors.

Shopping for the perfect dog gate to use in your house can be a tedious task because we have a lot of options out there in the market.

We have covered and reviewed the 14 best dog gates in 2023 that you can consider buying to protect your furry friend.

If you are wondering how dog gates work, we strongly recommend that you go through our article and find out more insights.

Our Top Picks for the Best Dog Gates

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Best for Extra Wide Doors
Best for Small Dogs
Best for Medium Dogs
Best for Large Dogs
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14 Best Dog Gates in 2023

Best Dog Gates for Large Dogs

1. PAWLAND 144-inch Extra Wide 30-inches Tall Dog Gate

This freestanding dog gate from PAWLAND comes in two color options with 6 panels. The gate can be configured in multiple ways and it has a sturdy hinge to secure it on the wall.

It can be used to cover doorways, hallways, or any wide area where you want to restrict your furry friend from accessing.

You have the option to connect the panels to form a playpen which will provide a yard for your dog to play securely.

PAWLAND has constructed this gate with a strong wooden material with steel wire interiors which creates a beautiful overall design.

This material makes the gate a good choice for large dogs and puppies who like chewing. The design will blend well with most home décor.

This gate has a lockable door that will give you easy access to and from the barrier without necessarily removing the whole unit.

Being a freestanding design, you are not required to hinge this gate on walls. You can just place it securely on the area you want to block.

The gate also has two feet for improved stability and to keep your floor free from abrasions.

The entire gate is lightweight, it hence gives you a humble time when moving it from one location to another.

It is also a good option when traveling with your dog because you can create a playpen for him in your camping area.


  • It has a beautiful design.
  • It can be converted into a playpen.
  • It’s very easy to assemble, break down.


  • It can easily break when being transported.

2. Frisco Arch 4-panel Gate

Frisco Arch Gate

This 4-panel dog gate by Frisco comes with three color options. It can extend up to a length of 80-inch and a height of 30.5-inch.

The available colors are white, gray, and espresso which will match most interior décor in our homes.

It is both a hinged design and a freestanding dog gate which can be used as a room divider to give your furry friend a space of his own.

The gate has 2 sturdy feet which have rubber fittings to ensure your floor or carpet remains in mint condition even after installing it.

The rubber feet also help in ensuring the freestanding gate remains stable and sturdy.


  • It has a beautiful design.
  • It can be used to create a small room for your dog.
  • Both freestanding and hinged design.


  • It is not very sturdy for an active dog.

3. Frisco 8-Panel Configurable Gate and Playpen

This dog gate comes in three color options and it features a versatile 8-panel design that can also create a playpen in eight configurations.

Each panel is smooth and has a quick-release button which is used to remove the panels and make it very easy to configure it to your desired outlook.

Each panel has a height measurement of 30 inches and they can be extended to achieve a total length measurement of 190 inches.

It is made with an all-steel material which is lightweight making it easy to store whenever you are not using it. This is a good option to use if you have a chewer or scratcher who might tamper with plastic or wooden dog gates.

The door in this gate is self-locking and it also has secure lock features which ensure that your dog remains safe in his enclosed area.

It will automatically close when opened less than 90 degrees and it freely swings in both directions to allow easier walkthrough.

The installation requires mounting on a wall which is simple if you have a pencil, a drill, and a screwdriver to perfectly put it in place.

You will however require no tools to set this gate as a freestanding playpen yard for your furry friend.


  • It has many configurations.
  • It can be used as a playpen.
  • It is lightweight and can easily fold for quick storage.


  • It can be flimsy at times.

4. PAWLAND 96-inch Extra Wide Freestanding & Foldable Dog Gate

This freestanding dog gate comes with two color options and you can also select your panels for the width. It is made with a wooden frame and steel wires forming the body part.

To protect your floor or carpet, PAWLAND included non-slip rubber feet that also give the gate a firm grip preventing it from easy tossing.

With a freestanding design, you can also fold this dog gate into many shapes depending on the doorway you want to shield.

This makes it a good option to use for a variety of homes. The unfolding process is also easy and it makes it easier to store the gate when you are not using it.

This gate does not require any assembling because it comes completely assembled and you will only require to fold it into your desired shape to use it.

However, since it does not have any hinges, your large dogs can easily toss this gate back and forth especially if you have very playful ones.


Genius Dog 300 x 600 - Animated
  • One of the best dog gate for stairs 
  • It is well built with a versatile design.
  • No assembling is required.
  • Very easy to configure with your doorway or stairs.


  • It can easily be broken.

5. Best Choice Products 31.5in 3-Panel Pet Gate w/Walk Through Door

This freestanding dog gate from Best Choice comes with two color options and it features a good design that can be configured in many ways.

It can extend up to a length of 60.5 inches and each panel has a height of 30.5 inches.

The gate has a swing door which allows an easier walk-through without removing the panel. This allows you to pass freely and interact with your furry friend whenever you want.

The gate is made with a strong wooden material which makes it durable and it has a neutral finish which gives it a beautiful and decorative touch.

The bottom feet are fitted with rubber pads which make the gate stable and sturdy. The rubber pads also ensure that your floor or carpet is not scratched in the process of setting up or moving the dog gate.

This dog gate does not require any assembling because the panel comes while it is already attached. You will only be required to attach the feet at the bottom and you are good to go.

The panels are attached and connected by 360 double hinges which makes it possible to straighten the gate or you can fold it completely flat.


  • It is very easy to install.
  • It is neat with a beautiful design.
  • The feet make the gate sturdy.


  • The walkthrough opening might be narrow for some people.

6. Cumbor 46″Auto Close Dog Gate for Stairs & Doorways

This safety dog gate comes in three colors to choose from and it can be installed in up to 5 different ways.

This flexibility makes it a good option for a variety of doorways and stairs. The walk-through design is suitable for new parents as it offers a good solution when crossing with babies.

The door will remain open when it is more than 90 degrees opened but will close automatically when opened to less than 90 degrees.

This gate is made with a steel material that can withstand a force of up to 150 pounds from your furry friend. It is, therefore, a good option to keep everyone in your house safe because it cannot be pushed down easily.

The installation process is fairly simple and will only take an average of 10 minutes to complete.

Once put in place, you can walk through from either side and so it is suitable for stairs, hallways, doorways, and most other open spaces in your house.

Make sure you take the right measurements when installing, you might also need to add more frames to keep the door intact.


  • Easy installation with a well-written guide.
  • It is well made, sturdy, and durable.
  • A self-closing mechanism for door opening of less than 90 degrees.
  • The opening is wide enough to pass freely.


  • The bottom bar poses a tripping hazard.

7. Retractable Indoor and Outdoor Gate for Kids & Pets

This is both an indoor and outdoor dog gate with a retractable design that saves space and gives wider access.

This product comes in 3 different sizes, 35″ tall x 65″ wide, 35″tall x 110″ wide, or 35″tall x 120″ wide. It is a good gate to use in high traffic areas, it can be retracted when not in use to save on space.

As an indoor dog gate, it can be used to block stairs, hallways, doorways, and other open spaces. It creates a safer home by protecting your dog from accessing hazardous areas in your house and compound.

The gate is made with a mesh lining design and it is not suitable for chewers. With each purchase, you will also get a set of mounting hardware which will help you in the set-up process.

You can easily detach and move this gate from a variety of locations and it, therefore, makes a great option for a temporary user.

Adults will find it very easy to use this gate but children will not. It is also used to prevent children from accessing hazardous areas in your house where they can harm themselves.


  • It is a good option for temporary usage.
  • It has a neat design and it is very sturdy.
  • Very easy to operate.


  • Not a good gate for chewers and scratchers.

8. MYPET North States Secure gate

This indoor dog gate is 28.5 inches tall and fits 28.25 to 38.25 inches door width. It is best used between doorways to give your dog restricted access to hazardous areas in your house.

This gate is made with a metallic material and it also has a black finishing that makes it a perfect match for most interior home decors.

This gate has a door that can easily be operated with one hand that will give you easy access to and from the blocked area.

The doors are easy to operate and you can close the latches with a single soft push. This makes it secure and assures you to leave your furry friend at home alone.

The gate is flexible and can be used in several places within your house including doorways, hallways, and many others.

The measurements of the gate are large enough and therefore present a challenge to small and medium dogs who might be tempted to jump over.


  • It is a heavy-duty gate that is very sturdy.
  • It has a wide walk-through space.
  • It is very easy to operate.


  • It has a small lock and latches.

9. Cumbor 40.6″ Dog Gate for Stairs and Doorways

This dog gate comes with two color options and it is large and wide enough to fit standard door size. It has a walkthrough opening of 23.6 inches which makes it easy for you to walk even while holding a baby or pushing a stroller.

The door on the gate is lockable and it offers enough protection for your toddlers making it difficult for them to open.

Your furry friends too cannot find their way past the gate by pushing the door. The gate is made with steel material and it can withstand a combined force of 150 pounds.

It is therefore a safe gate because it cannot be pushed down to hurt your baby in the house. Such a product is good for new parents and pet owners.

The installation process is easy and it takes an average of 10 minutes to set everything in place.

The walk-through opens on both sides and it is a perfect design for stairs, doorways, hallways, and other open spaces in your house.


  • The door closes automatically when opened less than 90 degrees.
  • It can be adjusted with ease.
  • Very easy to install
  • Quality and sturdy product.


  • It has minor latch issues.

10. Carlson 76-Inch-Wide Flexi Configurable Walk-Through Pet Gate

This dog gate from Carlson comes in white color and it includes various size packs to serve your needs. It is made with steel material which is durable and convenient for most pet parents.

This gate is therefore good for chewers and scratches who will find it unpleasant to interfere with it.

It can expand up to 76 inches and it stands 36 inches tall which is a good measurement to use for stairs, doorways, hallways, and other openings in your house.

It has an adjustable touch which makes it a versatile gate to use in most house spaces. It has safety features and wall mounts that enable your dog to enjoy a safe place even when no one is monitoring him.

Carlson has a patented design for this dog gate which features a small pet door that will allow your cat, kitten, and puppies to pass through when you permit them.


  • It has a good size and impressive quality.
  • It is very hard for dogs to open or jump over.
  • The small pet door is useful.
  • It is very adjustable and versatile.


  • The safety locks can be noisy for some people.
  • The pet door is a bit large.

Best Indoor Dog Gates for Small Dogs

11. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Gate and Play Yard

This baby gate has a length of 192 inches with a height of 28 inches. It is meant for children below 2 years and it is great for dogs too.

With such measurements, you can change this gate into a playpen for your dog with an 8-panel yard.

The package includes a 4 pack of wall mounts that you will use to attach the four corners of this gate to your doorway.

The installation process can be tedious for some people and it requires a drill, screwdriver, and a pencil for marking.

You can configure this gate to fit most openings and it is great for wider spaces and angled openings as well.

It has a walk-through design with a locking feature to prevent your furry friend from forcing himself through the gate.

For easier storage, you can fold this gate flat and the material can easily be wiped clean.


  • Very wide and attractive.
  • It can be customized to many patterns.
  • You can create a playpen for your dog.


  • There’s no latch to keep this gate open.

12. Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate

This freestanding dog gate offers your dog security and not confinement. It comes in two color choices and size options ranging from small to large width.

This gate is recommended for small dogs of between 3 to 8 kilograms.

Being a freestanding gate, there is no installation required. You will just need to fit the gate on your doorway and adjust its width to cover the area.

The feet of this gate are covered with rubber hence it will not destroy your floor or carpet.

You need to take extra caution in the area you would like to place this dog gate. Since it is more suitable for small dogs, it is recommended to place it in an area where any passage would not lead to danger.


  • Great quality.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • It fits in perfectly on most doorways.
  • Serves its purpose for small dogs like a chihuahua.


  • It is not very sturdy.

13. Carlson 70-Inch-Wide Pet Gate, Premium Wood

This beautiful dog gate from Carlson features a premium wood design by New Zealand pine wood and steel interiors which create a very sturdy and stylish product.

The feet are made with a non-abrasive material which is good for your floor or carpet.

The gate can extend up to 70 inches wide while standing 20 inches tall.

This height is not big enough and larger dogs can easily jump over which might create an even bigger hazard.

This gate has a freestanding design and it can be used indoors to block stairs, doorways, hallways, and other openings within your house.

It has an adjustable design that will make it a good fit in most homes and specific areas.


  • It has a beautiful and stylish design.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • It is versatile.


  • It can easily be pulled by a dog making it easier to escape.
  • A playful dog can easily jump over.

14. Zoogamo 3-Panel Dog Gate with Hearts Design

This freestanding dog gate is suitable for small dogs rather than the large ones which can easily jump over and get access to the other barricaded side.

Being a cheap indoor dog gate you can buy many panels of this product to configure on a bigger doorway.

It measures 47 inches wide and 19 inches tall and can be used by partially folding three sections of the gate.

Being a lightweight and foldable gate, you can easily travel with this product and use it whenever its need arises.

You can use it both indoors and outdoors depending on the open space you would want your dog to avoid.

The gate is made from a high-quality wooden material which makes it last a long time. Heavy chewers can tamper with the structure of this product. You, therefore, need to take caution.

It is very easy to set up and use this gate since it is freestanding and does not require any form of mounting.

Just make sure it forms a Z shape for it to stand stably.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • No assembling is required.
  • Good for puppies and small dogs.


  • It can easily be tipped off.
  • Some small dogs can pass through the gate interiors.

Advantages of Having a Dog Gate

1.  It keeps your dog safe

A dog gate will conveniently ensure your dog is confined in a safe area within your house. It keeps him away from endangered areas where he can be exposed to hazardous materials.

To prevent your dog from getting lost, pet parents must consider getting a good dog gate to keep him safe.

2.  It keeps your home safe

When you enclose your dog in a gate, you are giving him a good environment to check on any intruders to your home or unusual happenings. He will bark to these situations hence alerting you of any danger.

Dog at home

3.  Separates pets in your house

Whenever you bring a new pet into your house, your dog might get jealous and will certainly not want to stay near him.

To ensure that your new pet gets along well with your dog, you can use a dog gate for pet introduction which will keep them safely separated as they get to know each other.

Dog and Cat

4.  Gives your dog his privacy

If you have a dog that does not like gatherings, a dog gate will function to give him privacy by confining him to his space as you attend to your visitors.

You can also use a dog gate to cross doorways whenever you have dog-shy visitors in your house.

5.  Good for senior dogs with arthritis

Dogs suffering from arthritis need extra care to ensure their bone health is kept at an optimum. With a dog gate, such dogs cannot have access to steep staircases where they are prone to fall and get injured.


6.  Good for recovering dogs

When you have a dog that has just come from surgery, it is good to limit his movement to aid his healing.

Gating your recovering dog in an enclosed space is good for him to recuperate in the right conditions.

Recovering Dog

7.  Easy cleaning

When you have gated your dog in his room, you will have a humble time cleaning your house without facing any disruption from your dog.

You will also get enough time for your floor to dry after mopping it which is hard to achieve with a dog that is not restricted.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Dog Gate

We have already highlighted that dog gates come in different types and are made with different materials.

There are important factors that every pet parent should keep in mind before making the final purchase decision of a dog gate.

Some of the factors to consider include the following:

1.  Type of the gate

There are many dog gate types and they have different functionalities. Make sure you choose the one that fits your required end-use and one that can easily be installed.

For homeowners, it is recommended to install permanent dog gates whereas renters can make use of the temporary ones.

2.  The dog gate’s material

The material making the dog gate will determine how strong and sturdy the gate will be. For puppies, you can use plastic or wooden dog gates while for larger and stronger dogs, it is recommended to use metallic gates.

3.  Where to put the dog gate

The location of the dog gate depends on which area of your house you want to restrict your dog from accessing.

Most people get the dog gates for stairs to prevent their furry friends from getting injured when running over the stairs.

4.  Height and width required

Get the perfect size of gate that will effectively constrain your dog from accessing restricted areas. If you get a gate that is too low, your dog can easily jump over it, and in the process, he might injure himself.

5.  Costs

The price of the dog gate should be reasonable and fall within your budget. If you get a simple dog gate, then you can as well install them yourself; however, a more complicated one will require professional installation which will add to the cost.

Common Types of Dog Gates

1.  Freestanding gates

These are the dog gates that stand on their own without any external support. They have the advantage of flexibility because you can move them from one place to another and most of them can be adjusted to fit many areas.

2.  Retractable gates

These dog gates can easily be opened and installed and they are commonly used to create blocks on doorways.

Some types of these gates can take a long time to be pulled out and installed. Make sure you check the ease of using it before buying.

3.  Dog gates with hinges

These dog gates can be enclosed to create a playpen and they are sturdy. They can be folded with ease which makes them a good option to use when traveling.

4.  Permanent dog gates

Most of these gates are walk-throughs and they are fixed on either side of the area you want to provide restricted access.

These gates can be a combination of other types of dog gates and it is advised to install them in your permanent home rather than a rented one.


The importance of having a dog gate cannot be overlooked by any pet parent who minds about their furry friend’s safety.

From our list of 14 best dog gates in 2023, we can conclude that there is something that will serve everyone’s needs.

Have a look at the video below to learn more about how to install steel dog gates in your home.

Thanks for reading through this buying guide. Make sure to have a look at our other picks of the best dog products.

I hope that you have found at least one product that works well with you. If you have any concerns or questions, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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