9 Best dog houses in 2022

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In this buying guide, we will show you the 9 best dog houses in 2023 that you can consider buying for your furry companions.

We have done extensive research on all products and each of them will amazingly serve your dog. Keep reading along because there is something for everyone.

Irrespective of the weather condition, all dogs should have a small space to call their own. A dog house, also known as a kennel, should be secure and offer protection against harsh weather conditions like during summer and winter seasons.

You can get both indoor and outdoor dog houses to cater to the needs of your furry friend in whichever place he might wish to spend some time.

Most pet parents have not seen the need for getting an indoor dog house for their canines but it is recommended that you give your dog an indoor space also.

Dog in house

Dog houses come in many designs and not all of them are perfect to use in all weather conditions. You need to carefully study what your dog likes and the kind of house design that might appeal to him.

A good dog house should obviously entice your dog to spend more time inside even when he is not sleeping.

9 Best Dog Houses in 2023

1.      Dog Palace Insulated Heated Dog House

Your furry family member will absolutely love this outdoor dog house that gives him all the comfort he misses in the house.

It is made with plastic and steel materials that have an insulated design with heater elements. This helps to give your dog the temperature that he desires depending on the existing conditions.

The house has 2 – 4 inches of insulation on the sides, door, floor, and roof. This helps in maintaining the desired temperature to keep your dog cool in hot months and warm in cold months.

To give you total control of the heat intensity, Dog Palace included a remote that can be used to change the temperature from a distance.

The central heater has a thermostat that helps monitor the temperature difference hence keeping your dog safe from extreme conditions.

This dog house can be used by both small and large dogs with shoulder height not exceeding 26.5-inches. The door is attached with double hinges to the frame and it is removable. You can get rid of the door during the early stages of training your puppy.

For hygiene purposes, this house has a raised flooring and drainage system that makes it so easy to do cleanup.

Have a look at the video below from ASL DOG HOUSES that showcases this product.


  • It is well built and beautiful in design.
  • The heaters and insulated walls keep your dog comfortable.
  • It has a remote control for the heater.
  • The removable door makes training easier.


  • Might need more than one person to put it up efficiently.

2.     Frisco Craftsman Wooden Outdoor Dog House

Your curious dog will love this dog house from Frisco because it offers comfort with protection and safety. The kennel is made with wood in a cottage style that fits well in the backyard of your house.

The wooden material is water-resistant and so it offers the needed protection from heavy rain and even snow. It has a slanted PVC roof that ensures all rainwater and snow is drained from the top.

This dog house can be used by large dogs perfectly, it support weights up to 70lbs. With an overall measurement of 44.7 x 32 x 32.5 inches, which is enough to give your canine friend a roomy space to rest or take a nap.

The bottom floor is raised to keep your dog free from dirt, dust, or moisture that may affect his health. The doorway is covered with a removable PVC material that keeps your furry friend warm during cold weather.

You can remove the PVC during hotter weather to ensure that your furry friend is not burning with heat.


  • It is roomy for large dogs.
  • Available for medium and x-large dogs as well
  • The roof can be popped out for easier access when needed.
  • The wooden material can withstand harsh weather.
  • It gives your dog the needed temperature.


  • The assembling process might require more than one person.

3.      Petmate Husky Dog House for Dogs Up to 90 Pounds

Petmate has been involved in making dog kennels for 50 years now. This means that you cannot go wrong with quality when you choose a product from this brand.

This husky outdoor dog house has gained popularity among pet parents who desire a simple structure for their furry friends.

This house features a dome-shaped design with a door opening of dimensions 15.5″ W x 20″ H. It is more suitable for dogs who like to curl up in outdoor spaces. Now you can give him this kennel for him to curl up securely without worrying about dirt, parasites, and small insects.

This dog house has an elevated floor which helps to keep your dog comfortable and prevents moisture, dirt, and dust from tampering with his luxury. It supports weights up to 90 pounds.

There are ventilation openings at the rear of this house. This enables your dog to have the much-needed airflow to keep him up and running while inside the house.

Your pup will love the heavy-duty foam at the bottom of this kennel. It is leakproof and keeps everything dry until you perform the regular clean-up.


  • Made in a unique and sturdy design.
  • It’s compact yet roomy for small dogs.
  • Very easy to assemble.


  • It might not be so suitable for large dogs.

4.      TRIXIE Classic Outdoor Wooden Dog House

Give your dog the feeling of being in a jungle by getting him this pine-constructed kennel. It is an outdoor house that has an off-centered door which gives your pup added protection from the wind, rain, and dust.

The feet supporting this house structure are moderately tall. This gives you the option to place this kennel on uneven terrain without much groundwork preparation needed. It also provides the needed air circulation on the floor that keeps your furry friend cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter.

Speaking of weather conditions, this house is constructed with a weatherproof design both on the outside and inside.

Genius Dog 300 x 600 - Animated

The exterior is also finished with a dust-resistance tongue and groove design. This helps in preventing dust and moisture from reaching the inner chamber of your trusted canine’s house.

The roof of this kennel is where all the magic happens. It is made with durable composite shingles which are resistant to harsh weather and do not build up excess heat in the house.

Something cool about this roof is that it has two locking arms that can be released to pop out the entire roof. This can be done to increase ventilation in the house.

Additionally, popping the roof out can be very handy especially when you want to physically lift your dog from the house in case of an emergency.

To maintain a clean space for your furry friend, the floor of this house is removable. You can hence have an easier cleaning session before you revamp your dog’s home.


  • The roof can be popped out for added convenience.
  • It is well built.
  • It has raised feet that make it easier to place on uneven ground.
  • The uncentered door protects your dog from unnecessary exposure.


  • It might fail the durability test when exposed to harsh weather for too long.

5.      Starplast Dog House Kennel – Weather & Water Resistant

This extra-large outdoor dog house from Starplast is made with polypropylene plastic which is heavy duty and lightweight. It is weatherproof, does not fade, and is meant to house your furry family member for a long period.

An open doorway will give your dog access to this house and it also serves the purpose of allowing free circulation of air in the inner chamber. This helps to keep your canine friend cooler in warm weather and ensures that his hygiene is in check.

This kennel has dimensions of L 33 x W 33 x H 32 inches and the interior can accommodate dogs of up to 50 pounds. This portrays it as one that offers your dog the space that he deserves to rest and sleep whenever he wants.

Once you purchase this product, you will spend very little time putting it up because no tools are required in assembling it.


  • A spacious house for large dogs.
  • It has a beautiful design.
  • It can accommodate 2 small or medium dogs.
  • Very easy to assemble.


  • It might not be sturdy for heavy usage.

6.      Giantex Pet Dog House, Wooden Dog Room Shelter with Stairs

If you are looking for both elegance and style in giving your furry family member a place to call his own, then this is the way to go.

The Giantex Pet Dog House is made with wooden materials and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The wooden structure complements the existing design in your outdoor or indoor space giving your house a touch of refinement and opulence. It is finished with water-based paint that is weather-resistant and beautiful.

This house is best suited for small dogs.

It has a raised roof that makes the interior space roomy. This will enable your furry friend to stand and play while within his house.

Talking of playing, this dog house has a 2-tier design which makes it a good option for dogs who love adventures. It features a climbing stair that leads to a rooftop balcony guarded with rails. Your dog can now take his trip over his house to take a sunbath as he guards his territory.

The entire house has a raised bottom that helps to keep your dog dry and in good hygienic condition all the time.

Owing to its multiplicity in functions, this dog house is best used by small dogs who can enjoy all the services to the maximum. You can also use this house to keep your small pets like cats, rabbits, or chicks.

The package of this product includes all the tools that are required for assembling. To get the perfect job done, you can refer to the manual which is very easy to understand.


  • Beautifully made with an elegant design.
  • It can be used by multiple types of pets.
  • It offers a huge space for your dog to play, relax and sleep.


  • The softwood material used in the construction is fragile.

7.      Confidence Pet Medium Waterproof Plastic Dog Kennel Outdoor House

Add confidence to your dog by getting him this outdoor house that is made with durable plastic material. The house has dimensions of 29 x 26 x 27.3 inches and is therefore good for a wide range of dog sizes. It might however not be very suitable for large dogs.

The house has a doorway that offers access to the interior chamber. It also acts to allow free air circulation inside and outside the house. This aids in keeping your dog cooler during the summer and it is also good for his health. The back and front of the house also have vents that serve the same purpose.

The material is waterproof hence you do not have to worry about your dog whenever it is raining. Your dog will still come from his house very dry and ready to explore the world after the rain.

There are 3 colors to choose from and all of them will blend very well with your backyard pattern.


  • It is well built with a beautiful design.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Can also be used to house cats.


  • The doorway might allow rain to enter the interior space.

8.      Harrage Folding Indoor Dogs House, Outdoor Portable Pet Teepee Dog & Cat Tents

If you need a dog house that can be collapsed and folded for portability, then this is a product you might want to consider.

It features a Teepee bed made with cozy canvas material for added comfort and a tent. The cozy cushion has a diameter of 20 inches while the tent measures 24 inches in height. It is a great option for small size dogs weighing up to 25 pounds.

Assembling this dog house is very easy. It involves putting the cushion in place and surrounding it with the tent as you tie it at the top using the provided cotton rope.

On top of the mentioned items, you will also get a black chalkboard and a leather strap packaged in this product. You can write your pet’s name on the small chalkboard and hang it from the top of this house to stand out from the rest when camping.

The pine wooden poles have an anti-skid bottom which allows the house to stay in place hence preventing your dog from being exposed to hazardous situations.

This dog house is suitable for outdoor use including activities like camping, vacations, parks, and travels.

You can also use it indoors in your house as a pet bed by simply removing the tent and allowing your pet to have a peaceful nap on the cushion. Keeping this house clean is very easy because the materials are machine-friendly.


  • It is a good travel accessory for your dog.
  • It can be used to house cats too.
  • The bottom cushion is very comfortable.
  • The tent pattern is beautifully crafted in 3 color choices.


  • It is not a good option for dogs who like chewing a lot.
  • Not good for rain

9.      EcoSMART Bonita Pet Dog House

This dog house from EcoSMART can be used both indoor and outdoor to give your furry friend a place to enjoy his nap.

It is made with a plastic material which is very easy to clean and maintain. It has an open-door space and together with the perforated sides, your dog can now be assured good airflow while he enjoys his stay inside.

It has raised floors supported by four legs on each corner of the house. This helps to keep everything neat and to ensure that you can place this kennel on any ground without worrying about the ground level. It also keeps dirt, water, and dust away from your dog’s house hence keeping his hygiene in check.

Once you purchase this product, you will not experience any major hassle in putting it together. There are no specialized tools required to complete the setup process.

For indoor use, you do not have to worry about how the kennel will appear in your home. It has a nice design with options of 3 colors to choose from.


  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • It is beautiful with an attractive design.
  • It can be used by cats too.


  • The plastic does not feel so premium and it may break easily when handled roughly.

5 Benefits of a Dog House

Getting a dog house for your furry friend is a step in ensuring he stays happy and in optimum health. There are many benefits that come along with providing a confined space for your dog. These benefits cut across both the dog and the entire family.

Note that dog houses are different from playpens or crates. Dog houses are usually installed outdoors, while playpens and crates are usually installed indoors.

1.      Gives your dog his own space

Dogs just like cats can be a little territorial. They sometimes need a place that offers them a sense of security and privacy for a little while.

An indoor dog house is a good accessory that gives your dog a space that he can call his own. Your trusted canine can now jump into his kennel and do his grooming without worrying about who’s watching.


2.      It keeps your dog safe

In case of harsh weather conditions, your dog can now curl up in his kennel and protect himself from the scorching sun, cold, rain, or strong winds.

Dog house

A good dog house is well ventilated and provides natural lighting. So, your dog does not get at the risk of endangering his health when he spends prolonged periods in his house.

3.      It gives your dog comfort

A dog house has comfortable mats at the bottom that keeps your dog very relaxed when lying on it. This comfort helps to keep your dog healthy and prevents him from developing stress and anxiety.

The cushions protect his bones from the hard ground surface. This is crucial in preventing your aging dog from developing arthritis.

4.      It aids in training your dogs

Indoor dog houses come in very handy when you want to train your furry friend in certain aspects. Many pet parents find it very difficult to potty train their dogs and this can largely be attributed to the lack of good resources like a dog house and others.

In his kennel, you can teach your dog things to do and others to avoid.  Always reward good behavior and discourage him from continuing with bad behavior.

A dog house also gives the perfect place to potty train your puppy. He will now have his bathroom area in a fixed spot within his kennel.

5.      Ease of travel

With an indoor portable dog house, you will find it very easy to travel with your dog to various destinations including during vacations.

These portable dog houses are often very easy to carry and they provide a confined place for your dog within the car.

You now don’t need to worry about your furry friend jumping up and down within your car during travels. This can be used as an alternative to a dog harness and leash for cars.

For more information, check out our article on the benefits of dog houses and how you can get the best from them.

Indoor And Outdoor Dog Houses. Learn the Difference

The best indoor dog houses are often small and portable. They are made with plastic material with wireframes or links of chains. The best outdoor dog houses on the other side are bigger and roomier.

They provide enough space for dogs to sit, stand, jump, and play. An outdoor dog house provides enough space for storing your dogs’ accessories such as toys and beddings.

Where to place your dog’s house

For indoor dog houses, you can place them in any suitable place that your trusted canine can access. Make sure the place is not surrounded by any items that may cause a hazard to your dog.

Indoor dog house

An outdoor dog house is best placed in the backyard where your dog can find comfort and safety from harsh weather conditions. Make sure the place is easily accessible and it has a good supply of fresh air and is free from small parasites.

5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Dog House

Buying a dog house might not be the easiest task for many pet parents. If you have multiple dogs, it even gets more intense because you now need to find the best kennels for each one.

Always ensure you keep the following factors in mind before making the final purchase decision of your dog’s house.

1.      Indoor or outdoor dog house?

This should probably be the first question that should linger in your mind when considering giving your furry friend his space.

If your dog spends much of his time playing in your yard and other outdoor spaces, then you certainly need to provide him with a secure space outdoors where he can rest if need be.

This will prevent him from curling up in dirt whenever he is looking for a comfortable space in your absence.

Outdoor dog houses

On the other hand, you might have a furry friend who rarely goes outside and if he does, he spends very little time there. In this case, an indoor dog house will work best for him.

Dogs that spend most of their time in the house do not require an outdoor house but the reverse is not true. If your adventurous dog has an outdoor house, you also need to consider getting an indoor one for him.

2.      The size of your dog

A good dog house for your canine should allow him to get in and out with ease. It should also provide enough space for him to stand, sit or take a rest freely without squeezing.

Dogs do not need very huge spaces in their houses. A very big kennel will not keep your dog warm during winter while a very small one will not cool him in summer. He needs what is just enough for him.

If you have large dogs, then you need to buy dog houses for large breeds. This will ensure that there is enough room for your furry friend in the house.

This keeps him comfortable and allows for ventilation inside the house. You do not want your dog to suffocate.

For smaller dogs, get the dog houses for small breeds. Ensure that the kennel offers enough space for him to keep him comfy and healthy.

3.      Ventilation

A good number of dog houses provide air circulation through the open doors and small windows. Ventilation is an issue of concern mostly for indoor dog houses. When buying one for your furry friend, ensure that it has additional ventilation that will keep him healthy while inside.

4.      Ease of assembling

You need to check how easy it is to assemble your desired dog house. Typically, it takes a few minutes to assemble an indoor dog house. Others have additional features and parts that make the assembling process a little bit lengthier.

5.      Portability

For indoor dog houses, you need to check how easy it is to move with them from place to place. It should not be too heavy to provide challenges when carrying it by hand or in a car.

A portable dog house is often made with plastic material. This is to make it of low weight with the required toughness.

No matter the type of house you choose for your pooch, make sure it is not cruel for them. You should create the perfect conditions to keep your dog safe and comfortable.

Learn the circumstances that can make a dog house cruel.


Your furry family members also deserve the same comfort, safety, and privacy that you need. Our well-researched list of the 9 best dog homes in 2023 includes products for large and small dogs.

If you have multiple dogs, then you can consider getting more than one dog house. This way, you will give each dog his own space and prevent any conflict that may arise by them sharing a house.

Thank you for reading through this buying guide. Make sure to check our other dog products picks. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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