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Providing your furry friend with a high-quality dog house benefits your dog in several ways including keeping them safe in a private space and making them happy.

While dogs can thrive in the company of their human caregivers, they also need some private space to relax and escape the buzzing activities at home.

A well-made outdoor dog house can work wonders in offering a comfy space for your dog to sleep without worrying about the harsh weather conditions.

The same happens with indoor dog houses where your canine friend gets a secluded space, away from the high traffic zones, to den and sleep in peace.

We understand that choosing a good kennel for your canine friend might not be very easy, that’s why we carefully researched and came up with a list of the 12 best dog houses you can buy today.

Our reviewed list features products that meet the criteria to offer your furry pal a cozy resting place, built with secure materials to safeguard their health.

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Our Top Picks

Best Outdoor House for Large Dogs
Best Outdoor House for Medium & Small Dogs
Best Indoor House for Large Dogs
    • Improved ventilation system
    • Proper insulation for comfort
    • Easy to assemble
    • One-year manufacturer's warranty

Best Indoor House for Small & Medium Dogs
Best Heated Dog House
    • Warms up your dog during cold months
    • Includes a fully functioning heater
    • Easy to assemble and clean
    • Can also be used during sunny days, with windows open

Best Outdoor House for Large Dogs
  • Beautiful wooden finish with raised floors
  • Large door for easier access
  • Sturdy construction
  • Slanted roof

Best Outdoor House for Medium & Small Dogs
  • Solid classic construction
  • Large door for easy access
  • Wood preservative treatment

Best Indoor House for Large Dogs
  • Improved ventilation system
  • Proper insulation for comfort
  • Easy to assemble
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty

Best Indoor House for Small & Medium Dogs
  • Modern cottage design
  • Sturdy and well-constructed
  • Raised floor
  • Scratching post included in the design
  • Can be used by cats

Best Heated Dog House
  • Warms up your dog during cold months
  • Includes a fully functioning heater
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Can also be used during sunny days, with windows open

Outdoor Dog Houses Reviews

1. Frisco Craftsman Wooden Outdoor Dog House – Best for Large Dogs

Dimensions: 44.7L x 32W x 32.5H inches

Material: Wood, Vinyl/PVC

Weight: 52.98 pounds

Max Dog Weight: 70 pounds

Frisco Craftsman Dog House

Taking up our tight spot for the best outdoor kennel for large dogs is the Frisco Outdoor Wooden Dog House.

This model features a stylish wooden construction that can match your outdoor landscape and exterior house design.

Away from the aesthetics, the solid construction of this canine shelter can last your furry friend for a long time, despite being able to withstand harsh conditions.

If you have a giant breed dog, you can consider getting the X-Large option, which can support a maximum pet weight of 95 pounds.

It is also made with a raised floor design which helps to keep your dog dry during wet conditions, and it also prevents the inflow of pests into the interior chamber.

The roof on this model is made with PVC and it is slightly slanted to the back to repel rainfall and snow.

This ensures that your doggo is insulated from the cold weather and prevents the damage that may occur due to the piles of snow.

Your large dog will not have a tough time entering or exiting this house, thanks to the wide door covered by a flap.

This prevents strong wind from blowing into the interior section, making your pup feel more comfortable.

What we liked

  • Beautiful wooden finish with raised floors
  • Large door for easier access
  • Sturdy construction
  • Slanted roof

What we didn’t like

  • No window
  • May get heated up easily during the hot months.

2. Frisco Classic Wooden Outdoor Dog HouseBest for Medium & Small Dogs

Dimensions: 25.6L x 36.6W x 36.4H inches

Material: Wood, Vinyl/PVC

Weight: 40.99 pounds

Max Dog Weight: 45 pounds

Frisco is definitely doing something right when it comes to making good outdoor canine shelters.

This model comes in three different sizes, but the medium one checks all the requirements for most small and medium-sized dogs.

Frisco made this dog house using a minimalist design that blends with your outdoor surroundings while providing a comfy spot for your canine friend.

The entire front panel of this kennel is an open door that allows your dog to enter or leave the inner chambers without feeling restrained.

We were impressed by the sturdy wood construction complemented by metal hardware, which is both weatherproof and tough to withstand long-term usage.

With a raised floor, you can be sure to keep your dog dry from moisture conditions on the ground, and the PVC roof drives away rain and snow piles to keep your pooch comfortable all day long.

What we liked

  • Solid classic construction
  • Large door for easy access
  • Wood preservative treatment

What we didn’t like

  • No door flap for added protection

3. Frisco Outdoor Wicker Dog House & Bed

Dimensions: 30.7L x 33.5W x 34.6H inches

Material: Polyester cover, Foam interior

Weight: 28.6 pounds

Max Dog Weight: 100 pounds

The Frisco Outdoor Wicker Dog House will blend in any outdoor space because of its classic villa construction and complementary colors.

This model is made with synthetic rattan, making it an ideal kennel to have if you’re looking for a lightweight option.

Another top selling point for this canine hut has to be the added bed, which makes it comfy for your dog to lounge without needing further furnishing.

We also loved the waterproof cushioning bed which is removable, and this makes it easy to clean and maintain.

With the raised floor design, your pup will enjoy retreating to this shelter during bad weather without having to contact with moisture or dust while sleeping.

What we liked

  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Includes a cushioned bed for added comfort
  • Dual windows for extra ventilation and visibility

What we didn’t like

  • Not a good option for heavy chewers

4. Petmate Indigo Dog House

Dimensions: 34D x 43.8W x 25.8H Inches

Material: Plastic

Weight: 50 pounds

Max Dog Weight: 50 pounds

If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor shelter for your pup during the unforgiving weather, then you can consider getting the Petmate Indigo Dog House.

Coming in with two color choices, this canine shelter has a raised floor to keep your furry friend dry despite wet conditions.

It is also made in a curved design that forms a natural spot for your furry friend to snuggle up and generate body heat to deal with freezing conditions.

This dog house can also be used to provide insulation during hot days, although we can recommend it for use in the winter.

This is because a large dog can easily feel constricted and trap body heat, which makes it uncomfortable during hot months.

What we liked

  • Offers all weather protection
  • Designed with a good denning platform
  • Made with sturdy plastic materials
  • Removable floor makes for easier cleaning

What we didn’t like

  • The door can be small for some large dogs
  • The interior space can be too tight

5. TRIXIE Medium Natura Classic Outdoor Dog House

Dimensions: 26.75D x 40.75W x 28.25H Inches

Material: Wood, Plastic, Metal, Asphalt Shingles

Weight: 40 pounds

Max Dog Weight: 70 pounds

The striking looks of this dog house will certainly not go unnoticed. The TRIXIE Medium Natura Classic Dog House is made with heavy-duty mineral roofing felt and weather-resistant sealers to keep your dog comfortable.

With a hinged roof and a convenient locking arm, pet parents can now have easy access to clean and organize their dog’s palace.

The roof is slightly slanted to drain rainwater away from the door, although some piles of snow might accumulate during the winter.

If your yard has uneven ground, you can level this dog house by adjusting the plastic-covered feet to get the perfect fit.

Your dog will love the raised floor since it helps in keeping the moisture away during rainfall and it also allows for airflow during the summer months.

What we liked

  • Easy to assemble
  • Hinged roof for accessibility and easier cleaning
  • Removable floor for easy cleaning.
  • Insulated roof for bad weather

What we didn’t like

  • The construction might get flimsy with time

6.     Aivituvin Outdoor Dog House

Dimensions: 45D x 32.9W x 32.6H Inches

Material: Iron and Fir Wood

Weight: 66 pounds

Max Dog Weight: 110 pounds

The Aivituvin Outdoor Dog House checks all the boxes for a perfect outdoor pup sanctuary and it has a beautiful design that looks great in any yard.

With three color options (off-white, brown, and grey), you can be sure to pick the unit that looks wonderful in your compound and inviting to your canine friend.

The airtight protective design featured on this pup palace adds to the weatherproofing aspect to keep your dog shielded from severe elements.

The slanted double roof panel follows the design of classic dog houses and it helps prevent rainfall and snow from piling, which can make it uncomfortable for your pup.

The edges are reinforced with iron frames to prevent your active dogs from chewing into the structure. This ensures that they stay sheltered for long with maximum comfort and security.

Cleaning the interior space has been made easy, thanks to the removable wooden floor which can detach to give you an easy time cleaning.

Still on the floor, you’ll notice that they’re elevated off the ground to keep your dog dry and away from moisture during rainfall.

What we liked

  • Beautiful design with a spacious porch
  • Ideal for multiple dogs
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Reinforced structure for durability
  • Weatherproof design

What we didn’t like

  • No windows on either side
  • The interior space could be huge for one dog

Best Indoor Dog Houses

7.     LEMBERI Durable Waterproof Plastic Dog House

Dimensions: 42D x 37.9W x 38.8H Inches

Material: Plastic

Weight: 25 pounds

Max Dog Weight: 120 pounds

Coming in with four color options (Blue, Brown, Red, and Gray), the LEMBERI Dog House is also made with two size options that cater to both large and giant breeds.

This indoor dog house is the most affordable option on our list, but it doesn’t sacrifice the quality expected from a standard in-house doggy shelter.

Pet parents looking for an indoor kennel for their furry friends will find this product appealing, due to its magnificent design.

It features an old-school dog house design with modern finishes that looks great within your living room.

The construction is sturdy and made from non-toxic materials to keep your pooch safe.

Aside from the aesthetics, we were impressed by the improved ventilation system that keeps dogs comfortable during sunny days.

This model has integrated ventilation at the top section to keep up with constant airflow for temperature regulation and respiration.

What we liked

  • Improved ventilation system
  • Proper insulation for comfort
  • Easy to assemble
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty

What we didn’t like

  • No window for added visibility

8.     Roomfitters Wooden Dog Indoor House

Dimensions: 23.62D x 31.5W x 26.3H Inches

Material: Wood

Weight: 48.5 pounds

Max Dog Weight: Not Indicated

This cottage-designed indoor kennel from Roomfitters will blend in any interior space, in addition to providing a cozy denning place for your canine buddy.

Right from the box, you will get all the parts, tools, and clear instructions on how to assemble this kennel without missing a mark.

The assembling process might be longer than that of other brands in our list but once done, you will love the final structure standing in your home.

With a sturdy & durable wooden construction, your favorite furry pal will enjoy taking a nap in the interior chamber without worrying about tipping off.

The floor is raised off the ground to provide a safe space for Fido to snuggle without coming into contact with the floor.

Dogs who love to chew as well as teething puppies will appreciate the scratching post at the side of this pup house, which offers a convenient place to get busy.

The scratching post can also serve as a sweet spot for your cat when interacting with the dog at their house.

What we liked

  • Modern cottage design
  • Sturdy and well-constructed
  • Raised floor
  • Scratching post included in the design
  • Can be used by cats

What we didn’t like

  • Might be tough to assemble

Dog Houses for Summer & Hot Weather Reviews

9.     Lifetime Deluxe Dog House

Dimensions: 38.2D x 47.1W x 38.2H Inches

Material: Plastic

Weight: 94 pounds

Max Dog Weight: 120 pounds

With a single-color option (Storm Dust) to choose from, Lifetime Deluxe Dog House might not offer much in terms of color choices but it gets the job done without a doubt.

A huge talking point for this product was the partition wall which can be used to divide the interior space to map out a second room for your curious pup.

The plastic material is sturdy and well-constructed to create a robust structure that holds your dog without exposing them to dangerous weather conditions.

Your dog is protected from the windy conditions with a weighted door flap. Complementing the insulation is a floor port for heater power cord installation and a heater mount bracket.

Cleaning this kennel is easier, thanks to the opening roof which allows you to take a wipe on all interior corners to collect dirt.

What we liked

  • Weather-protected construction
  • The heater mount bracket included
  • Proper ventilation
  • Divider panel to partition the interior space

What we didn’t like

  • The roof is slightly slanted, but could still pile some snow.

10. TRIXIE Natura Lodge Dog House

Dimensions: 39.4L x 35.4W x 32.3H inches

Material: Wood

Weight: 70 pounds

Max Dog Weight: 45 pounds

TRIXIE Natura Lodge Dog House

How about having a classic dog house to keep your dog cooled down during the hot months? This is exactly what the TRIXIE Natura Dog House offers.

The construction features a solid pine design which is sturdy and durable for your dog’s use.

Cleaning this dog lodge has been made easier with removable internal flooring that can easily be taken off to wipe down the muddy tracks from your dog’s feet.

One side of the roof is hinged and can be opened wide to form a top access point. This makes it easy to load items into the interior space and for simpler cleaning.

The plastic tip feet can be adjusted to give the house structure a good elevation off the ground and maximize the airflow when needed.

This dog house is crowned with a weather-resistant coating to keep your furry friend protected and safe from harsh elements.

When your dog needs some breeze during the summer, they can enjoy lounging on the porch for maximum airflow while being covered with a permanent roof.

What we liked

  • Decent elevation off the ground
  • Comfy interior and protected porch
  • Hinged roof offers extra ventilation.
  • Weather-resistant coating

What we didn’t like

  • Might not be roomy for large dogs
  • The pine wood can easily chip

Heated Dog Houses Reviews

11. Dog Palace CRB Insulated Heated Dog House

Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 46 inches

Material: Plastic, Steel, Metal

Weight: 96 pounds

Max Dog Weight: Not included

Dog Palace CRB Insulated Heated Dog House

If you live in extreme winter areas, then you should consider getting a heated dog house for your furry friend to keep warm.

The Dog Palace Heated Dog House is the highest-priced unit that features in our list, but it also packs impressive specs and functions.

First of all, the panels on this unit are made of two to four inches of insulation to keep your pooch warm or cool when needed.

In addition to the insulated panels, the unit comes fixed with a Palace Central Heater to keep your dog warm during the freezing months.

Setting the temperature for the Central Heater has been made easier, thanks to the included remote control and thermostat.

Your dog will find it easy to access the interior space due to the double-hinged swinging door, which is also removable for easier cleaning.

The raised floor helps to keep your dog dry during these freezing conditions, and it also makes it easier to wipe down the dust or remove pet hair.

When the weather is sunny, you can open the two windows for extra ventilation and maximum airflow for temperature control.

What we liked

  • Perfect for warming up dogs in winter
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean and maintain

What we didn’t like

  • The interior space can be small for some giant breed dogs

12. Dog Palace Insulated Heated Dog House

Dimensions: 47.5 x 31.5 x 38.5 inches

Material: Plastic, Steel, Metal

Weight: 76 pounds

Max Dog Weight: Not included

Dog Palace Insulated Heated Dog House

This is yet another insulated dog house from Dog Palace that resembles the previous product in all aspects but differs in size and design only.

This model is ideal for medium and small-sized dogs, making it a little bit cheaper than the previous model.

You get the same performance in the heated compartment to keep your dog warm during the unforgiving winter months.

There are two colors (Gray and Taupe) choices to choose from, making sure you get an indoor accessory that can match your interior decoration.

What we liked

  • Warms up your dog during cold months.
  • Includes a fully functioning heater
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Can also be used during sunny days, with windows open

What we didn’t like

  • The door can be a bit smaller for some brawny mid-sized dogs

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog House

1.     Size, Breed Suitability, and Setting

The first considerations that should come to mind when selecting an appropriate doghouse for your furry friend are size and suitability for your dog’s breed.

The sizing of the house should be large enough to allow your dog to enter, stand, turn, and sleep without feeling confined.

It should also not offer too much interior space to overwhelm your pup.

A very large kennel can also provide a challenge for your pup to retain body heat and keep warm, especially during cold days.

The following is a sizing chart to give you an idea of the ideal dog house size based on your dog’s breed and size.

Breed SizeMaximum Dog Weight (pounds)Indoor Dog House Size Range (L x W x H) InchesOutdoor Dog House Size Range (H x W x D) InchesBreeds Examples
Small BreedsUnder 2518 – 20 x 27 – 30 x 25 – 2918″ – 24″ x 18″ – 24″ x 18″ – 24″Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshund
Medium Breeds26 – 4026 – 28 x 39 – 42 x 23 – 26″26 – 30 x 40 – 44 x 24 – 27Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel
Large Breeds40 -75 30 – 36 x 50 – 54 x 32 – 4234 – 36 x 51 – 54 x 35 – 45Bulldog, Irish Setter, Pitbull
Extra Large Breeds60 – 10036 – 42 x 56 – 60 x 40 – 4840 – 42 x 60 – 63 x 42 – 50Golden Retriever, Boxer, German Shepherd.
Giant BreedsOver 10042 – 44 x 62 – 66 x 42 – 4848 – 54 x 66 – 70 x 48 – 54Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Bull Mastiff

2.     Material and durability

Most dog houses featured in our list are either made of sturdy wood or robust plastic materials.

The construction and finish of your desired doggy house have a direct impact on how well it can stand and for how long.

If you have a heavy chewer, you may want to consider dog houses made with natural fibers, since wood and plastic can be a target of such canines.

Plain wooden dog houses may not be the best option for outdoor settings, especially in wet conditions since they may not stand up against moisture for a long time.

Even though plastic dog houses are more durable than wooden ones, they have the disadvantage of being tough to repair once broken.

We suggest you check the thickness of the wood used in making your desired dog house and insulation before making a purchase decision.

Low-quality plastic dog houses can be a nightmare for dogs in summer and winter since they don’t insulate their occupants against harsh weather.

If you’re looking for a long-term outdoor kennel for your dog, we recommend that you choose the one made with reinforced thick wood and iron frames.

Make sure the roof is slanted to drive away the rainfall or snow from the front door.

3.     Insulation, Climate Considerations, and Seasonal Adaptations

When selecting a dog house, you should also prioritize the comfort of your canine friend throughout the year by considering the insulation design of your dog house.

The best kennel for your furry pal is greatly dependent on the range of temperatures they can withstand all year.

Outdoor dog house
Image Credit: Freepik

As a caring pet parent, you need to protect your pooch from the hot sun, wind, cold weather, and rainfall to guarantee a smooth stay at home.

We suggest adding a few beddings to keep your dog heated up during the winter and freeing up their living space during the summer to allow for maximum airflow.

4.     Design, Style, and Compatibility

A dog house doesn’t have to dent your outdoor landscape or interior home decoration for it to be functional.

We recommend looking for a well-made furry hut that can complement your spaces both in color and style.

A well-designed dog house can spice up your home decoration while providing a perfect denning spot for your furry friend.

You can consider some aspects that add to the style of a doggy house such as the exterior finishing, roof design, raised floor, and the paint job among others.

5.     Ventilation and airflow

Your dog should NEVER lack plenty of fresh air while lounging in their favorite kennels. Proper ventilation is key for your dog’s health and temperature balance.

Ventilation in dog houses can be provided in several ways including opening the windows or having several holes around the structure.

For outdoor dog houses, you can consider one with a raised floor to keep the airflow at maximum and prevent dirt from slipping in.

Remember that the ventilation needs of your dog will change throughout the seasons in a year.

When purchasing a kennel for the hot months, we recommend looking for an option with cross vents for maximum flow of air.

On the other extreme, during the winter, make sure to strike a balance between ventilation and insulation to prevent your dog from losing too much body heat.

6.     Ease of cleaning and maintenance

It’s very easy to overlook the hygienic aspect when choosing a good dog house for your canine friend.

Make sure to select houses that are easy to clean and maintain to support your dog’s hygiene and well-being.

Dog houses with removable parts such as roofs, panels, or detachable floors are much easier to clean and maintain than intact ones.

This is because you can wipe through the hard-to-reach corners when cleaning the kennel to ensure you remove all manner of dirt or pet hair.

Cleaning your dog’s house routinely will help in keeping the area clean to avoid foul odors and spots for harboring bacteria.

7.     Additional features and accessories

There are plenty of additional features and accessories for dog houses you can consider, to ensure your pet lives comfortably.

If you live in areas with extreme weather conditions, you can consider getting a doghouse with a heating and cooling system to keep your pup comfortable all year.

Some kennels are built with advanced features such as a patio, that provides a longing spot for your canine friend without leaving the designated area.

Some manufacturers provide fixed spots for placing your dog’s food and water bowl for added convenience when feeding your pup.

This ensures that the feeding accessories are held in space to prevent wobbles which can lead to food spills.

You may also want to consider getting a dog house with removable door flaps that provide easy access for Fido and add protection against harsh weather conditions.

How to Train Your Dog for Different Dog House Environments

Purchasing a dog house is one thing, getting your furry friend to actually stay in their kennels is another thing. So, how can you train your dog to adapt to their New Haven?

The following are some of the things you can do to ensure your furry friend adjusts to their house in different settings:

1.     Introduction

After setting up your dog house in the desired location, you should allow your furry friend to explore the structure and get familiar with it.

Leave the door and windows open and entice your furry friend to enter and leave the house until they seem comfortable to do so alone.

A good way to entice your dog to make a step in the house will be to feed them within the area and furnish the interior spacing as much as possible.

Make sure to add a familiar blanket and comfy bed to give your pooch a sense of familiarity within the new structure.

Confirm that the dog house location is in a quiet area to encourage your pooch to enter and leave without feeling insecure.

2.     Use Positive reinforcement

You’ll want your dog to build a positive association with the kennel, and the best way to do so is by rewarding them for being calm or spending time in the doghouse.

Offer your dog some high-value food rewards and praise them while petting their favorite spot to show your appreciation when they enter their new house at will.

Best Dog Houses
Image Credit: Игорь Куксинский from Pexels

Tip: For outdoor dog houses, we recommend waiting until the temperatures are moderate before introducing your dog to their new hangout spots.

How To Encourage Your Dog to Use a Kennel for The Season

Keeping your dog in an unfurnished or unequipped kennel can be cruel, dangerous, and boring to them. 

You can guide your furry friend in using the best kennel for the season by making structural adjustments and furnishing the appropriate dog house.

1.     During the Summer (Hot months)

In the warmer months of spring or summer, your dog will certainly prefer a well-ventilated outdoor kennel that provides shade from the strong sun.

You can encourage your dog to make way in this house by ensuring that it is cool and comfortable enough.

Open the windows and feel free to add a fan or any other cooling system that can regulate your dog’s heat.

Don’t forget to add plenty of fresh water to keep your dog hydrated and offer some frozen treats for added fun during the day.

2.     During the Winter (Cold months)

When the weather conditions get cooler, we suggest using an indoor kennel to house your pup. Make sure to introduce your dog to their indoor house before the cold months begin.

Furnish the indoor kennel with a comfy bed and add extra blankets for your dog to snuggle in and retain body heat.

During winter storms, we recommend installing a heating system in your dog’s house to add some warmth and keep them comfortable.

If the conditions are not too extreme, you can still house your dog in an outdoor kennel, but ensure the house is padded and insulated from wind and losing heat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.     Can I use the same dog house for both indoor and outdoor settings?

Yes! It’s possible to use the same dog house for indoor and outdoor settings, but there’s a caveat! You need to ensure that the house can withstand outdoor use, such as harsh weather conditions.

2.     What features should I look for in a dog house to keep my pet cool during summer?

In order to keep your dog cool during the summer months, we recommend choosing a kennel with proper ventilation for maximum airflow.

In addition to ventilation, the outdoor kennel should not be finished with a dark color since it can absorb heat from the sun.

Outdoor dog houses with raised floors can also help keep the house cool and create a comfy space for your dog.

Add a suitable covering along the doorway of your outdoor kennel to create extra shade when it gets too sunny outside.

3.     How do I ensure my dog’s dog house is warm enough for winter?

Having a kennel with proper insulation is essential in creating a warm space during the winter months.

Going for well-built dog houses with thick walls can help retain your dog’s heat to keep them comfy in this situation.

Additional weatherproof features such as door flaps can also prevent your pooch from getting too cold during the winter.

In extreme winter storms, we recommend investing in a dog house with heated systems, such as the Dog Palace Heated House to keep your dog warmed up.

You can also add a dense foam dog bed and create a denning spot with enough bedding to give your dog a heated place to rest.

4.     Are there any safety concerns when using indoor or outdoor dog houses?

Safety concerns are paramount when choosing either outdoor or indoor dog houses.

For the indoor ones, you need to ensure that the structure doesn’t contain small chippings that can be chewed by your dog.

Outdoor dog houses should be tough enough to withstand harsh conditions such as tipping hazards due to strong winds.

We recommend that you monitor your dog’s house regularly to check for signs of wear and tear to prevent any accidents from happening.

5.     Is a wood or plastic dog house better?

Both wooden and plastic dog houses have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. Wooden kennels are sturdier than plastic ones, and they offer more insulation from winter.

Dog houses made from wood are also more aesthetically appealing than those crafted with plastic materials, making them a suitable option for complementing home décor and outdoor landscapes.

Plastic-made dog houses are lightweight making them a good option for people looking for versatility in usage.

It’s also worth to mention about the easiness of cleaning plastic dog houses, their durability, and affordability, but they cannot beat wooden houses when it comes to insulation.

The ultimate choice will narrow down to your preferences, the dog’s needs, suitability, and climatic conditions.

6.     Should a dog house have a floor?

Yes, a good dog douse should have a floor! Having a soft floor on your dog’s house prevents food and other dirt from dropping on your floor or carpet.

An insulated floor also helps to regulate the dog’s temperature to keep them away from stepping or sleeping on hard concrete.

Raising the floor off the ground can provide added protection from cold and moist environments. Elevated floors can also help in keeping the pests out to maintain high hygiene for your furry pal.


Choosing the best dog house for your furry friend narrows down to ensuring you get a product with the right sizing, and comfort, and one that can be used to counter harsh weather conditions.

Our best dog house for large dogs featured in our list is the Frisco Craftsman Dog House, while the Frisco Classic took the equally tight spot as our preferred kennel for small and medium dogs.

We recommend giving the Dog Palace Insulated Dog House a second look if you’re looking for a way to warm up your pup during the unforgiving winter months.

Whether you go for a wooden or plastic-made kennel, make sure that your desired product is strong enough to hold your pooch, and it should have proper ventilation for maximum airflow.

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