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A loose furry friend can be the worst nightmare for any pet parent. Getting a dog ID tag can facilitate a swift and safe return.

A simple dog tag can boost the chances of getting reunited with your beloved canine when they decide to wander off your home.

Safety is just one aspect of dog tags, perhaps the most important. But these accessories can also make a dog park fashion statement.

Choosing the perfect dog tag can be overwhelming because of the many styling options available today.

That’s why we’ve reviewed and created this list of the 10 best dog tags & what to write on them to help your furry friend find their way back home.

This guide will also help you balance practicality and styling to ensure your dog’s information is clear and easy to read.

10 Best Dog Tags & What to Write on Them

1. KEKID QR Code Dog Tag

This personalized dog name tag took our first spot because it offers a blend of toughness and modern technology.

The toughness is reinforced by the zinc alloy with an epoxy finish, which can resist scratches from playful pups.

One of the standout features is the QR code which allows you to create a profile for your dog, complete with photos, stories, and contact information.

In the unfortunate event that your dog gets lost, someone can simply scan the QR code to access the online information package and help reunite the loose pup with you.

The setup process couldn’t be made much easier, and you don’t need to make any subscription payments or download any App to use this product.

We also loved the flexibility that comes with this tag which allows you to change crucial information such as photos as your pet grows or to update your contact details.

2. MEMOPAW Double-sided Dog Tag

These balloon-shaped tags are inspired by the joy your dog adds to your life in a stylish statement.

With such a beautiful piece of jewelry, expect your lovely dog to turn a few heads around during that routine evening walk.

It’s hard to ignore the shimmering gold or rhodium-plated finish that adds a touch of luxury to this personalized name tag.

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The writings are engraved deep into the material to ensure the information is permanent and won’t easily disappear.

We also loved that the tag can be customized both front and back to provide as much information as possible.

The 30-day return policy is proof that the manufacturer is confident with this product. Your dog will also thank you for the lightweight construction, making it comfy to wear.

3. Jingle Stainless Steel Dog Tags

This pet tag is a standout choice for people looking for durability and practicality. You can hardly go wrong with such an exceptional built quality and timeless design.

Both sides of this tag can be personalized with your contact information using laser engravings to ensure no letter fades out with time. This is a huge win for adventurous pups.

4. Funny Gifts Keychain for Best Friend

‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good’ That’s what this keychain gift reads, and it can be a perfect message to put on a boring pet tag.

The keychain is built to last, thanks to the eco-friendly stainless-steel design. We also loved the smooth hand-polish finish that ensures comfort and shine.

Every purchase comes with a ready-to-gift box and an included key ring, making it a versatile pet tag and a unique accessory.

5. Zuo Bao Funny Dog Cat Pet ID Tag

This pet tag from Funny comes with a ‘funny’ message that will make any person who comes into contact with your lost pet call you back immediately.

The hand-stamped lettering with the playfully naughty message ‘Sh*t, I’m Lost, call my Mom, she’s ugly crying‘ is a humorous way to ensure your lost pet gets back home safely.

Of course, the message is not a wish for the pet mom to ugly cry, but it will bring a sense of urgency to anyone who finds your wandering dog.

Thanks to its durable and hypoallergenic construction, even the most mischievous and sensitive pets can enjoy this tag.

6. Medical Alert Dog ID Tag

This Pet ID tag is ideal If you’re parenting a canine with special conditions. The medical alert alongside your contacts will give whoever finds your dog a clue on how to handle them during emergencies.

You’ll also notice the tough construction which makes this ID tag durable and highly practical for everyday use.

7. Leash King Double-Sided Service Dog Tag

This stainless-steel tag from Leash King instantly identifies your pet as a service animal. This grants your canine smooth access to public places, as per ADA laws.

The tough, rustproof construction and vibrant color-filled text and symbols make it highly visible and long-lasting.

The surgical stainless-steel clip is both strong and convenient, allowing for quick and easy attachment or removal.

Your canine friend will love the hand-polished, smooth finish design that offers maximum comfort on wearing.

8. PawFurEver Personalized Dog Tags

This personalized tag offers a trendy way to identify your canine in the park. Unlike traditional tags, these feature a unique dark engraving that’s highly readable on the durable stainless steel.

Manufacturers offer many customization options. Choose your contact details, fonts, playful quotes, and even breed-specific designs to perfectly capture your dog’s personality.

Besides identification, these tags are highly stylish to make your pet the envy of the dog park. They can also be a perfect gift for pet parents during special days.

9. MYLUCKYTAG QR Code Silicone Pet ID Tag

Here’s another innovative QR dog tag that caught our interest. Simply set up a free pet profile with photos, contact info, addresses, and medical details.

If your canine companion gets lost, anyone scanning the code not only gets your details but the pet’s GPS location sent to your email.

For simplicity and ease of use, no apps, subscriptions, or batteries are needed to use this pet tag. The best part is that you can even edit information whenever needed.

10. Ankiyabe Funny Dog Tag

Made from durable, rust-proof stainless steel, this premium tag is polished to a gleaming finish and won’t tarnish over time.

The tag’s ample size of 25mm diameter will easily accommodate your pet’s information. Another top highlight is the beautiful hand-stamping which adds a personalized touch.

Suitable for collars, harnesses, and more, this classy tag combines good looks with a long-lasting quality.

Plus, the manufacturer offers a happiness guarantee, meaning you can order with confidence, knowing they’re committed to customer satisfaction.

What to Include on Your Dog’s ID Tag

You’ve found the perfect tag, but what should you put on it? The right information will depend on what you’re comfortable sharing and what’s most important for your dog’s safety.

Whatever you choose to inscribe on your dog ID tag, make sure there’s plenty of information to trace you in case your furry friend gets loose.

Best Dog Tags.
Image Credit: Truffle the Sprocker from Instagram

1. Your dog’s name

Inscribing your dog’s name to their ID tag can help a finder immediately call their name and start building trust.

This can make a lost and scared dog feel more comfortable and reassured that someone aside from their human family knows who they are.

2. Your contact information

This is absolutely vital and it should never miss on your dog’s ID tag. Make sure to include your phone number where you can be reached immediately.

Some people prefer to use their email addresses, but that can be too wordy and take up valuable space on the tag.

3. Medical needs

If your pet is on medication, recovering, or requires special attention, consider engraving a short phrase with the specific needs or condition.

4. Microchipping information

If your dog is microchipped, consider adding company details and microchip ID number. This information can prompt the rescuer to take your pet for scanning at a nearby vet.

5. QR Code Tags

If you’re using a QR code tag, make sure to add as much information as possible about your dog including recent photos.


Choosing the best dog tag for your furry friend is a step in enhancing their safety when they get loose on adventure.

Consider options like clarity, durability, weight, style, and overall design to improve the chances of reunion with your dog.

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