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Is your furry friend bored with the same old toys as of late? Then it’s high time to upgrade their playtime with some of these 50 dog toys today.

We’ve researched and reviewed the top commercial picks from Amazon and added a collection of 20 inventive DIY options to spark your creative mind.

From durable chewing bones, and fetch toys, to interactive puzzle games, this comprehensive list has something for all dogs.

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Top 30 Commercial Dog Toys

Commercial dog toys are in plenty, and you simply cannot exhaust them in the market. The downside of this is that you can fall prey to substandard items that won’t excite your dog or last any longer.

But we have done the work for you, so sit back, relax, and read through this section to discover the top 30 commercial dog toys to enrich your pup’s playtime.

1. ALL FOR PAWS Classic Squirrel Pet Toys

If you’re looking for a delightful toy that combines fun and comfort, the All For Paws Classic Squirrel is a top choice for your furry friend.

This soft and plush toy is perfect for dogs who love to snuggle and play. With its squeaker inside, it adds an extra layer of excitement that will keep your dog engaged for hours.

The life-like design of the squirrel brings an element of the wild into your home, making playtime more enjoyable and stimulating.

Measuring 6.3 inches in length, 7 inches in width, and 2.2 inches in height, this toy is just the right size for small dogs to carry around and cuddle with.

2. 23 Pack Aipper Dog Toys

With this purchase, you’ll get 5 squeaky plush toys, a treat dispenser ball, a rubber toothbrush toy, 7 rope toys, a tug-of-war toy, a flying disc toy, 6 extra poop bag rolls, and a bag dispenser.

These toys promote dental health, relieve stress, and encourage healthy chewing. They are ideal for interactive play, enhancing your dog’s physical and mental well-being while strengthening your bond.

The toys are made from non-toxic, high-quality materials, so they are super safe for supervised play. This set can also be a perfect gift for your fellow pet parents.

3. Classic KONG Goodie Bone for Dogs

The KONG classic rubber dog toy is a must-have for pet parents with powerful chewers. This tough toy is designed to extend your pup’s playtime without getting destroyed.

The classic red rubber is gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums, which explains why vets and trainers from all corners of the world recommend this toy.

KONG company’s patented Goodie Gripper design will surely satisfy your canine friend’s chewing instincts and offer an ideal stuffing challenge to kill boredom.

4. KONG Natural Rubber Ring Dog Toy

If you’re looking to add a new favorite to your dog’s toy collection, check out this Ring Toy. KONG has been making top-notch pet products in the USA since 1976, and this ring is no exception.

Made with the famous super-tough natural rubber, this ring toy for dogs is built to last and is perfect for satisfying those natural chewing instincts.

Not only is it fun, but it also helps keep your pup’s teeth and gums healthy. It’s a great way to entertain your dog and encourage good chewing habits.

But hey, KONG stands behind its products with a satisfaction guarantee, so you and your furry friend can both enjoy this awesome ring toy with peace of mind.

5. Kong Wubba Dog Toy

The KONG Tuba is a super fun toy that your canine buddies will love, whether they’re playing solo or with you.

The long, floppy tails on this toy are perfect for shaking and tugging, making games of fetch and tug-of-war even more thrilling.

It’s made with tough nylon and has unique ball shapes that will keep your pup entertained for hours. Oh, and did I mention the squeaker?

Every canine game is different with this toy, and it comes in all sorts of fun colors to choose from. Your furry friend will thank you later.

6. Outward Hound Durable Dog Wand with Soft Plush Toys

This durable dog wand tail teaser might be what your dog needs to spice up their boring playtime sessions.

We loved the nylon cord construction, which makes the toy a favorable companion for both indoor and outdoor adventures.

The wand comes with two plush toys that squeak and rattle, which are sure to trigger your dog’s natural hunting instincts and keep them entertained for hours.

7. Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Do you have a large canine friend who can’t stop chewing? This tough toy is built for them! It’s made with sturdy nylon and rubber, and it’s shaped like a cute cartoon alligator to spice up the playtime.

Not only does it satisfy your dog’s natural chewing instincts, but it also helps keep their teeth clean and healthy. Plus, it has a yummy milk scent that dogs love and it can even help reduce stress and anxiety.

8. Carllg Dog Chew Toys

How about this awesome new corn-shaped chew toy with a unique zigzag design? Won’t your dog love it? This canine chew toy is almost indestructible, so don’t worry if your dog is a serious chewer.

It’s not only fun for your furry friend to chew on, but it also acts like a toothbrush, cleaning their teeth from top to bottom and side to side.

9. Cute No Stuffing Duck with Soft Squeaker

These cute little duckies are a good choice for pet parents who want a fun and safe toy for their furry friends.

The best part is that the toys are soft and gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums, making them ideal for even the youngest pups.

The fun crinkle sound produced will keep your dog entertained and engaged, while the bright colors and realistic duck shape make them extra fun to play with.

10. Kseroo Tough Dog Toys

For those who didn’t know, Kseroo company specializes in making tough and safe chew toys for large-sized dogs who love to chew.

Their products are made from sturdy nylon that can handle even the most powerful chewers, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking into pieces.

Whether your dog is playing inside or out, these toys are durable and highly functional to keep them entertained for long hours.

11. 2 Pack Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

This durable chew toy is the perfect solution for dogs who love to chew on everything thrown their way.

The toys are made from super tough nylon and shaped like a cool tree fork, making them both fun to look at and entertaining for your furry friend.

We loved how the brown toy is infused with a mouthwatering crispy bacon scent, while the beige one has a more subtle woody aroma.

12. Petsport Fling Thing Rope Tennis Ball Dog Toy

Are you ready to elevate your dog’s playtime with this new Fling Thing Tennis Ball Toy? It’s made with extra thick natural rubber for a super bouncy, long-lasting adventure your dog will go crazy for.

The Fling Thing combines a premium cotton rope with Tuff Balls, making it perfect for tug-of-war games and even helping with your dog’s dental care routine.

13. Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy

Every dog loves to chew, and with this Benebone Wishbone Toy, you can make playtime safe and enjoyable for your lovely Fido.

It’s tougher than a real bone and made to last through weeks of serious chewing. Plus, it’s packed with 100% real bacon flavor that your dog will crave for more.

The wishbone chew toy shape is perfectly curved for easy gripping, so your furry friend can chew to their satisfaction without being forced to quit.

14. goDog Gators Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

These adorable gator plushies are sure to make your canine friend smile. Not only are they super soft and cuddly, but they’re also made with a special bubble-textured plush that dogs just can’t resist.

But don’t let their softness fool you – these toys are built to last! They have reinforced seams and a chew-resistant lining to ensure hours of fun, whether your dog is playing solo or with you.

15. Interactive Dog Toys Dog Ball

This toy offers two modes: Irregular Rolling, which features 2 minutes of movement with pauses and a blue light, and Crazy Bouncing, which provides a minute of bouncing with pauses and a red light.

Perfect for hard floors and light chewers, this toy comes with a tennis cover that ensures quieter playtime on thin carpets or outdoor lawns.

16. Squeaky Dog Toys for Large Dogs

With its cute cartoon design and squeaker in the head, this big plush toy is perfect for hours of playtime, helping your pup beat boredom and anxiety.

Made with soft, high-quality pineapple cotton and reinforced stitching, it’s gentle on puppy teeth and gums during teething.

With its six extra-long legs, it’s easy for your pup to grab, tug, and toss around. And when playtime is over, this toy also doubles as a cuddly snuggle buddy.

17. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is a fun, versatile, and super engaging toy perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes.

What’s cool about this ball is that it doesn’t need batteries, it makes funny giggling sounds all on its own.

All your furry friend has to do is give it a nudge with their nose, and the built-in noisemaker takes over, encouraging them to play and stay active.

18. Tough Pineapple Dog Dental Chews Toy

This durable toy has a unique hollow shape that you can stuff with treats, plus a yummy flavor and realistic texture that dogs go crazy for.

It’s made from natural, safe rubber, making it tough and able to withstand even the most aggressive canine chewers.

19. Nestpark Pup Light and Pups Blue Rubbin

Instead of drinking alone, why not grab one of these hilarious squeaky dog toys and party with your pup all day long?

Perfect for dogs of all sizes, these 5.5-inch stuffed toys make a unique and fun gift for any dog lover or a special occasion like a birthday or puppy party.

20. Parody Star Pups Coffee Dog Toy

Who says your dog can’t join your morning coffee routine? Now they can, thanks to this adorable Coffee Cup Squeaky Dog Toy.

It’s the perfect way to entertain your furry friend while you sip your favorite brew. This 6.5-inch stuffed toy has a squeaker inside that will keep your dog happy on every bite.

21. Tasty Taco – Plush Squeaky Dog Toys

Treat your chow-obsessed furry friend with this unique Plush Taco Dog Toy from NomNomz. These cute, squeaky plush food toys are perfect for bonding with your lovely pups.

Designed for dogs of all sizes, each taco toy features an irresistible noise maker to keep them entertained for long hours.

These plushies are especially great for small and medium dogs and they are ideal for tossing, fetching, and chewing.

22. Multipet Singing Mouse Plush Dog Toy

Add some musical fun to your dog’s leisure time with this Singing Dog Toy. This plush-filled toy is perfect for fetch and interactive play, providing a good measure of entertainment for your furry friend.

23. Dog Tug Toy

The Wodoca Dog Tug Toy is more than just your average tug toy. It’s also a training tool that’ll keep your furry friend entertained and active, thanks to the squeaker.

It’s great for improving agility, working on recall commands, boosting their motivation, and encouraging playfulness in dogs of all ages and sizes.

This toy is built tough with high-quality chenille and a super strong elastic band, so it can handle all the dragging, chewing, shaking, and grappling your dog can throw at it.

24. Multipet Gumby Plush Filled Dog

Looking for a fun and rewarding throwback for your furry friend? Check out this Multipet Gumby Plush Filled Dog Toy.

These cuddly characters have bendable arms and legs, so your pup can toss them around and play to their heart’s content. Plus, they have a squeaker inside that’s sure to entertain them.

25. Nylabone Power Chew Toys (Triple Pack)

This super tough nylon chew toy is built for even the most fervent chewers, helping to stop those destructive habits.

Made right here in the USA, you can trust the quality and safety of this toy for your furry friend. It’s the perfect size for smaller pups up to 25 pounds.

And the best part? It’s infused with yummy flavors like peanut butter, bacon, and chicken that your dog will love.

26. Chuckit Ultra Duo Tug Dog Toy

The Chuckit Tug of War Dog Toy, featuring two Ultra Chuckit Balls attached to a durable nylon cord handle, is perfect for interactive fetch and tug-of-war games.

Just remember, this toy isn’t meant for chewing, so remember to keep an eye on your furry friend during playtime.

The bright colors make it easy to spot in the park or backyard, and the medium size is perfect for dogs between 20 and 60 pounds.

27. Nylabone Power Chew Textured Dog Toy

Besides being durable this versatile toy is also designed to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy.

The textured ring with ridges and nubs helps prevent plaque and tartar buildup, so your pup can chew away while also getting a dental cleaning.

This USA-made chew toy will surely become your little one’s favorite. It’s the perfect size for smaller dogs up to 25 pounds, easy to hold and chew on for hours of fun.

28. SHARLOVY 5 Pack Dog Squeaky Toys

This awesome 5-pack of squeaky dog toys is a total bargain for dog owners on a budget. You get a squirrel, cow, fox, wolf, and tiger, all in a fun long size and completely stuffing-free.

These toys are made with crinkle paper instead of stuffing, so no mess and no choking hazards. Just safe, squeaky fun for your furry friend.

To make things better, the toys are built tough with thicker fabric and better stitching, so they can handle even the most passionate chewers.

29. Dog Toys Soccer Ball with Straps

This dog ball toy is made from PU material, similar to standard soccer balls, to ensure durability and softness suitable for medium-sized dogs between 20-40 lbs., with a larger size available for heavier dogs.

It’s not just a soccer ball! It’s got special nylon tabs sewn into the seams that make it bounce unpredictably, creating more fun for your dog.

30. Outward Hound Dog Hide N’ Slide Puzzle

If your pup is a puzzle pro, the Dog Hide N’ Slide interactive toy is the perfect way to keep their mind sharp and stimulated.

It’s a bit more challenging than your average puzzle toy, with lots of hiding spots and steps your dog needs to figure out to get to the tasty treats.

This puzzle is made from sturdy composite wood with no parts that can be removed, so it’s safe and built to last.

DIY Dog Toys

In addition to the store-bought dog toys, you can always revamp your dog’s playtime with a few homemade options.

DIY dog toys are great because they are made with the dog’s specific habits in mind. If your pup is a heavy chewer, you are likely to create a more durable toy to withstand their ‘itching’ teeth.

Check out the following easy-to-follow plans for your next homemade dog toy project:

1. DIY Fleece Dog Toy

Image Credit: Mary Martha Mama

This clear tutorial from Christian shows how you can make a durable rope-type fleece toy for your heavy chewer today.

Pet parents with little experience in braiding can start by reading through the entire tutorial first to get a gist of what’s expected in this project.

This fleece toy has to be one of the most affordable and easiest options to make on our list. You only need a pair of scissors to cut through the fabric, braid the fleeces, and you’re done.

2. DIY Tennis Ball & Treat Dispensing Toy

DIY Tennis Ball & Treat Dispensing Toy
Image Credit: Borrow My Doggy

If your canine friend loves playing with tennis balls, you can spice their playtime by slicing the ball open and including some tasty treats for more fun games.

3. Homemade Busy Box Enrichment Toy

Image Credit: Tori Mistick

DIY dog enrichment toys are one of the surest ways to keep your canine friend entertained for long hours without getting bored.

Many animal shelters make such enrichment boxes for their resident canines because it’s simple to execute and it require readily available materials.

The theme of this enrichment box lies in the dog’s ability to figure out how to get the unexpected wrapped treats, thereby promoting mental stimulation.

4. DIY Jean Ball Dog Toy

Image Credit: happiestcamper

If you have a heavy chewer, then this is a project you may want to create over the weekend. You only need a short time to go through the pattern before trying out this project.

The beauty of this toy comes with a price because you need to have a sewing machine and some basic understanding of sewing.

Make bigger jean balls and supervise your dog as they play with this toy because there’s a risk of swallowing.

5. DIY Indestructible Dog Toy

DIY Indestructible Dog Toy
Image Credit: Instructables

A hemp or jute rope and some sweet potatoes are what you need to create this indestructible dog toy for your heavy chewer.

With its delicious sweet potato flavor and durable rope construction, this homemade toy is a dream come true for canines who love to gnaw and chew all day.

This toy is also a convenient option for teething puppies, and the best part is that it is edible, so you don’t have to worry if your young canine buddy swallows some.

6. DIY Woven Rope Bone Toy

DIY Woven Rope Bone Toy
Image Credit: instructables

If you want a cute and highly durable woven bone rope toy, then this plan from Instructables is yours to follow.

The project requires a person with a creative knack and the ability to use a printer in design interpretation. Feel free to ask for a helping hand.

Besides the meticulous details required in construction, this is a very solid dog toy for small and large dogs alike.

7. DIY Snuffle Ball for Dogs

DIY Snuffle Ball for Dogs
Image Credit: populardoodle

The snuffle ball toy should feature in your ‘favorites’ section if you want to keep your canine friends occupied for long hours.

Requiring only simple materials like fabric and cardboard, this toy is one of the easiest and most accessible DIY projects on our list.

The ball’s folded cloth design allows you to hide treats inside, turning playtime into a fun challenge that engages your pet’s body and mind. The best part? It’s machine-washable!

8. DIY Poochie Person Play Toy for Dogs

Poochie Person Play Toy for Dogs
Image Credit: instructables

This is one of the most adorable DIY dog toys featured on our list. We loved it more because it offered hours of enjoyment to dogs of all sizes and ages.

This toy is tightly woven and built to withstand even the most enthusiastic canine chewers, without breaking apart.

Your big assignment will be to snatch this toy away from your dog when playtime is over. The project authors at Instructables recommend discarding this toy once it gets torn.

9. DIY Bottle Treat Dispenser

Image Credit: theownerbuildernetwork

Make use of your old soft drink bottles by turning them into a functional spin-out treat dispenser for your furry friends.

10. DIY Dog Agility equipment

Image Credit: k9ofmine

Agility courses offer a fantastic opportunity for dogs and their human caregivers to strengthen their bond through shared physical activity and exciting challenges.

Besides buying commercial agility equipment, you can make a few obstacles on your own and enroll your dog in this interactive experience.

11. DIY Tennis Ball T-shirt Toy

DIY Tennis Ball T-shirt Toy
Image Credit: SPCA Nevada

With an old T-shirt, a tennis ball, a pair of scissors, and a marker, you can also make such an interesting toy for your furry friend.

The project authors estimate a working time of about 30 minutes from start to finish, so this is a nice DIY plan for beginners.

12. Water Bottle Dog Toy

Water Bottle Dog Toy
Image Credit: Two Little Cavaliers

DIY ideas using water bottles are endless. This water bottle dog toy is beautiful and functional but it needs someone good at stitching.

You need about 15 minutes to make this toy at home. The best part about it is that the water bottle produces which entices your dog to play more.

13. DIY Foxtail-type Toy

Homemade Foxtail-type Toy
Image Credit: Instructables

This is a fairly simple way to reuse an old tennis ball to make an entertaining toy both for you and your furry friend.

The plan is straightforward for pet parents with basic skills in stitching. While dental floss might seem like an unusual choice for stitching, it has shown to be very effective for this project.

The floss’s waxy coating provides the necessary strength and prevents unraveling, making it a more durable alternative to regular thread.

14. Homemade PVC Toy Treat

pvc toy stains
Image Credit: New Leaf Nickie

This DIY dog toy is very simple to make, yet it’s one of which we are sure your canine companions will love.

Get some PVC pipes, drill small holes, and fill it with peanut butter for a mentally stimulating treat that will keep your fur baby entertained for hours as they try to lick out every last bit.

15. DIY Launchable Slingshot Ball for Dogs

Launchable Dog Slingshot Ball
Image Credit: Instructables

Dogs who love playing fetch will easily go crazy over this amazing toy. With the raw materials used, you can easily launch a ball up to 300 feet and watch your dog go all out to retrieve it for you.

16. DIY Snake Dog Toy

Image Credit: Ammo the Dachshund

Make your dog’s playtime worth the fight with this cute DIY snake toy, made using simple cotton stuffing, a pair of old socks, needles, threads, and a pair of scissors.

17. Homemade Chew Toy From Old Socks

Homemade Chew Toy From Old Socks
Image Credit: Instructables

If your dog loves chew toys, you already know how expensive it can be to buy a few new ones every week or so.

Here is a DIY plan that outlines how you can make a fantastic chew toy from everyday materials you can easily find at home.

18. DIY Dog Toy Made from Fleece Scraps

DIY Dog Toy Made from Fleece Scraps
Image Credit: the craft train

Who needs the fancy store-bought dog toys when you can make an accessible, low-budget, DIY version that’s just as fun?

This simple project not only saves you money but also allows customization of the fabric to your pup’s unique style, and gets your pup drooling in anticipation.

19. Homemade Dog Food Enrichment Bottle

Image Credit: Jodi

Your canine friends will never tire of toys that make them think hard, such as this one from Jodi. The main materials needed for this toy are a water bottle, foam ball, and your dog’s favorite dry treats.

This toy is surprisingly very easy to make. Give the final product to your dog and let them figure out how to get those tasty kibbles from the bottle’s mouth.

20. DIY Snuffle Mat

A brown dog sniffing a purple DIY mat
Image Credit: dogs trust

This snuffle mat toy is an example of what your dog might just need to stay active and in good mental shape.

The toy consists of a bunch of cloth strips tied on a mat. All you have to do is hide a few of your dog’s treats inside the nooks of this mat and watch your canine friend work hard to retrieve them.

A snuffle mat will also enhance your dog’s natural foraging, sniffing, and hunting skills to bring back their inner wolf nature.


Remember, these 50 dog toys are not just for play but also crucial for mental stimulation, total physical activity, and solidifying your bond with your four-legged friend.

With this ultimate guide in hand, you have the power to transform boring playtime and create enriching experiences for your furry companion.

So go ahead, explore these 50 options, and watch your dog’s happiness and well-being soar into new greater heights.

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