7 Best Dry Food for Cats in 2022

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When it comes to getting the best food to give cats, pet parents are always presented with many options including dry food, wet food, and supplemental diet.

Dry food for cats is very popular because, among the many advantages, it offers convenience which relieves most pet owners. It enables you not to keep your cat for too long without eating. Just grab a packet and pour into your cat’s food bowl.

Most of them are packed in large bags for retail and it is much easier to cater to multiple cats’ dietary needs.

Dry foods for cats, also known as kibbles, are compatible with nearly all cat food dispensers which further makes it a good option to snack your cat at specific times of the day.

7 Best Dry Food for Cats in 2022

Good cat kibbles are also packed with all the vital vitamins and minerals that he needs for his nutrition and health with the exception of water.

Dry cat food is very popular also due to its long shelf life which makes it a go-to option whenever you need to give your cat something to eat during the day. Their shelf life is not compromised even after opening the package.

Due to their popularity, the market is flooded with varieties of dry foods for cats and hence making it difficult to know the best one to choose. You will often find low-quality kibbles that can easily crumble to dust even when minimally handled.

Pet parents also need to make a choice on which flavor to buy for their furry friends. Cats can be very finicky and when it comes to choosing the best food for them, you might find yourself spending much more time than required.

The best place to start is by seeking to know some more information about dry food for cats and trying to understand the parameters to look for when picking one for your feline friend. In this guide, we will uncover the 7 best dry food for cats in 2023 that you can find in the stores.

Wet Food Vs Dry Food for Cats

You might well be familiar with several types of cat foods but they can generally be categorized as wet, dry, or complementary foods.

Wet vs dry cat food

The main difference between wet and dry food for cats lies in the moisture content. Dry foods are formulated with an approximate maximum of 10% while wet foods have a 70% moisture content in their formulation.

It is not recommended to rely on only one type of cat food for dietary provisions for your furry friend but rather, you need to work on picking a blend.

Wet Foods for Cats

Wet food for cats is mostly packaged in sealed cans for appropriate preservation and to avoid loss in moisture.

cat eating cat food from a bowl.

You can as well find some of these foods packaged in pouches though not very popular. If you have a cat that loves different flavored meals, then wet foods can be a good treat for them.

Increasing concern has been seen on the matter of dehydration in cats. Research done has however not fully concluded that the moisture content in food is responsible for this vice.

Benefits Of Wet Foods for Cats 

1.  Easy to chew and swallow

Wet foods are particularly appealing to kittens who have not developed strong teeth because of the ease of consuming them.

2.  Multiple flavors

There are many options in terms of ingredients, additives, and flavor when it comes to wet foods. This gives pet parents a wide variety of options to choose from for their cats.

3.  Weight control

Wet food is formulated with a good proportion of water that does not have calories. The energy density in this type of cat food is lower than others and it, therefore, helps in controlling the weight of your cat.

Overweight Cat

4.  Improves urinary health

Wet food encourages the production of less concentrated urine in cats which helps in preventing urinary tract infections.

Cognizant of the advantages above, one major risk associated with wet foods is the growth of bacteria if left open for long periods. This can turn out to cause major health implications to your fur baby if not well handled.

Dry Foods for Cats

The convenience that comes with the dry kibble for cats makes it a very popular option among cat owners. Kibbles are packed with food matter which constitutes most of its substance.

Freeze dried cat treats

Dry food can be left in the package even after it has been opened and it doesn’t have the risk of bacterial attacks.

Dry food is much less expensive than wet food and it is therefore cost-effective among many pet parents on a budget.

You should however be cautious with some dry kibbles which use fillers instead of real food matter. These fillers have no nutritive benefits to your cat and he risks attracting some allergic reactions.

Benefits of Dry Foods for Cats

1.  Convenient

Dry kibble offers a lot more convenience compared to canned food. Convenience with this food comes in many ways including the ability to carry some tasty treats for your cat during a walk.

2.  It has an impressive shelf life

Once you open a package of dry food, you do not need to worry about how long your cat will feed on it.

Dry food for cats

Kibbles have very low moisture content and with that, it means that they are less prone to bacterial attacks. This makes them stay for longer periods and can be stored in any convenient place.

3.  High energy density

The formulation of kibbles contains up to 90% food matter which may include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins.

Cat with toy

These are very essential nutrients in providing strength and fuel to the body. Cats that are overweight should therefore have a reduced intake of such foods with high energy density.

4.  Improves dental and oral health

Some dry kibbles have been formulated with an effective texture of scratching off the tartar from your cats’ teeth.

Cat Teeth

This food can be used to prevent the accumulation of plaque on your cat’s teeth hence improving his dental health.

5.  Can be used in cat food dispensers

If you are mostly not at home, then you know how important it is to have an automatic food dispenser for your cat.

Automatic pet feeder

Dry kibbles are the compatible types of cat foods that can be used in this machine. Kibbles can also be used in some interactive cat toys for the mental stimulation of your cat.

6.  Economical

Dry food for cats will typically cost less than the wet food equivalent. Kibbles also turn out to be more economical because they can stay for long without going bad.

Wet or Dry Food for Cats

When it comes to feeding your cat, you should always find a balanced diet and variety. Most cats have a preferred diet but they like their food in variety every so often.

You should avoid giving your cat one type of food for prolonged periods because it may have bad side effects. It also makes your cat lose interest in mealtime because he always knows what to expect.

A change in food texture, flavor, color, and source will make your cat be interested in eating and improve his appetite.

Dry food can conveniently be used to snack your cat at specific times throughout the day to keep him satisfied and entertained.

You can then use wet food as the main meal of your cat in the evening and early mornings for his breakfast.

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Dry cat food

There is nothing wrong with interchanging both wet and dry food for your cat. In any case, when you do this, your cat will get the much-needed moisture content from canned foods and the meaty texture from kibbles.

You should follow portion control if you decide to feed your cat interchangeably with kibble and canned food.

You can seek consultation from your vet regarding the best portion to give your cat considering his age, weight, and underlying medical conditions.

Take a look at the video below from ‘Senior Cat Wellness’ that talks about the choice of wet or dry foods for cats focusing on them and not us.

Both wet and dry foods have their pros and cons. It is important to strike a balance between these types of food for your cat’s health benefits. In this guide, we will however focus on the 7 best dry foods for cats in 2023.

Things to Consider When Buying Dry Food for Cats

When looking for good dry food for cats. You should check a few things that need to be satisfied before proceeding with the final purchase.

1.  List of ingredients

What nutrients do you want to give your cat? You can choose kibble based on the health benefits it offers your feline friend. We however recommend keeping it high in protein and low in carbs for blood pressure and weight management.

2.  Your cat’s age

Cat kibble is made specifically for a certain age group of cats. Some are good for kittens and they provide nutritive strengths for growth.

Kitten eating dry food

Others are for seniors or elder cats and they too have their own set of health benefits for these groups.

3.  Method of processing

We recommend that you go for kibble that has been minimally processed to the final product. You also need to check whether your kibble of choice has been baked or extruded.

Baked kibbles will always retain their nutrients due to the constant lower heat used. This ensures that all the key nutrients are still effective and not damaged.

4.  Flavor

If your cat is finicky in matters of taste, then you need to be so sure of the flavor you need to pick for him. We recommend going for kibbles that have naturally sourced flavor. This should be constituted by those sources that your cat loves to taste.

5.  Other Additives

We recommend buying cat food that has been sourced from a single ingredient. This makes it easier to maintain a good health record for your cat.

Always avoid cheap kibble alternatives that have been formulated with GMO and unnecessary fillers.

7 Best Dry Foods for Cats in 2023

1.     Wellness CORE Grain-Free Dry Cat Food, High Protein Cat Food, Indoor, Chicken, Turkey & Chicken Meal

All cats love eating meat and most of them have a preference for poultry. This product is made with natural turkey and chicken as the main ingredients.

The formulation also includes a blend of other wholesome foods and supplements that all work toward giving your lovely cat a healthy body.

The rich source of proteins in every bite of this kibble ensures that your cat grows a lean body with healthy muscles. This enables him to achieve his daily activities with the needed fitness and health.

The product is infused with natural fiber that helps your cat to get satisfied with his portion size between meals. This action helps to prevent your cat from overeating hence putting his weight in check in every meal.

The fiber source is also good in preventing constipation. A key supplemental addition in this dry food is glucosamine, hydrochloride, and chondroitin sulfate which all work towards improving the hips and joints health of your cat. This will make your elderly cat have increased mobility with ease without experiencing joint pains.


It supports hips and joint health in your cat.

It has fiber weight management.

It offers many health benefits to your cat.

The kibbles are of small sizes hence easy to chew.


An adult cat might find it difficult to eat without messing on the floor.

2.      Castor & Pollux Organix Organic Dry Dry Cat Food

The kibble pellets of this product are packed with chicken as the number 1 ingredient. The ingredient is sourced from free-range chicken hence making this food a healthy protein source for cats. This will certainly be appealing to all cats that like poultry in their diet.

Within the main ingredient, this product has been infused with a blend of other wholesome foods including organic coconut oil, flaxseeds, and cranberries.

These organic superfoods are very key in providing your cat with essential vitamins and minerals to keep him healthy and in good condition.

The kibble has a blend of sweet potato which provides a healthy source of energy to keep your cat active and playful throughout his day. It further has omega fatty acids that are very key in improving your cat’s skin health and making his coat glossy.

The organic formula of making this product does not include soy, grains, wheat, or corn which are not good especially for cats with allergies.


Uses organic natural ingredients.

High-quality kibbles at a good price.

Appropriate bite sizes for kittens.


Might not be good for cats with a sensitive stomach.

3.      Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

This product is made with real salmon as the major ingredient. It is therefore a very good source of protein for your furry friend who loves the taste of fish. This diet will help your growing cat to build his body and become strong for his daily activities.

The formulation of this product does not involve grain fillers which makes it a good choice for cats who might have some allergies.

Other ingredients used in the making of this dry food include vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They collectively help in supporting the healthy digestion of food and improve the immune system of your feline friend.

Your cat will also get healthy skin and coat by consuming this food which contains substantial amounts of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Sweet potato and peas are the main sources of carbs in this kibble which help to provide digestive energy to your furry friend.


Supports and improves your cat’s immune system.

It provides your cat with healthy growth and muscle development.

It is crafted with nourishing sources of carbs for digestive energy.


Might not be appealing for cats who don’t like salmon food.

4.      Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

If you have a cat that loves salmon, this dry food might be his favorite meal. It is made with roasted venison and smoked salmon to give your furry friend a tasty appeal every time he needs to eat something.

This is a good source of proteins for your cat and it is effective for cats who are still growing and in need of energy.

Other ingredients used in the formulation of this product include sweet potatoes and peas in trace amounts.

These valuable ingredients have been included to help in digestion and provide some energy that an active cat may need to keep up with his actions.

The product has also been crafted with prebiotics which is essential in maintaining good gut flora. These prebiotics are sourced from dried chicory, real vegetables, and fruits to support the healthy digestion of food by providing fiber sources to gut flora.

The essential minerals found in this product have been chelated with amino acids for maximum absorptivity to capitalize on the health benefits. This kibble does not have any formulation of grain filler, artificial colors, or flavors.


The natural wild taste improves your cats’ instincts.

Provides joint and bone support.

Formulated with ingredients that support healthy digestion.


The kibbles may crumble in the package bag if mishandled.

5.      Blue Buffalo True Solutions Fit & Healthy Natural Weight Control Adult Dry Cat Food

If you have an overweight cat, you need to be extra careful about the type of nutrients you give him for food. Cats on weight management programs should generally avoid carbohydrates and other nutrients that provide many calories.

These kibbles are formulated with natural chicken as the main ingredient. The chicken source provides protein to your cat for healthy bodybuilding with lean muscles.

The dry food is further crafted with wholesome fruits and vegetables that provide essential vitamins and nutrients for your cat’s health needs.

These healthful nutrients are ideal for natural weight management and control. To further help your cat with portion size, this product contains fiber that prevents him from overeating. The fiber source will make your cat feel satisfied for long enough before craving another tasty bite.

Other ingredients used to make these products include anti-oxidant and vital minerals sources. All this works together to support the immune health of your cat making him less prone to illnesses.


Helps in the weight management of your cat.

A good diet for portion control.

It has a delicious taste.


Some cats may not get results due to eating extremely small portions.

6.      American Journey Turkey & Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

If your cat loves a poultry diet, then a mix of turkey and chicken can be a perfect food to keep him nutritious and satisfied for the day.

This dry food for cats is made with deboned turkey as the main ingredient and deboned chicken as the second.

Aside from the delicious appeal, this food is a good source of protein that will help your cat in healthy bodybuilding.

Other minor ingredients include nourishing fruits and vegetables that are essential in promoting healthy digestion and for the provision of the necessary vitamins for your feline’s well-being.

The kibbles also support your cat’s immune system with an infusion of antioxidants that help to remove free radicals from his body.

The omega fatty acids in the product also work toward providing your cat with good skin and a glossy coat to make his appearance very beautiful.


It has a delicious poultry flavor that most cats will like.

Good protein source for lean muscles.

The kibbles are small in size for easier chewing.


Some batches have been reported to crumble to powder in their package bags.

7.      Iams Proactive Health Adult Dry Cat Food Chicken & Salmon Recipes

This chicken flavored kibble for cats is in pellet forms and comes with a pack of 22 lbs. The product has been crafted with many ingredients but real chicken is the main one, and it contains no fillers.

Your lovely cat will get fiber and prebiotics in this kibble which helps in improving the digestion of food in his GI tract.

Inclusive of other ingredients, we have omega-6 and -3 fatty acids which will help your cat maintain smooth skin and a shiny coat.

The calcium and potassium minerals will help your cat to improve his heart health hence preventing him from its related complications.


Good source of proteins for your cat.

It is delicious.

It contains many health benefits.


Some flavor batches have been reported not to be tasty for some cats.


Here you have it now, the 7 best dry food for cats in 2023 that you can find in the stores. All the featured products in our guide can be used in any automatic cat feeder. This will help you in managing the portion sizes that you intend to give your cat per serving.

For a reminder, it is good to always avoid any dry cat food that has been formulated with grain fillers and other sensitive additives. These fillers might do more harm than any good to your cat.

Thanks for reading through this buying guide, I hope you found it insightful. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any product, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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