Best Elevated Dog Bowls in 2022

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The conventional dog bowls that are placed on the floor usually give your dog a difficult posture when eating his food.

An elevated dog bowl is that which is raised from the floor with stable stands. This gives your dog a more comfortable posture while eating his food and it also prevents him from eating hurriedly.

It is good for all dogs but it is ideal for those who suffer from neck pain, arthritis, and other dog mobility issues.

best elevated dog bowls in 2022

When buying an elevated dog bowl for your pup, you need to keep certain factors in mind including the length of elevation.

This will guide you in preventing your dog from developing health problems when he eats from a highly raised position.

Getting raised food bowls for dogs is a step in giving your dog options when it comes to his posture when eating.

This is a crucial component in your pup’s daily routine but unfortunately, it has been overlooked by most pet parents.

In this guide, we will look at the 13 best elevated dog bowls in 2023 and highlight the things that you should expect in each of them.

Our Top Picks for The Best Elevated Dog Bowls

Our Top Pick - Best for All Sizes & Breeds
Best Design
Best for Small Dogs
Best for Large Dogs
Premium Quality
Our Top Pick - Best for All Sizes & Breeds
Best for Small Dogs

13 Best Elevated Dog Bowls in 2023

1. URPOWER Adjustable Elevated Dog BowlBest for All Breeds & Sizes

How about getting an elevated bowl that can actually grow with your pup? This is exactly what the URPOWER dog feeder offers with its adjustable and sturdy feet.

You can tweak the elevation to a maximum of 12 inches for large breed dogs, tone it down to 8 inches for medium dogs, or make it as low as 2.8 inches for your small dogs (and cat too!).

The other selling point of this unit has to do with the installation, customization, and disassembly of the parts.

To toggle the three heights, you will only be required to tuck the legs into different parts of the side platform.

As simple as that, and yet it doesn’t stop there! The leg units can be detached and put under the feeding station for easier storage

That’s not all about the feet. They have been furnished with rubber anti-slip pads which help to hold the feeding station in one place as your dog eats.

This lets your furry friend get into a battle with tough bones while not tossing the feeder.

On to the main vessel, you will get two dishwasher-safe food bowls each with 1.5 liters capacities packed in this unit.

These capacities are good enough to give your dog a continuous feeding session to their satisfaction.


  • An elevated dog feeder that grows with your dog from puppyhood to their senior years.
  • It has an appealing design to blend with your interior décor and eye-catching paw prints at the front.
  • Highly stable and with a non-slipping base.


  • Your puppies might overfeed if you always fill the food bowls to the brim.

2. Neater Feeder DeluxeBest for Large Dogs

This feeder from Neater pet brands is quite unique because of its leg extension design which adds 3 inches to the base height of 8 inches.

You can remove or install the extensions depending on your dog’s size and their preferred feeding posture.

If your dog is a messy eater, then this feeder will serve them right and also keep the feeding area clean.

It has been made with a spill-proof design that contains loosely fallen dry food on top and a catch basin at the bottom that holds spilled water.

The anti-skid rubber fittings will also help to keep the feeder in place when your dog is busy chomping up their favorite meals.

The 2 bowls are generous enough since one holds up to 7 cups of dry food and the other holds 9 cups of water. This capacity is plentiful and can fill your dog’s stomach in one sitting.

All components of this feeder unit are dishwasher safe and so you can be sure to keep your house clean and maintain the feeding hygiene of your furry friend at home.


  • The mess-proof and spill-proof design help to keep the feeding area clean and easy to maintain.
  • The leg extensions allow for sufficient adjustability to provide your dog with the required posture for their comfort.


  • The stainless-steel bowls are so thin and they might feel clumsy for some heavy eaters.

3. Super DesignBest Design

These products have a wide range of colors and color patterns to use with 14 different options available for you.

It comes with two dog bowls each of them with its own raised frame. The capacity of one bowl is 600 milliliters while the other is 900 milliliters.

The edges of the melanin top rim are raised from the dog bowls top to make it difficult for your dog to spill food or water when he dines. This will work to account for a cleaner feeding area for your dog.

The bottom part of the melamine rim is made with rubber fittings that account for the anti-slip nature of this product.

This makes it difficult for your active pup to slip this product across the floor and also protects your floor from abrasions.

The bowl and the melamine are both dishwasher safe. This ensures that you will always have a clean place to give your dog his favorite meal and prevent him from stomach upset.


  • The raised melamine prevents spills.
  • It has a modern look and flare.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.


  • Not very suitable for large breed dogs.

4. NibbleyPets Stand with Stainless-Steel Bowls – Best for Small Dogs

You can get this product in two size options; one for puppy design and the other for an adult dog design. The product consists of two stainless steel bowls with a hand-polished bamboo frame.

The materials used are built to last due to their durable nature. They are also very easy to clean hence ensuring your dog gets the right taste of his favorite meal.

The bamboo frame stands up to 7.4 inches tall and it stretches to 12.3 inches wide. This is an ideal elevation for feeding a small sized dog.

The other interesting functionality about this product is that the top part can be tilted up to 12 degrees to give your dog a more comfortable feeding point and access.

This is ideal to give small or older dogs access to a relaxing feeding posture to prevent neck pain and bloating.

The product features an anti-slip design that enables your dog to have an uninterrupted feeding session. The anti-slip feet also maintain your floor by preventing scratches and abrasions.


  • The tilt functionality is helpful to small and older dogs.
  • It is very sturdy.
  • It has a beautiful polish design.


  • Assembling might take some time.

5. Petmate Easy Reach

This elevated feeder from Petmate is crafted with BPA-free plastic and a simple yet awesome design which makes it perfect for large breed dogs and their senior counterparts.

The feeding station has 2 food bowls, each one holding 12 cups of dry food. This is a good size to let your dog feed continuously without the need to refill their bowls during mealtime.

After suppertime, you can easily toss each bowl into a dishwasher to clean it and set it back ready for the next use.

Petmate didn’t go wrong with the long feet design used in this product. They help to keep the feeding station upright and stable hence giving your dog a comfortable eating session.

The side handles of the product have been fashioned in a bone shape which adds a furry appeal to the design language of this feeder.


  • The capacities of the 2 bowls are generously large to hold enough food and water for your big pup.
  • The election is perfect for most large-breed dogs.
  • Offers value for money.


  • The feeder might be flimsy for hyperactive eaters.

6. Stig & Bone Dog Bowls – Premium Quality

This raised dog bowl has a unique chocolate brown color that can complement your home décor and especially the floor design.

It contains a detachable bowl and a walnut wooden stand. The bowl is rust-resistant and very durable in practice.

It is also dishwasher safe hence very easy to maintain while giving your dog a neater feeder. The bowl can take up to 7 cups of dog kibble, wet food, and water. This is an ideal portion to feed your medium and large dogs.

The stand is handmade from premium American walnut wood with a dark chocolate color which is beautiful to behold with its contrasting variations.

The wooden stand weighs 2 pounds and it features a rubber ring at the bottom which gives it an anti-slip design.

The design ensures that your lovely dog will not mess with the feeding area nor tip his food over as he rushes to take that tasteful bite.


  • It has a large capacity.
  • It is very sturdy and stable.
  • The design is good.
  • It does not slip easily across the floor.


  • It is not suitable for puppies and small-sized dogs.

7. AITEE 12 in Raised Acrylic Dog Bowl Stand Elevated, Tall Large Adjustable Elevated Bowl Stand

If you have multiple dogs, then getting an elevated dog bowl with two bowls is a good idea. This bowl from AITEE is raised from 8 to 12 inches from the ground making it an ideal accessory for medium and large dogs.

The design is made of two single raised dog bowls that have been attached with a magnet. They are hence separable giving you the option to use each of them in different locations in your house.

The bowl’s height can be adjusted to make an ideal fit for your dog, giving him the perfect position for good feeding.

This elevated feeder stand is made with an acrylic material that is both rustproof and waterproof. In addition to those desirable qualities, the stand is strong and durable making it a good option to use for the long run in breeding your dog.

The design of this raised bowl features a 15-inch tilt which makes it much easier for your dog to eat and drink.

The bottom of the stand is also fitted with an anti-slip rubber which ensures that the setup does not slide nor tip when your dog is enjoying his favorite dish.

The fitting is also smooth and anti-scratch making it a good option to protect your floor from unnecessary abrasions.


  • It is adjustable in height.
  • The multiple dog bowls can be separated.
  • The tilt function makes feeding even better for your dog.


  • The bowls can be shallow for some large dogs.

8. X-ZONE PET Raised Pet Bowls for Cats and Dogs, Walnut Wood Stand Feeder

This raised dog feeder has a top base that can hold two dog bowls for both food and water.

The top base of this accessory is made with natural walnut wood, whilst the supporting frame is made with iron. Both of these materials are strong and durable.

The food bowls are made of high-quality pet-grade stainless steel material which is easy to clean and durable. It has a capacity of up to 6 cups of food and the same capacity in the water bowl.

The height of the iron frame stretches up to 12 inches from the ground making it an ideal option for medium and large dogs. You also have the option of choosing other size models that fit your dog’s height.

The bottom part of the stands is placed on an anti-slip mat which gives your dog an easy time when eating.

The pet bowl setup will not easily be slipped off the ground or tipped over when your pup is enjoying the meal.

Also, the edges of the part that holds the bowl are fitted with rubber materials that hold the bowls firm and prevent impact sound when your dog is feeding.


  • Easily removable and cleanable.
  • Beautiful in design.
  • Very easy to assemble.


  • Cannot be adjusted in height.

9. Flexzion with Removable Stainless Steel Pet Feeder

This Flexzion product is made of steel and beautifully designed with raised edges of three colors. The feeder bowl can be raised to 12.5 cm making it a good option for small and older dogs. It has a stainless-steel food bowl and water bowl.

You can fill up to 600 milliliters of water and hold a variety of dog food including treats, kibble, and wet food.

The bowl is rust-resistant and durable meaning that it can serve your lovely dog for a long time without getting easily worn out.

The bowl is removable and makes it much easier to refill your dog’s favorite snack every time it gets low.

The base of this accessory has an anti-tipping design which makes it difficult for your pup to tamper with it while feeding.

This is particularly helpful if you have a dog who is excited about food and gets playful while eating.

The rubber ring fitted at the base of the stand allows it to stand in place as your dog eats. This slow feeder ensures that your lovely pet spends his good time eating slowly to avoid bloating without worrying about his food bowl sliding over the floor.


  • It has a beautiful design that complements home décor
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is very steady and stable.
  • The bowl has good capacity.


  • It is not suitable for big dogs.

10. IRIS Bowl with Airtight Food Storage

How about getting a raised dog food bowl with its food storage compartment? This is exactly what you get with this product from IRIS.

It has a set of two stainless steel food bowls which are raised to 15.03 inches from the ground level. You can use the steel bowls for both dry foods, wet food, and water for your dog.

This is an ideal elevation for medium and large dogs for a comfortable feeding posture.

The base airtight food container has a measurement of 21.53 inches by 14.29 inches which makes it ideal to hold food for your dog for a good period.

The container, being airtight, is ideal for storing dry kibble for dogs to keep them fresh and free from pests.

This type is very ideal when you are traveling with your pup. You can use it in outdoor camps, and also indoors for your dog’s needs.


  • Can be used for food storage.
  • Ideal for traveling and camping.
  • It has a generous capacity.


  • Might not be very stable when the food container is empty.

11. Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner Elevated Wide Rimmed Pet Bowls

This product gives you an option of up to 6 colors and five sizes to choose from. The frame of all the products is black but the dog bowls have a variety of colors to choose from.

The iron frame is simple and modern, making it a good fit for most home décor. The wide bowls have a good design that enables them to fit snuggly into the iron frame.

The edges of the rim have rubber gaskets that hold firm the dog bowl and prevent it from spinning freely.

Both the iron frame and bowls of this feeder have a high-quality coated finish that is not only beautiful but also very durable in practical use.


  • Simple and practical design.
  • Colorful dog bowls.
  • It is Durable and stable.


  • It cannot be adjusted in height.

12. Furhaven Pet Furniture for Dogs and Cats – Puppy Style Height Adjustable Raised Dog Feeder

This raised dog feeder comes in two color options and it can also be found in two sizes; for small and large dogs.

The feeding bowl is made of stainless-steel material whereas the frame is made of bamboo. The bowls are rust-resistant, they can easily be cleaned, and are dishwasher safe.

The capacity of each bowl is 2 cups and they measure 5 inches. The set-up is very easy because the product comes with pre-drilled partitions that make it very easy to install.

This feeder has a ladder style which makes it easier for your small dog to step on and stretch after every feeding session.

The height of the top bamboo that holds the steel bowls is also adjustable to ensure that you find the sweet spot that gives your pup maximum comfort when eating.


  • The frames are beautifully made in a dog design.
  • The ladder design is useful for your dog.
  • It can be adjusted in height.


  • The bowl capacity might be low for some large dogs.

13. Emfogo Dog Bowls Elevated 3 Heights 4in 8in 13in Wood Elevated Dog Cat Dishes with Double Stainless Steel Dog Food Bowls

With an option of three-color choices, you can get this dog feeder for your small or medium sides dog. It contains a set of two stainless steel dog bowls and a wooden frame with up to 3 adjustable heights.

The wooden frame is anti-crack hence you do not have to worry about breaking it when it tips off. This is an ideal option to take care of the different growth stages that your pup will undergo.

You can raise it from 3 inches off the ground level up to 13 inches high.

Always ensure that you find the perfect position that gives your furry pal the most comfortable feeding time. Readjusting this product is very easy and you will not require any specialized tools for this procedure.

The raised height is ideal for preventing bloating and neck pain when your dog feeds or takes his water. The bowl has a capacity of 1 liter which is enough to meet your dog’s daily dietary needs and water intake.

The materials making this feeder are all dishwasher safe hence ensuring that your dog gets healthy and hygienic food.


  • Made with strong materials.
  • It has adjustable height.
  • Ideal for both small and large dog breeds.
  • The bowl holds a large capacity.


  • Might be a little rigid on the floor.

Things to Consider When Buying an Elevated Dog Bowl

When looking for the best elevated dog bowl, you will find numerous options in the market.

Unfortunately, not all of them are good enough to fit your dog’s feeding needs. In this section, we will look at the 5 things that you need to know before purchasing raised dog bowls.

1.  Material

Similar to the conventional bowls, elevated pet bowls are also made with many materials including metal, plastic, ceramic, and wood among others.

Most cheap dog bowls are made with plastic materials which are not ideal for your dog’s health. They may contain trace chemicals that can be ingested by your dog causing hormonal imbalance in his body.

Dog bowl and water dish

Plastic dog bowls are also not very easy to clean hence changing the taste of your dog’s food with the accumulation of grease.

Stainless steel is an ideal material for making a good dog bowl because it does not contain trace chemicals and is also very easy to clean. Stainless steel dog bowls might have a higher price tag but it has more to offer.

2.  Size, Shape, and Height

The physical structure of your desired bowl should be ideal for your dog to give him a comfortable space for feeding.

Raised Dog Bowl

A good elevated dog bowl for large breed dogs should be large enough to hold at least 45 ounces of dog treats and another bowl for water to cover his entire day. You don’t want a situation where you need to refill your dog’s bowl many times a day.

When it comes to height, a good elevated dog bowl should match your pup’s size. This slow feeder will enable them to feed slowly and comfortably. Your dog should not strain while eating from an elevated bowl. We have an article that guides you on how tall your dog’s bowl should be.

3.  Adjustability

Good elevated pet bowls should be adjustable in height to accommodate your dog’s growth stages. This is especially useful if you are buying an elevated dog bowl for small dogs who is still growing.

Having a fixed-length dog bowl is limiting to your pup and he may not be able to use it when he grows. An adjustable elevated dog bowl also gives room for feeding multiple dogs in the house. You will have the opportunity to adjust the height to fit that of the pup that you are feeding at the moment.

4.  Non-slip stand

An elevated food bowl for dogs is highly dependent on the stands and you need to be sure of the type it has. A non-slip stand ensures that the bowl slides and tips over when your dog is feeding. Most manufacturers used rubber fittings at the bottom of the stand to prevent the bowl from sliding.

Benefits of Having Elevated Bowls

1.  Improves eating posture

A raised dog bowl will give your pup a more comfortable feeding posture that will enable him to eat with ease. The raised height helps your dog to relieve neck and joint pains while eating which is very common in ground-level bowls.

2.  Improves digestion

An elevated dog feeder ensures that your pup is eating while standing. This posture enables him to get the food down to his gut flawlessly.

This movement will ensure your dog digests his food properly and at the right time and posture. When using the floor-leveled dog bowls, you will sometimes notice that your dog eats while sleeping on the ground which is not good for digestion.

3.  Stability

Elevated dog bowls are more stable than ground-level bowls due to the stands. This will be more convenient if you have a dog who loves to play with his feeding bowls as he eats. It will be difficult for him to spill food from a raised bowl compared to that on the floor.

4.  Facilitate slow feeding

Similar to automatic dog feeders, raised food bowls for dogs can also facilitate slow feeding. If you have a fast eater pup, then you might control his behavior by getting him an appropriately raised dog bowl.

Dogs will tend to eat quickly when they do so from an uncomfortable position like the ground. They also ingest too much air as they eat and this induces hiccupping.

An elevated dog bowl gives him a good posture to feed slowly and reduce bloating which is a serious health issue, especially in large dog breeds.

5.  Reduces mess in the feeding area

If you use an elevated dog bowl in feeding your pup, then you’re more likely to maintain a cleaner feeding environment for your lovely pet.

This is because the food bowls have been brought closer to your dog’s mouth and he is less likely to mess up the area. This will also help in maintaining the general tidiness of your house.

It is recommended to place the bowl on a surface that is easy to clean and not on a carpet for example. If you have no choice and the carpet gets messy then you would need a good carpet cleaner to remove the stains.

6.  Easier to fill

A raised dog feeder is also good for you since you can now fill it with kibble without necessarily straining your back.

Don’t let your dog stay for long without food and water because of having a small bowl that cannot be filled easily.

We have a comprehensive article that outlines the pros and cons of elevated dog feeders.


You might have noticed that all of the recommended raised bowls are made with stainless steel material.

This is because it is the best material that can be used to hold your dog’s food. Always have your dog’s size in mind before purchasing your desired elevated dog bowl.

You can also get creative and make your own elevated dog bowls at home. Our guide highlights various DIY ideas that rely on readily available materials.

Thanks for reading through this guide, I hope you found a product that fits your needs. Also, make sure to check our other selection of dog products.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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