14 best hip and joint supplements for dogs

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As your adult dog ages, he is prone to exhibit symptoms that show his hip and joint stiffness. Such symptoms include difficulty in taking the stairs and struggles in waking up in the mornings.

This is a biological condition that might be experienced by all dogs because when they age, the cartilage between their bones begins to wear out.

Many pet parents have been caught unaware of this issue and they only realize their dog has joint issues when he starts developing complications at a senior age.

It is therefore important to know how to keep your dog’s health in good condition to prevent him from developing such complications in his senior years.

One of the best ways to improve your pup’s bone health is to give them joint supplements during his early years.

In this buying guide, I will take you through a list of the best hip and joint supplements for dogs in 2023.

Our Picks for The Best Hip and Joint Supplements for Dogs

Our Top Pick - Best Overall
    • 59% more effective than chondroitin and glucosamine
    • Developed by experienced veterinarians and backed by scientific studies
    • Cold-pressed with organic ingredients
Best for Large Dogs
    • The tablets are moist and easy to chew
    • The product is well packaged
    • It delivers good results in time
Best Value for Money
    • Very easy to administer
    • For all dog breeds
    • All-natural formulation with no chemicals
    • Works faster than others in their category
Best for all Ages and Breeds
    • Many active ingredients for optimal results
    • Improves your dog's mobility quickly
    • Can be used for all dog breeds and sizes
Best for Senior Dogs
Our Top Pick - Best Overall
  • 59% more effective than chondroitin and glucosamine
  • Developed by experienced veterinarians and backed by scientific studies
  • Cold-pressed with organic ingredients
Best for Large Dogs
  • The tablets are moist and easy to chew
  • The product is well packaged
  • It delivers good results in time
Best Value for Money
  • Very easy to administer
  • For all dog breeds
  • All-natural formulation with no chemicals
  • Works faster than others in their category
Best for all Ages and Breeds
  • Many active ingredients for optimal results
  • Improves your dog's mobility quickly
  • Can be used for all dog breeds and sizes
Best for Senior Dogs
  • Ideal for senior dogs
  • Triple-action mechanism
  • Recommended by vets across the UK

15 Best Hip & Joint Supplements for Dogs in 2023

1. Jope Hip & Joint Dog Chews Best Overall

Petjope hip & joint chews

This innovative supplement, developed by two experienced veterinarians, combines patented collagen UC-II® (undenatured type II collagen), high-dose omega-3 (from fish oil), and pure curcumin.

The supplement is designed to offer three key benefits to your furry friend.

Firstly, UC-II® has been shown to be 59% more effective than chondroitin and glucosamine in multiple scientific studies.

Secondly, the combination of UC-II® with high doses of omega-3 and curcumin synergizes to reduce inflammation and improve joint health.

Lastly, the chews are made in the USA and use organic ingredients. They are cold-pressed, preserving the health benefits and natural chicken flavor made from Rosemary extracts, making them an excellent option for dogs with chicken allergies.

This combination of ingredients is highly recommended by veterinarians and has been shown to improve your dog’s joint comfort, mobility, and health.

In just three weeks, you’ll start seeing improvements, and they’ll continue improving over time.


  • 59% more effective than chondroitin and glucosamine for joint issues such as arthritis.
  • Developed by experienced veterinarians and backed by scientific studies.
  • Cold-pressed with organic ingredients.


  • The yellow color from curcumin may stain fingers slightly.

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2. LubriSyn Hyaluronic Acid + MSM

This product is in liquid form and it contains hyaluronic acid and MSM as the main ingredients. The main ingredient is natural and powerful in improving your dog’s joint health. The hyaluronic acid is bioidentical to the one found naturally in dogs’ joints.

This property makes the supplement very effective in pain relief and reduces the stiffness that might occur due to cartilage degradation.

It has been found to be more potent than glucosamine and chondroitin supplements which have been used to achieve the same purpose.

The liquid supplement has no taste and it is therefore very easy to administer to your dog’s mouth and he will hardly resist the process.

The MSM ingredient in this supplement is useful in alleviating the pain and inflammation that may occur in your dog’s arthritic joints due to its anti-inflammatory benefits.

This will enable your furry friend to perform his daily activities without experiencing pain in his joints.


  • It has no taste.
  • The active ingredients are powerful
  • It can be used to supplement other pets’ diets.


  • It does not come with a pump.

3. VetriScience GlycoFlex Stage III

This joint supplement for dogs comes in the form of treats and it contains glucosamine, MSM, and Perna canaliculus or green-lipped mussel for the best care for dogs.

The glucosamine component in the formulation will help your dog to develop healthy cartilage which ensures his joints are well lubricated. The MSM component will assist in the formation of healthy tissues which are critical for joint care.

This supplement product has been categorized as GlycoFlex 3 and it is suitable for senior dogs who need maximum joint support.

The treats are bite-size chews and they have a chicken flavor that is suitable for use by dogs who are motivated by food.

The tasty flavor of the treatment encourages your dog to eat them and in return deals with his flexibility, mobility, and joint issues.

Vets have approved this supplement and it has further been clinically proven to increase your dog’s hind length strength by 40 percent in 4 weeks.


  • It is tasty and delicious.
  • It offers high antioxidant capabilities.
  • It can be used as a dog food topper.


  • The treats can easily be pulverized.

4. Nutramax DasuquinBest for large dogs

The Nutramax Dasaquin is formulated with avocado/soybean unsaponifiable and decaffeinated tea with glucosamine hydrochloride and low molecular weight chondroitin sulfate to provide maximum strength.

This combination of ingredients is essential in ensuring your dog’s cartilage is slowed from degrading rapidly hence giving his joints good health.

The chews have been made soft to make it easier to feed your furry friend. This product is meant for large dogs who will not encounter any difficulty in chewing the supplement to reap all its benefits.

If you have a smaller dog less than 60 pounds, you can consider buying chew tablets for small and medium-sized dogs.

During the first four to six weeks, it is recommended to give your large dog two chews daily for optimum performance.

After six weeks, you can now downsize and give him a Chew daily. At this time, your dog would have already started feeling the difference in his joints for the better.

For small dogs of less than 30 pounds, it is recommended to maintain a one-tablet-per-day dosage for the first four to six weeks.

It is recommended to store this product in a conducive place that will not expose it to moist conditions.


  • The tablets are moist and easy to chew.
  • The product is well packaged.
  • It delivers good results in time.


  • Not suitable for dogs who are allergic to soy products.

5. BestLife4Pets Walk-EasyBest value for money

These joint supplements have been formulated from natural plants that have been used for a very long time for the joint care of animals. They are therefore chemical-free and they do not feature other strange artificial ingredients.

If your dog is not responsive to glucosamine-containing supplements, you might want to try out these all-natural walk-easy supplements for dogs.

This supplement comes in the form of tiny pellets and they are easy to dissolve and administer to your furry sibling.

The pellets have no odor and they are formulated with no taste as well. You can therefore add it to the dog food and he will not realize the difference in taste.

These pills are suitable for use by dogs of all sizes and breeds and you can also use them to supplement your cat’s diet. They, therefore, do not offer any stomach issues and are very easy to digest.


  • Very easy to administer.
  • It can be used by all breeds of dogs.
  • It has an all-natural formulation with no chemicals.
  • The supplements work faster than others in their category.


  • Might not be very responsive to other pets.

6. Topdog Health GlycanAid-HA

The GlycanAid-HA supplement for dogs has been formulated with important ingredients that are key in improving your dog’s joint care.

Unlike other supplements, these GlycanAid-HA chewable tablets have been formulated with a taste that makes them attractive to many dogs.

It is therefore very easy to administer to your furry friend and pass on the benefits to his aching joints.

The supplement is prescribed to be given to dogs on a full stomach for a minimum of 30 days for optimum results. Some pet parents have reported improvement within 10 days of using this product.


  • It is very easy to administer to your dog.
  • It shows faster results in dogs.
  • Formulated with important joint care ingredients.


  • Some dogs may not like the taste of chewable tablets.

7. Extend Joint Care

Extend joint care for dogs uses a proprietary formula to help with pain relief for your dogs’ aching joints. It, therefore, helps your furry friend to retain and maintain his flexibility with the time of usage.

If you have a dog that is motivated by beef, then this supplement is for him because it has been made with a natural beef flavor.

These tasty chews will make your dog easily comply with the dosage hence improving his chances for optimal results.

It is recommended that you add some water to the powder to make a solution that is easy to administer to your furry friend.

Apart from the core function of supporting your dog’s joint health, these supplements are also made with vitamin C which is essential in boosting your dog’s immunity against diseases.

Vitamin C is also an essential component in the making of collagen which is a vital part of cartilage.


  • The company offers a money-back guarantee.
  • It works between 2 and 4 weeks.
  • It has a tasty beef flavor.


  • It might not be good for dogs with allergies.

8. The Missing Link Hip & Joint

Veterinarian Dr. Collett developed this supplement in the USA and it was the first one to be commercially sold to pet parents.

The originality of this product makes it stand out from the crowd because of the reputation it possesses in dealing with mobility issues in dogs.

When purchasing a joint supplement for your dog, you may also want to consider other benefits that your dog may get from their dosage.

This particular supplement contains flaxseeds and taurine which are important natural ingredients for maintaining a healthy heart. As well as, omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids to support overall health.

Together with the active ingredients, all components of this supplement have been carefully grounded to form a soft powder that is easier to administer to your dog.

if you have an allergic dog, then this product might as well be good for him because it does not contain any artificial ingredients that might be difficult to digest.

This product can be used by dogs of all breeds and sizes. It is recommended to feed him once every day for a lifetime and assure him of good joint care.


  • It is effective in reducing stiffness in dogs.
  • Can be used as a daily supplement.
  • It is tasty and much easier to administer.


  • It is easier to overdose your dog’s daily dosage with the powdered form.

9. Synovi G4 Joint HealthBest for all ages and breeds

This supplement has been carefully and uniquely formulated with glucosamine, manganese, green-lipped mussel, Boswellia serrata, and turmeric ingredients.

This mixture of both active and inactive ingredients all work towards improving the mobility and flexibility status of your dog.

They are all naturally sourced and they provide a healthy response to your dog’s inflammation condition.

The soft chews have been laced with natural chicken flavor which makes it a tasty bite for your furry sibling.

This also makes these chew tablets a healthy source of proteins for your dog. Be careful not to overdose your pooch with this supplement.

Most reviewers have reported that this supplement will yield positive results within a period of 2 to 4 weeks. However, it is important to note that this might vary depending on a host of factors including dog breed and size.

You can supplement both small and large dogs’ diets with this supplement. For small dogs, it is recommended to give a dosage of ½ per day while you can give 2 tablets per day for big dogs.


  • It has many active ingredients for optimal results.
  • It improves your dog’s mobility quickly.
  • It can be used by all dog breeds and sizes.


  • Some users have reported inconsistencies in the tablet form in the package.

10. Cosequin DS Plus MSM

This supplement for dogs comes in the form of tablets that have been formulated with glucosamine as the main active ingredient.

Cosequin DS has been approved by vets and it has been shown to prevent a dog’s cartilage from rapid degradation and hence keep your dog mobile.

If your dog is already experiencing pain and inflammation in his joints, then this product is efficient in handling and reducing the pain by a good margin.

The tablets are further formulated with additional natural ingredients that help improve your dog’s immune system.


  • The tablets are scored which provides for easier dosage.
  • It can be used by both small and large dogs.
  • It works faster.


  • Some dogs may not like the taste of the tablets.

11. NaturVet Glucosamine DS Plus Level 2

This supplement is good for providing flexible support for your dog. It is packed with a host of active ingredients that work toward holistic joint care for your furry sibling.

By giving your dog these tablets, you are reducing the degradation of his cartilage hence taking a proactive approach against arthritis.

If your dog feels joint pains and aching after sessions of exercise, then you can administer these tablets to him after the sessions for pain relief.

The tablets have been formulated with a delicious treat taste to motivate your dog to chew them completely. If you have a dog with a sweet tongue, then he will find it easy to take these tablets.

This product can be used for both dogs and cats. It is however recommended to give them to those over 12 weeks old for optimum performance.


  • It has been approved by the FDA.
  • Works progressively in good time.


  • Some users have reported issues with tablet packaging.

12. Zesty Paws Mobility Bites

This supplement for dogs can be used by small, medium, and large dogs to provide joint care for your pooch.

The supplement is made with OptiMSM which is a premium variant of MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane).

This makes it a good option to use if you would love your dog to develop strong tissues that support his joint structures.

The other active ingredient in this supplement is Glucosamine Hydrochloride which is key in ensuring lubrication of your dog’s joints to make his mobility status good.

There is also a fortification of both Vitamin C and Vitamin E that aids in boosting the immunity of your furry friend and providing support to normal joint functions.

If your dog is motivated by sweet-tasting dog food, then the Zesty Paws supplement will impress him since it has a variety of 4 flavors to choose from.

If you find it difficult to administer the tablets to your dog, then you can crush them and them with the dog food.


  • Formulated with different natural flavors.
  • It has good versions of active ingredients.
  • It takes modest time to show effects on your dog’s mobility.


  • Some dogs might have difficulty digesting the chew tablets.

13. Virbac MOVOFLEX

Virbac dog joint supplement

If you have an aching dog who is allergic to the most active ingredients used in this kind of supplement, then you can check out this product which is formulated with natural components.

This product constitutes Eggshell Membrane and Hyaluronic Acid which has the working mechanism of strengthening joint sections of your dog.

These constituents make this product a good option for dogs who are on restricted diets.

The end product has been modeled into soft chew tablets which are very easy to administer to your aching furry sibling. This product is formulated for large dogs and it is recommended to give him a dosage of one tablet a day.

You can give it to your dog during his meals or after he has eaten. It has been vet-approved to administer to aging dogs with mobility issues.

With the tasty nature of these tablets, you can be sure that your dog will comply when taking his dosage.


  • Good for dogs with allergies.
  • Improves senior dogs’ mobility within a week of usage.
  • It has a delicious taste.


  • Might not be so soft for some senior dogs to chew easily.

14. Nutri-Vet Advanced Strength

If you have a senior dog that has experienced long-lasting problems, then it is good if you consider a product that is meant specifically for them.

This particular product is for senior dogs and it is composed of a mixture of active ingredients including glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM.

These ingredients work together to improve the mobility and flexibility of your senior dog by maintaining a healthy joint function and building strong connective tissues.

Chewable treats have been made easier to administer because they have been flavored with beef liver which is attractive to most dogs.

These natural joint supplements for dogs have been made in the USA and all the ingredients used have been approved by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) for quality control.


  • It is tasty and delicious for most dogs.
  • The tablets have been scored for easier dosage.
  • It is a good supplement for senior dogs.


  • Might be hard for some dogs to chew.

15. YuMOVE Senior Dog TabletsBest for senior dogs

When it comes to joint health for dogs, those of senior age and large ones are the most affected.

Sometimes you might need to buy a product that is specific to these categories of dogs and it can be especially useful when you do not have multiple dogs of varying ages.

This particular product is for senior dogs and it has a triple-action mechanism that works to solve stiffness, mobility, and joint structure for your lovely friends.

It has been formulated with Glucosamine and Chondroitin as the main active ingredients as well as their unique ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel, and purified fish oil for the omega-3 fatty acids benefits.

These components are good sources of strength to provide joint support for your dog through their various working mechanisms.

This product has been recommended by vets across the UK and the company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction.


  • It is ideal for senior dogs.
  • It has a wide variation of tablet count.
  • Many users have reported that it has a quick working time.


  • It might not be suitable for some dogs with allergies.

Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis in dogs is the major cause of inflammation and pain in our canine friends. It causes abnormal rubbing between your dog’s joints as a result of worn-out cartilage.

The disease cannot be cured as it progresses as your dog advances in age but you can certainly prevent it.

It has been reported that 4 out of 5 senior dogs suffer from this disease. Arthritis can also be found in young dogs.

Medium and large dog breeds are more susceptible to arthritis and other lifestyle factors including diet and obesity can greatly contribute to the development of this disease in dogs.

What’s The Best Joint Supplement for Dogs?

Among the many ways of preventing arthritis in dogs, we will focus on joint supplements in this buying guide.

Joint supplements for dogs work by being anti-inflammatory and preventing cartilage from rapid degradation. They sometimes work to reduce inflammation and pain in your dogs’ joints.

dog's supplement

Whenever you want to purchase these products for your pooch, there are several active ingredients that you need to ensure they appear in the formulation.

Among the many best-rated joint supplements for dogs, you will realize that there is one ingredient that never lacks, which is glucosamine.

1. Glucosamine

This is a natural anti-inflammatory compound and it works by inhibiting factors that produce inflammation in the collagen and therefore prevents it from degrading rapidly.

This compound also boosts the repair of damaged cartilage. Glucosamine has been used for a long time and it has been clinically proven to be safe for preventing further arthritic progression in dog’s joints.

2. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)

This is a naturally occurring sulfur-containing compound that is used as joint and hip supplements for dogs. MSM supplements are strong on connective tissues and they also work to relieve the inflammatory pain in the hips and joint bones of dogs, in conditions like hip dysplasia for example.

MSM is a crucial component of collagen which constitutes the cartilage. This supplement has also been shown to improve the liver’s health.

3. Other ingredients

Other ingredients include Superoxide dismutase Chondroitin Sulfate, Boswellia serrata, and Yucca schidigera.

Omega 3 fatty acids can also help with joint stiffness, however, many of the supplements on this list don’t have this ingredient as it is optional.


As all dogs age, they become more prone to develop serious joint conditions. This means that all pet parents need to take a proactive approach to deal with the condition. 

From our list of the best hip and joint supplements for dogs in 2023, you must have noticed that most of them use glucosamine as the main ingredient.

This is because glucosamine is the best when it comes to providing your dog with joint support.

Click here if you would like to see our other dog product recommendations.

Thank you for reading through this buying guide, I hope you found a product that suits your needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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