17 best cat interactive toys in 2022

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Cats need mental and physical exercises to keep themselves healthy and happy. The best way to achieve this is by getting them interactive toys that will keep them busy and entertained.

An interactive toy is different from traditional toys in the way they are used. Your cat will find the toy attractive because it responds to his actions.

You might be spending quality time with your kitty when cuddling and sitting up with him but sometimes you just want to focus on other duties or leave for work.

During this time, your feline friend will find it easier to play with your furniture and other household items if he doesn’t have any toys.

best interactive cat toys in 2021

Apart from improving his well being, interactive cat toys also take your cat’s attention from your furniture. This will help to keep your household items safe from his sharp claws.

Buying the right interactive cat toy for your fur child is not a straightforward task. You need to know what he likes and the physical aspects that you need him to develop.

We did our extensive research and came up with the 17 best interactive cat toys in 2023 that will make your feline friend engaged meaningfully. There is no harm in buying more than one toy for your cat, in fact, the more variety you buy, the better for him.

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7 Benefits of Interactive Cat Toys

1. Make your cat more active

By interacting with toys, your cat will reduce some time that he could have otherwise spent sleeping. Interactive cat toys can keep your kitty engaged for a long time which will help in building his concentration strength.

Cat playing

2. Relieves stress and anxiety

Cats can experience stress and anxiety emotions when they have to live in unfair situations. These conditions are equally bad for kitties as they are for humans. Your cat can be distracted from stressful circumstances when he interacts with his toys. I wrote a guide on how to reduce anxiety in cats, you might find it helpful.

3. Promotes bonding with new cats

When you introduce a new cat to your home, he might find it difficult to bond well with the existing felines. To help in this situation, you can introduce cat toys to both cats and allow them to interact together. This will help in creating a bond between the new friends.

Cats catching her toy

4. Mental stimulation

Puzzle cat toys have a pattern that needs to be solved by your cat before he can get rewarded. The reward is mostly in treats. When your cat interacts with this type of toy for some time, he is slowly improving his mental capacity. This will in turn help your feline friend to be more mentally endowed.

A cat reaching for her toy

5. Sharpens hunting skills

Cats are natural hunters and they need to exercise this skill regularly to maintain their natural state. With moving cat toys, your fur sibling will now be able to chase and hunt down prey in the comfort of his space.

6. Releases aggressive behaviors

An aggressive cat might cause some trouble when not handled in the right way. Among many other techniques of handling him, buying your cat an interactive toy will help him reduce aggression and make him calmer and relaxed.

7. Can be used to snack your cat

Treat dispensing cat toys can be used to give your feline sibling tasty treats when he plays with them. This is especially more effective when your cat is left alone at home and he needs to feed as he plays.

17 Best Interactive Cat Toys in 2023

Before we jump into the products, have a look at the video below from Chewy that shows the different types of cat toys that you can choose from 

1.      TRIXIE Activity Fun Board 5-in-1 Activity Strategy Game Cat Toy

You can reward your curious furry sibling by getting him this unique interactive cat toy which features a 5 in 1 activity board.

This toy features an activity fun board with five different challenges that are meant to stimulate your feline’s mental faculty. Each challenge is different from the rest and it has a unique feel whenever your lovely cat sets his mind on it.

Your only work will be to hide your kitty’s favorite treats in the obstacles provided and watch him try to figure out how to recover them. You can adjust the difficulty of treat recovery by varying the number and placement of treats on the board.

It can also be used as a training ground for your cat’s feeding habits. Whenever you are away, you can keep this toy indoors and your cat will be entertained and fed at the same time without delay.

This fun board toy has a non-slip rubber fit which helps in keeping the product in place as your cat is busy engaging with it.

It also features a fishbowl-style globe and other interesting accessories that arouse your cat’s sense of curiosity. This will help in attracting him to come and engage with the toy.


It provides many puzzle challenges for your cat to solve.

It keeps your cat entertained, engaged, and fed.

It can be used by multiple cats.


Large and declawed cats will find it difficult to use.

2.      BENTOPAL Automatic Cat Toys Interactive Cat Feather Toys, Pet Exercise Toys

Indoor cats, unlike their outdoor counterparts, regularly need to stay active and engaged while in the house. The best way to arouse them to step into the playing mood is by getting the interactive toys that interest them.

This interactive cat toy from BENTOPAL gives your cat a newer experience by providing an exciting playing mode in the house. It features a wheel-like design that rotates around the house randomly as it stops and changes direction.

The wheel has a feather attachment supported by a strong pole. Your cat will strive to reach out to the feather and grab it as prey.

This toy has brightly colored LED lighting on the sides which works to arouse the attention of your feline friend and invite him for another round of fun.

Whenever you are not in the house, you do not need to worry about the toy being stuck within your household items. This toy features a proximity sensor that makes it change direction whenever it detects an obstacle at the front.

BENTOPAL acknowledges that not all cats will like this product which is recommended for small, active, and curious cats. If your cat does not seem to catch up with this toy, you will get a guaranteed free return within 30 days of purchase.


It keeps active cats entertained.

The lighting will arouse your cat for nighttime chasing.

It is sturdy and can handle tough plays.


Might be too fast for some kittens.

3.      ORSDA Electronic Cat Toy, 2-in-1 Interactive Toys for Indoor Cats, Automatic Cat Toy Balls, Ambush Feather Kitten Toy with Attachments

Having a 2 in 1 cat toy is always a good idea to give your feline a more engaging time when bored. This cat toy has two playing modes; a spinning ball and an ambush feather.

The spinning ball is located on the circular level of the toy and it spins around the entire course when it is touched, pushed, or pulled by your cat. This action enables your feline friend to exercise his natural hunting skills and instincts.

The second amusement feature of this toy is the ambush feathers which appear and disappear in random spots around the toy. This random popping of the fluffy tails arouses your cat’s desire to bat, hunt, and pounce back.

This action keeps your cat entertained and increases his concentration ability since he needs to quickly spot where the fluffy tail will emerge from next.

The LED light on the toy fires up in an attractive manner which also excites your cat to discover and engage with the toy more. You will get 5 different modes which are good for various cat ages and sizes.

You also get an in-built automatic shutdown which is activated after every 10 minutes in 4 hours. This is key in preventing your fur child from being overstimulated by the enjoyable games.

This toy can be powered by dual power sources. You can either use 4 AA-sized disposable batteries or connect the toy to the wall socket via USB cable.


The ambush feather pop is attractive to cats.

It has a dual power supply for flexibility.

It can serve multiple cats at the same time.

It gets your cat’s attention and encourages him to exercise.


Can easily be tipped by a large cat.

4.      Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toy – Fun Levels of Interactive Play – Circle Track with Moving Balls Satisfies

This cat toy from Petstages comes in many variations and color choices. It features a comfy spot where your furbaby can rest and a spinning ball that goes around the toy.

The comfy spot is made with a cushion material that is carefully designed to give your kitty a safe place to relax after hours of spinning his ball toy.

With the purchase of this product, you will also find catnips and crinkles stuffed into the track cushion. This will keep your feline friend engaged and entertained for many hours.

With such a toy, you need an assurance that the base is steady and will not slip over the surface you have placed on. This cat toy is made as a non-slip base that stays in place to give your cat more confidence whenever he is entertaining himself.


It has a sweet spot where your cat can nap after playing.

The toy brand comes in different variations to cater to everybody.

It is well designed.

The base of the toy is sturdy and non-slip.


It is not suitable for older cats.

5.      SereneLife Automatic Laser Cat Toy

This automatic laser cat toy from serene features a rotating laser that works on multiple surfaces. It provides an engaging interactive session to keep our feline friend occupied for hours hence getting him out of boredom and stress.

Genius Dog 300 x 600 - Animated

You can comfortably place this toy on a window edge or a table and beam to the floor then watch your lovely kitty run up and down chasing the laser light. Being a wireless device, you have the flexibility of placing it anywhere in your home.

Activating this toy is achieved by a single push on a button and it has preset modes that will keep your kitty guessing where the laser will beam next in its unpredictable path.

This toy gives your lovely kitty good exercise to keep him active and healthy. It also provides the needed sensory stimulation to keep his brain health in good condition.


It has an elegant design.

The laser can shine on any surface.

It is very easy to use.

It has several preset modes.


The laser speed might be slow for some very active cats.

6.      Cat Toys Interactive, Cat Laser Toy & Cat Feather Toys 2 in 1, Recharge Cat Exercise Toys for Indoor Cats

If you have an indoor cat who rarely spends time outside, then you might have noticed how quickly they become bored when they are not given attention.

This product from Enoctu can easily be featured as one of the best interactive cat toys for indoor cats because it provides a 2 in 1 cat toy design. The product consists of a cat feather and laser pointer that will keep your fur child engaged and stimulated.

The cat feather on the toy will rotate and there are 3 modes that you can choose for the rotation; slow, fast, and random.

When the toy runs for 30 minutes in any mode, it will automatically turn off to prevent your feline friend from becoming overly stimulated. This also helps in keeping the game exciting as it provides intermittent breaks.

The toy’s foot can be adjusted to make it suitable for cats of all sizes. The feather rod’s length is also adjustable as well as the laser pointer. You can adjust the laser up and down to change the position of the pointer.

This toy is powered by an in-built 500mAh battery that can be recharged by connecting to the socket via a USB cable. The toy is lightweight and equally portable.

It can be handled effectively with one hand and it, therefore, provides a good option when you are traveling with your cat.


Made with safe materials.

It has a little cute design.

It has adjustable settings to fit multiple cats.

Automatically switches off after some time to give your cat a break.


It might not be sturdy enough for large cats.

7.      Interactive Cat Play-Catch The Tail-Electric, Rotating Feather , Motion, Automatic, Best Undercover Mouse Under Blanket cat Toy

This toy can effectively be used to exercise the natural hunting skills of your cat. It consists of a rotating tail and a cover that is used to hide the tail.

When you want your cat to do more work in discovering the tail, then it is recommended to hide it using the cover provided. This way, your cat will have a blurred vision of where the tail is and it will hence spend more time trying to locate and catch it. You can still use the toy without the cover if you prefer it that way.

You have an option of three speeds to choose for the rotating feather and tail; fast, slow, and random. When your cat plays for 15 minutes, the toy will automatically shut itself down when in the slow or fast modes.

The toy does not use rechargeable batteries but instead, you will be required to power it through 3 AA batteries which are included in the box.


It can be used by multiple cats.

Provides your cat with good hunting exercise.

The cover gives your cat more playing options.


The materials are not very durable.

8.      Automatic Electric Rotating Butterfly & Ball Exercise Kitten Toy, Funny Cat Teaser Toys for Indoor Cats

Ever thought of getting a cat toy that supplements your home décor? This is exactly what this toy does because it has a beautiful and colorful design.

With seven colors to choose from, this interactive cat toy features a 2 in 1 design to make your cat more active and engaged while indoors.

The toy has spinning balls that roll in a circular motion along the course. This keeps your cat active and helps in strengthening his natural hunting skills.

The other active part is the electric rotating butterfly that hangs on high and rotates in all directions to tease your fur child. The packaging of this product includes two butterfly toys for easy replacement when needed.

The rollerball toy is detachable and hence it is easy to clean and maintain. It is also made with a moderate material that can withstand your cat’s mild scratches when he tries to get hold of the rotating butterfly.


It is cute and well made.

It can be used by multiple cats at the same time.

The butterfly design gives your cat a natural outdoor feeling.

The toy packaging includes spare accessories.


The toy is not durable compared to others.

9.      PetFusion [New & Improved Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy w/Rotating Feather.

If your cat is curious about ambush toys, then this toy from PetFusion will excite him. PetFusion has long been involved in making cat accessories and you cannot go wrong with their products.

Moving on to this toy, it has 6 openings where a feather will pop out randomly while your cat is playing with it. This is a very good exercise for improving your cat’s attention and hunting skills.

You can keep up with the progression of your cat by setting the right mode for his size and age. There is an automatic slow mode and fast mode to choose from.

The toy also has LED lighting which is bright enough to attract the attention of your fur sibling both during the day and night. The lighting color will indicate to you the mode you have chosen for your feline friend to play with.

If you are looking for a good alternative to puzzle toys, then an ambush toy is what you might need for your cat. It does not require very intense brain activity while playing but it generally works towards improving the well-being of your feline.

You can securely place this toy on multiple surfaces like tables and floors. It has anti-skid feet which enable the entire toy to stay in place when your cat is engaging with the popping feathers.

This toy is powered by 4 AA-sized disposable batteries which are included in the box to get you started. The toy will switch itself off automatically after 8 minutes to save on battery life and keep the game more interesting.


It has a good design.

Different modes to choose for your cat.

It can be used by multiple cats.

The LED lighting attracts your cat to engage with the toy.


It might be tipped off by a large cat.

10.  Petstages Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play Cat Toy

You cannot go wrong with a cat toy product from Petstages and this one too is not an exception. This is a puzzle interactive cat toy that is used to stimulate your fur child both physically and mentally.

Your cat will have to solve the puzzle to get the hidden treat as a reward. Therefore, it can be used to feed your cat and train him on good feeding habits too.

You can choose the difficulty level of the puzzle by placing treats in different locations. For beginners, you can insert the treats directly into the cups and your cat will just need to swivel the cup and find the treat.

For increased difficulty level, you can place the treats in pegs. Your feline friend will now have to swivel the leaves and scoot the pegs over the leaf cups to reveal the tasty treats.

The toy has a total of 14 hidden treats compartments and can hold up to a quarter cup of treats. This is enough food to keep your cat energized as he exercises his brain.

This toy does not feature any removable parts and you do not have to worry about the safety of the materials for holding food because it is made with food-safe material.


The toy is intact since it does not have any removable materials.

Mentally stimulates your cat to be braver.

Made with food-safe material.


The puzzle might be too easy for braver cats.

11.  Cat Toys, Interactive cat Toys for Indoor Cats, USB Charging/ 360 Degree Self Rotating Ball/ Led Light/ Automatic Feathers/ Bird Chirping

If your cat loves chasing prey and running around the house, then this toy is the best fit for him. It features a 360 degrees rotating ball that can roll on all floors including the carpeted ones.

The toy has irregular scrolling and rotation and so your cat will not guess where it goes next. This helps to improve his concentration abilities and for mental stimulation.

The toy is powered by a motor that produces a very minimal sound that will not disturb your feline friend as he plays.

This toy has both silent and sound modes. When the sound mode is activated, the toy will produce regular sounds that will attract your cat and make him more curious to continue playing with this toy.

This product comes with 5 different feather toys to give your cat an added touch when he engages with it. The feathers are both long and short to cater to different-sized cats. You will also get two poles to attach the feathers and bells.

The toy is powered by a 500mAh rechargeable battery which has a decent run time of about 10 hours. The ball will however shut down after 6 hours of usage to prevent your cat from being overstimulated.


It is well made with a beautiful design.

It improves your cat’s hunting skills.

It attracts your cat attention when activated

The toy has decent battery life.


Might be effective mostly for playful cats.

12. UPSKY Cat Toy Roller 3-Level Turntable Cat Toys Balls with Six Colorful Balls

This cat toy has a strong construction made with tear-resistant plastic material. It consists of a detachable multilayer set with four levels each with spinning balls. The detachable feature of this toy makes it easier to clean and maintain. This provides for a safe toy that will not cause health hazards to your fur child.

Your cat will interact and play with this toy by rolling the spinning balls at any level. This will make him more curious and increase his sensitivity. It also provides a good ground for your indoor cat to exercise and improve on his natural hunting skills.

Your cat can entertain himself with this toy and it is also suitable for multiple cats. It provides self-amusement and exercise that will eliminate boredom and depression from your furry siblings.


It is easy to assemble and detach.

Made with a lightweight and durable material.

It provides great entertainment and hours of play to your cat.


The detachable parts might not stay intact for long.

13. RIOFLY Interactive Cat Toys – 2 in 1 Laser and Feather Toys, Automatic Laser Cat Toys Irregular operation

This unique cat interactive toy has a 2 in 1 design that combines both a laser pointer and feather for your cat’s interests.

It features a unique design that can be hung on raised surfaces like your cat’s tree, litter box, tables, or doors. Just make sure that the overall thickness of the surface holding it does not exceed 1.1 inches.

Having a toy that hangs from a raised place is advantageous especially if you have a big cat that can tip-off free-standing toys. This provides for a fixed installation which is good for both you and the cats.

The feather, bell, and laser pointer will automatically rotate randomly to attract your cat and give him more pleasure as he seeks to chase the toy.

This improves the natural skills of your cat and makes him have an improved concentration too. After every 30 minutes of running, this automatic cat toy will switch off to keep your cat away from overstimulation.

The toy is powered by a rechargeable 500 mAh battery which provides an average run time on a single charge. The USB charging cable is included in the box to get you started. RIOFLY claims that you can charge this battery in an hour.

The shell of this toy is made with strong material that can withstand the moderate scratches from your feline friend. The durability of the material is impressive; you do not need to worry if you have a large cat.


It is more stable for all cat sizes.

It provides varied entertainment to your cat.

Well-built with a good design.


The battery life is not very good for active users.

14. 2021 Upgraded Cat Laser Toy Cat Toys Interactive 2 in 1 Automatic Cat Toy Moving Feather Toy

This automatic cat toy has a 2 in 1 design that features a rotating feather and laser pointer. It has 4 automatic rotating modes to maximize your cat’s happiness when playing with this toy.

There’s the rando, fast, middle, and slow modes which will match cats of all sizes and ages. In random mode, the toy will automatically switch off the lighting to save some power.

The rotating feather will make circles around the toy and your cat will be interested to get hold of it as a prey. It also forms a big circle of the laser pointer that keeps your cat aroused and more interested in the game.

This exercise improves your cat’s natural hunting skills and is also good for some mental stimulation during the day

This electric toy is powered by a massive 2000 mAh battery which can be recharged by many sources using the provided USB cable. This battery capacity is big enough to give your fur sibling 8 to 12 hours of playtime on a single charge.


It has excellent battery life.

The LED light is moderately bright.

The packaging has replaceable feathers and poles.


Might have considerable sound levels.

15. Migipaws Cat Toy Balls, Automatic Ball Bundle Classic Mice + Feather Kitten Toys in Pack

This cat toy features an automatic moving ball, mouse toy, and a feather all in one. You can tie the feather and mouse toys on the ball or just use the ball as it is.

The moving ball will roll over the surface of your house in all directions as it stops and changes directions. These actions make your cat chase and pounce on the ball whenever he gets hold of it.

You can make the fun even more lively by attaching the mouse toy and feather to the ball. This way, your cat will now have a robust prey to keep chasing and he will love the texture of the full toy when he holds it.

This toy can comfortably be placed in your cat bed or any other suitable place where your cat rests or naps.

The toy is powered by rechargeable batteries and you will use a USB cable to charge it once the battery level goes low.


Most cats enjoy the moving ball.

It is made with quality material.

It has good battery life.


The sound might be a little high for some people.

16. Interactive Cat Toys Ball with LED Light, 360 Degree Self Auto-Rotating Intelligent Ball, Smart USB Rechargeable Spinning Cat Ball Toy

This rotating toy for cats comes with a feather and ring bell to bring all the happiness in one place. It features two-color lighting modes that are meant to attract your cat to engage with this toy for a longer time. It also has a built-in catnip that attracts the interest of your fur child to play with the toy.

The ball toy will randomly move on the surfaces of your house with the press of a single button. You can use this ball on a variety of floors including the carpeted and uncarpeted ones.

The ball will automatically change the direction of rotation after colliding with your cat. This provides a good exercise to keep your cat’s mental and physical strength in a good state. The toy has a 45 minutes automatic shutdown feature that will stop the ball, to prevent your fur child from losing interest and makes the game more exciting for the next session.

The toy has a decent battery that provides a run time of close to 4 hours on a single charge. Once the battery level is low, you can charge it with the USB cable for about 2 hours.


Well-built with a good design.

It is stable on most floor surfaces.

It has decent battery life.


It is prone to be obstructed by corners and obstacles in your house.

17.  Catit Senses 2.0 Digger

Catit cat accessories and toys have gained popularity among pet parents because of the quality of products they have produced for many years.

This toy has body dimensions of 5.7 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches and it weighs 0.6 kilograms. It is therefore a lightweight and portable accessory that can be used in different settings.

As the name suggests, this product is designed to activate your cat’s senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. He will have to invoke those senses to actively engage with this toy.

This toy features a slow feeder that can be used to store treats and other small toys. Make sure you place dry only dry kibble and treats in the tube.

Your fur sibling will have to dig into the paws to obtain food slowly as he eats. This toy is favorable for fast-eating cats and can be used to train them on slow-paced eating.

The pawing of treats from the tube trains your cat on how to naturally hunt for food while in outdoor settings. It improves on his pawing and instincts.

The components making this toy are easy to assemble and detach. They are also dishwasher friendly and hence you can maintain good hygiene for your fur child.


It is used as a slow feeder for cats.

Made with food-safe materials.

It can be used to snack your cat when you are away.

The tubes can also accommodate small toys.


It has easy puzzles for clever cats.


There you have it guys, 17 best interactive cat toys in 2023. As you might have noticed by now, most of the best interactive cat toys have an automatic shutting down option.

This is mainly to prevent your feline friend from playing the game too much and losing interest. To solve this problem, you can get toys with diverse working mechanisms and stimulations. This will remove the boredom build-up that may arise when your cat engages with one type of toy for a long time.

Thank you for reading through this buying guide. I hope you found a product that meets your cat’s needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below, and I will get back to you.

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