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When looking for the best pet strollers, you need to know what your pet likes and also mind about their safety.

There are many situations where you might need a pet stroller to walk around your dog from one place to the other.

For example, if you have an elderly dog who is sick, you will need to have a more convenient way of taking him to the vet.

In this case, a pet stroller works well to ensure your sick dog travels comfortably to be attended to.

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14 Best Pet Strollers in 2023

After establishing what you need in a stroller and where you will use it, I have made a list of the best pet strollers in different categories, to help you choose the right one for your furchild.

Best Pet Strollers for Small Dogs

If you have a small dog or a cat, then you need a relatively small stroller that will provide the best-sized room for him.

1. Pet Gear 3-in-1 Travel System

This pet stroller comes in 4 color variants and it weighs 20.5 pounds. This stroller is used to carry small dogs and cats and you can do it in 3 different ways. You can use it as a carrier, stroller, or booster seat.

The material is zipperless and your dog will have access to the interior compartment by a push button which will allow him to enter from either side.

The bottom part of the interior of this pet stroller has a pad that is comfortable and gives your dog a smooth surface to sleep while carrying him. The pad can be removed and washed with ease.

There is also a tether inside this stroller that can be attached to your dog’s leash to ensure he remains safe and secure.

The canopy of this stroller has a mesh window that gives your dog a very clear view of the outside world and allows him to be ventilated while inside.

This pet stroller is very easy to assemble and fold when not using it. You can also easily switch between the stroller, carrier, and seat attachment by just detaching the frame. 


  • Good ventilation for your small dog or cat.
  • Can be used as a carrier, stroller, or booster seat.
  • Secure wheel lock system.


  • The leather handle can easily crack.
  • Too open for an anxious dog.

2. ibiyaya 5-in-1 Pet Carrier with Backpack, Car Seat, Pet Carrier Stroller

ibayaya 5in1 stroller

This pet stroller comes in 3 color options (blue, brown, and pink) and it can be used in 5 different ways. The maximum pet weight recommendation is 16 pounds.

The 5 functions are; wheeled carrier, shoulder carrier, backpack, pet stroller, and car seat. This product includes a padded shoulder strap for use as a backpack.

These options make this product more versatile when it comes to choosing the mode and way of traveling with your dog. 

This stroller is made with an iron frame and 4 wheels. The front 2 wheels are combined with one frame and can make a complete 360-degree swivel.

The cover material is well made and it has a smooth interior pad that makes your dog feel more comfortable while inside. 

There is a large door opening for your dog’s entry and exit and the sides have meshed windows and holes for ventilation.

For privacy when carrying an anxious dog, you can use the roll-up flap to cover him while moving. When inside the compartment, you can secure your dog by attaching his leash to the tether with a snap hook to prevent him from jumping off.

This product is easy to assemble and it takes less time when you convert the functions. 

There is a tray compartment at the bottom of the stroller where you can carry your dog’s gear when moving out with him.


  • Versatility in usage.
  • Well ventilated. 
  • Easy to assemble and switch between functions. 
  • The sturdy wheels give your dog a smooth ride. 


  • The material can easily be torn by a biting dog.

3.  VIAGDO Double Pet Stroller

This pet stroller comes in blue color and it can carry a dog of up to 17 pounds in weight. It has two pet compartments each of measurements 14.5″Hx 13″W x 21.5L”, meaning that you can also use it to carry your two dogs or a cat and your dog at the same time.

This product can be used as a stroller, a carrier bag, and a booster seat in your car. When using it as a carrier, you will simply need to detach one compartment from the frame and use it to carry your dog with the shoulder strap provided. 

The stroller is made with a high-quality material that is water-resistant and it is also durable enough to withstand the hot sun.

There are zippers around the cover of the stroller that make it possible to put or remove your pet in the stroller from many points.

The breathable window mesh on the sides of this stroller allows clean air to flow in and makes it possible to observe your dog in the stroller. The mesh has tiny holes that cannot allow insects to enter the stroller compartment.

There is a dog leash in the stroller that ensures your dog remains securely attached to prevent him from jumping out of the stroller.

This pet stroller has a total of 6 wheels, 4 at the front and 2 at the back. The front wheels are double on each side and are 6 inches each while the back wheels are single on each side and are 8 inches each.

The wheels have shock absorption capabilities hence they keep your dog or cat securely in place even when moving on rough terrain.

The set-up process of this stroller is easy and it can also be folded up when needed hence you can keep it in your car’s trunk without occupying much space.


  • Sturdy stroller with many wheels.
  • Can be used as a pet travel carrier and car seat
  • Good value for the price.


  • Might be difficult to push on grass.

Best Dog Strollers for Large Dogs

If you have a large dog, you can consider checking out the following pet strollers which provide enough space for your dog and keep him comfortable.

4.  VIAGDO Premium Heavy Duty Pet Stroller for Small Medium Dogs & Cats

This pet stroller comes in a combination of black and red colors. It weighs 20 pounds and it can support pets up to a maximum weight of 55 pounds.

This stroller is made with a durable water-resistant material that guarantees the safety of your pet when using it during rainy days. There is a breathable mesh window that keeps constant airflow to your pet while moving with him.

There is enough space in this stroller to comfortably keep your medium and large dog as you move with him.

There are 3 zippers that can be opened with ease and allow you to put in or take out your dog safely from either side, back, and front.

On the inside, there is a leash that is used to attach to your dog’s harness or collar to keep him more secure.

This pet stroller has 3 wheels, one at the front and the other two at the back. The wheels are shock absorbing and hence they give your pet a smooth ride even on rough terrain.

With such a smooth ride, this stroller is convenient for carrying your elderly or sick dog to various places.

At the back of the stroller, there is a cup holder that you can use to keep your drink while strolling your lovely dog.

There is also a tray holder that can be used to hold treats, toys, or other gear for your dog during the journey.

This stroller can easily be set up after purchase without needing specialized tools. You can easily fold this stroller by pressing a button on the handle and when folded, it can fit easily in your car.


  • Strong rubber wheels.
  • Easily strolled without much resistance.


  • Can be wobbly after a short time.

5. HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy-Duty Stroller With Convertible Compartment

This pet stroller from HPZ comes in 3 color variants and it can hold dogs up to 75 pounds in weight. It has a strong construction featuring polyester material and stainless-steel tubes.

The stroller is however lightweight and it will not offer you a lot of resistance while moving it.

This stroller has 6 wheels set up with 2 large wheels at the back and a double set-up wheel at the front.

The front wheels can rotate up to 360 degrees and it also has a rear braking system to keep your pet more secure when coming to a stop.

The internal compartment of this stroller can be adjusted accordingly and you can have it hold multiple pets comfortably. The inside leash will aid in keeping your dog secure and safe while moving with him.

There is a breathable mesh at the top of this stroller that keeps good ventilation for your dog while moving with him.

There is a cup holder on the right side of the handle of this pet stroller that you can use to place your water bottle while moving with your pet.

3 accessory bags around this stroller can be used to keep your dog’s gear such as treats, water, collar, or leash.

The under-basket tray at the bottom of this stroller can also be used to store much larger items such as blankets while moving with your dog.

This stroller forms a compact size when folded and it can easily be kept in the trunk of your car without occupying much space.


  • Lightweight but sturdy.
  • Rubber wheels.
  • It has many storage pockets.


  • Might get rust around some connections when left in a damp place.

6. Double Pet Stroller for Medium Dogs, Small Dogs, Cats, Multiple Pets

This pet stroller comes with 3 color variants and it is used to carry a dog with a maximum weight of 77 pounds.

The aluminum tubing used for this stroller is strong and lightweight making it a great choice for the combination of comfort and safety.

The collapsible canopy roof for this stroller can be converted in 4 ways hence giving you many options on how you may want to move around with your dog.

You can open the meshed window on the front for your dog to enjoy the scenic views as he travels along with you. The back part can also be opened and effectively used when you want to communicate with your dog.

The inner compartment is comfortable and can accommodate multiple small to medium pets or one large pet. The stroller cover is enclosed with an invisible zipper which makes the whole product look amazing.

This stroller uses 4 wheels and the front 2 can turn up to 360 degrees with an inbuilt suspension mechanism that makes your dog feel much more comfortable even on rough terrains.

There is a detachable cup holder on the left-hand side of the stroller handle that you can use to place your drink. The handle of this stroller is adjustable and it also has an easy folding mechanism.

At the bottom of the stroller, there is a tray compartment that can be used to store your dog’s gear and accessories during his trip.


  • Very easy to open and close.
  • It has a 4-way conversion of the canopy roof.
  • Feels smooth to push.


  • Small space for multiple medium dogs.

7. Pet Gear Expedition NO-Zip Stroller for Single or Multiple Dogs/Cats

Pet gear expedition No-zip stroller

This pet stroller comes with 2 color variants and it can support dogs of a maximum weight of 77 pounds. It features a non-zipper design which allows your dog to enter inside the compartment by pushing a button.

There are 2 entries that your dog can utilize to get into the compartment, and there’s no need for you to lift your dog to put him in.

This makes it easier for him when he wants to come out because he does not need to turn around in search of the door.

The inside compartment is made with a soft material that ensures your dog is comfortable throughout the journey.

There is an attachment leash inside that is used to securely hold your dog while inside to prevent him from jumping out when the stroller is moving.

The interior linings of the stroller can be removed and cleaned with ease.

The stroller has zippered mesh at the top and side mesh windows that allow your dog to have a free flow of air while giving him a chance to view the outside world.

This stroller has 4 wheels with the back ones being bigger than the front ones. The front wheels can make a 360-degree turn.

When you are not using this stroller, you can easily collapse and fold it then store it in a much smaller space.


  • Good non-zip design.
  • Sturdy and comfortable for your dog.
  • Easy to assemble and fold.


  • Wheels might not be durable because some parts are made of plastic.

Best Pet Stroller For XL Dogs

8. HPZ Pet Rover Titan-HD Premium Super-Sized Dog/Cat/Pet Stroller SUV Travel Carriage

This pet stroller from HPZ comes in 3 color variants and it can support dogs with a maximum weight of 100 pounds. This stroller has an integrated ramp that can be retracted when not in use.

The ramp allows your dog to enter into the stroller compartment with ease and it is therefore very convenient for dogs with medical conditions.

There are 4 wheels in this stroller, the back 2 are bigger than the front 2. With the swivel lock mechanism and front-wheel suspension system, your dog is assured of a comfortable ride even when cruising on rough terrain.

This stroller has 4 tethers in the interior and it also has front and back entry points meaning that you can comfortably carry more than one dog, just ensure they do not exceed 100 pounds.

The canopy can withstand all weather conditions and can therefore conveniently shield your lovely dog from the rain or hot sun.

The frame of this stroller is sturdy and lightweight ensuring that you can easily push it around while being strong to support your dog.


  • Good design and is comfortable for your dog.
  • Roomy and easy to use.
  • Ramp access for entrance and exit.


  • Might be heavy to push for some users.

Best Double Pet Strollers

If you have multiple dogs and cats, it is more convenient to get a pet stroller that has distinct compartments where you can keep them.

This is particularly important when one of the pets is aggressive and you may not wish that he shares some space with another calm pet. Check the below-listed items for the best pet stroller for two dogs, or cats.

9. LONABR Folding Pet Stroller & Travel Cage

This double pet stroller comes in 6 color variants and it can carry pets up to 44 pounds. It has two carriage compartments lined up vertically hence ensuring that the stroller has the same width as the one for single pets.

The cover of the stroller features a durable breathable mesh window that keeps your pet ventilated while inside. This mesh window also aids your dog in sightseeing while moving with you.

The stroller has a total of 6 wheels, 4 at the front and 2 at the back. The front wheels can make a 360-degree rotation hence allowing you to navigate through sharp corners.

There is a cup holder on the handle of this stroller that allows you to conveniently place your cup or water bottle.

The holder secures your cup and prevents accidental spillages from interfering with your dogs’ comfort while moving with them.

There is also a storage unit at the bottom back of this stroller that allows you to carry your dogs’ gear while moving with them.

This stroller can easily be folded and kept securely in your car’s trunk while occupying minimal space.


  • Easy to open and close.
  • Sturdy and smooth to push.
  • Easy to assemble and occupies very minimal space when folded.


  • Can be unstable when carrying one dog in the upper compartment alone.

10. Dporticus Foldable Pet Stroller for Dogs & Cats

This double pet stroller comes in 3 color variants, 3 wheel-options and it can carry pets with a combined weight of up to 60 pounds.

It has 2 distinct compartments for carrying your pet placed side by side hence increasing the width of the whole stroller.

This means that this stroller will occupy a larger sidewalk pathway compared to the single strollers.

The stroller has zippers for easier access to your dogs, and it also has removable screens on the front.

When moving your dog on this stroller with a removed screen, it is recommended to keep him securely fastened in the in-built leash for enhanced security.

There is a carrying basket at the bottom of the stroller that you can use to put your dog’s gear including refreshments and bedding.

This stroller can be collapsed and folded to a smaller size for easier and more effective storage whenever you are not using it.


  • The compartments make it easier for your dogs to interact.
  • Strong rubber wheels.
  • Comfortable and easy to push.


  • Is a little wider.
  • Your cat can easily escape from the sides.

11. LUCKYERMORE Double Pet Stroller for 2 Dogs & Cats

This double pet stroller comes in a choice of 3 colors and it has two pet compartments one being smaller than the other.

The smaller compartment is suspended from the stroller’s handle and it is suitable for carrying cats or puppies of up to a maximum weight of 13 pounds. The large pet compartment can support a maximum weight of 22 pounds.

The stroller is made from a durable steel frame with an Oxford cloth design for the cover and roofing. The material is strong enough and it can resist tears and bites from your pup or kitty.

The bottom of each compartment contains a soft cushion that keeps your dog or cat comfortable throughout the journey.

Both compartments have side mesh windows that allow air to freely flow and also give your dog a good view of the outside environment.

This pet stroller has a storage basket and extra storage bags that can be used to store extra items for your pet. This is very convenient when you want to go shopping with your dog.

There are a total of 6 wheels in this stroller, double wheels at the front and two at the back. The front wheels can make a complete 360-degree turn hence giving you easy control when pushing this stroller.


  • A good design for carrying a small dog and a cat.
  • It has durable frames.
  • It is not so wide.


  • The upper compartment cannot support heavy puppies.

Best Bicycle Pet Strollers

If you wish to go cycling with your pet, the best option to think of is getting a pet stroller that can be attached to your bicycle.

This way, your pet will move at the same pace you are cycling with which is more convenient and safer than using a leash.

12. Aosom Elite-Jr 2-in-1 Pet Bicycle Trailer/Jogging Stroller

This pet bicycle stroller comes with a blue and red color variant and it can be used in 2 ways. You can attach it at the back of your bicycle and move along with it or you can push it forward as you jog.

This stroller can comfortably carry a dog of up to 44 pounds.

This stroller is made with a strong fabric material with a transparent weather shield at the top. There are mesh windows that allow your dog to be well-ventilated while moving with him and also enable him to have a good site viewing experience.

There are two doors in this stroller that your dog can use to enter; one at the front and the other at the back. Inside the compartment, you will find a D-ring hook that you can use to attach your dog’s leash for enhanced safety.

This stroller has 3 wheels, one at the front and the other two at the back. All wheels are 12 inches in size which makes them a good option to use even in rough terrain. The front wheels can make a complete 360-degree rotation.

There is an orange flag at the back left corner of the stroller that flies high to make your lovely dog visible as you move along with him on a busy street.

The stroller can be collapsed and folded making it easy to carry when you are not using it.


  • Easy to connect and disconnect from your bike.
  • It is lightweight. You do not strain when cycling with it.
  • Good value for the price.


  • The bottom surface is not waterproof.
  • The D ring can detach easily when pulled by your dog.

13. Aosom Dog Bike Trailer Stroller for Dogs and Pets

This bicycle pet stroller comes with 2 color variants and it can carry a dog of up to 44 pounds comfortably.

This stroller is suitable for use on off-roads since it has 2 large wheels almost the size of bicycle wheels measuring 20 inches.

This is an ideal accessory to use when taking your dog on mountain hikes and other places where small wheels might not be convenient.

The stroller is made with frames of steel and an oxford fabric that is strong enough to resist tearing easily.

There are mesh windows and clear covers around this stroller that enhance ventilation and allow your dog to observe what is going on outside.

This stroller has zippered doors on both sides and the top where you can easily open and allow your dog to enter.

The inside part of the pet compartment is smooth hence keeping your pup comfortable throughout the journey.

There is also a D ring that is used to attach your dog to a leash to keep him secure and safe while moving.

When you are not using this stroller, you can easily collapse and fold it to keep it securely in a small space.


  • Good for off-road trips.
  • Easy to assemble and fold.
  • Very sturdy and lightweight.


  • Pet not secured enough on a very rough road.

14. Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer, For Small and Large Dogs

This bicycle pet stroller from Schwinn comes in two options for maximum weight. There’s one that supports dogs up to a maximum of 50 pounds and there is a bigger one that supports up to 100 pounds.

Both variants have 3 color options; blue, green, and orange.

The stroller has a strong steel frame that supports the cover and it has two 16-inch wheels with spikes. The wheels are strong enough to be used on rough terrain while giving your dog a comfortable and steady ride.

The back door gives your dog quick access to and from the stroller compartment. This stroller has mesh windows that ventilate and allow your dog to have a clear view of the outside while moving with you.

There is also a flag at the back of this stroller that flies high to ensure you become visible when cycling with your lovely dog.

Inside the stroller chamber, there is an adjustable leash that is used to secure your dog while moving with him.

The stroller has a universal coupler that attaches easily and securely to most bicycles, and it is also easy to remove.

When you are not using this stroller, it can easily be folded and stored in the trunk of your car for easier transportation.


  • Sturdy frame with a good design.
  • The wheels do not easily slip on smooth roads.
  • Very easy to assemble and fold.


  • Not good for steep roads.
  • Can easily tip off when taking sharp corners.

What is a Pet Stroller? 

It is simply a carriage unit with 4 or 3 wheels that are used to move your cat or dog from one place to another by pushing it manually.

Pet stroller

Pet strollers have become more common in this age and every pet parent is slowly appreciating their importance in our lives.

Just like when buying a dog carrier, you need to prioritize your pet’s comfort when looking for the perfect stroller for him.

A stroller is more comfortable than a pet carrier for both you and your pet. You can opt to use a stroller in situations where you have your backpack and where your dog or cat needs maximum comfort when moving around.

Be careful when you have bought a pet stroller for your healthy and more active dog who may like walking and jumping around.

Give your dog a chance to walk for his benefit and only use a pet stroller to carry him when needed.

In this buying guide, I will take you through all the considerations you may have in mind regarding a pet stroller and highlight the 14 best pet strollers in 2023.

Dogs to Carry in a Pet Stroller

As I mentioned earlier, pet strollers are more effective when used for dogs who are not able to walk on their own.

Wondering whether to get a pet stroller? Learn more in our blog an the worthiness of pet strollers and find out how you can use one.

Apart from such dogs, you can also use pet strollers to walk your shy dog in public, he will feel more comfortable and secure while inside there.

The following dogs will require a pet stroller for their comfort and mobility:

  • Elderly dogs
  • Small dogs and puppies who have not learned to walk properly
  • Sick or injured dogs
  • Recovering dogs
  • Dog breeds that don’t like hot weather. E.g., Pekingese and Bullmastiff

4 Common Types of Pet Strollers

Pet strollers come in many forms and shapes. Before deciding on the one that you will buy for your dog, you need to know exactly what you intend to do with it first.

1. Travel Strollers

This type of pet stroller is used when you are traveling with your pet for a holiday, vacation, or event. They are very portable because they can be collapsed and put conveniently in your vehicle.

These strollers usually resemble baby strollers and they have 4 wheels also.

2. All-terrain stroller

As the name suggests, this stroller can be used on many surfaces other than smooth concrete. They are made of bigger wheels that easily move on sandy beaches, lawns, gravel, or hiking trails.

This stroller has 3 wheels and the front wheel is usually bigger than the other 2 which are big also. They also have an elaborate suspension system that ensures your pet is not tossed to and from while using it.

3. Bicycle strollers

These strollers are used by cyclists who intend to cycle with their dogs at the same pace. The stroller is easily hooked to your bicycle such that your pet will accompany you when you cycle around.

Dog in bicycle stroller

To give your dog an amazing scenic view of the outside, a bicycle stroller is often surrounded by a mesh window that also keeps the air circulation at par.

You will get different stroller sizes depending on your dog’s size.

4. Double pet stroller

If you have 2 dogs or a dog and a cat, you do not need to buy separate pet strollers for both of them. A double pet stroller is designed with two compartments joined together and uses the same wheels to move around.

This stroller is made in such a way that each pet feels the same comfort.

What to Look for in a Pet Stroller

After deciding on the type of pet stroller you are going to buy, you now need to consider various aspects of a good stroller that will serve you well.

1. The size of the stroller

Carefully choose a stroller that matches your dog’s size. Size mismatch will make your dog very uncomfortable especially when the stroller is very small for him.

If you have a dog who has not grown to his full size, you can estimate his potential future size and make room for that adjustment.

Dog stroller

It is better to buy a slightly bigger pet stroller than that which is very small for your pet. For a bigger stroller, you can cover up the additional room space by inserting some bedding.

2. Wheels

Pet strollers move on wheels and it is very important to check the type and strength of the wheel your pet stroller comes with.

Most manufacturers make strollers with 3 or 4 wheels, the 4 wheeled strollers offer more stability than the other one and they can be used effectively to move your pet for long distances.

3. The roof and side covers

You need to buy a stroller that protects your dog from the scorching sun during the day. The roof should be made of a material that does not absorb heat.

You also need to get a stroller with a water-resistant roof that can be used in the rain.

Your dog needs to be comfortable in all weather situations. On the sides, the stroller needs to have a balance between maximum ventilation, visibility, and protection.

Too many open sides will expose your dog to other animals and the public as well.

4. Easiness in cleaning

The stroller should be made with materials that are easy to clean with or without a machine. Your pet’s health is very important to be left to chance, you need to regularly ensure that no bacteria are thriving in your pet’s stroller ready to infect him with diseases.

5. Collapsibility and foldability of the stroller

You need to check if your desired pet stroller can be collapsed, folded with ease, and kept in the car without occupying much space. With such a stroller, you are not limited in the places you can go with it.

Double strollers will often occupy a larger space even after folding because they carry more than one pet.

6 Benefits of Using a Pet Stroller

You have now taken all considerations and you are ready to purchase a stroller for your pet. There are many advantages that you will get when you own this powerful accessory.

1. You can now visit the vet with ease

It is common for dogs to become nervous in the car whenever they know of an upcoming vet visit.

It becomes a lot harder to move your dog from the car to the vet office when you arrive there and a pet stroller might just be the solution you need.

Your dog can now enjoy his comfort on his way to the vet when in a stroller.

Dog in vet

2. Protects your dog’s paws

When walking your dog during the summer, he might find it very uncomfortable to step on the sidewalks which might, in turn, injure his paws.

If your dog is licking his paws excessively, it can be a sign that his paws are getting scorched by the hot pavements.

Dog paws

During this time, you can get a pet stroller that will keep your dog safe when moving around.

3. A safe and effective way to go to work with your dog

With a pet stroller, you can now take your dog from your car to your workplace safely and keep him comfortable throughout the day. Your dog will find a familiar place where he can nap comfortably.

Dog in office

4. Convenient for recuperating dogs

Dogs who have come from treatment are always required to spend some quality time in bed as they recover completely.

Some dogs cannot walk due to the effects of treatment e.g., after surgery. With a pet stroller, you can take your recovering dog for a walk without disrupting his comfort.

5. Provides safety to your pup

When walking your dog in a stroller, he is shielded from attack by aggressive dogs who might injure him.

Walking dogs

6. Easier to direct multiple pets

By using a double stroller, you can conveniently guide your pets in one direction without any resistance that could arise when using a leash.


When shopping for the best pet strollers, it is always important to first decide on what you would like to do with them. Some strollers are good on streets and estates and others are good on off roads.

Carefully pick the right-sized stroller for your dog that will give him maximum comfort when moving.

Thank you for reading through my buying guide, I hope you found one product that suits you. If you are looking for other dog products, check our top recommendations for the best dog products in the market.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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