10 Best dog playpens in 2022

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Dogs and especially puppies are fond of playing a lot in the house and in the process, they can hurt themselves or damage your valuable properties.

A dog playpen is an excellent accessory to buy for your dog because it will help in keeping him in the right place at the right time.

Lonely dog

A well-trained furry friend can be left alone in the house for some time but this does not apply to all dogs.

Some of them need close supervision nearly all the time. Owing to our life duties, you need to have the assurance that your dog is safe at home when you are out for work, school, or any other place.

A dog playpen is a confined area that gives your furry friend ample time to play while being safe and free from causing injuries or destruction.

Dog in Pen

While sometimes you can crate your dog in the house, it is not always the most suitable option especially when you have a playful puppy that needs a large area to jump and explore more.

Buying a playpen is a good option to consider and they come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Having a lot of options to choose from, you might be stuck on which kind of playpen will be suitable for your dog.

We have highlighted some of the most important matters you need to consider before buying a playpen and showcased the 10 best playpens for dogs in 2023.

10 Best Playpens for Dogs In 2023Playpen for Puppies

1. go2buy 16/32 Panels Heavy Duty Dog Pens w/ 4 Doors

This playpen for puppies is constructed using high-quality iron material and it is only a cage that does not have any form of roofing.

The cage has a consistent height of 24 inches and each block has a width of 31.5 inches. The panels are connected with pins which ensure that they are tightly held in place while also offering you an easy time when you want to disassemble.

Make sure your dogs are small enough and they cannot jump over the cage with ease.

You can place this playpen both outdoors or indoors. When placing it outdoors, ensure that you have it in a place where your dogs will not suffer harsh environmental conditions like the hot sun or rain.

For indoor use, you just need to ensure that you have enough space to form a cage around your desired location.

The door and lock system is easy to use and it ensures that your furry friends are secured and cannot easily escape from the inside.

The steel wires forming this cage are reinforced and are durable. You can spray them occasionally with powder that reduces their corrosion activities.

Apart from dogs, you can use this playpen to cage other pets and animals including cats, ducks, and chickens.


  • Provides a good and spacious play yard for your puppies.
  • Made with great quality materials.
  • Easy to assemble and shift location.


  • It has no protective roofing.

2. ZENY Dog Playpen 40 Inch 8 Panels, Heavy Duty Pet Dog Pen

This is another sturdy cage playpen for dogs that has no roofing. It features 8-panel metal fences that can be arranged in many ways to form your desired cage shape.

There is an option to upgrade to a double-size pen which features 16 panels. You can form such shapes as rectangular, square, octagonal, and so on.

You will not need any specialized tool for assembling and disassembling.

Each panel measures 31.5″W x 40″H hence when combined, they form a large space where your dogs can play and be secured without causing destruction.

The sides of the panel are tall enough for puppies to jump over and for children to jump in.

This playpen can easily be winded up and folded without tampering with the quality of the steel.

This makes it more convenient to store it in a smaller space whenever you are not using it.

The playpen is hence a good companion when you are traveling with your dog to go camping.

Apart from dogs, you can use this playpen to cage other pets and animals such as rabbits, turtles, and guinea pigs. Just ensure your desired animal cannot jump over the panels.


  • Provides a large and safe yard for puppies to play.
  • It can easily be moved from the yard for mowing.
  • It is a well-built freestanding cage.


  • It has no protective roofing.

3. Go Pet Club Heavy Duty Wire Dog Exercise PenMedium

Go Pets Playpen

This is a sturdy cage playpen that has an 8-panel design used to keep your dogs safe and provide an ample playing ground for them. The panels are 32 inches high.

It is very easy to set up and break down the fence and you will not need any further specialized tools to perform either function apart from the ones included.

The 8 panels can be configured into many shapes and provides 16 square feet of space.

You can cage your puppies both indoor and outdoor using this playpen. Since it doesn’t have protective roofing, it is recommended to be very cautious when using it outdoors and keep it in a place where your puppies will not suffer harsh environmental conditions.

The door to this case has a secured lock that helps in preventing your puppies from escaping with ease.

Use this accessory to give your furry friend a secured and ample playing yard where they will not be disturbed by other pets.


Genius Dog 300 x 600 - Animated
  • Very easy to set up and break down.
  • Made with heavy-duty tube frames.
  • The stakes provide secured anchorage in outdoor spaces.


  • It has no protective roofing.

4. IRIS USA Exercise Pet Playpen and Panels for Dog, Puppy, and Small Animals

This is a dog playpen cage that is made from molded plastic and can be positioned in various positions. You can set it up as a dog play yard, fence, cage, playpen, and more configurations.

There are two knobs on the door that keep it locked by snapping together to ensure your furry friend is safe and he does not escape.

At the bottom, there is a non-skid rubber foot that helps to protect your floor from abrasions.


  • It is beautiful and has a great design.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • It is roomy.


  • A very active puppy can climb out and escape.

Have a look at the video below that shows how to set up this type of playpen.

5. EliteField 2-Door Soft-Sided Dog & Cat Playpen

This is both an indoor and outdoor playpen that can be carried easily by hand and it comes in several sizes to match your dog size. It fits only one dog.

It is made with a sturdy and soft-sided material that keeps your furry friend safe whenever you are not closely supervising him.

The fabric is easy to clean hence you don’t have to worry about how to eliminate any buildup of dirt.

The playpen has two doors that allow easy entrance and exit while giving your dog ample space to play and relax.

It also features vents on the sides and top of the pen that gives your dog a good flow of air while providing you with a clear view of him from the outside.

Two pockets on the side help in keeping your dog’s accessories when traveling with him. There are also water bottle pockets to ensure that your dog remains hydrated during the journey.

The bottom part of the playpen features a mat that gives your dog maximum comfort whenever he is inside. The mat is removable and also washable which helps in keeping everything clean and tidy.


  • It has a beautiful design.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Offers many color and size options.


  • Not good for a chewer.

Playpen for Small Dogs

6. YAHEETECH Foldable Pet Pen Playpen Play Yard

This playpen for small dogs features a choice of between 6 to 30 panels. The more panels you get the more choice you will have in the cage configuration and of course the larger the dog space.

The shapes that can be configured include square, rectangle, octagon, and many others. The entire cage is flexible and you will need no tools in setting up and breaking down.

The individual panels can easily be disassembled into compact sizes and stored in minimal space.

The panels are 32 inches in height hence this pen is effective for small dogs and puppies. A larger and active dog might easily jump off the cage hence losing the purpose of this product.

There is a door that uses a latch to enclose hence keeping your dogs safe and preventing them from easily escaping. The panels also have rounded edges that help prevent injuries on your furry friends.

You can use this product either indoors or outdoors. For indoor use, you will need to ensure you have enough space to fit in your configuration.


  • The panels have soft and rounded edges which are safe.
  • Can be configured into many shapes.
  • It is very flexible.


  • The poles can easily bend.

7. Advantek 5 Foot Portable Indoor Outdoor Galvanized Steel Dog Gazebo with Weatherproof Reversible Cover

This is an octagonal outdoor playpen for dogs that features a rainproof canopy that also shields your dog from the dangerous UV light when placed outdoors.

Dimensions are 60 x 60 x 60 inches. It offers an inside dog space area of 25 square feet which is good enough for most small and medium dogs.

The structure is made of rust-free galvanized steel that ensures it remains strong even after exposure to moisture and rain. The sides of the playpen are made of 2 by 4 inches meshes which are connected by a virtually unbreakable nylon material.

This playpen has one door which is closed with a spring-loaded latch that makes it harder for your dog to escape from inside. The legs of this playpen are elevated by 2 inches.

Setting up this playpen is fast and very easy and you will not require any specialized tools to do it.


  • It is well constructed and sturdy.
  • Very easy to set up and disassemble.
  • It is roomy.


  • The plastic brackets break off so easily.

Playpen for Large Dogs

8. Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Outdoor Dog Playpen with Heavy Duty UV-Resistant Waterproof Cover

This playpen is made of steel and you can get it in three sizes depending on the size of your dog.

The steel metal and metal construction are perfectly welded together then coated to remove sharp edges that may otherwise pose a danger to both you and your dog.

The door has a lockable latch that helps keep your dog safe and prevents him from escaping. There is waterproof roofing at the top that covers the steel roof frame.

The cover keeps your dog safe from UV light, rain, or any other debris material that may fall from an elevated place.

The roof pitch is made in such a manner that it allows water, and snow to fall off with ease rather than accumulating at the top.

There are 1.5 inches elevated legs at the bottom of the playpen that makes it easier to sweep or clean which prevents the eventual build-up of dirt and other bacteria.

It is recommended to anchor this outdoor playpen on the ground to keep it sturdy.

This outdoor pen comes with a pre-assembled modular that makes it very easy to assemble and disassemble. No specialized tools are required to perform any setup.


  • Very sturdy.
  • It has protective roofing.
  • It has a longer height hence good for active dogs.
  • Different sizes available.


  • The roofing is not as durable as the steel frame.

9. Dkeli 8 Panel Portable Playpen with Door

This is an outdoor playpen fence that has 8 panels for constructing different models. You can make rectangular, square, hexagonal, and other model shapes depending on the space available in your yard and the number of dogs you wish to keep inside.

This pen gives your dog a large space to exercise, play, jump, sleep or relax while being secured and protected from a dangerous environment.

The panels are made from heavy-duty metal material that cannot be knocked off easily even by a large dog. You can ideally use this pen for training or transporting your well-behaved dog with ease.

The assembly setup is easy and can be done within minutes. This makes it a good choice if you want to change the shape of the cage.


  • It is sturdy and easy to set up.
  • It has a flexible usage pattern.
  • Well-constructed.


  • Flaking paint chips off after some time.

10. Precision Ultimate Wire Dog Exercise Pen with Door

This playpen is in the form of a cage but it can be used for fewer large dogs. It has a total of eight wide panels which are 2 feet each totaling 16 feet in length.

When extended for use, you can form a total of four configurations which are: 4×4 square, 6×2 rectangle, 5-feet diameter circle, and 16-feet.

The construction of this playpen features an electroplating finish that eliminates the sharp edges and increases the safety level.

The door has a 3-point locking feature that ensures your dog remains safe inside and that it cannot easily escape.

Your dog can hence enjoy his yard while staying away from danger when not supervised.

This playpen occupies a smaller space when not using it because it folds directly within itself in a collapsing manner.


  • Offers a good playing yard.
  • The panels are of a good length.
  • It is secured.


  • It has no protective roofing.

Two Broad Types of Dog Playpen

Playpens for dogs can be categorized into two broad types under which many other playpens fall. When buying this accessory for your dog, it is very important that you consider what suits him most and that will give you peace of mind.

Indoor Playpens

These are playpens that are lightweight hence making them portable and compact. They can easily be assembled and can fit in conveniently within your house.

You can have both fixed and moveable indoor playpens and depending on your ultimate reason for buying, you will get one that suits your needs.

Indoor Playpen

Owing to their lightweight, indoor playpens for dogs are susceptible to damage from a dog that likes chewing a lot. Be sure to check the material strength and choose the one that cannot easily be torn down.

Outdoor Playpens

These playpens on the other hand are placed outside the house to give your dog a convenient and safe haven to play and spend his time.

They are mostly made with wire mesh and are larger than the indoor ones. Despite their large sizes, they are easy to set up and dismantle without requiring specialized tools.

Outdoor Playpen

You can buy an outdoor playpen for dogs and set it in your yard so that you can spend more time with him there when engaging in other activities. 


The Benefits of a Dog Playpen

Playpens for dogs have benefits both to the pet parent and the dog. The peace of mind that comes with realizing that your furry friend is in an enclosed safe place playing with his toys or sleeping is enough reason to make the purchase decision.

Other advantages of having a playpen for your dog are:

  • Dogs feel more secure in playpens. They have little to no worry of being subjected to a dangerous situation or suffering injuries.
Dog in Playpen
  • A dog trainer can use a playpen effectively to train your puppy on some important issues.
  • Some indoor playpens are portable and can be placed in the car hence giving your dog a safe seat when traveling with him.
  • A playpen boosts the relationship you have with your dog during the times you visit to check on him and give him some treats and toys to play with.
  • If you have a very playful dog, then a playpen will provide a secured enclosure that guarantees your household items e.g., furniture is safe.
  • Your dog has the chance of playing with all the toys available for him in the playpen since it is easily accessible and he cannot misplace.

What To Look for When Buying a Playpen for Your Dog

As noted earlier, playpens for dogs come in different varieties, sizes, shapes, and designs. To this effect, you must consider certain factors before finally deciding on the playpen that will suit your furry friend.

1. Your dog’s age

The age of your dog plays an important role in deciding the playpen to get him. For example, the indoor dog pens for puppies will require relatively small space in your house to keep them comfortable.

For a senior dog, you will need a bigger playpen with a matted floor to give him more comfort and more space to exercise.

For seniors with elderly dog problems, you need to put extra care to ensure that he stays comfortable.

You can get a much bigger playpen that can accommodate an orthopedic dog bed to keep his body cushioned from any impact.

Puppies licking each other

2. The Size of your dog

How big your dog is will play a key role in deciding the playpen you will buy for him. Smaller dogs can do well with small-sized playpens but larger dogs will not only need large playpens but also stronger ones.


3. Your preferred place of placing the playpen

You can either place a dog’s playpen in your house or outside. In either case, you will decide whether to get the indoor or outdoor playpen.

For an outdoor playpen, you need to consider the one that offers protective shielding for your dog not to be scorched by the sun.

Puppy Playpen

One of the major reasons you are planning on buying a playpen is to keep your dog safe when no one is supervising him.

The safety features in your desired playpen should be tough enough to ensure that neither your dog escapes nor does foreign objects harm him from outside.

4. The safety of your dog

How To Stop a Puppy From Crying in the Crate

Your dog will jump and play while inside the playpen and as such, you need to have the height in consideration. The playpen should be high enough to allow enough room for your dog to jump and play.

Safety Tip: Do not put both dogs and puppies in the same playpen because the former will always dominate while inside.

Puppies should have their separate smaller playpen where they can play and compete among themselves.

5. The playpen’s material

Depending on the end-use of the playpen, these accessories are constructed with diverse materials. For example, an outdoor playpen will customarily have a tougher construction than the indoor ones.

If you have a dog that likes chewing, you should consider getting a playpen that cannot be chewed off.

Plastic Dog Crate

6. Fixed or Flexible

You will find an option to choose between a fixed or flexible playpen for your dog. A fixed playpen has a single construction and constant volume for your dog’s area.

A flexible playpen on the other hand can constantly be modified to increase more space for your furry friends by connecting additional panels.


Without a doubt, it is very important to always ensure that your unsupervised dog is secured and safe from dangerous occurrences.

When buying a playpen to fulfill this purpose, it must serve your needs and if it has additional features, then that’s a better option.

Among the best playpens for dogs in 2023, you will realize that we have both those with roofing and those without.

For indoor use, you might not need one with roofing, but for outdoor use always strive to keep your dog safe from harsh weather conditions also.

Have a look at the video below that explains how you can train your puppy with a playpen:

If you’re interested in other dog products, make sure you check our top picks for this year.

Thanks for reading through my buying guide, I hope you found a product that suits you. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below and I will check it out.

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