Black Cat Names

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When choosing a name for your black cat, you may want to factor in the aura, mystery, and magic appeal that comes with these gorgeous felines.

If you’re not looking for a unique name, there are plenty of common ones that can get the job done. Your main goal should be to capture the cat’s sleek appearance and lovable personality in their new name.

Here is the list of our top 100 black cat names in different categories to inspire you to name your new feline friend.

Top Black Kitten Names

Little black kitted
Image Credit: furryfritz from Instagram

Your black kitten deserves a good name that captures their youthful spirit, unique dark fur, and playful antics.

1.  Ashen

2.  Carbon

3.  Cinder

4.  Eclipse

5.  Ember

6.  Haze

7.  Inkspot

8.  Jetty

9.  Lumi

10. Nova

11. Obsidian

12. Onyx

13. Opar

14. Phantom

15. Raven

16. Sable

17. Selene

18. Stormy

19. Velvet

20. Willow

Black Female Cat Names

Black female cat
Image Credit: kitty ollie from Instagram

The following names are elegant, graceful, and perfect for your black feline queen.

1. Aradia

2. Astrid

3. Batgirl

4. Black Beauty

5. Briar

6. Calypso

7.  Circe

8.  Ebonie

9.  Elvira

10. Lilith

11. Morrigan

12. Nebula

13. Nyx

14. Selene

15. Seraphina

16. Tamsin

17. Thalassa

18. Vespera

19. Zara

20. Zephyr

Black Male Cat Names

Playful black female cat
Image Credit: furryfritz from Instagram

Male cats are likelier to have an all-black fur than their female counterparts. Get a suitable name from the choices below to highlight your cat’s powerful presence.

1.  Asher

2.  Batman

3.  Black beard

4.  Blackjack

5.  Crowley

6.  Dante

7.  Draco

8.  Jett

9.  Knight

10. Loki

11. Merlin

12. Nero

13. Omen

14. Osiris

15. Panther

16. Phantom

17. Rook

18. Sable


20. Zephyr

Black Cat Names Inspired by Dark Colors

Adult Black Cat
Image Credit: furryfritz from Instagram

You can choose a feline name that quickly associates various items with the unique appearance of your stunning feline. Here’s a list of darkly-hued objects to name your cat after:

1. Blackberry

2. Carbon

3. Caviar

4. Charcoal

5. Coal

6. Ebony

7. Espresso

8. Graphite

9. Ink

10. Licorice

11. Nori

12. Obsidian

13. Onyx

14. Pitch

15. Sable

16. Shade

17. Slate

18. Soot

19. Tarmac

20. Truffle

Cute Black Cat Names

Black Cat Names
Image Credit: furryfritz from Instagram

Who said black cats are not cute? Get a sweet name from the list below to show off the adorable side of your new dark-furred feline.

1.  Button

2.  Cupcake

3.  Giggles

4.  Minky

5.  Mochi

6.  Muffin

7.  Niblet

8. Peppercorn

9.  Pickles

10. Pippin

11. Pixels

12. Poppy

13. Smokey

14. Snickers

15. Sprinkles

16. Stardust

17. Trixie

18. Waffles

19. Zinger

20. Zuzu

Funny Names for Black Cats

Image Credit: furryfritz from Instagram

Do you smile every time you call your black cat? Add some humor inside your feline’s identity with these clever but funny cat names:

1. Bing Clawsby

2. Blackout

3. Cat Damon

4. Chewbacca

5. Clawdia

6. Count Catula

7. Darth Vader

8. Dwight D. Eisenmeower

9. Feline Dion

10. Fish bait

11. Fuzz Aldrin

12. Hairy Pawter

13. Incognito

14. Katy Purry

15. Kit-Kat

16. Martin Luther Cat, Jr

17. Meowthra

18. Oedipus the Great

19. Pawdrey Hepburn

20. Purrlock Holmes


Whether your dark-furred feline is a cute little queen or a mischievous gentleman, we hope this list of the top 100 black cat names inspired you to make a good choice.

You can always shortlist three or four names and suggest them to friends and family for their feedback to help you narrow down.

There’s no need to rush the naming process. Take your time under each category and review every name that may resonate with your feline companion.

Remember you’ll be saying this name a lot, so choose something easier to pronounce and one that doesn’t rhyme with the names of your family members.

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