Can dogs eat strawberries

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The straight answer is Yes! Dogs can eat strawberries, but you should give them in moderation.

Strawberries are sweet, low in fat, high in fiber, and packed with vitamins & minerals which are beneficial for your dog.

You should give your furry friend these sweet fruits as snacks, not as the main part of their food.  

Are Strawberries Safe for Dogs?

It’s important to watch what happens if your dog eats strawberries and take the reactions into account when deciding whether or not to give them this fruit.

As long as your dog is not allergic to berries, they shouldn’t cause any harm. In fact, they are a great source of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants and can be a healthy treat for your dog.

If your dog has diabetes or kidney problems, eating strawberries may not be the best idea because they contain high amounts of sugar.

And as we will shortly see, too much sugar can lead to serious health problems in dogs. Find out the best foods you can feed a sick dog at home.

In this post, we’ll explore the benefits and risks of giving your dog strawberries and provide some tips for how to safely include them in your pet’s diet.

How To Prepare and Feed Strawberry to Your Dog

Strawberries are packed with health benefits for your dog. However, if you want your pet to enjoy these delicious berry-sweet treats without any side effects then follow these tips.

Make sure to wash the strawberries thoroughly with clean water. This will rinse away any residual pesticides or other potentially harmful germs that may be on the fruit.

Wait for the strawberries to dry and then hull them using a knife to remove the stem and leaves. A whole strawberry could be a potential choking hazard for your small dog. You should cut them into smaller pieces or prepare them as a puree for your small-sized dogs.

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Large dogs should be okay with eating a whole strawberry, but you could also cut them into two for their convenience.

Remember that strawberries should be served in moderation. They should not make a major part of your dog’s daily food intake.

You should only use ripe and fresh strawberries for your dog. Avoid feeding your dog unripe strawberries because they may upset your dog’s stomach.   

7 Benefits of Strawberries for Dogs

Fresh strawberries are good for dogs and they are packed with many health benefits for your dog. Here are some of them:

  1. Strawberries are a great source of Vitamin C and Omega-3, which are beneficial for dogs’ skin and coats.
  2. Alongside Vitamin C, there are also Vitamins B1, K, & B6 which help to support a healthy immune system. This will prevent your pooch from becoming ill, and it also slows down the aging process.
  3. Strawberries contain Malic acid, an enzyme that helps to whiten your dogs’ teeth due to its strong antiseptic properties.
  4. Strawberries are packed with antioxidants, which may help promote heart health by keeping blood vessels healthy and preventing them from clogging up. Antioxidants will also slow the rate of cancer development by countering the effects of free radicals.
  5. Strawberries are a good source of fiber, which can help improve your dog’s digestion and prevent constipation.
  6. Fresh strawberries have high water content which can help your dog to stay hydrated for some time. However, you should not forget to always give your dog a constant supply of clean drinking water.
  7. Strawberries are also low in fat and calories, making them a great snack for overweight dogs and those on a strict diet.

Disadvantages of Strawberries for Dogs

While strawberries are safe to feed to your dog, there’s a point where it can be too much for them. These are some of the risks when your dog overindulges in these sweet fruits:

Strawberries contain oxalic acid, which can be toxic to dogs in high amounts. Too many strawberries can lead to the formation of calcium oxalate crystals, especially in dogs with sensitive digestive systems.

Strawberries are high in sugar which is not good for dogs if consumed in large amounts. Too much sugar can cause diarrhea and stomach upset, which is not ideal when you’re trying to keep your pooch healthy.

If your dog has an upset stomach after eating strawberries, you should give them a few hours to recover before letting them eat any other meal. Find out the foods you can give your dog for an upset stomach for better relief.

If his symptoms don’t subside within an hour or two after eating, you should contact your vet immediately.

How Many Strawberries Can I Give My Dog?

Strawberries can be a great snack for your dog as long as they are taken in moderation. It is essential to watch the quantity of strawberries you feed your dog as they contain sugar. 

Can dogs eat strawberries

Small dogs should be given one strawberry fruit per day. Medium-sized dogs can take 3 or 4 strawberries per day. And finally, large dogs can safely take up to 5 strawberries in a day.

As with all foods, overfeeding strawberries can be dangerous. If you want to give your dog strawberries regularly, it’s best to consult with your nutritional vet first to make sure they are a healthy snack for your dog.

Can Puppies Eat Strawberries?

Puppies can eat strawberries, but they should be limited. Strawberries are high in sugar and could cause digestive problems if you give your puppy too many.

You should give your puppy at most one strawberry per day. You can mash it or make a puree for their convenience in eating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Leaves?

Strawberry leaves are not toxic for dogs, but they are not convenient for all dogs to eat. They can be fed raw or cooked, but cooked leaves are more edible than raw.

The leaves contain some amino acids, vitamins A & C, antioxidants, and trace minerals. Some of these nutrients may be lacking in the fleshy part of the berry.

Strawberry leaves may not be the best choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs or those with a history of food allergies.

Some dogs may get diarrhea if they eat too many raw strawberry leaves. This is because they lack some enzymes necessary to break down certain minerals in those leaves.

Cooking strawberry leaves helps reduce this risk and you can use it as a food topping for your dog.

If you decide to give your dog strawberry leaves make sure you do so in moderation, especially if your pet has a history of digestive issues or kidney problems.

If your dog shows symptoms of digestive discomfort after eating it the leaves, make sure to contact your vet right away.

Can dogs eat strawberry seeds?

Strawberry seeds are small, yellow-like, and hard. They’re edible for dogs but can cause problems if eaten in large quantities.

They’re often found in some dog treats, especially freeze-dried ones. Small amounts of seeds are OK, but be sure to thoroughly rinse your dog’s berries before giving them, if you want to remove some of the seeds.

Fresh or canned strawberries?

Canned strawberries are packed in syrups and are therefore not good for dogs. They contain very high levels of sugar, which can be toxic for your dog.

Canned strawberries may also contain xylitol and other additives which are toxic for dogs. If you want to treat your dog with strawberries, it is best to go for the freshly cut ones or the unsweetened frozen treats.

What other fruits are safe for dogs

The following are some of the other fruits that are safe for dogs:

What fruits are not safe for dogs

Although dogs can eat most fruits, there are some fruits that are unsafe for dogs. They include:


The answer to the question “Can dogs eat strawberries?” is yes, but with caution. They should be given in moderation and always go for fresh berries.

If your dog is particularly sensitive, you may want to avoid giving them strawberries. However, as long as you keep an eye on how many you feed them and make sure they aren’t making up the majority of their diet.

You can also offer them as part of a healthy diet by adding other fruits like blueberries, plums, or even bananas – all delicious and beneficial for your dog.

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