DIY Dog Crates

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Are you tired of metal dog crates that stick out like a sore paw in your home? Would you like to give your furry friend a fashionable, comfortable den that perfectly complements your interior?

You’re in the right place! In this article, we have rounded up 50 DIY dog crate ideas and plans to inspire you to create the perfect home for your canine friend.

Purchasing a commercial dog crate can also leave a dent in your pocket, especially if you have a heavy chewer who loves to rip things apart.

This guide has something for everyone, from modern farmhouse designs to chic upcycled furniture for environmental sustainability.

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50 Escape-proof DIY Dog Crates

1. IKEA Malm Dog Crate Hack

A dog relaxing in a DIY crate
Image Credit: Garrison Street Design Studio

This innovative approach repurposes a popular IKEA Malm dresser into a multifunctional piece of furniture that doubles as a stylish and cozy dog crate.

This project idea seamlessly keeps your pet’s space in tune with your existing bedroom or living room décor just by removing the drawers, and drawers’ slides, and making a few modifications.

2. A Cute DIY Dog Crate Worth Your Time

Customized dog crate
Image Credit: Stumps + Rumps

Just picture having this DIY dog crate in your home! Isn’t it beautiful? We loved this project from Stumps + Rumps because they used everyday materials to create something stunning.

Discard the eyesores from your living room and get the free plan to start this project today. You may need an experienced hand to help you with the precision cuts.

3. Multipurpose DIY Dog Crate Console

Image Credit: shanty-2-chic

Ashley and Whitney are back again, and this time round, they made an all-in-one DIY dog crate console for their furry buddies.

This beautiful dog crate can accommodate two dogs, it has a functional tabletop and a midsection provision for holding your dog’s supplies.

As you feed your dog from the bottom drawer, you can use the top two drawers for keeping your dog’s toys, collars, harnesses, and other accessories.

4. DIY Dog Cabinet and lounge

A dog crate with storage cabinets and end table
Image Credit: momma told me blog

If you have a problem keeping your dog stuff in one place, then this simple DIY project is an excellent idea to pick cues from.

The major raw material needed for this project is something like an old cabinet, a nightstand, or a side table to repurpose to your dog’s liking.

5. DIY Pet Kennel with End Table

DIY Dog Crates
Image Credit: Ana White

We all love Ana White when it comes to DIY projects, and again, this is another thoughtful project from her.

This project is good for people with intermediate woodworking skills and those who need a sturdy dog crate to house their large canines.

Feel free to customize or paint the final product to match your aesthetic appeal and interior décor.

6. DIY dog crate for large-breed dogs

DIY Dog Crate for large dogs
Image Credit: 100 things 2 do

If you have a giant breed dog, you know how hard it can be sometimes to find the correct size crate for your furry friend.

But not any longer! Thanks to this DIY place from 100 Things to Do, you can now create a super-sized dog crate to house your canine friend in comfort.

The project authors made this crate without the bottom part because they intend to place it over the kitchen tiles which will help cool their dog down.

7. DIY Dog Crate Stand

A brown dog sitting in a DIY dog crate
Image Credit: my repurposed life

This DIY project makes for a cute small space for your furry friend and an accompanying drawer to store a few things.

8. Cute Dog Crate with a Sliding Door

Image Credit: woodshop diaries

You can now build a stylish and modern dog crate for your furry friend while keeping your interior aesthetics in mind.

The project author furnished the interior part of the crate with a comfy bed to give Fido a nice place to wind up and sleep.

9. DIY End Table Dog Crate

A small white dog in an end table dog crate with flowers at the top and a couch beside it
Image Credit: one project closer

We loved this stylish end table with a door and meshed sides that double as a dog crate. You can place this piece in your living room area or bedroom.

The crate seamlessly blends into your home space while providing a functional, secure, and comfortable area for your furry friend.

10. Farmhouse Barn Door Dog Crate

Image Credit: shanty-2-chic

Ashley and Whitney built this rustic dog crate for their furbaby because they wanted to treat him like the true king in the house.

This crate will certainly add the flair of a farmhouse to your home while keeping your furry friend within a contained space.

You might need a helping hand to execute this project to perfection. The authors have provided clear instructions and pictorial guidance to help you through the process.

11. DIY Stylish Dog Crate

Beautiful DIY Dog Crate
Image Credit: family handyman

Why not offer a stylish edge to your pet’s living area with this modern dog crate? The family handyman using easy-to-find materials does the project but with precision measurements.

The plan contains all information to guide you through this project and an accompanying video to make things easier.

12. Custom-made Dog Crate Cabinet

Image Credit: woodshop diaries

This DIY design combines a dog crate’s practicality with a home cabinet’s functionality, offering a stylish and discreet space for your furry friend to unwind and sleep.

The project author designed this beautiful doggy crate to tastefully blend with your home décor as a regular piece of furniture.

Don’t worry If you have a large dog breed because the crate is big enough for your canine buddy to stretch out and sleep in comfort.

13. Super Cute Homemade Dog Crate

A dog sitting outside a cute crate
Image Credit: popsugar

Dominique Astorino, the creator of this cute furniture, explains how he gets endless compliments from visitors about how cute this dog crate is.

Besides the cuteness overload, this dog crate serves as a functional private space for your furry friends. The crate is good for teething puppies and heavy chewers because it goes inside a wooden frame.

14. DIY Crib Dog Crate

The front view of a DIY Dog Crate
Image Credit: my repurposed life

Once your young kid outgrows their crib, you go to find something to do with the furniture instead of tossing it away.

Gail Wilson from My Repurposed Life has provided a step-by-step guide on how you can create a functional doggy crate from an old crib.

If you don’t have an old crib at hand, you can search on Craigslist or any other online marketplace for a reasonable price.

15. Homemade Dog Crate Table

Image Credit: snazzy little things

This DIY crate design from Jeanette showcases another great way of hiding an eye-sore wire crate in your living space.

Besides hiding your dog’s crate, adding a simple cover also makes the space discreet and private for your furry friend.

You may need a few basic woodworking skills to get the final product, but the clear guideline makes everything straightforward.

16. Custom Dog Crate

Image Credit: this old house

With this simple plan from this old house, you can put up a custom-made crate for your furry friend within a day or so.

The crate doubles up as a side table, where you can keep your lamb, coffee, books, and such things. The final product is cute enough to complement your interior décor.

17. Rumfield DIY Dog Crate

Image Credit: Rumfield Homestead

Rumfield Homestead presents a clever DIY project that transforms scrap lumber and chicken wire into a stylish console table that doubles as a functional dog crate.

The project author does very well to show how versatile the DIY plan can get, as one can very easily add curtains later on if the little furry friend needs more privacy.

18. DIY Cabinet Dog Crate

DIY Dog Crate Cabinet
Image Credit: Jessica Lynn at Home

This YouTube video from Measure & mix shows how to skillfully repurpose an old bathroom cabinet into a versatile dog crate, complete with a tabletop that doubles as a convenient laundry-folding station.

The possibilities with this plan can be practically endless depending on the type of cabinet you have and the customization options you need to incorporate.

19. DIY In-walled Dog Crate

Dog in a Doghouse
Image Credit: tommy and ellie

If you have an under-the-stairs cupboard in your home, check this guide from Tommy and Ellie on how you can convert it into a dog crate.

This project showcases a way to make use of unutilized space that could have otherwise gone to waste or used in holding the usual house junk.

20. Dog Crate from An Old Baby Crib

A dog relaxing in a blue crate
Image Credit: HGTV

Here’s yet another project that shows (instructions + video) how to convert a crib into a functional dog crate for your furry friends.

The best part about this project is that you can use your crib mattress, if you still have it, to furnish the interior part of this crate.

21. Homemade Wooden Dog Crate Cover

A cute dog crate in a house corner
Image Credit: heathershandmadelife

Even with a little experience in woodworking, mainly cutting and drilling, you already have what it takes to make a removable wooden dog crate cover successfully.

It’s also a great plan for beautifying and making your dog’s indoor living environment more practical and private.

This could be one of the easiest projects you can take on beginning today. You probably have everything required lying around in the garage.

22. DIY Dog Crate with Sliding Door and Wood Slats

DIY Dog Crate with Sliding Door and Wood Slats
Image Credit: Shara

This adorable dog crate with a sliding door is inexpensive and easy to build. Make sure to watch the video to get all the necessary information.

The wood slats give the crate a modern feel and the door encloses to make your dog feel safer and more secure in their little hang-out area.

23. Build Blueprints DIY Kennel Plans

Image Credit: build blueprint

Build blueprints are perfect for people with enough experience in reading the woodwork plan and like a proper representation to follow through with your work.

The DIY plans authors provide an itemized list of materials for every project and a to-do list of what you have to gather to use.

The assembly guides with complete 2D plans and 3D diagrams will make sure you have all the dimensions and pictorial illustrations to complete the given project.

24. IKEA Hack Dog Crate Cover

A hidden dog crate
Image Credit: IKEA Hackers

Just take a good look at this dog crate cover and you’ll appreciate the genius work of the creator behind it. But guess what? You can also build one today, thanks to the guide from IKEA hackers.

25. DIY Simple Dog Cage Table Topper

Image Credit: DIY Danielle

You can transform your existing dog crate into a functional side table just by building this simple table topper without the stress of excessive customization.

The project is a good start for pet parents trying their footing in woodworking, and it makes use of wood pieces you may already have.

26. Easy Dog Crate Side Table

Dog Crate Side Table in Use
Image Credit: The Palette Muse

Besides being easy to make, this DIY dog crate plan offers a space-saving solution for pet parents staying in small quarters.

All you need is to construct the table following the same kennel size and go with table legs that complement your interior décor.

27. Furniture-like DIY Dog Crate

Image Credit: designer trapped

This comprehensive guide from Tasha highlights how you can build a beautiful furniture-like dog crate that easily blends into your interior décor.

This project is a must-try for all pet parents who are sick and tired of the boring wire crates that are becoming an eyesore in their living rooms.

28. Upscale a Dog Crate with tabletop and wheel

Upscale a Dog Crate with tabletop and wheel
Image Credit: Spiny Daisy

Instead of sticking your dog’s wire crate in the corner, you can upscale it with a functional table and wheels for versatility and improved aesthetics.

29. Cardboard Dog Crate

Cardboard dog crate
Image Credit: danlynne07 from Instrucatables

If you need a functional yet temporary and lightweight crate made from cardboard, then this plan from Instructables might be what you’re looking for.

This homemade dog crate is also ideal for new puppies, but not for teething puppies and adult dogs who love chewing a lot.

30. Long Table DIY Dog Crate

Long Table DIY Dog Crate
Image Credit: Popo’s Woodworks

This homemade dog crate forms an excellent accessory for large-sized furry companions and doubles up as a space to place your items.

Popo’s Woodwork has a cool video with instructions on how to make it. Feel free to paint the final product with the color of your choice.

31. DIY Dog Crate Table Build

DIY Dog Crate Table Build
Image Credit: Our Wild Life

You can never have too many end tables in your home. Feel free to make such a crate for your dog while adding the versatility of an end table.

32. DIY Nightstand Dog Crate

DIY nightstand crate
Image Credit: woodshop diaries

Besides housing your pup, this DIY crate can also serve as a convenient dresser or nightstand in your bedroom or even use it as a TV console.

If your dog has other crating facilities, you can use this nightstand’s open interior as a storage box for your valuable items.

33. DIY Coffee Table Dog Crate

A dog sitting beside a crate
Image Credit: home-dzine

If you don’t have a free space to place a standalone dog crate, you can think about making a coffee table that doubles up as a functional doggy crate.

This space-saving solution kills two birds with one stone with a reasonable budget and the final product blends perfectly with your interior styling.

34. Homemade Dog Cage

Beautiful Dog Crate
Image Credit: Ana White

Here’s another project from Ana White that will instantly refresh your home’s interior appeal and provide a cozy abode for Fido.

35. How to Build a Dog Crate

Wooden Dog Crate
Image Credit: out of the woodwork

This guide is meant to help you learn to build a stylish end table that is a safe, comfortable private space for your furry friends.

This double design nicely includes a hidden doggy crate so that you can provide your canine buddy with their area without losing precious floor space or ruining your house’s interior.

36. Laundry Room DIY Dog Crate Area

Laundry Room DIY Dog Crate Area
Image Credit: lavinlabel

Lavin Label shows how you can custom-make a wooden canine crate into your existing laundry area. The article is an inspiration for people who would love to build something similar for their canine friends.

The main raw material for making the crate is plywood. We also loved the slatted design which complements the interior styling. Feel free to choose your preferred painting solution.

37. Dog Crate from a Cabinet

Dog Crate from a Cabinet
Image Credit: sawdust2stitches

This project took the author one afternoon from start to finish, and the best part is that it can work on any lower-level cabinet.

38. Hidden Dog Crate

Image Credit: a beautiful mess

Your dog will definitely love this cute DIY crate hidden in a discrete custom-built cabinet for total canine privacy.

The cabinet can be designed to match your existing furniture, with options for various finishes, colors, and configurations to suit your individual taste.

39. Upcycle a Baby Crib

Upcycle a Baby Crib
Image Credit: Joe Income

All you need for this super easy project is a minimal everyday baby crib and a few tools to turn it into an amazing dog crate.

Upcycling a baby crib is one of the easiest ways of creating a dog crate at home without the need for sophisticated woodworking skills.

It’s also on the affordable side. If you don’t have an old baby crib at home, you can thrift one from an online store with ease.

40. DIY Wooden Crate for Two Dogs

Image Credit: designing vibes

This spacious, sturdy wooden crate provides ample room for two dogs to coexist comfortably in a shared space.

You will need a divider wall to separate the two compartments, making sure each pup has their private area while still being able to see and interact with their human companions.

41. DIY Dog Crate Console

Image Credit: woodshop diaries

At first glance, you might think this is a typical console cabinet, but it’s actually a dual-designed cabinet featuring a doggy crate.

You may need an experienced hand to help you out with the details and precise measurements, especially if you’re new to woodworking.

42. Built-in Bookshelf Dog Crate

Image Credit: Sawdust Girl

Did you know you can turn or incorporate a canine crate into your bookshelf? Turn that idea into reality by checking Sawdust Girl’s project plan.

43. Repurposing a cabinet into a Dog Crate

Repurposing a cabinet into a Dog Crate
Image Credit: Lexis Shantell

Watch this video from Lexis Shantell on how you can transform an old thrifted cabinet into a fresh crate for your furry friends.

You can customize the end product with paintwork and finishes that perfectly match your interior aesthetics.

44. Homemade Dog Crate with a top Table

A dog in a side table crate
Image Credit: Ashley McGetrick

As your dog sleeps inside this amazing crate, you can use the top part as a functional table to store your plants, books, and other items.

45. Affordable Mid-century DIY Dog Crate

Modern style side table dog crate with a yorkie m
Image Credit: Cristina

Cristina from Remodelando la Casa shows how you can transform plywood sheets into a functional cage for your lovely canine buddies.

This building challenge is for all DIY lovers, and it encourages the participants to add a mid-century flair to their living spaces.

Just with a budget of $100, the plan includes detailed steps with precise cuttings of raw materials, to the assembling of the final product.

46. Simple Dog Crate End Table

A dog sleeping on a couch beside an end table crate
Image Credit: ruffwear

Have you been longing to build a simple dog crate for your furry friend? Kadee Mardula from Ruffwear got you covered with this comprehensive DIY dog crate tutorial.

The plan contains clear, easy-to-understand, step-by-step processes with the leeway of tailoring the dimensions to suit your dog’s size.

We loved how the project author ensured a smooth building process right from selecting the right plywood materials for the job.

47. DIY Wooden Dog Crate

Image Credit: Justin Built

If you have experience in woodworking and desire multifunctional furniture for your canine friend, this YouTube video is a fantastic resource for you.

Justin Built outlines an engaging tutorial to guide his viewers into making a beautiful dog crate that serves as a functional end table.

The project author went for a rustic design, which is a perfect choice for pet parents who appreciate a warm, homemade interior décor.

48. Stylish DIY IKEA Dog Crate

Image Credit: frugal family times

If you desire a wooden dog crate but lack the expertise and time to make one, this IKEA hack from This DIY Life is a fantastic guide for you.

The project is centered around turning a crib into a stylish dog crate, and the best part is that you can build this within a very short time.

49. A Stylish Built-In Dog Crate

Cute dog crate
Image Credit: bloom in the black

This comprehensive guide by Brianna Thomas shows how you can build such a stylish dog crate in your home and the things you need to consider during the process.

50. Homemade Dog Crate That Looks Like Furniture

Dog crate furniture
Image Credit: patch puppy

This homemade dog crate from Patch Puppy is both elegant in appearance and functional for your furry friend.

It goes well with other furniture you have at home, thereby providing a very comfortable yet secure space for your canine friend.

The final product can be customized to the color and style of your preference to suit your aesthetic appeal.


From repurposing old items to building your dog’s crate from scratch, there are many options for dog owners who don’t want to refresh their homes with cute pet accessories.

Our comprehensive guide of 50 DIY Dog Crates includes the options of building an entire piece of furniture and disguising an old wire crate into a new pup den.

Before you start on any DIY dog crate project, make sure to get your pup’s size right to help you get the right dog crate size.

Consider your dog’s specific habits such as chewing or digging when designing a crate. You don’t want to spend long hours creating something that will be quickly undone in minutes. Enjoy your DIY project!

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