Easy-To-Make DIY Dog Stuff and Projects

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Are you ready to show your puppy some love with homemade treats?

Besides showing love, creating your own pet accessories through DIY projects is a convenient way to save money, as they often cost much less than similar items found in stores.

Check out this guide to discover 50 easy-to-make DIY dog stuff and projects and be sure to let us know your favorite option in the comment section below.

50 Easy-To-Make DIY Dog Stuff and Projects

1. Plastic bottle tug toy

Homemade dog toy
Image Credit: cph_staffy from Instagram

Plastic bottles are not very common these days, but if you have a few at home, why not repurpose them into a tug toy for your canine friend?

2. DIY dog bone toy

Dog bone toy
Image Credit: Mollie Johanson from The Spruce

You can make a homemade plush dog toy for your furry friend at almost half the cost of what you would have to pay for a commercial model.

If you want that rattling noise, go ahead and stuff some dried peas and beans inside the plush bone. Always supervise your dog when playing with a chewable toy, especially if they are heavy chewers.

3. Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed

A white dog sitting on a suit case bed
Image Credit: HGTV

If you don’t have one of these classic suitcases at home, you can thrift one at a throwaway price and make something cute out of it.

Once you have the suitcase, all you need is to disassemble it to create a roomy interior and fill it up with a cushion or a lush pillow.

Feel free to customize the colors and pattern of your new homemade doggy bed to match your home aesthetics.

4. DIY Wooden Bowl Dog Stand

Dog eating from an elevated food bowl
Image Credit: Jenni Yolo

Your furry friend deserves to eat from a comfortable position just like the human members of your family.

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to make this elevated wood dog bowl stand from scratch. If you’re still a novice, you may need an experienced hand to help you with this project.

Cleaning up these bowls is much easier, thanks to the modular design that allows you to pop out the bowls.

5. DIY Agility Jump

A white dog jumping over an agility course
Image Credit: Gone To The Snow Dogs

This homemade agility jump is easy to set up and can be used to exert your dog during exercise and training hours.

The project authors used furniture-grade PVC pipes in the classic blue and white colors and a variety of PVC fittings.

Having a PVC pipe cutter and knowing how to use one is the most important aspect of this weekend’s DIY project.

6. Dog tug toy out of a Towel

A black dog playing with a colorful rope toy
Image Credit: Good Housekeeping

Tattered towels can be an eyesore, but did you know that you can give them a new life by repurposing them into a tug toy?

This is one of the simplest projects you can do without a helping hand. All you need is to cut the tattered towels to about 4 x 12 inches and tie the top with a sturdy strip.

7. DIY squeaky toy

A black dog playing with a homemade rope toy
Image Credit: Fun Sock City

A squeaky dog toy brings a convenient way for your pup to connect with their natural desire to chase prey.

This project is super simple! All you need is a squeak from an old toy and a few pairs of old socks to give your dog this goodness.

8. DIY Dog Treat Holder

Dog Treat Holder
Image Credit: Down Redbud Dive

One way of ensuring your furry friend doesn’t eat too much is by keeping their treats and other foodstuff in a contained space.

This treat holder is very simple to make, and the best part is that you can complete this project in about 30 minutes.

9. Homemade Dog Poop Bag Holder

Image Credit: A Rose Tinted World

If you love going outdoors with your dog, then you know the importance of having poop bags at all times.

This holder will keep your dog’s poop bags in good sight for convenience when you need to use them. We also loved the little clips, which allow you to attach the holder to a handbag.

10. DIY Dog Sweater

A brown dog wearing a DIY sweater with a long leash
Image Credit: See Kate Sew

Keep your dog warm during the cooler months with this lightweight doggie sweater made using simple materials.

11. Homemade No Sew Collar Sleeves

A white dog with a yellow pom pom collar sleeve
Image Credit: Pretty Fluffy

You can now transform the boring look of your favorite dog collar just by designing a few collar sleeves to slip the accessories in.

These stylish no-sew accessories will pamper your puppy and get them ready for the new adventure in town.

12. How To Make a Dog Crate Table

A homemade dog crate table
Image Credit: snazzy little things

This project highlights a simple way to beautify your home’s canine corner with a gorgeous multipurpose dog crate table.

You can drastically cut the overall cost by using leftover fabric and scraped wood. Check out our article on 50 Stylish DIY Dog Crates for more simple plans.

13. DIY Dog Bandanas

A dog with a DIY bandana
Image Credit: Spoon Flower

Your pup deserves to rock a seasonal bandana to match the holiday’s theme and show off their playful sides.

All you need is to stitch up various bandana patterns that can slip over your dog’s collar to complete a unique look.

14. Simple Car Seat Blanket

A dog sitting at a car's backseat
Image Credit: Kerstin Lock

This dog blanket will keep all pet fur and dirt away from your car’s backseat when traveling with your canine passenger.

One of the most important aspects of this seat is the over-the-seat straps that help keep the blanket in place even when your dog is jumpy.

15. Homemade Dog Tent

A dog relaxing in a teepee tent
Image Credit: Shara

You can use this quick DIY teepee to shelter your dog from the scorching sun on your patio. The materials needed for this project are easy to find.

Make sure to cut the teepee fabric into sizes that will fully accommodate your canine friend with secured comfort.

16. Easy Dog ID Tags

Homemade dog tag
Image Credit: Instructables

You don’t need a hefty budget to keep your dog safe with a clear identification mark, especially in outdoor settings.

Simply gather parchment paper, a polystyrene plastic, among other materials, and cut out a clean tag for your canine friend.

17. DIY Unicorn Costume

Unicorn Dog Costume
Image Credit: Live Colorful

With such a unicorn dog horn, you can be sure to bring out the magic of dog ownership in every morning walk, weekend parties, and the dog park.

Your major homework here is to create a favorable template for the costume and follow the detailed instructions on how to make the unicorn horn.

18. Modern Dip Dyed Dog Leash

A person holding a dog with a multi-colored leash
Image Credit: Kelly from Studio DIY

Rock your upcoming dog outing with this technicolor dog leash to make your pup stand out from the crowd.

All you need is a cotton rope leash, a dye kit, and several bowls for each dye color. Feel free to choose the pattern and colors that appeal to you the most.

19. DIY Soft Dog Bone Toy

Image Credit: Busy Being Jennifer

This dog toy is easy to make and we loved the fact that you can customize the fabric pattern to come up with your favorite color combination.

An upholstery fabric and other easy-to-find materials are all you need to get this project done. It’s a perfect choice for novice DIYers and kids.

20. Recycled Bottle Treat Dispenser

DIY Dog Treat Dispenser
Image Credit: Daily Dog Tag

This beautiful treat dispenser is made with readily available materials, thereby cutting the cost of getting a store-bought treat jar by a fraction.

The project author has outlined an easy-to-follow procedure with relevant photos to make everything easier even for beginners.

21. DIY Dog Flirt Poles

Dog flirt Pole
Image Credit: Blue Cross

If you have a playful pup, then you already know the importance of having sturdy flirt poles. With only a few raw materials needed, they are easy and quick to make from scratch.

22. DIY Dog Bed

A black dog sleeping on a comfy green bed
Image Credit: Randi

Is your dog’s sleeping pad a bit tattered? The good news is that you don’t need a sewing expert to make a brand-new bed for your canine.

Using materials readily available at your local craft store, along with scissors and a ruler, you can quickly create a cozy bed for your beloved furry friend.

23. DIY Non-Slip Dog Food Mat

Dog food bowls on a colored mat
Image Credit: Krista

Maintain a tidy feeding area for your furry friend with this DIY non-slip pet food mat, a quick and easy project that’s perfect for both dogs and cats.

This DIY project is a perfect choice for pet parents with messy eaters. Feel free to choose the fabric and raw materials that match your interior aesthetics.

24. Homemade Pet Silhouette Rack

Dog Leash Rack
Image Credit: Sew Doggy Style

This beautiful hanging rack can accommodate a variety of your dog’s accessories including leashes, collars, and lightweight toys.

The best part about this project is that you can personalize the rack with a painted portrait of your furry friend.

25. DIY Muffin Tin Game

A dog playing with tennis balls on a muffin tray
Image Credit: Cheerful Hound

This easy-to-make muffin tin game for dogs will stimulate your furry friend’s minds and whiskers all day long.

Remember to add a few high tiny value treats inside the tennis balls and let your canine friend sniff them out while playing.

26. DIY Chew Toy from Socks

A dog playing with a frozen sock
Image Credit: Instructables

Are you still looking for the simplest homemade chew toy? Look no further than this idea from Nubabuda at Instructables.com.

All you need is to knot a long sock, soak it in water, and freeze it overnight for a refreshing new chewy toy.

27. DIY Pull-Apart Dog Toy

A brown dog playing on the floor
Image Credit: Leopold’s Crate

Here’s a perfect solution for teething puppies and dogs who love to rip apart soft chew toys and other valuables.

28. Homemade Sock Toy

A dog holding a green toy
Image Credit: The Barking Post

Instead of throwing away that pair of old socks, why not repurpose it into a new toy for your lovely furry friends?

All you need is to cut a hole in the toe side of the sock, insert an empty bottle, and secure both ends with twine. Feel free to hem the edges for added strength if your dog is a heavy chewer.

29. DIY Braided Dog Leash

Image Credit: pet coupon savings

Don’t throw away that old T-shirt that no longer fits you. Instead, you can repurpose it into a stylish braided dog leash.

The project author recommends this leash for small and medium-sized dogs. Consider using tougher materials if you have a larger canine.

30. Easy DIY Paw Balm

Dog Shampoo bar
Image Credit: Miss Molly Says

Dry paw pads can get cracked and painful, making it difficult for your furry friend to walk or perform normal activities.

You can prevent this problem by moisturizing your dog’s paw pads with a homemade balm made using natural ingredients.

31. Homemade Dog Shampoo Bar

DIY Dog shampoo bar
Image Credit: the inspiration edit

Consider making this shampoo bar if you’re looking for a natural and safe alternative to commercial shampoos.

This shampoo bar is made using goat milk, coconut oil, oatmeal, and a variety of essential oils for your dog’s coat health.

32. Easy Homemade Dog Bed

A dog relaxing on a brown bed
Image Credit: Janice

If your dog is playful and heavy in chewing, you may have spent a few more dollars in purchasing a new stuffed bed every so often.

Janice and Susan have outlined a straightforward tutorial on how to make a dog bed without sewing the materials.

33. DIY Elevated Dog Bed

A dog sitting on an elevated PVC bed
Image Credit: pvc fittings online

You can place this elevated dog bed in your backyard to offer your dog a convenient place to wind up while outdoors.

34. Homemade Dog Cabana

Outdoor Dog Cabana DIY
Image Credit: Danielle

This homemade cabana is a perfect DIY project to give your dog a shaded spot in your backyard. Feel free to adjust the size to match that of your pup.

35. DIY Rustic Dog Bowl Holder

DIY Rustic Dog Bowl Holder
Image Credit: Danielle

Transform an old chair and a piece of scrap plywood into a convenient rustic dog bowl stand with this simple DIY project.

Besides revamping your dog’s feeding station, this project can add a unique, rustic touch to your living room area.

36. DIY Dog Snuffle No Sew Mat

Image Credit: Happiest Camper

If you’re looking for an engaging activity to keep your dog entertained and occupied when alone, consider creating a DIY snuffle mat.

The best part is that you need about an hour to make this no-sew snuffle mat. Be sure to hide some high-value treats to make the sniffing game rewarding for your furry friend.

37. DIY Dog Christmas Stocking Pattern

Image Credit: pillar box blue

Make this year’s December holiday extra special for your furry friend with this new homemade Christmas stocking gift.

We loved how the project authors recreated the traditional Christmas stocking, with a delightful paw shape adorned with a cute paw print instead of the common ‘foot’ design.

38. Cute Handmade Dog Toy

Image Credit: pillar box blue

Make use of your recycled old Denim by repurposing it into these cute handmade toys for your lovely canine friends.

All the materials are readily available and easy to thrift. The only major cost you may incur is the squeaky toy, which you can eliminate by taking one from an old toy.

39. Homemade Dog Bed Cover (Removable)

Image Credit: sustain craft habit

Conventional Dog beds can accumulate pet fur quickly, and cleaning them isn’t always a simple task, especially if you have a heavy shedder.

A removable dog bed cover can be a life changer for people with double-coated dog breeds who shed a lot.

Cotton canvas is an ideal material for a dog bed cover due to its combination of lightweight, making it easy to sew, and durability, ensuring it withstands wear and tear.

40. Homemade Liver Dog Treats

Liver Bite Treats
Image Credit: All Recipes

Check out this simple recipe from Allrecipes on how you can make some homemade liver treats for your lovely canine buddy.

These treats are delicious and nutritious for your dog. They are made with chicken liver, rolled oats, all-purpose flour, and large eggs.

41. Home-baked Cheddar Beef Dog Cookies

Home-baked Cheddar Beef Dog Cookies
Image Credit: Barth bakery

Treat your lovely furry friend to a taste of pure goodness with these super easy, irresistible cheddar dog cookies.

These two-flavor cut-out treats are the perfect way to reward your dog during training, made with wholesome ingredients and free of preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors.

42. Bake Your Own Doggie Donuts

Dog Safe Peanut Butter Bacon Donuts
Image Credit: Barth bakery

If your canine friend is a big fan of bacon and donuts, they will love this homemade treat from Barth Bakery.

These donuts are made with all-natural ingredients for your dog’s health and nutritional benefits during snack time.

43. Homemade Dog Treats for Bad Breath

Image Credit: Spoiled Hounds

Is your dog’s bad breath preventing you from hugging or kissing them? Get this natural way of freshening your dog’s breath with simple homemade treats.

These oven-baked dog treats, infused with mint and parsley, offer a delicious way to fight your dog’s bad breath.

44. Homemade Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats

Image Credit: dalmatian diy

These yummy three-ingredient frozen yogurt dog treats from Dalmatian DIY are made using a cute silicone mold, but feel free to make it in any shape.

45. Homemade Dog Jerky

Homemade Dog Jerky
Image Credit: jerky holic

These yummy dog jerkies are made from ground beef and infused with ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric flavors.

A dehydrator is the simplest equipment for making dog jerky, but baking it in the oven for 3-5 hours is also a viable option.

46. Hypoallergenic Treat for All Dogs

Image Credit: This Mama Cooks

If your canine friends cannot tolerate peanut butter, you can make them this hypoallergenic treat using the recipe from This Mama Cooks.

47. DIY Dog Gate

Image Credit: Betsy

An easy farmhouse-style DIY dog gate is a stylish and functional addition to your home, keeping your furry friend contained while complementing your interior décor.

48. DIY Interactive Toy

Interactive dog feeder
Image Credit: Paris

This durable feeding toy from Dog Tipper is primarily made of PVC pipe and designed to entertain your dog by making them work for the treats hidden inside.

You’ll need basic DIY skills to drill holes into the pipe, which is most easily done when the pipe is held securely in a vise.

49. DIY Real Grass Dog Toilet

Natural grass dog potty area
Image Credit: Sam

If you’re an apartment dweller with a puppy, you may desire to create a real natural grass potty area for your pup.

This DIY project will eliminate the constant need to take your puppy downstairs for a potty break while bringing the convenience of uninterrupted training.

This DIY project is surprisingly affordable, so you don’t have to break the back to keep your dog clean and hygienic.

50. DIY Outdoor Dog House

An outdoor dog kennel finished in blue color
Image Credit: Modern Builds

Making your outdoor dog house allows for customization and personalization to create a comfy abode for your lovely pup.

This DIY project needs intermediate woodworking skills and it’s better done with an experienced helping hand.


With these 50 easy-to-make DIY Dog Stuff and Projects, we hope you can now embark on a rewarding creation for your furry friend.

Remember to consider your dog’s comfort and well-being when choosing a project. Read up the plans thoroughly and get the right materials and tools for the project before starting.

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