Do cats need a cat tree

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Cats love jumping on higher surfaces and they do this on trees while outdoors. But do cats need a cat tree? Follow along to find out why you need to get a good cat tree for your feline family.

Do cats need a cat tree

Cats are also natural scratchers. They love sinking their claws into a soft surface including your furniture. Scratching enables cats to remove worn-out claws and to mark their territories by leaving marks and scents.   

A cat tree is a convenient place that allows your cat to exercise their instincts. It also gives your cat a high place to perch and take a rest.

There are a variety of cat trees out there to choose from. They come in different shapes, sizes, and features to make your cat happy.

Most cat trees have houses where your kitty can hide, relax and sleep. They also have cat toys to keep your furry friend active.

Cat trees will give your cat an elevated place to watch over what’s happening around the house. This gives them a great view to stay alert.

When the cat tree is near the window, it gives your cat a favorable place to watch the outside world from home.

The Common Features of a Cat Tree

A cat tree is not just an elevated perch for your kitty. They have a variety of features that make your cat get the most fun. They vary in height, features, and complexity.

A multi-level cat tree is also likely to accommodate many cats at the same time. Each cat can perch at a different level without bothering each other.

You should always go for the cat tree that has the most features to make your cat get the most excitement.

Some of the most common features of a cat tree are; Ladders, boxes, tunnels, cat toys, perches, scratching posts, and hammocks.

The Importance of a Cat Tree

Outdoor cats have the advantage of climbing and scratching on natural trees. You can bring this fun to your house by getting a good cat tree for your cat. The following are some of the reasons why your cat needs one

1. Expands your cat’s territory

Cats are territorial animals and they love to have their space. A tree will give your cat a personal space where they can relax, play and sleep. Your cats can now have more horizontal and vertical territories.

Cat sleeping on a tree

If you have many cats, then they can share space on a single tree. Cat trees have different levels, perches, and posts that many cats can use at the same time.

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2. Enables your cat to interact

A cat tree makes it easy for your multiple cats to interact while playing. This can be a great place to introduce your resident cats to a new one. They will play together hence increasing their bonding time.

3. Scratching posts

Cat trees have soft padded posts where your cat can sink their claws. Most of the cat tree posts are padded with soft sisal. Some have a soft carpet where your cat can stretch while scratching smoothly.  

Scratching helps your cat to keep their claws in shape by removing worn-out layers. A large cat tree gives your kitty more options on how they can scratch. You can also look at getting a separate scratching post.

Cat scratching on post

They can scratch horizontally, vertically, and diagonally all on the same tree. This will prevent your cat from scratching on your carpet and furniture.

4. A watchtower for your cat

You might have noticed that your cat loves getting on top of the refrigerator and shelves. This is because they love climbing on surfaces to feel more secure. Cats love to be on an elevated level above other pets in the house.

A cat tree gives your feline family a platform to rise and watch over the house. The cat tree should be placed on stable ground, away from any hazards.

Cat on a high tree

They should preferably be near the window. This will give your cat a glance at what’s happening outside. You can encourage your cat to climb the tree by sprinkling some catnip on it.

5. Reduces stress and anxiety

Cats are prone to stress and anxiety if left alone for long periods. Sometimes they can feel intimidated by other pets in the house.

When your cat is on a large tree, they will easily observe every action that goes on in the house. It also gives them a good place to relax, stretch, and play hence reducing their stress and anxiety.

The 4 Most Common Types of Cat Trees

There are many types, and they vary in features and complexities. They also have added functionalities to make your cat get the most fun while playing.

You should get the cat tree that fits your kitty’s personality. If they like hiding, find one with box houses and tunnels. If they love high places, get them a tall multi-level tree.

We wrote a guide on how to choose a cat tree, this could help you decide the exact tree your cat needs.

These are the most common cat tree types that you can find:

1. Single-Level Cat Tree

This is the simplest form of a cat tree. It has a flat base stand supporting a level where your cat can rest. A single-level cat tree will only elevate your cat from the floor but not higher than the couch.

This is ideal for older cats, kittens, and cats who love to hide under the furniture. It gives them a comfortable place to rest above the floor.

The common features of these cat trees are the hanging cat toys and scratching posts. A single-level cat tree is not ideal for multiple cats.

2. Multi-Level Cat Tree

Multi-level cat trees will make your cat more adventurous. They have more than one level where your feline friends can relax, play, and stretch.

A multi-level cat tree can range from 2 levels to 7 levels or even more. If you have two cats, then you can get them a two-level cat tree.

Allow each of them to have their resting place within the same tree. You should observe how they interact and watch out for any sign of space battle. If your cat loves elevated places, then you can get them a three-level cat tree or higher.

Multi level cat tree

Most multi-level cat trees have box houses. This is where your feline friend can take a nap after rounds of running and jumping. A multi-level cat tree is ideal for many cats and those who love exercising.

The more levels a cat tree has, the more features they come along with. You can expect to find more interactive plush toys on such trees.

If your house is spacious enough, then you can get your cats four-level or higher cat trees. They have more toys and are higher in height.

This makes your furbabies challenge themselves by running higher and playing interactively. These multi-level cat trees also allow your kitties to exercise their natural hunting instincts.

They will run after toys through the tunnels and hide in the condos looking for one another. It gives your cats the most fun while indoors.

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3. Wall-Mounted Cat Trees

You can get more creative and mount your wall with a cat tree system. This type of cat tree is a bit different from the common ones.

They do not have a vertical base but are rather mounted on the wall of your house.

Besides being convenient for your cat, they complement the design of your house. They occupy minimal space compared to conventional cat trees.

Cats playing at home

The wall-mounted cat trees have cat boxes that are connected through tunnels, ladders, and ramps.

A wall-mounted cat tree is convenient for cats who love climbing on walls. It is also good if you have limited space in your house.

4. Cat Tree with a Treadmill

These are wheel-shaped treadmills that are attached to cat trees made from wood and cardboard. Cat treadmills are good accessories to help keep your cat active while indoors.

This is convenient especially if your cats don’t go outdoors. You can let them run on their treadmill for at least 15 minutes every day. This will help keep them stronger and healthier.

When buying a cat treadmill, you should consider the size of your cat and their personality.

The Final Word

Do cats need a cat tree? Yes, they do. A cat tree is a great addition to your cat’s accessories. It gives them a cool place to have some fun while perching high.

Cat trees help your cat to scratch, exercise, and play together. This cuts down their stress and anxiety levels hence making them healthier.

If you are thinking of getting a cat tree for your cat, then this is the time to surprise them.

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