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Our furry friends deserve private, well-furnished, cozy spaces to unwind and de-stress from the day’s activities. 

While buying a pre-made kennel is an option, continue reading this guide to discover 30 easy, budget-friendly DIY dog house ideas that won’t compromise your outdoor or indoor decor.

30 Easy DIY Dog Houses

1. How to Build a Dog House

Easy DIY Dog House
Image Credit: Modern Builds

There are only so many dog house ideas that include playful details, vibrant colors, and a comfortable interior like this piece from Modern Builds.

This homemade dog kennel offers a perfect balance of comfort and style with a dark blue interior, an outdoor porch light, and a cozy interior for peaceful nights.

Replicating this plush masterpiece at home is simple. You’ll only need a pallet of wood, a pack of cedar shingles, and a trim.

With the addition of solar light and your favorite bold paint color, your personalized dog house will be so stylish that even the cat will wish it were theirs.

2. Homemade Gazebo Doghouse

A brown dog relaxing in an outdoor kennel
Image Credit: Jen Woodhouse

This innovative doghouse design from Jen Woodhouse takes inspiration from a roofed Gazebo, transforming it into a shaded spot for your furry friends.

Jen Woodhouse outlined clear instructions for building this kennel to fit a large dog, so you should not have any problems creating one for yourself.

We loved the elevated ceiling because it creates a spacious and inviting atmosphere for your canine friend. The author repurposed a papasan cushion to create a comfy interior for a unique touch.

3. From Garbage to Gorgeous

Dog entering and exiting a doghouse
Image Credit: Craft Klatch

The good thing about constructing your dog’s house is that you can incorporate playful elements to keep your canine buddy happy.

This creative project from Mona turns a boring outdoor kennel into an outstanding beach paradise complete with a beachy paradise.

We found this design to be good for playful canines and dog owners who appreciate fun designs with bright colors.

4. Building a Custom Doghouse

A black dog sitting on the door of an outdoor kennel
Image Credit: Single Girls’ DIY

Jenny was inspired to build this custom kennel for their family dog because he’s always out in the yard guarding the compound.

This doghouse can be a good choice for pet parents with dogs who love spending most of their time in outdoor settings.

It is connected to the main house, making sure your furry friend can access the indoor environment any time of the day.

We loved the plan for this doghouse because it is easy to understand, save for the weather vane and additional walkthrough. Feel free to adjust the final touches to suit your aesthetic appeal.

5. DIY Modern Dog House

A black dog sitting in a DIY modern dog kennel
Image Credit: The Awesome Orange

Check out this plan from The Awesome Orange on how to construct a modern-looking doghouse for your furry friend.

Created specifically for Oscar, this Scandinavian-inspired dog house boasts a slatted design that optimizes airflow, ensuring a comfortable and cool environment for your furry friend, particularly in hot weather.

Following through this stylish project is easy, thanks to the materials list and detailed step-by-step process outlined by the author.

6. Upcycled Pallet Dog House

A white dog relaxing in an outdoor kennel
Image Credit: HGTV

For environmental sustainability, follow this guide from HGTV to recycle your old pallets into a comfy haven for your furry friend.

To guarantee your dog’s safety, make sure to choose chemical-free plywood materials for use in this project. The building process outlined by the author is clear and easy to understand.

7. Homemade Dog House with Barn Door

Image Credit: made with happy

You can also build this sweet dog house with a door to create a cozy abode for your outdoorsy furry friend.

The free plan from Alli Ward contains all the intricate details you need from the materials list to the actual building guide.

Besides providing a home for your canine friend, this project is a cute endeavor for all DIYers who want to see their pets happy.

8. Traditional Doghouse

An adult dog relaxing in an A-framed kennel
Image Credit: HGTV

If you want to keep things simple, then a typical A-frame kennel can provide the needed shelter without overcrowding your backyard.

The project author achieved this masterpiece with the use of a single sheet of plywood, dimensional lumber, and an easy-to-follow guide for maximum comfort.

This design is perfect for medium and small-sized dogs. Feel free to adjust the dimensions if you’re creating this for a larger canine.

9. DIY Super Cool Dog House

Image Credit: Shanty 2 Chic

This beautiful wooden dog house is a perfect choice for dogs of all sizes. The open-style design allows for a free flow of air making this kennel a perfect choice for warmer months.

Offering comfort, shade, and a personalized touch with a name sign, this design is ideal for outdoorsy pets who love spending time in the backyard.

Perfect for DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels, this project not only offers an affordable option costing approximately $70 but also enhances your pet’s comfort in outdoor environments.

10. Insulated Dog House

Image Credit: April Wilkerson

This insulated dog house is a perfect solution to keeping your canine friend warm during the colder months of the year.

April Wilkerson’s YouTube guide highlights everything you need to know before building this kennel and walks you through the entire process.

If you’re planning to set up a similar doghouse in an outdoor setting, consider adding a protective layer to shield the insulating materials from your dog’s paws.

11. DIY Living Roof Dog House

DIY Living Roof Dog House
Image Credit: Paige Hemmis

Paige Hemmis from The Hallmark Channel shows you a clear-cut procedure on how to keep your dog cool during the summer months.

We loved how the final product was transformed into a green oasis for sustainability and keeping the pets comfortable.

The best part about this project is that you only need simple materials, and a quick understanding of the straightforward process to get everything done.

12. Cute Dog House with Porch

DIY wooden dog house
Image Credit: The Inspired Workshop

This cute dog house is convenient for your pup and an aesthetic masterpiece for your backyard landscaping.

While the project is moderately challenging, the clear plan outline and accompanying pictures simplify the process, making it easier to achieve.

13. Mobile Kennel

Mobile wooden dog house
Image Credit: Roughley from Instructables

How about building a mobile kennel you can take anywhere? Roughley from Instructables took up this challenge and came up with a mobile masterpiece that works better and lasts longer.

This dog house is a perfect choice for owners who are always on the road with their canine buddies. It will ensure your dog always feels at home despite being in a new environment.

14. Homemade Indoor Dog House

A brown chihuahua dog sitting in a small indoor kennel
Image Credit: Viktor

Despite being under your roof, your canine friend needs a comfortable and secure place they can call home.

Taking up this challenge is a perfect solution to provide your dog with a personal space where they can relax and wind up after a busy day.

With an estimated cost of $150 and 8 hours of construction, this is a cool project idea to pick up with your boys for this coming weekend.

15. DIY Double Door Dog House

Image Credit: intelligent domestications

There are many reasons you might want to build a dog house with two doors. Chief among them is that you have an extra-large dog who may need an additional opening for exit.

You can also build a similar doghouse to comfortably house your multiple canines by ensuring they don’t cross each other’s path when entering or exiting.

The project author added a bar for hanging a heat lamp, ensuring your canine friends stay warm during colder months.

16. Homemade Crooked Dog House

A DIY wooden dog house placed on grass besides the main house
Image Credit: Anna White

Here’s a project from Ana White that utilizes simple materials and a clear-cut process to set up a comfortable abode for your canine friends.

White provides a free, user-friendly plan that walks you through each step, ensuring a fun and fulfilling DIY experience to your satisfaction.

17. DIY Kennel

An adult dog peeping through the door of a wooden red house
Image Credit: Handyman Tips

Check out this guide from Handyman Tips to transform your backyard into a cozy retreat for your deserving furry friends.

The project plan and measurements are suitable for medium and small-sized canines, but feel free to adjust them according to your dog’s size.

18. Outdoor Kennel for Extra-large Dogs

Image Credit: How To Specialists

If you’re parenting a giant canine, you know how challenging it can be to find the right-sized doghouse for your furbaby.

But not anymore! Jack Sanders from ‘How-To Specialists’ has outlined an easy guide on how to build an extra large dog house for your canine buddy.

Sanders recommends investing in the best materials according to your budget to create an amazing abode for your dog.

Materials such as cedar and pine can be a good fit because of their excellent weather resistance properties.

19. Ultra-Light Dog House

Lightweight dog house
Image Credit: AntonyP202 from Instructables

Sometimes you just need a lightweight, inexpensive, and simple doghouse that is easy to build from scratch.

This project from Instructables is all about using what you have to provide an efficient shelter for your furry friend.

Despite being lightweight, the finished doghouse is durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions in an outdoor setting.

20. How to Build a Simple Kennel out of Pallets

DIY pallet doghouse
Image Credit: The Starry Eye

The best thing about building a doghouse using pallets is the availability of the main raw materials needed for the project. Using upcycled pallets for your DIY project is also a sustainable smart choice.

We loved the detailed instructions from the project author because they covered everything from material sourcing to the actual building plan.

21. The Ultimate DIY Dog House

Beautiful Wooden Doghouse
Image Credit: Family Handyman

This project requires a person with advanced woodworking skills to get the details right. The construction goes beyond the basics to include all the extra amenities to make your dog comfortable.

This modern dog house comes with a range of innovative features, including insulation, a front porch, an automatic water bowl for convenience, and a sleek exterior finished with stylish cedar siding.

Follow the guide from the Family Handyman to create this masterpiece for your furry friend, and improve your landscape.

22. DIY Doghouse for Winter

Easy homemade dog house
Image Credit: 100 things 2 do

This homemade dog house is big enough to accommodate a giant-sized canine, and the design can keep your dog warm during winter.

The project authors offer a cost-effective solution to ensure your canine friend is not kept in the cold due to budget constraints.

This dog house is perfect for pet owners who want a practical and functional structure that seamlessly blends with their backyard landscape.

23. DIY Dog House from Plywood

Adult dog relaxing in a Kennel
Image Credit: the carpenters daughter

Create a sturdy, customized DIY dog house with ease using 18mm thick plywood, eliminating the need for an internal frame.

The removable felt roof not only keeps your dog nice and dry but also adds a stylish touch to your backyard.

To build a similar doghouse, check out the written tutorial from Vikkie Lee and scroll down for an embedded video with a filmed illustration.

24. Cardboard Dog Playhouse

Image Credit: Jen Hadfield

Do you have empty cartons in your store? Maybe you’re wondering what to do with them. We’ve got an idea!

You can now turn a boring cardboard box into a useful playhouse for your furry friends with these simple steps.

This sustainable project doesn’t require experienced DIYers, so you can do it in a day from start to finish.

The project author provides a free plan, so yours is just to follow the written tutorial and pick guidance from the attached photos.

25. Mid-Century Modern Homemade Dog House

Image Credit: DIY Inspired

This modern doghouse from Dinah is a beautiful stylish masterpiece that guarantees a comfortable stay for your furry friends.

This DIY guide provides step-by-step instructions, guiding you through the entire construction process, from selecting sturdy pine wood to adding a stylish artificial garden.

Besides the written tutorial, the project author has embedded a YouTube video that showcases the whole process with a visual guide to make it easier for you.

26. DIY Tropical Dog Shelter

DIY Tropical Dog Shelter
Image Credit: Iwanebe

You may want to build a corresponding kennel to keep your furry friend comfortable if you live in a tropical region.

Starting with basic plywood, this project highlights how you can offer a practical ventilated solution to help your dog beat the heat.

You don’t need intricate woodworking skills to set up this house. The design is straightforward with emphasis on ventilation and airflow to cool your dog.

27. DIY Knock-Down Dog House

Dog sitting on top of a Kennel
Image Credit: jwilliamsen from Instructables

Here’s another project from Instructables that showcases how to build a complete canine mansion in your backyard.

The knock-down design adds versatility to make sure you can reconfigure the dog mansion in different ways while keeping Fido chilled in warmer months.

28. Millenium Year Doghouse

Durable dog house
Image Credit: dome_head from Instructables

Yes, you read that right! This dog house will keep your canine friend safe from hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other extreme weather phenomena for a millennium.

This easy-to-follow guide is perfect for owners who need a permanent shelter for their dog’s comfort and security.

29. Barrel Dog House

Barrel Dog House
Image Credit: Lady Lee’s Home

This DIY dog house proves you don’t need tons of money to create a cozy haven for your furry friend. Using simple tools and a simple plan, anyone can build a sturdy outdoor kennel for their pups.

Perfect for budget-conscious pet owners, this project transforms readily available materials into a cozy shelter for your lovely canine.

30. DIY Mini Ranch Doghouse

Image Credit: Sunset

Constructed with three sheets of plywood, this spacious dog house can comfortably accommodate larger dog breeds.

Redwood lattice battens and a shed roof add an alluring, rustic ranch-style aesthetic to upscale your outdoor décor.


With these 30 easy DIY dog houses, you have now seen that building your pup’s kennel can be straightforward and rewarding.

The other best part about embarking on a DIY doghouse project is that you get to save on budget, as opposed to buying a readymade dog house.

When choosing your favorite DIY project, make sure to go for a design that can comfortably accommodate your dog.

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