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Thinking of going out of town but can’t decide whether to avail pet boarding or pet sitting in Dubai? Well, read on to find out more.

Our pets are always considered to be a part of our family. Like human kids, we don’t want them to be left alone whenever we are out of our house.

There are times when we need to be away for a couple of days, and we get concerned about who can watch and feed our furbabies while we are gone. There are a few pet-friendly hotels in Dubai, but transporting our pets could be a hassle. 

Worry not, because there are two options you can choose from to ensure that your pets are always safe and healthy even if you are miles away. You can board your pet in a pet boarding facility, or you can get a pet sitter that will take care of your pet cats or dogs in the safety of your own home.

Most pet owners are unaware of the difference between these two services. Similarly, they are both services that will provide your pets’ essentials by watching them and feeding them while you are away. The difference between the two is where the service will take place.

What is Pet Boarding?

Pet boarding, also known as pet hotels, will take place in a boarding facility. Imagine it like a hotel for dogs and cats.

Usually, your pets will be inside an individual room with their essentials, such as beddings, food, and water bowls, and chew toys.

Most boarding facilities also have an outdoor activity area for more active dogs that like to roam around.

Different Types of Boarding Facilities

There are several types of pet boarding in Dubai that you may choose from depending on your pet’s needs and accessibility. These are the following:

Dog Kennels 

With a growing number of expats, dog boarding in Dubai is a booming business. This facility is best suited for boarding your pet dogs and puppies for several days.

Dog kennels are made up of individual areas for each dog. Separating dogs will avoid tension and aggression. 

Dog outside his kennel

Cat Boarding

Similar to dog kennels, cat boarding specializes in boarding your furry felines. Cats have designated areas where they can relax.

There are several facilities that a cat boarding facility may offer: cages, condo-type, or free-roaming.

Cat in a boarding facility

Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare specializes in the socialization of multiple dogs. It is usually a big open area where dogs can roam around and play with other dogs and the staff.

Typically, a lot more paperwork is needed before you can admit your pets here to prevent sick dogs from infecting other healthy dogs.

Pet Hotels

Pet hotels in Dubai are usually luxurious, so expect a pricey reservation. The amenities are generally to pamper your cats and dogs. It includes grooming, pet spa, and an in-store pet fashion store. 

Veterinary Office

This type of boarding facility is more suitable for dogs and cats that need medical attention. It may be due to age, an infected pet, or a pet that requires a strict medication schedule, a veterinary office is perfect for them.

Dog in a Veterinary Office

Private Pet Boarding

Dog kennels and cat boarding have their facility building. Meanwhile, private pet boarding is an in-house boarding where your pets will be taken care of in someone else’s home.

This way, more special attention will be given to your pets, but these services are usually more expensive than pet sitters that will take care of your pets in your own home.

What is Pet Sitting?

On the other hand, pet sitters are like babysitters for your furbabies. Professional pet sitters will keep a close eye on your cat or dog from your home’s safety and comfort.

Pet sitting in Dubai has been a growing industry. With people’s hectic schedules, most prefer to have a pet sitter that will keep an eye on their pets at the comfort of their own home. 

Dog resting in his home

Although both of these services may look equally practical, there are still a few things that you may want to consider before selecting which service is better for your pets.

It is essential for us to think about what we are looking for. Always consider your pet’s age, your pet’s behavior in and out of the house, medical needs, and the likes. We will be tackling those factors in detail in a little while.

What are the Benefits of Pet Boarding? 

Pet boarding is a very innovative concept when it comes to taking care of our pets. Imagine it like a resort hotel for your dogs and cats.

And let’s be honest, there are times that we look forward to staying in hotels because of its amenities; this also applies to our furbabies. 

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That may sound excellent, but as a concerned pet owner, you may also wonder what cat and dog boarding are like for our pets.

It will depend both on the boarding facility you choose and on your own furbabies’ personality and adaptability.

Spacious Activity Area

Dogs and cats are furballs made up of energy, and they need an outlet to release it; otherwise, they might end up being obese and more likely to get sick.

Exercising, running, and jumping are just some ways for them to channel their energy outside their body.

Playing Puppies, Young Dogs, French Bulldog

Most dog boarding in Dubai has a wide, open play area where dogs are free to run around with other fur friends.

Dogs expend energy in this play area, being social and playing fetch. Cats may use up energy by playing with balls and feathers with other felines or figuring out a puzzle game on their own.

Exercising helps our pets be healthier and happier. Together with proper diet and tender loving care, our pets will always be in top shape.

More Fur Buddies to Play With

Leaving our pets alone makes us anxious because most of them will experience separation anxiety. This will not be an issue if you board your furbabies in a boarding facility since there will be many fur pals that they could play with as well. 

Social pets will benefit from boarding facilities as they will be surrounded by other pets and the boarding staff that will play with them.

If your pet is not social, mostly feline pets, they can be catered in boarding facilities and be offered a separate room where they can play alone with toys.

Kitten, Kennel, Kitty, Feline, Cute, Hair

Professional Staff

A good business requires professional and reputable staff.

Pet boarding facilities are known for taking care of living animals, so they need a team that is well-equipped and well-trained when it comes to pet handling.

Some boarding facilities even have an in-house veterinarian that can keep an eye on your pet when health issues arise. 

Food and Medicine are Provided

Pet boarding facilities have stocks of different pet foods depending on your pet’s breeds and diet restrictions.

It is crucial to keep in mind to advise the staff before boarding your pets of their diet, medications, or allergies if necessary. 

Dog food

Amenities for your Pets

Like hotels for humans, most pet boarding facilities have lots of amenities that will benefit your pets.

There are in-house grooming facilities, daycares for your puppies and kittens, garden, dog-walking, and some even have a swimming pool! A well-deserved package for our beloved pets.

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What are the Drawbacks of Pet Boarding?

There are quite a few pros to boarding your pets in a boarding facility, but there can also be some drawbacks. It always depends on your pet’s needs and behavior.


Boarding facilities are pricier compared to pet sitters, mainly because they need to maintain their facilities regularly, unlike pet sitters where your home is already well supported.

The cost will depend on the location and the facilities offered. On average, it can cost from AED 100-200 (USD 27 – 54) per day

Anxiety for Introverted Pets

As mentioned before, some pets prefer to be alone. They find relaxation by themselves, playing on their own, or sleeping in their own space.

Animal behavioral scientists agree that removing your pets from their territory, which is your home, may increase their stress levels.

A new environment may make them disoriented and confused at times. 

Transmission of Animal Illness

Being with lots of other animals, the chances of transmitting infectious animal diseases and illnesses are very high.

Although there are veterinarians available in some boarding facilities, there are chances for symptoms to not show up for a couple more days. 

No Specialized Attention

The more dogs and cats there are to keep an eye on, the less attention your pets will receive from the staff. Pet boarding staff may be busy with other animals that are more active as they require double the attention.

Your pet may not receive as much individual attention if there are a lot of pets in a boarding facility.

Possible Aggression from Other Pets

Mixing your furbabies with other pets may result in aggression from other pets. Smaller pets are the most vulnerable in this situation, as bigger pets tend to be more aggressive when they see smaller pets.

Bigger pets are more likely to show dominance, enthusiasm in playing, or territory defense. 

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What are the Benefits of Pet Sitting? 

In the comfort of your own home, make your pets safe, secure, and well-fed even if you’re miles away.

Hiring a professional pet sitter is an excellent way for your pets to get the individual attention they deserve. Here are its pros and cons.

More Affordable

Without having to worry about facility maintenance, pet sitters are cheaper than pet boarding. The average rate of pet sitting in Dubai is AED 60 – AED 160 per day.

Additionally, since the pet food is already in stock, there are no additional charges for it, unlike in pet boarding facilities.

No Need to Transport Pets

As we all know, pets are not allowed on public transport here in Dubai. Although pet taxis are available, the number of cars is not enough to cater to all the pets in Dubai.

Being in the comfort of your own home, the pet sitter will be the one to travel for you. 

Includes Home-Sitting

Keeping an eye on your pets, check! Keeping an eye on your house, check! Pet sitters can also care for your home.

FursnPaws is happy to assist with other small tasks such as watering the plants, receiving ongoing delivery packages, and feeding other pets that you may have, such as fish, hamsters, and others. 

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Own territory = Less Stress for Pets

Our furbabies are already used to their home environment. That means they can feel less anxious seeing what they are used to seeing daily.

Pets will also stick to their schedule of eating and sleeping because of familiarity with their surroundings.

More Personalized

Since pet sitters will work solely on your pets, they will receive more attention and more care than in a boarding facility with multiple pets.

That means more intimate bonding will be formed between the sitter and your furbaby, resulting in a healthier relationship.

It is essential to give instructions to your sitter in advance so they know the feeding, dog walking, and sleeping schedule, as well as any medications that should be administered, if any. 

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With FursnPaws, you don’t have to worry about attention and care, as we will make sure to give our undivided attention to your pet the whole time, depending on their personality.

Of course, some pets are more independent and want their own space, so we don’t want to bother them or make them feel uncomfortable!

In addition, we will get in touch with you immediately upon arriving at your home and starting the visit. We will stay online, sending you videos and photos for updates, and we will inform you about any behavioral changes or health issues if any.

What are the Drawbacks of Pet Sitting?

There are quite a few advantages to leaving your pets at home with a pet-sitter, but there can also be drawbacks. 

Trusting a Pet-sitter

Inviting a pet sitter into your own home requires a lot of trust and research. It is essential to thoroughly review a pet sitter’s background and read reviews from previous clients before hiring them.

Checking testimonials and getting to know the sitter during the first meet-up can help you make an informed decision.

You can check FursnPaws testimonials on my Facebook page, website, or Instagram stories. Also, our first meet up plays a significant role, as this is where you will get to know me better, to see me with your pet for the first time, and to decide if you would like to proceed or not.

Besides, you can always keep an eye on your pets and your pet sitter by having cameras at your home. 

Booking During Peak Seasons

During the holiday seasons, most people in Dubai are off to somewhere for a vacation. This is also the peak season when many pet sitters are being booked.

It is advisable to book pet sitters months before your holiday to avoid difficulties in finding a temporary buddy for your pets. 

You can book FursnPaws services by filling the form on the website, sending an email, sending a message on WhatsApp, or calling.

Pets Require Some Time Adjusting To a New Sitter

Seeing new faces may trigger stress to some introverted fur friends. Some dogs and cats may get anxious when introduced to a new person.

It is essential to note that a professional pet-sitter will understand that your pet needs time and will give them the right amount of time to become more relaxed and familiar with them.

Over time, your pets will become more familiar and comfortable with your sitter.

Which is Better For Your Furbabies? Pet Sitting or Pet Boarding? 

As a pet parent, you have to keep in mind that it depends on your pet’s needs and behavior towards other pets and other people. 

When comparing the pros and cons of each service, it is evident that pet-sitting in your own home is more efficient, comfortable, and safer for our pets.

There are additional benefits of hiring a pet sitter, not only for your pets but also for your home.

We hope this article has helped you understand the difference between pet boarding and pet sitting in Dubai. Whichever service you choose, your pet’s health and safety are our number one priorities.

After all, we want the best for our furbabies.

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