how fast can a Golden Retriever run

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Golden Retrievers may not be the fastest dog breed but they can put up some speedy runs compared to most dogs. So, have you ever wondered just how fast can a Golden Retriever run?

These gundogs have been categorized in the sporting group alongside their close cousins, the Labrador Retrievers.

Being innate working dogs, we expect Golden Retrievers to sprint across the park at impressive speeds.

Keep reading this post to discover the athleticism of these double-coated dogs, the factors that affect their speed, and what you can do to make them faster.

How Fast Can Golden Retrievers Run?

A healthy Golden Retriever adult can attain a top speed of between 30 – 35 miles per hour (mph) depending on their fitness level and resilience.

Goldies are known for their active lifestyle which makes them fit and muscular to tackle the terrain at fast paces.

Golden Retriever running
Image credit: Rodnae production from Pexels

A Golden Retriever may not have the sprinting force of a Sighthound, but they have the energy and muscular build to endure long runs which stems from their inherent hunting trait.

Are Golden Retrievers Fast Dogs

Golden Retrievers are therefore identified as fast dogs based on their ability to cover long distances in a short time. To put it into perspective, the record of the fasted man on earth currently stands at a top speed of 27.8 mph.

How Fast Can a Golden Retriever Puppy Run?

Golden Retriever puppies are much slower than their adult counterparts. They reach a top speed of between 20 – 25 miles per hour which is impressive considering their age and strength.

Golden puppies have a high playing drive and with proper training, they will improve their speeds to catch up with their adults.

How Far Can Golden Retrievers Run?

Besides being fast runners, Golden Retrievers have the endurance and resilience to cover long distances while running.

These athletic dogs have the capacity to run for about 5 – 8 miles without getting easily worn out. The average distance covered by most adult Goldies is between 4 – 6 miles before they can tone down to a regular walk.

The maximum distance covered will largely depend on the running surface. Rough terrain will be much more difficult for them to run without getting exhausted within a few miles.

What Makes Golden Retrievers Run Fast?

The physical attributes of Golden Retrievers play a crucial role in enabling them to run at top speeds. These muscular dogs have slender legs supporting a powerfully built body.

These attributes enable the Golden Retrievers to take longer strides than most dogs hence making them cover a long distance in a shorter time.

Golden Retrievers were initially bred for retrieving waterfowl from the rivers; hence they have a natural instinct to chase and run after prey.

How fast can a Golden Retriever run
Image credit: Ignacio from Pexels

These smart dogs have impressive mental prowess which makes them very easy to train. With proper training, you can help your dog channel their energy to running and focusing on achieving the goal.

Furthermore, you must have noticed that Golden Retrievers are fun-loving and curious dogs who love exploring their surroundings.

This makes them hold onto a fast pace with stamina and endurance hence attaining top speeds while covering long distances.

Factors that affect a Golden Retriever’s speed

As with any other dog breed, there are several factors that may affect the ability of a Golden Retriever to run to their full potential.

Here are some of them:

1. Age

As the Golden Retriever gets older, their swiftness and ability to run faster get compromised. This is due to their weakening joints and muscles which makes it harder for them to move quickly.

A Golden Retriever may reach their peak speed at 1 year or 18 months old. This should be the best time for training your dog to sprint and hit the road running before they start becoming less active.

2. Weight

Overweight dogs have a tougher load to carry when moving around and this will definitely affect their running capabilities.

Too much weight adds strain to the dog’s joints and legs hence making them move slower than lean dogs.

Watch the type of foods you give your dog since too much carbs and fats may add to their weight and it also comes with the risk of chronic diseases.

3. Exercise

Golden Retrievers have high energy levels and therefore they need regular exercises to keep fit and stay healthy.

Golden retriever on a hill
Image credit: Enis Yavuz from Unsplash

A well-trained Goldie will attain their maximum potential speeds and run through a long distance without problems.

If you keep your Golden Retriever inactive, they may not be able to run to their full potential and they will also lose the stamina to endure long distances.

A good exercise that helps the dog to improve running speed is playing fetch. This exercise works your dog through the distance and also helps them to improve focus.

4. Health

The health condition of your Golden Retriever will definitely affect their daily activity including walking and running.

Any type of sickness will lay an impact on their running capacity but the ones that make their bodies weaker will put a much greater toll on their movements.

Conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and cardiovascular diseases are very demanding of the dog’s strength to stay active.

How To Train Your Golden Retriever to Run Faster

If your Golden Retriever is running lesser than their potential, then you need to train them to attain top speed without too much strain.

Speed training is good for their physical health, it improves their ability to focus and also makes the bond between you and the dog better.

The following is a typical training routine that you can use to make your dog run faster:

1. Proper feeding

Golden Retrievers need a lot of energy in exercising and running. Therefore, you need to fuel up your dog by providing them with a well-balanced diet for strength and health.

You can consult your vet for specialized advice on the best diet for your furry friend to provide them with enough energy for exercising.

2. Daily walks and runs

You need to slot in some time in your diary for walking your Golden Retriever daily. It is during these walks that you will jog and run alongside the dog on specific stretches based on your dog’s abilities.

Make sure to start slowly and build on the intensity as the dog gets used to running. If you have a docile dog, then running will not be a very fun activity for them.

You can motivate them to run alongside you by using a comfortable harness and carrying along some of their favorite toys.

3. Playing fetch

Playing fetch with your goldie will help to improve their coordination and focus while running. Get a ball or any other toy that your dog can fetch and bring it back to you. Throw it at a short distance and encourage your Golden Retriever to bring back the ball as quickly as possible.

Once the dog improves their fetching skills and speed, you can increase the distance gradually and keep encouraging them to play along.

Make sure to cheer your dog as they run around the yard fetching the ball and running after it. This will motivate the dog to do more and hence build up their pace in the process.

4. Reward your dog

Give your Golden Retriever some high-value food after the short training sessions. This will keep them spirited up for the next training and they will certainly be eager to get in shape with you.

A woman with her Golden Retriever
Image credit: Blue Bird from Pexels

Allow your Golden Retriever to get enough sleep to rest their body in preparation for the next training and to build their muscles.

5. Professional Training

If you feel like your furry friend is not improving their activity level, you can enroll them in a local dog training class for better results.

A professional trainer will work with your dog closely and recommend the training techniques that will unlock their running potential.

The expert will also recommend some tactical changes that you need to effect for better results when training your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Golden Retrievers good running partners?

Yes! Golden Retrievers make very good running companions. They have the physical attributes which make them good runners and their loyal demeanor which makes them enjoy their owner’s company.

You can tag your Goldie along in morning runs to achieve your fitness goal, exercise your dog, and improve the bond between you two.

2. Are Golden Retrievers lazy or active?

Golden Retrievers are NOT lazy. We have seen that they can achieve an impressive speed of up to 35 mph depending on several factors.

Lazy dogs cannot achieve such speeds. Golden Retrievers are active since they were initially used as working dogs by hunters to retrieve waterfowl.

The energy level and excitement of Golden Retrievers make them active dogs who can achieve much more when they are properly trained.

3. How much running does a Golden Retriever need?

The exact amount of runs that a Golden Retriever need will depend on their age and health conditions.

But in general terms, a healthy Golden Retriever adult will require anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes of active runs per day. This can be coupled with walks, jogs, and fetch games.

The puppies will need much less time, but make sure not to subject your Golden Retriever to an inactive lifestyle.

4. At what age can I run my Golden Retriever?

You can take your Golden Retriever for active runs when they are between 12 – 18 months of age. 

The dog should have developed enough muscles, strong bones, joints, and stamina to withstand the heavy workload that comes with running.

Make sure to start the running slow and increase the intensity when the dogs improve their speed and endurance.

5. Can Golden Retrievers run long distances?

A healthy Golden Retriever adult has the stamina and endurance to run for long distances (around 8 miles) at a constant speed. The distance covered will also depend on the weather condition and the terrain.

The dog will expend more energy on rough terrain hence they may not reach an impressive peak. But on smooth terrain, these sporty dogs can cover a remarkable distance within a short time.


How fast can a golden retriever run? A healthy adult can reach a top speed of between 30 – 35 mph while a Golden puppy can manage 20 – 25 mph.

The running speed will depend on several factors on the part of the dog including age, health, weight, fitness, and other external factors such as weather and the running surface.

If you feel like your Goldie is not running to their potential, you can start training them on building stamina and channeling their high energy to hit the road.

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