how to choose a cat tree

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A cat tree is an excellent accessory that expands your cat’s territory. It also provides a safe place for them to play, relax, and sleep.

This article will equip you with the knowledge you need to make a smart purchase for your feline family.

how to choose a cat tree

There are a variety of cat trees that you will find on the market today. We’ll guide you on how to choose a cat tree that fits your kitty’s needs.

They come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. Some are multi-leveled with many features while others are minimal in design.

Others have many hideaways where your cats can hide as they play. You simply cannot miss finding the product that will suit your cat. 

You need to have your cat in mind when planning to get them an accessory. Get the best product that will serve your cat well and for long.

If you like DIY projects, you can look at building the cat tree yourself.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Cat Tree

When choosing the best one for your cat, you need to consider the following set of factors:

  • Your house
  • Your cat’s personality
  • Qualities of the cat tree

1. Your House

i. Available space

You need to consider the available space in your house before getting a cat tree. Some of them occupy large spaces while others are smaller in design.

If you don’t have much space, you can opt for the wall-mounted cat tree. They do not occupy much floor space and are easily mounted on the wall.

These cat trees are also beautifully designed and are used to complement your house’s décor.

ii. The number of cats you have

If you have many cats, then you need an accessory that can accommodate them all. A multi-level cat tree is ideal for many cats. They also have many features to allow your cats to relax and together.

Two cats on a two-level cat tree

A minimally designed one with a few features can be ideal for a single cat. They can use the tree as a tower to relax and jump on, without much playing. 

2. Your Cat’s Personality

i. Cats who love scratching

Many cats love scratching and others do it destructively. If you have such a furry friend, you should get them a cat tree with scratching posts. Scratching enables cats to keep their claws in shape by removing worn-out layers.

The posts should be well padded to avail a soft ground where your cat can sink their claws. Get them a tree with both vertical and horizontal scratching posts.

ii. Does your cat love heights?

Most cats have the instinct to perch high. They do this while playing and or when in need of a good place to relax. If your cat loves climbing on shelves, then you need to consider getting a tall cat tree.

A short cat tree is ideal for cats who love staying on the carpet or under the bed.

iii. Active cats

Young cats love running back and forth while playing together. Such furry friends can do well on a multi-level tree with hanging toys and tunnels.

Senior cats are less likely to be active like their younger furry friends. You can get them a minimal cat tree with ladders and ramps for easier movement.

You can also consider getting one with a hammock to keep them cooled down and relaxed.

3. Qualities of the Cat Tree

i. The Appearance

A good cat accessory should be attractive to your cat. It should entice the feline family to spend more time there.

This will discourage them from scratching on your furniture and will instead do it on their posts.

The appearance should also complement the interior design of your house.

You should avoid cat mansions that are weakly constructed. They can risk the well-being of your feline family.

ii. The Features

Cat trees have a set of various features that are combined to give your cat the most fun.
Such features are; platforms, scratching posts, cat houses, tunnels, ladders, ramps, hanging toys, etc.

You should get the products with the best features to make your cat happy.

If you have a playful cat, you can consider getting one with hanging toys, tunnels, and hideaways.

Cat tree with hanging toy

This will keep them entertained for long on a single platform.

If your cat is getting elderly, then they might need a ramp or ladder that leads to all platforms on the tree.

It should also be studier and stable to remain firm on the floor.

iii. The Shape and Size

Cat trees come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. You should choose the right size for your cats to make them feel comfortable.

The cat houses should be roomy enough to accommodate your cats comfortably when they sleep.

They should have two or more doors to enable them to move freely when playing.

Fluffy cat on a tree

Multi-level trees should have spacious platforms, especially for large cats.

Always check the dimensions of each component of the tree before making the purchase.

They should be of a good size to fit the dedicated space in your house.

If your cat is less active, then you can get them a small-sized tree. They can do well on a single-level one with a platform and scratching posts.

iv. Materials used in construction

Most cat trees are made from wood, particle board, plush, carpet, sisal, and ropes.

The ones made from wood are stronger and more durable than the particle board trees.

It is recommended to get a tree with a quality plush covering.

This will make your cat feel comfortable and provide a soft place to jump on, stretch, and relax.

They will also find it easier to stay on the plush surface than on other items.

This will thus help to prevent your cat from destructively scratching your furniture.

v. Sturdiness and Stability

Your cat’s safety should be a priority when buying an accessory for them.

A cat tree should be well constructed with a strong base to keep it sturdy and stable.

Cat on a high tree

This will enable it to hold your cats comfortably and securely. Multi-level trees with many features should have a wall anchor to increase their stability.

This will help to keep the cat mansion in place when multiple cats are using it.

vi. Assembling and disassembling

How easy is it to put together your desired cat tree?

You should choose the product with minimal requirements on the assembling procedure.

The process should rely on readily available tools included in the packaging.

The disassembling procedure should also be simple.

This will be helpful when you want to move the tree within houses or during cleaning, and general maintenance.

vii. Easy to clean

Your cat’s accessories should be clean to help them maintain good hygiene. Clean the cat house thoroughly to remove dirt and fallen fur.
You can use pet hair rollers to remove cat fur from the plush coverings.

You should find out how easy is it to clean your desired cat mansion before making the purchase.

The cat’s mansion material should not be easily destroyed by water or vacuuming.

How Tall Should a Cat Tree Be?

The ideal height of your cat’s tree will depend on the available space in your house, your furniture’s height, and your cat’s personality.

It should be nearly as tall or taller as your kitchen counter and shelves. This ideal height will discourage your cat from climbing on your furniture and they will start perching high on their tree.

The height should also be above that of your sofa and tables. A taller cat tree will appear to be more interesting than most of your furniture.

Most cats love to perch in high places because it gives them a clear view of what’s happening around the house.

The Final Word

On the question of how to choose a cat tree, you need to have your cat’s comfort and safety as the top priorities. Get the product that will give them the most fun with high stability.

If you have multiple cats, you need a spacious one that will accommodate them all happily. This will expand your cat’s territories and give them a favorable space to play together.

If your cat’s needs are satisfied, you can then narrow it down to the best design that will fit your home’s décor. Keep the cat tree near the window to give your furry friend a view of the outside world while relaxing indoors.

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