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Adding a puppy to your family is beautiful, dogs are our best friends and can change our lives. They will show us real affection, loyalty, and help us through stress and depression. Even though puppies require a lot of work and attention, but in return, you will get unlimited cuteness and happiness.

Puppies are cute at the same they are fragile just like children, and with it comes a lot of responsibilities such as providing a safe environment at your home, playing to avoid boredom and destructive behavior, training which requires a lot of patience and repetitions and giving them lots of potty breaks as puppies cannot hold their bladders until a certain age.

So working for long hours or traveling a lot, might not help with caring and walking your pup as often as they need. In addition, pet boarding or dog daycare can be expensive for you and stressful for your pup. So finding the right pet sitter or dog walker for your puppy is very important, and this is where my role comes to help and make sure your puppy is getting the right amount of potty breaks and playtime while you are not around. Contact me if you are looking for a reliable pet sitter in Dubai and I will come to your home and make sure to give the right attention and care while you are busy or away, at the same time I will keep you updated with lots of photos and videos on every visit to keep your mind at ease.

The Process

Get in touch with me via e-mail [email protected] or WhatsApp 0554249599, let me know what you need, your dates, preferred timings, location (your location is important because an extra charge is applied on far locations, see below for a list of far locations), and how many puppies you have so I can give you my final prices. After we agree on the price, I will come to your place for a meetup. It is important to show me vet papers, inform me about medications if any, and to tell me about your puppy habits, likes, dislikes, favorite toys, and others.
Please note that for safety reasons I am unable to meet with aggressive pets.

Services Included



Images and videos update on every visit

Prices, Packages & Payments

1 hour/day= AED60 (for one pet). 1 hour/day for 2 pets= AED90

2 hours/day= AED100 (for one pet). 2 hours/day for 2 pets= AED130

3 hours/day= AED130 (for one pet). 3 hours/day for 2 pets= AED170

4 hours/day= AED160 (for one pet). 4 hours/day for 2 pets= AED200

Please contact me for prices for 3 pets and above.

An extra charge is applied on far locations, such as: Business Bay, Downtown, DIFC, Mirdif, Bujruman, Silicon Oasis…. (Please share your location when getting in touch)

Payment can be done cash before the job starts. I also accept half payment before the job starts and the other half on my first visit.

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Laura is the founder of Furs'n'Paws. She is a pet expert with more than 20 years of experience working with dogs and cats. She developed a very strong love for animals at a young age. Her passion led her to establish a thriving pet sitting and dog walking business in Dubai. As an expert in pet training, behavior, and nutrition, Laura is committed to helping pet owners and pet lovers by offering high-quality information on a wide range of topics.

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