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If you’re thinking of getting a new pet, consider to adopt a rescue pet instead of buying as this has more benefits and helps a young dog to have a better life. Wanna know more? Read on to find out.

Imagine waking up next to a furball by your bed every morning. Great way to start the day, right? Owning a pet can significantly improve your life in more ways you can imagine.

Having a furry friend that could keep your company can help you relieve stress you’re experiencing from everyday life. 

Studies have proven that having pets provides multiple health benefits both for you and your pet—more opportunities to exercise, to get active in and at home, and to become more socialized. 

6 Major Reasons Why You Need a Pet?

Owning a pet can boost your life positively. This is the same for your pet. Animals having a home and an owner that will take care of them will hugely affect their life. It is a new relationship that will surely help both of you to be happier. Here are a few more reasons why you need a pet in your life.

1. Be More Physically Active

Taking a dog to a walk, playing tag with your pet, or just giving your pet belly rubs, increases your chances of getting up from your couch and be more active.

Dog walking to stay fit

2. Snuggle Time!

Need a cuddle on a cold night? That’s not a worry if you have pets with you. Curling up on your bed with your pet will boost the way you sleep. It is a great way to cure anxiousness during bedtime.

A puppy and a bunny cuddling

3. Your Own Security Guard

Having a dog in your home will always make you secured from outsiders. Most dogs have an instinct to be vigilant and alert, especially at night.

A dog guarding the house

4. Less Stress

Coming from a long day of work, most people get a sense of relief and comfort by interacting with their pets. Pets are like big, furry stress balls.

Dog being petted

5. Teaches Responsibility

Having a pet is like having a new family member. They need to be taken care of, fed, played with, and of course, give them tender loving care. Pets will make us more parental and caring.

Dog drinking from a water bottle

6. Unconditional Love and Friendship

The most important reason for having a pet is the love and relationship they can give you in return for your care for them. They will always be by your side, in ups and downs.

A dog and a kid hugging

6 Things To Consider Before Getting a Pet

Before going to your local pet shelter, you may first want to consider what kind of pet is suitable for you. Do you want a cat or a dog? Or would you instead take care of small animals such as hamsters or rabbits?

Here a few more questions to keep in mind before selecting the kind of pet you wanted to adopt.

What kind of animal are you most comfortable with?

You need to ask yourself first if you are a dog person or a cat person. Always consider their qualities to your lifestyle.

If you want more time to spend your day outside, a dog is perfect for you. If you enjoy solidarity at your own home, a cat may be perfect for you.

Cats and dogs

Do you live alone or with a family? Are there kids?

If you are living with your family, it is essential to know that adopting a pet will also hugely affect them.

Before making a decision, make sure that everyone is on board with the decision of adding a new member to your family. Check on them if they have allergies to avoid sickness.

It is also important to teach kids how to interact with the new dog, here is a guide I wrote that might give you a few tips and tricks.

Do any of your family members have allergies?

Dog and cat fur may cause an allergic reaction to people with allergic rhinitis. It is essential to know who among your family members have allergies before adopting a pet that may cause them to get sick all the time.

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Do you have the patience to take care of a living animal?

Having a pet animal is different from having plants in your home. You have to obtain extra patience to get used to your new fur buddy.

Dog walking by the beach

Is your neighborhood pet-friendly?

Some places in Dubai have stricter policies when it comes to owning pets. Not all establishments such as restaurants and parks allow dogs, so check your local area as well. It is essential to know whether your community is pet-friendly.

A pet-friendly neighborhood

Do you know someone that can keep an eye on your pets if ever you are on vacation?

It is frowned upon to leave your pets alone if you are going away from your home for a vacation or a business trip.

It is crucial to have a backup pet sitter that could look after and feed your pets while you are gone. It can be your neighbor, your relative, or you can even hire a professional pet sitter.

Two cute puppies posing for a photo

Those are just some questions, but it is all up to you if you are ready to become the best doggy or catty parent in the world. 

Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Pet

Now that you are ready to add a furry companion to your household, you may want to consider adopting a rescue pet from your local shelter.

Rescue pets are animals that are abandoned, neglected, abused, or been given to animal shelters and rescue centers. You may be wondering, “Why should I adopt a dog?”, there are a lot of benefits to why this is ideal for you and your future pet.

Owning a rescue pet will improve your active lifestyle

Having a pet means adding a new member to your family. Going out for a walk with your dog will increase your stamina and your overall health.

Dogs will serve as your jogging buddy while cats can serve as your yoga buddy. They need to be taken care of and be loved, and in return, they will serve as your friend until the end. 

A dog resting with his owner

Help in Abolishing Puppy Mills

If you purchase your puppy or cat from a pet store, there’s a great probability that it grew from a puppy mill.

A puppy mill is a cruel and sadistic dog-breeding facility that breeds puppies for profit. Often, dogs in puppy mills are not being treated well and are not able to get their essentials, such as food, clean water, and exercise.

The mother dogs are usually cramped up in a tight cage with nothing but a small dog bowl and water bowl. They are never given an opportunity to socialize with other people or other dogs, and this causes stress for them, which in the long run, will make them ill.

Inhumane conditions of dogs inside a puppy mill

With this terrible living condition, most puppies that are being sold in pet stores are often sickly and are always afraid when meeting people. In return, you will need to shell out more cash for veterinary services and training programs. 

A sad dog in a compact cage

By adopting rescued pets, it takes business away from puppy mills. The more people who adopt from shelters, the more puppy mills have a hard time keeping in business that will eventually lead to closure. 

It’s Cheaper than Buying from a Pet Shop

When adopting a rescue pet, you will just need to pay a small amount of adoption fee. The average adoption fee in Dubai goes from AED 2000 to 3000 (500 to 800 USD). This fee already includes neutering, anti-pest medications, and vaccinations.

Giving a New Home and Saving a Life of a Rescue Pet

All over the world, millions of dogs and cats get abandoned per year due to various reasons. Some unfortunate dogs and cats, which got old in time, undergo euthanasia if there is no new home found for them.

By adopting a pet, you are helping them to receive the love and care they deserve from their new home. And you are saving a life!

With today’s modern technology, you can even browse for available pets online. Multiple pet shelters around the globe such as Petfinder,, and The Animal Rescue Site that have uploaded their database to the internet.

It means that you can initially view the pets available for adoption without even leaving your home. 

A happy dog in his new home

How To Adopt a Rescue Pet in Dubai?

It has become easier to adopt a rescue pet. You can go directly to your animal shelter, or you can also call them, and they will be the ones to go to your home. 

Adopting a rescue pet has a process that has to be done before an animal shelter gives a new home to its rescue pet.

It is done to ensure that the rescue pet’s new home can provide their essentials such as food, clean water, safety, and security. Here’s a step-by-step process on how you can apply for a rescue pet in Dubai.

  • To adopt a rescue pet in Dubai, you need to reach out to the nearest animal shelter near you. You may search on the internet the nearest animal shelter and their contact details. Always make sure that the government licenses your chosen animal shelter.
  • Your selected animal shelter will ask you to fill up an adoption application form. You have to be completely honest in filling this up because this will figure out what kind of animal is suited for you, your lifestyle, and your home.
  • Be ready for an interview with the staff from the animal shelter. They will be asking you questions that will let them know if you are a suitable pet owner or not. The staff will also conduct a house visit so they can ensure if your home is suitable for a pet animal.
  • If you have a particular breed that you want to adopt, keep in mind that animal shelters take your application as a consideration before granting the breed you wanted. Also always keep an open heart and mind when adopting pets, you might fall in love with a dog or a cat that is not the breed you want, in the end, it all comes down to love and connection.
  • Once you have completed the application and have been accepted, you have to prepare an adoption fee. The average adoption fee goes from AED 2000 to 3000, remember these adoption fees are bills that the adoption center has already paid.
  • This fee includes vaccinations, pest treatments for tick and fleas, deworming, and neutering if required. The fee also includes a contribution to the shelter that will help in maintaining them.
  • That’s it! Welcome your new pawsome family member to their new home!

Rescue Pet Shelters in Dubai

There are several pet adoption centers in Dubai that you can contact for adoption. Here are some of those.

K9 Friends Dubai 

This is one of the most popular adoption centers that is sheltering dogs. Most dogs that are being taken care of here are lost and abandoned dogs that are looking for a new home. Most dogs in K9 Friends Dubai have already been trained and groomed, so it’s a few more things you should not worry about.

Address: They operate from multiple locations and regularly hold pet adoption days in various locations.

Contact: +971-4-887-8739, [email protected]

Red Paw Foundation 

One of the most popular pet rescue shelters in Dubai, Red Paw Foundation rescues stray cats and dogs from the streets of Dubai. They are a non-profit organization with a motto they live up to – Rescue. Treat. Foster. Adopt. Repeat. 

They regularly hold adoption days where you can visit their location and see cats and dogs available for adoption. You can also visit Red Paw Foundation’s Facebook Page and check out cats and dogs that are seeking a new home.

Address: They operate from multiple locations and regularly hold pet adoption days in various locations.

Contact: +97-156-135-6252, [email protected]

Stray Dogs Center 

A private animal shelter that was founded in 2013 and relies entirely on public aid to operate. Stray Dogs Center is licensed by the Federal Authority, the Ministry Of Climate Change and Environment, and the Government of Umm Al Quwain. 

You have the option to adopt a rescue dog or just foster them for a specific duration of time. When fostering a rescue dog, the minimum period of taking care of your pup is two weeks. 

Contact: +971-502-352-616, [email protected]

Paw Patrol UAE 

With a mission of helping animals in need by providing them with adequate medical care, training, rehabilitation, and finding them new homes, Paw Patrol UAE is a shelter to visit for rescued pets.

All cats and dogs brought here are treated with the utmost medical care and rehabilitation. Paw Patrol UAE can even arrange a mode of transport for a pet if you are leaving outside Dubai. You can visit their Facebook page to see furry buddies that are available for adoption.

Contact: [email protected]


Strays Needing Interim or Furever Friends or SNIFF is a non-profit organization that rescues neglected and stray cats and dogs to help them find new homes.

It started with a group of friends with the same passion and love for animals. They offer free pet adoption in Dubai with post-adoption services such as lessons on how to properly take care of your pet. 

Address: K9 Central, Dubai Investment Park

Contact: [email protected]

Welcoming Your New Pet in Your Life

I know that you are eager to welcome your adopted pet in your home, but be mindful that you have fully prepared yourself and your home so they could adjust accordingly to their new family. 

For Adopted Rescue Dogs

After adopting a dog, it is advisable to prepare the following for a more natural transition:

  • Separate food bowl and water bowl
  • A dog bed with a clean blanket
  • A leash
  • A chew toy
  • A brush for your dog’s fur
  • A collar with an optional name tag of your dog
  • Shampoo for their bath
A happy dog transferring to his new home

For Adopted Rescue Cats

After adopting a cat, it is advisable to prepare the following for a more natural transition:

  • Separate food bowl and water bowl
  • A litter box 
  • A pet bed with a clean blanket
  • A brush for your cat’s fur
  • Cat toys such as feather
  • A scratching post that will make their adjustment more natural and ease any cat behavior problems that might come with a new home.
  • A collar with an optional name tag of your cat
  • Shampoo for their bath
Two kittens playing with toys

To Conclude

Now that you have the things that will make your newly adopted feel at home, it is crucial to pet-proof your home.

You can do this by bundling and tucking away all exposed electrical cords and wires to avoid being chewed on. Put away small objects that can cause suffocation when swallowed.

Once that is done, the rest is now just to take care of your new furry family member and treasure the memories you’ll be having as their new parent.

Not only that you have helped a dog to have a home when you adopt a rescue pet, you also help your local community shelter with their needs to feed other dogs!

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