Things to Know Before Buying an Automatic Cat Litter Box

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Parenting a pet is a rewarding experience, but it also comes with its fair share of responsibilities. One such obligation is cleaning up after their bathroom breaks, which can be especially challenging when you have multiple pets.

Thankfully, we now have advanced litter boxes that make the work easier and more hygienic.

An automatic litter box is a self-cleaning cat device that uses sensors and motors to automatically scoop and dispose of your cat’s waste.

This type of box can be a great option for busy pet owners or for those who want to reduce the amount of time and effort spent on maintaining their boxes.

In this article, we’ll discuss the things to know before buying an automatic cat litter box. Watch out for our estimated cost outline of owning one of these accessories in your home.

Automatic Cat Litter Boxes Vs Regular Litter Boxes

The main difference between an automatic cat litter box and a regular one is how they handle soiled litter.

The automatic boxes will typically use sensors to detect when a cat has used it, and then use a mechanical system to scoop out the waste and deposit it in a sealed compartment.

This makes them easier to use and can help to reduce bad odor in your home. Regular cat litter boxes, on the other hand, require you to scoop out the waste manually with a mini-shovel.

Self-cleaning cat litter boxes may be more convenient and require less maintenance, but they can also be more expensive and may not be suitable for all cats.

Regular cat litter boxes are more affordable and customizable but may require more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

6 Things To Know Before Buying an Automatic Cat Litter Box

Owning a scoop-free cat litter box has many advantages over traditional boxes.

But, with so many brands available today, how can you choose the right one for your needs? Here are the 6 tips that you may consider to get the most effective litter robot:

benefits of self-cleaning cat litter boxes

1. Size of the litter box

The size of the litter box is an important factor to consider, especially if you have limited space in your home or if you have multiple cats.

Make sure to measure the space where you plan to place the box and choose a model that will fit comfortably without taking up too much space.

You should also look at how much waste your desired model can hold without needing to be emptied or changed every so often.

2. Type of kitty litter needed

Some automatic boxes will only work best if they are used with specific clumping litter types. In this case, you need to consider the litter that your cat is comfortable with and if it is compatible with your desired box.

Getting the wrong kitty litter will only make your feline friend avoid using the box completely which can be frustrating on your part.

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3. Price

Automatic cat litter boxes can be expensive, especially the high-end models with advanced features. You should consider your budget and the features that are most important to you before deciding on the model to go for.

Keep in mind that low-cost models may not have all the fancy sensors, bells, and whistles found in the pricey ones, but they can still be effective and efficient at scooping and disposing of your cat’s waste.

4. Noise level

The noise level of an automatic cat litter box can be high, especially if you have a sound-sensitive or timid cat.

Some units are nearly noiseless, while others can be quite noisy. Read about the noise levels and decibels of different brands before making a purchase, and consider where you’ll be placing the box in your home.

5. Ease of maintaining

Self-cleaning boxes still require some cleaning, maintenance, and servicing, even if they’re designed to make the cleaning process easier.

Consider the ease of cleaning and maintaining different models before making a purchase, and think about how much time and effort you’re willing to spend on litter box maintenance.

6. Read reviews from confirmed buyers

Be sure to read reviews and compare different models online before checking out. This will help you get a sense of the pros and cons of different boxes, and give you a glimpse of what previous buyers have to say about the product.

The Benefits of Using an Automatic Cat Litter Box

1. Convenience

One of the major pros of using a scoop-free cat litter box is the convenience it offers. These litter boxes will automatically scoop and dispose of your cat’s waste in a sealed receptacle.

This can save you a lot of time and effort, especially if you have multiple cats or a particularly large or messy litter box.

2. Improves hygiene

Self-cleaning cat litter boxes are sanitary and can help maintain hygiene in several ways.

The box is designed to automatically remove soiled litter waste from the open chamber, which helps to prevent the buildup of unpleasant odors.

This can also help to reduce direct contact with the cat’s feces which can cause toxoplasmosis in severe cases.

Most automatic cat litter boxes are equipped with deodorizing systems that help to eliminate odors and keep the litter box smelling fresh.

Some models may also have air filters or ventilation systems to help remove odors and improve air quality.

best automatic cat litter boxes

3. It can be customized

Most self-cleaning litter boxes come with customizable settings, allowing you to choose the level of cleaning, waste disposal method, and other features that best suit your needs and preferences.

For example, some models allow you to set a schedule for when the box will clean itself, or adjust the level of sifting to suit your cat’s preferences.

4. Comfortable for your cat

These boxes are designed to be comfortable for your cat to use. Unlike traditional litter boxes that may be cramped or confining, litter robots are typically large enough for your feline friend to move around and do their business without feeling uneasy.

Most models are designed with features that can enhance your cat’s comfort, such as a smooth and gentle rake that won’t disturb them while they’re using the box.

Some models may also have a low entryway to make it easier for your cat to climb in and out of the box, and a hood or cover to provide privacy and a sense of security.

For more information, check our detailed article on the benefits of automatic litter boxes.

The Cons of Using an Automatic Cat Litter Box

1. Cost

One potential drawback of self-cleaning litter boxes is their cost. These units tend to be more expensive than traditional boxes, especially high-end models with advanced features like wireless network control and a cat health monitoring system.

If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend that you go for the basic model that will just get the work done without any added features.

2. Noise

The self-cleaning mechanism that automatically rakes and removes waste from the box can sometimes make a loud noise, which can be startling or even stressful for some cats.

If you’re concerned about the noise level of these boxes, there are a few things you can do to reduce the noise.

The first option is to look for a brand or model with a low-noise design, which can help to minimize the sound of the rake moving through the litter.

You can also acclimatize and introduce your cat to the sound of the automatic cat litter box to make them feel comfortable when using it.

The noise level of an automatic cat litter box may be a concern for some cat owners, but there are ways to mitigate the noise and help your cat feel more comfortable using the box.

3. They can be bulky

These devices typically have a larger footprint than traditional litter boxes, which can make them difficult to fit into small spaces.

The self-cleaning mechanism and other features of these cat litter boxes can add to their overall size and weight, making them more difficult to move from one place to another.

If you are short of space, you can look for a model with a compact design, which will help to save some floor space in your home.

Make sure to measure the available area in your home and choose a box that will fit comfortably in the designated space.

Some automatic cat litter boxes come with wheels or casters, which can make them easier to move and reposition as needed.

4. Maintenance

While automatic cat litter boxes are designed to make the cleaning process easier, they still require some maintenance and regular servicing.

In some cases, you may need to clean the waste receptacle or litter box itself, which can be time-consuming and demanding. If you have a delicate unit and it breaks down, then servicing it might be costly.

The Cost of Owning an Automatic Cat Litter Box

The cost will vary depending on several factors, including the size and model of the box, the type of litter you use, and the frequency of cleaning and maintenance.

On average, automatic cat litter boxes can range in price from around $40 to upward of $500 or more.

It is important to carefully research and compare different options before purchasing to ensure that you are getting a high-quality product that fits your budget and meets the needs of your cat.

In addition to the initial cost, these litter boxes also require replacement parts and frequent maintenance for them to continue working properly.

This should be taken into account when budgeting for one. Some models may also require additional supplies such as special liners, special cat litter, and bags for waste disposal purposes.

The best litter boxes will come with a warranty or satisfaction guarantee, which can provide added peace of mind and protection against potential problems or defects.

The Final Word

There are several things to consider when buying an automatic cat litter box for your feline friend. From the initial cost and ongoing expenses to the size and features of the box, the list can be far-reaching.

It is important to do your research and measure up assorted options to warrant that you are making the best decision for your cat’s needs and within your budget.

With a range of sizes, features, and prices to choose from, you can find the perfect tool for your feline friend.

Take a look at our top picks and make the switch to an automatic cat litter box today to enjoy a more sanitary space with your kitty.

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