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In this post, we are going to show you how to clean the dogs paws and introduce you to few paw washers that you can use to get the best results.

When you take your dog for daily walks and exercises, his paws will certainly collect a lot of dirt that he steps on.

Grooming your pooch should be a routine activity and cleaning his paws should never be overlooked.

Apart from being exposed to dust, mud, and water, your dog’s paws are also subjected to a variety of surfaces when he walks around.

This might usually cause some discomfort and sensitivity which can be alleviated by regular washing of the paws.

An unwashed dog paw may develop irritation, burns, bacterial infections, and skin sensitivity issues which will certainly prevent him from being his best.

In case your dog is licking his paws excessively, he might have an abrasion on his paws, it is best to examine him immediately to check on the extent of the injury.

For severe cases, you should call your vet for further treatment and medication to help your dog heal safely.

To dogs, paws are everything. They use their strong paws, especially the front ones, to play, exercise, and engage in most of their activities.

Paws are also the second line of defense for dogs when they are attacked. They rely on the paw-hidden nails to attack a predator and for gaming and exercises.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Paws in 7 Ways

Despite the weather conditions, taking your dog out for walks should never be ignored.

Whilst your dog’s paws may get exposed to dust, mud, salt, and all manner of dirt, you can adopt any of the following 7 ways to always clean his paws when you get back home.

1.      Bathing your dog

Bathing your pup is one of the best ways to clean dog paws. When giving your dog a full body bath, you need to pay close attention to his paws and remove any dirt that may be lodged within.

You may not have the time to fully bathe your dog whenever his paws are dirty and, in this case, you can opt to only wash the paw area.

Woman washing her dog

When your dog has lumps of mud stuck within his paws, then the best way to clean him is by washing the paws thoroughly with soapy water. It is recommended to use dog shampoo for the best overall results.

You can clean your dog’s paws in a bathtub if he is large. Medium and small-sized dogs can have their paws cleaned in sinks.

After cleaning your dog’s paws, ensure that you dry him before allowing him to leave the bathroom area. This will make him feel much more comfortable and prevent the build-up of molds on his paws.

2.      Clean up your dog’s paws using wet dog wipes

If your puppy’s paws are mildly dusty, you can use dog wipes to clear off the dust hence preventing a huge buildup.

When buying wet wipes for cleaning your pet, make sure you get the ones that have been approved to be pet friendly.

The wipes that humans use are formulated with alcohol and other synthetic chemicals that may be dangerous for your little pup.

Dog wipes will always come in handy when traveling with your dog, they easily fit within your bag or jacket pocket.

They can be popped out easily to remove any sand, mud, or dirt particles on your dog’s paws during the journey.

3.      Trim your dog’s excess foot hair

Dog breeds with long hair will often have foot hair that covers a good part of their paws. These long paw of hair will attract dust, dirt, and debris material when your dog goes out for his routine walks.

Another way of ensuring your dog’s paws are always clean is by trimming his paw regularly. Excess paw hair will also make it difficult for your dog to walk in some places.

The excess paw hair will attract moisture from the wet ground and make it uncomfortable for your dog to enjoy his routine walks with you.

Raised dog paw

It is however not recommended to trim the hair on your dog’s pads since the skin around this place is very delicate.

Trimming pad hair may expose your dog to harsh environmental conditions when walking hence predisposing him to dog pad-skin-related complications.

Dogs with trimmed paw hair will often have corrosion on their pad skin due to interaction with ground salt and abrasion when walking.

4.      Use dog boots for more protection

In extreme weather conditions like the winter snow or very hot weather, you can get your dog a good sizable bootie to cover his paws when walking.

Dog boots will not only keep your pooch’s paws clean, but they will also prevent him from suffering harsh weather conditions.

Dog with boots on snow

With a dog boot, you can be sure that your dog’s pad will not be burned out when walking in hot weather or snow.

You will also prevent all dirt from lodging in his paws, hence making the clean-up process easier when you arrive home.

When walking with your dog in the snow, do not forget to dry up his paws when you arrive back home. You can do this using a clean and dry towel.

5.      Cleaning wounds on your dog’s paws.

During the routine walk with your dog, he might be unlucky to step on a sharp object that may injure his paws.

You will immediately notice this because dogs will immediately start limping when there is something wrong with their paws.

When you notice that your dog has an injury during a walk, you should stop immediately and examine the issue.

If you find an injury, you need to trim his paw hair if he has long ones, and clean the wound to get rid of all dirt materials.

Injured dog paw

You can use an antibacterial soap during the cleaning process to ensure that you get rid of any microorganisms that might have found their way into your dog’s wound.

Any injury on your dog might have started as a minor wound, but if untreated, they can easily progress to serious infections.

Rinse the wound with warm water to clean it up and dry his paws with a clean towel. You can thereafter use pet-safe antiseptic spray on the wound to keep off any microorganisms from attacking the wound.

If the abrasion is too open, you can cover it with a pad to facilitate quick healing and prevent more dirt from getting in.

For severe wounds, please contact your vet for further help and treatment.

6.      Have a dog paw cleaning mat at your door

You can station a dog paw cleaning mat at your door for your dog to remove all loose dirt and debris before he enters the house.

This will also help during the main cleaning of your dog’s paws as you will now have little dirt to handle.

Golden Retriever and Pomeranian playing inside home

You can train your dog gradually how to use his doormat by enticing him with some healthy dog treats under the mat.

Whenever he rubs his paws on the mat to remove dirt, you can reward him for good progress in his training.

A good dog paw cleaning mat should be comfortable, and strong enough to remove dirt from your pup’s paws in a comfortable way. It should however not be abrasive at all to your dog’s pads.

7.      Using Automatic dog paw cleaners and washers.

Some dogs will show some form of resistance when you wash their paws in open sinks. In this case, you might need an accessory that cleans your dog’s paws.

You can go a step ahead and use dog paw cleaners to clean your dog’s paws thoroughly. Paw cleaners and washers are devices that will automatically clean your dog’s paws once you insert his paws into the open space.

These devices do the work in a short period and they remove all dirt from your lovely pooch’s paws. Sometimes it can be tiring, to see your dog back in the mud again just seconds after bathing him or wiping his paws.

These devices are beneficial to save them much time you might be required to spend cleaning your dog’s paws manually.

Dog paw cleaners, paw washers.

Not all-paw cleaners and washers will be ideal for your dog. When looking for the best dog paw cleaner, you need to review keenly the product you are intending to purchase to check for compatibility and functionality.

These products will often differ in price depending on quality, functionality, and durability, among many other factors to consider.

The following are some of the best dog paw cleaners that you can purchase today and use to clean your dog’s paws:

1.      eufy Pet Automatic Dog Paw Cleaner, Portable Electronic Paw Washer

For easy and fast cleaning of your dog’s paws, you need an automatic paw cleaner that will get the job done for you.

It is powered by a strong battery that can hold a battery charge for two weeks. This ensures that you have a minimum of 14 days of uninterrupted dog paw cleaning services.

This silicone dog paw cleaner from eufy has a powerful motor that provides the necessary force required to remove lodged mud from your dog’s paws.

The cleaning scrub of this product contains a total of 85 soft bristles that will safely scrub your dog to clean muddy paws and remove other debris materials from his paw fur.

Using this product is very simple, in just one click, you will have your dog’s paws cleaned and free from all dirt.


  • It is portable
  • The charge lasts moderately long
  • It is very easy to use.


  • The product does not include a charger in the box

2.      Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer/ Paw Cleaner

This product comes in a choice of three colors and it has various size options to fit your dog’s paws. The automatic washer is fitted with gentle silicone bristles that are well-made to remove all dirt and mud from your dog’s paws.

The materials making this product are BPA-free hence making it a safe and effective product to use for your dog.

Using this paw washer is very simple, you will only be required to add some water and insert your dog’s muddy paw into the cleaner. The results are effective and help in keeping dirt from your dog’s body into the mudbuster.

The product is portable and you can carry it along when traveling or camping with your dog.


  • It is very portable
  • It is gentle on your dog’s paws.
  • Well designed.


  • Not very good for small dogs.

3.      Paw Plunger Large for Dogs, Black

With this paw washer for large dogs, you can now spend much less time cleaning your pooch’s paws after that routine walk around the neighborhood.

This paw plunger is well-designed to remove dirt and debris from your large dog’s paws without causing any discomfort to him.

You will simply be required to add some water and dip your dog’s paw in the plunger to remove dirt from his paws. There is no requirement for soap or other detergents to use this product effectively.

The plunger has soft bristles that gently remove dirt from your dog’s paw with the aid of water. After every cleaning session, ensure you dry your dog’s paws with a clean towel to make him feel more comfortable while in the house.


There are many ways to clean your dog’s paws and you can use a combination of them to get the best overall results.

Always ensure that your dog is well-groomed and his nails trimmed to get an easy time managing his paw dirt.

If your dog is giving you a hard time in the sink during thorough washing, you can get an automatic paw cleaner that will make him feel more relaxed and comfortable during the short cleaning process.

How often do you clean your dog’s paws? Have you had challenges before?

You can share with us your story in the comment section below and let us have a wide engagement on this issue. Thanks for reading this article.

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