what does it mean when a cat licks you

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You have probably seen your furry friend lick their fur and groom each other several times during the day. But what does it mean when a cat licks you?

Is this behavior just normal or are you reading too much? What we can assure you is that the behavior is not unusual in cats, so you should not be worried when it happens occasionally.

Keep reading this post to discover the reasons why your cat may lick you and find out the solution that you can try to solve the behavior if you feel bothered.

What Does It Mean When Your Cat Licks You?

Cats express affection through gentle grooming, resembling the way they groom each other or their kittens. When your cat licks you, it signifies a bond and happiness.

Additionally, this behavior may involve marking territory, as cats leave a scent trail to claim ownership, creating a unique social connection between you and your feline friend.

Here are all the reasons why cats may lick you:

1. They are showing their affection

Cats will always groom each other in their pack to show happiness and affection the same way mothers would groom their kittens.

The simple and light tongue baths from your cat might be a sign of passing their affection towards you. They usually do this in a friendly and generous manner that soothes your skin without too much rubbing.

2. They’re creating a social connection

During their tender years, lactating kittens will lick their mothers’ bellies to create that social bond between them.

They now do this to you because you are one of the special persons in their lives during adulthood.

3. They want to salt-lick

Your cat may hoover their tongue over you because they are interested in licking the salt and sugar that is present in sweat.

They might enjoy doing this especially when they lack salt and water in their daily diet. So, make sure to provide them with a healthy diet with a balanced proportion of all nutrients and minerals.

A good way to discourage your cat from licking sweat is to wipe it from your skin and cool down before hanging out with the cat.

4. They are stressed or anxious

Stress and anxiety are possible reasons why your cat may be licking you excessively to alleviate their condition.

Excessive self-grooming is a common behavior in stressed cats but they could also redirect the grooming to you.

If you see your cat licking you while being twitchy, you must find out what’s disturbing their minds and remove the triggers to calm them down. You can also speak to your vet for a medical diagnosis if their situation doesn’t seem to improve.

5. Marking territory

Cats being highly territorial animals may lick you to leave a scent trail on your body to claim you.

They do this to inform other pets that ‘they own you’. You may have noticed that other cats would sometimes run away from you whenever you approach them. This is because they can smell from afar that you have been claimed by another kitty.

If you have multiple cats at home, watch out for excessive licking since it could breed territoriality issues amongst them leading to behavioral problems.

6. They are grooming you

Sometimes the cat might lick your body to extend their grooming habits to you.

At this point, they have considered you as part of their family and can spend some time licking off some dirt from your skin.

7. You taste good

What else would make a cat lick you that much? Of course, your skin has a good taste.

They may have been attracted by the shampoo you used on your hair or your skin’s perspiration, and so they lick to investigate the appealing scents and odor.

what does it mean when a cat licks you

The other reason could be that you have handled their favorite foods with bare hands. Foods such as fish, beef, chicken, etc. would leave a scent trail on your skin hence making the cat lick your hand for some taste of satisfaction.

8. They were weaned too early

When the kitten has been weaned too early from their mother, they would transition into adulthood with a leftover behavior of licking on their guardian for stimulation.

If your cat gives you a lengthy lick accompanied by pressing down their paws on your body, then it could be that they were weaned too soon from nursing.

That is what they did when lactating their moms, and now it feels so relaxing when they do it on you.   

Are Cat Licks Dangerous?

For the most part, cat licks are not dangerous but they could turn out to be if you’re not keen about where they lick you and how vigorously they do so.

Some cats have the habit of biting the skin after licking for quite a while. These bites can cut into the skin to draw blood and cause abrasions, which are not only painful but also dangerous.

If your furry friend licks an open wound on your skin, they can transmit the bacteria Pasteurella multocida which causes infections in humans.

You should wash your hands and clean the areas where your cat licked you to get rid of the saliva and reduce the chances of acquiring an infection.

How To Stop a Cat from Licking You

If you don’t want your cat to lick you, then you should say No by drawing your hand away from them every time they take their tongue out for a lick.

Don’t give your cat the satisfaction they are looking for by allowing them to lick you since that will encourage the behavior.

You should not leave them like that but rather make sure to provide a substitute to capture their interest and energy.

A nice swap could be any cat toy that gets their attention, but you should use scent soakers suck as kickers or a clean cloth laced with your smell to get the best results.

This will attract your cat’s attention since it ‘smells like you’ and they will continue to hold, play, and lick on the items.

Do this every time your cat comes over to offer you a bath and let them learn how interesting it can be to engage with the swapped item.

Furthermore, you can cover your arms by wearing a long-sleeved shirt when interacting with your cat. This will help to reduce the exposed areas on your arm while playing and cuddling with your feline friend.


Never use harsh methods to stop your cat from licking you. Do not punish, scold, shout, or use bitter sprays to discourage them from grooming you.

Such methods would not only hurt the cat but would also compromise your bond and make them afraid of you.

Some cats would also develop behavioral issues when they feel isolated and punished by their owners, and this will only lead to more problems.


1. Why does my cat lick me so much all of a sudden?

If your cat is suddenly licking you excessively, then it could be a sign that they are stressed or anxious.

You should watch out for the conditions that might have subjected your cat to mental instability such as moving to a new house or bringing a new cat into the house.

Another reason might be that your cat is suffering from an underlying medical condition such as dental problems and hyperthyroidism. You can visit the vet to rule out any health problems.

2. Why does it hurt when my cat licks me?

You will occasionally feel some pain when your cat licks you because of the structure of their tongue.

It is layered with backward-facing barbs, known as papillae, which are useful in cleaning the cat’s coat to remove dirt and debris.

These spines are made of keratin which is the same material making up the cat’s nail, and this explains why you might feel some tickle when your cat licks you.

3. Why does my cat lick my face?

Cats may be motivated to lick your face as a way of seeking your attention. It’s a way they can use to draw your focus to them.

They must have learned that whenever they focus on your face, you will immediately respond by picking them up gently and attending to them.

4. Why does my cat lick my hand?

Cats may lick your hand as a sign to invite you for play or when they need petting. It could also mean that your hand is traced with scents of your cat’s favorite meals making it hard for them to resist swiping their tongue across.

5. Why does my cat lick my nose?

A cat would lick your nose as a sign of expressing their genuine love and affection towards you. They feel more secure being around you to the extent of making contact with one of your sensitive areas on the face.

6. Why does my cat lick my lips?

Your furry friend may lick your lips lightly as a gentle way of expressing their affection and ties to you. However, you need to be watchful not to contact the cat’s saliva since it contains bacteria that can cause various infections in your body.

Conclusion – What does it mean when a cat licks you?

A cat lick could indicate several things, ranging from expressing affection to calling for your attention. It is therefore not unusual to see your feline friend giving you a light bath using their tongue.

But you also need to be careful not to allow the kitty to lick you for extended periods. If you feel that it’s becoming too much, you can stop them and redirect the behavior to a toy.

Remember that every cat is unique in how they express themselves and in their licking habits. You can upscale your bond and connections with the cat by knowing their intricate behavior.

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