why does my cat put his butt in my face

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Cats can sometimes be quirky and random in their behaviors. One such experience is when they extend their bottoms to your face.

You may then wonder ‘why does my cat put his butt in my face?’.

While it may appear bizarre to you, this behavior is quite common in cats owing to several reasons. Are they being rude, or is this just another form of communicating with humans?

Come along with us as we discuss the possible reasons for this behavior and why you should not be worried.

Watch out for our recommendation on how to respond and the possibility of redirecting the behavior if you feel bothered.

6 Reasons Why Your Cat Will Put Their Bum in Your Face

1. They learned it from kittenhood

The main reason why your cat runs to you and exposes their bum is that they picked the behavior right from when they were young.

During their kittenhood cats fully depended on their mother’s care for everything, including going to the bathroom.

The nursing mother would clean up the young kitty’s bottoms to stimulate them in excretion.

So, the kittens learned how to put their bum in their mother’s face when in need of releasing urine and fecal matter.

why does my cat put his butt in my face

When these young cats transition to adulthood, they still carry along this behavior but now show it to their lovely guardians, and that’s you!

This instinct to stretch and expose the bum is now part of the cat’s body language but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to use the toilet. It is more prevalent in cats who were pre-maturely taken away from their mothers.

2. It is a normal behavior

Don’t be puzzled when you see your cat sticking their end in your face, they’re not being rude. This is a normal behavior in cats and it is reserved for the special humans in their lives.

It is a behavior that they learn right from a tender age and they have picked it up and will practice it throughout their adult life.

Cats communicate through verbal means such as meowing, but they do most of their communication through intuitive feline body language.

3. They trust you

Cats are known to be very cautious especially when it comes to protecting their sensitive areas from unfamiliar people.

They have a modest approach towards preserving their body and will only put themselves in vulnerable positions towards people they can trust.

When a cat puts their bum in the owner’s face, it’s a clear sign that they have trusted them since this is one of the sensitive areas on a cat’s body.

This behavior should be indicative that your furry friend has built bonded connections with you to the extent of entrusting you with their vulnerable areas.

4. They are saying ‘hello’

When cats meet, they will often sniff each other’s butt as a way of saying ‘hello’ or making friends. They could as well pass down this feline behavior to humans.

So, when you see your furry friend sticking their bum in your face, it could be that they are just saying ‘hello’ and welcoming you back home.

5. They’re marking territory

Cats have two anal glands under their bum skin which produce a tan-colored foully liquid that is used in marking territories.

When they rub it against your body, they’re simply trying to leave a scent trail to ‘own you up’ and mark their territories. This behavior is known as allorubbing.

Scent-marking by cats will mostly be seen in cats that have strong bonds with their owners and in a family setup with multiple cats.

6. They’re protecting you

When a cat sticks their bum in your face, they intuitively face the other side away from your body with their jaws and paws ready to pounce on an enemy.

This is a protective posture that puts the cat in a good position to watch over and safeguard you from any looming danger.

This defensive show is most common in homes with multiple cats, where each cat would strive to ‘own’ the guardians in the house.

Understanding This Behavior

Cats can be complex to understand at first, but easy to understand their messages when we learn how to decode their encrypted language.

Cat sleeping with raised legs

By getting the possible reasons why your cat may stick their bum on your face, you will be in a good position to narrow down and understand your cat.

You should always look out for other accompanying body movements to see exactly what your furry friend is communicating.

A simple butt swipe across your face might be an instinctive sign that your cat is happy and showing affection.

If they’re raising their tails and exposing their bum around you most of the time, then this is an instinctive behavior in your cat.

But if they’re exposing the butt on your face while being uneasy and sticking their claws out, then they might be trying to defend you from danger.

What To Do

If your cat is exposing their bum on your face as a show of trust, love, or greeting, make sure to respond by petting them and passing down your affections as well.

When they do so to protect you from danger, you can assess the environment to see what’s provoking them. If there is nothing to worry about you can calm them to show them that everything is right.

Some people find it unpleasant when a cat exposes their butt in their face. If you get offended, you can discourage this behavior without being harsh on your furbaby.

A good way to redirect this conduct is by providing your cat with some toys to get active with him to experience more fun.  

Petting a cat

If your cat persistently rubs their butt against your body for extended periods, then they could be itching or feeling pain in that area.

You should take immediate action by speaking to your vet for proper diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Is There a Risk for Cats Putting Their Butt in Your Face?

You could get exposed to parasites such as Toxoplasma gondii when your cat shoves their bum in your face.

The parasite is known to cause toxoplasmosis.

However, the risk of contracting the infection is relatively low especially when your cat is healthy, properly groomed, and cleaned up after using the bathroom.

Despite the low risk, we still urge you to wash your hands and clean your face after making contact with the rear end of your cat.


1. Why do cats put their buttholes on you?

Cats may put their buttholes on you as a way to mark territory among the other reasons for flashing it across your body.

The foul liquid secreted during this action will communicate to other cats hence creating a boundary on the marked territory.

Some cats will also show this behavior when they are stressed or scared by impending danger.

2. Why does my cat sleep with his bum towards me?

Cats may sleep while extending their rear end to you as a sign of being comfortable and showing trust in you.

They feel secure in your presence and they are also willing to expose their sensitive areas to you.

Another reason is that your cat finds that particular position to be relaxing for them to sleep in. You can know by observing your cat’s sleeping posture over a specific period.

If they maintain the same posture even when you are not close by, then your cat could simply be sleeping in that position because it’s comfortable.

The Final Take – Why does my cat put his butt in my face?

Your cat may shove their butt on your face for various reasons, but mainly it is because they took up this behavior from their kittenhood into their adult and even senior years.

Other reasons that make cats extend their bottoms in your face can be a sum of their affection towards you, their trust, protection, or a way of greeting you.

You should watch out when your feline friend persistently rubs their bum against you over a long duration.

This could be a sign that they are experiencing discomfort and itching in the area and you need to take them to the vet for early diagnosis and treatment.

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