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Dogs like chewing bones for many reasons. One of them is because it’s an instinctual habit that stems from the ancestral wild dogs.  

If you own an aggressive chewer, you know how frustrating it can be to see them destroy furniture and other house items.

Finding the best bones for such dogs can be a challenging task, and some pet parents may end up purchasing soft chews instead of the right type.

Giving soft chews to aggressive chewers may not satisfy their innate desire for robust chewing because they easily swallow the items.

You can now see the importance of finding the right type of bone for your powerful chewer. We’ve researched and reviewed the 13 best dog bones for aggressive chewers in 2023 that you can find in the market today.

We’ll start by providing a detailed review of the products while covering the pros and cons you can expect with each bone.

You’ll also find a helpful buyer’s guide after the product’s review to help you make the right decisions for your dog’s needs.

Our Top Picks

Our Top Pick - Best Overall
Best for Small Dogs
Best for Medium Dogs
Best for Large Dogs
Our Top Pick - Best Overall
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Supports the dog's health
  • Improves oral hygiene
  • Refreshes the dog's breath
Best for Small Dogs
  • Good challenge for aggressive chewers
  • Filled with natural nutrients to supplement your dog's health
  • Offers irresistible flavor to most dogs

Best for Medium Dogs
  • Delicious and nutritious
  • Comes in sizeable chucks for most dogs
  • Supports dental hygiene
Best for Large Dogs
  • Offers many hours of enjoyment
  • Can be used as a reward for training
  • Natural source of protein and iron

13 Best Dog Bones for Aggressive ChewersReviews

1. Heartland Antlers for Dogs – Best Overall

Type: Antler

This natural chew bone from Heartland Antlers is 100% natural and sourced in the USA. It comes in a whole range of different sizes for all dog breeds and ages.

The bone contains an appealing elk and marrow flavor which will certainly attract an extreme chewer to take a bite.

These particular products have been proven to stand the test of time even with the most prolific chewing canines.

This antler bone also acts as a natural toothbrush for your pooch. It helps them to maintain good dental health by removing tartar and plaque from your dog’s whites.

If your canine friend is struggling with bad breath, you can offer them this antler for the refreshed smell. With this natural chew, you can expect it to drip some natural oils when chewed and this can create a messy floor.


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Supports the dog’s health
  • Improves oral hygiene
  • Refreshes the dog’s breath


  • It may chip and splinter with time

2. Lively Tails Liver Coated Dog Bones– Best for Large Dogs

Type: Beef bone

This chew bone offers the best of both worlds. A durable beef bone for endless chewing and a natural liver coating as a tasty treat.

The liver coating soaks the bone in rich flavor and invites your dog to take a bite instead of chewing furniture. It’s great for medium-sized and large dogs who love gnawing on items around the house.

Apart from giving your furry friend long hours of enjoyment, these bones are easy to digest and they supply the dog with high-quality protein.

Your dog can get guaranteed healthy jaws, gums, and teeth, all thanks to the rough textured surface on the bone which wipes away tartar with the chewing action.


  • Offers many hours of enjoyment
  • Can be used as a reward for training
  • Natural source of protein and iron


  • Some dogs may eat up the liver and lose interest in the remaining bone piece

3. Apasiri Tough Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Type: Nylon

The Apasiri Tough Dog Toy is made with safe nylon and soft rubber, making it a good long-lasting option for powerful chewers and teething puppies.

The unique rubber covering the nylon bone is well-designed with a rough texture and spikes to clean your dog’s teeth while chewing. The rubber spikes also offer your dog more traction when chewing and nibbling on the toy.

This dog bone comes with a choice of four flavors; beef, peanut butter, mint, and bacon. You can be sure to find something that suits your dog’s taste buds.

If your canine is very robust in chewing, this rubber will serve them right because they cannot easily rip apart, even with a strong bite.

You can offer this bone to your dog on your carpet or couch and you won’t have to worry about them creating a messy situation.


  • Long-lasting
  • Interesting flavors to choose from
  • Supports dental hygiene
  • It has a good grip and traction


  • The rubber portion on the nylon bone may easily come off

4. Tikaton Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Type: Nylon

The Tikaton nylon bone chew toy provides a safe alternative to real sticks, and it will satisfy your dog’s urge to chew with fun.

With the strong nylon construction, your heavy-chewing pup may work on this bone for long hours without getting bored.

It comes in different sizes to suit your dog’s breed and age. You also get a choice of four flavors for your dog’s preference.

This particular unit features an appealing beef scent to attract your dog’s interest during playtime. With the safe built, your dog is guaranteed several hours of playtime without ripping apart the material.

This bone is made with a real-looking bone shape to appeal to your dog’s instincts and to redirect them from chewing things they are not supposed to.

The chunky knots on each end of this chew bone can excite your dog and provide a surface for traction when chewing heavily.

We suggest that you supervise your dog as they chew this tempting nylon bone. Strong dogs above 60 pounds may break apart the bone with persistent chewing.


  • Available in multiple sizes and flavors to choose from
  • The real bone shape appeals to the dog’s natural instincts
  • Good for teething puppies
  • Promotes dental hygiene


  • May splinter with extreme chewing by a strong dog

5. Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone

Type: Nylon

With the bacon and steak flavors, the Pet Qwerks chew bone will present a challenge even to the most extreme chewers.

This nylon bone offers a great alternative to the real sticks which have the challenge of splintering when chewed and harmful edges.

The hard exterior of this chew is comfortable but with a slightly textured surface to scrap off the tartar from your dog’s teeth.

With the unique shape of the Dinosaur Bark Bone, your powerful chewer will not only get relief from boredom but also build interest in real bone shapes.


  • Tempting flavors for most dogs
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Sturdy construction of a dinosaur bark bone
  • Promotes dental hygiene


  • Even the smallest size might be too big for some puppies

6. Buck Bone Organics Dog Chews – Best for Small Dogs

Type: Antler

This treat is made with 100% natural antlers sourced within the USA. If you are looking for a convenient way to treat your dog and offer a challenging game, then this product is for you.

One antler stick is estimated to contain 40% protein and they are also packed with calcium and phosphorus to supplement your dog’s nutritional needs.

These natural sticks will help keep your dog’s teeth in good condition by scrapping off the tartar and plaque when chewing.

Extreme chewers are invited to take a robust challenge of chewing these sticks, and you can be sure they will be in for a challenging game.

Like other natural bones, these antler chews may release natural oils during chewing and become soggy. This may stain your carpet, so it’s important to have a dedicated place for unmatched excitement and renewed fun.

We strongly recommend supervised chewing to watch out for splintering and to prevent your pup from getting choked or injured.


  • Offers a good challenge for aggressive chewers
  • Filled with natural nutrients to supplement your dog’s health
  • Offers irresistible flavor to most dogs


  • The sticks may break with persistent chewing

7. Ecokind Himalayan Dog Chews

Type: Treats

If your strong-jawed dog is highly motivated by yummy foods, then these dog chews may be tempting for them and rewarding.

The chew sticks are made with 100% natural yak milk sourced from Nepal, and they do not feature any artificial flavoring, preservatives, or additives.

Himalayan dog chews can provide uninterrupted hours of chewing fun for your dog and it also has the advantage of packing nutritious ingredients.

Because the chews are nearly odorless, you won’t have to worry about the strong, uncontrollable smell that is common with other sticks in this category.

The best part about this treat is that they are easily digestible because they contain natural ingredients, meaning they break down in your dog’s belly without causing tummy pains.

These sticks are between 6 inches to 8 inches long and tougher than most other treats we have seen. This gives them a longer chewing lifespan – perfect for teething puppies and aggressive chewers.


  • Nutritious and delicious
  • Does not cause messy situations
  • Strong enough for extended chewing fun


  • Not good for dogs with a dairy allergy

8. K9 Connoisseur Single Ingredient Dog Bones

Type: Beef bone

These marrow-filled bones are made with one ingredient, sourced from grass-fed cattle born and raised in the US. If you are looking to motivate your powerful chewer, you may want to try out this bone.

Another appealing part about this beef bone is the strong natural flavor, real marrow, and some bits of smoked meat. You can use it to reward your furry friend for a job well done and redirect destructive chewing habits.

Talking about health, the bone is packed with high proteins and low calories. This is good enough to maintain a healthy body weight.

We were also pleased because this bone does not contain any artificial coloring, flavor, additives, or preservatives. They can make a healthy choice for dogs who love to gnaw.

Because this is a naturally sourced bone, you can expect it to release natural oils when chewed for some time. It’s important to supervise your dog and inspect the bone for wear and tear.

You should be quick to replace the bone if it splinters or develop sharp edges. This will caution your dog from mouth injuries.


  • Long-lasting and nearly indestructible
  • High in proteins and low in calories
  • Contains real marrow for healthy fat


  • It may have sharp edges when chewed for some time

9. Pet ‘n Shape All-Natural Chewz Beef Bones– Best for Medium Dogs

Type: Beef bone

If you are looking for a sizeable natural beef bone for your young pup, then this item may catch your interest. But remember the chew should be larger than the dog’s mouth, to prevent choking hazards.

The top selling point for this bone is the natural factor and the fact that it contains no artificial sweeteners, colors, allergens, or preservatives.

It is also grain-free and made without wheat, corn, or soy – meaning that your dog will get highly valuable proteins by biting into this bone.

The meaty bits surrounding these smoked bones cannot go unnoticed. They are good for keeping your heavy chewer busy by extracting goodies from tough surfaces.

You can expect this natural beef bone to splinter and make remnant fragments after some time of chomping. We recommend supervising your dog during chewing and removing the remnants to avoid choking.


  • Delicious and nutritious
  • Comes in sizeable chucks for most dogs
  • Supports dental hygiene


  • It may splinter with repeated chewing

10. Bones & Chews Made in USA Roasted Marrow Bone

Type: Beef bone

This single-ingredient 3-inch beef chew is made in the USA from grass-fed cattle. It offers a perfect size for younger pups and small breed dogs who can take up a powerful chewing challenge.

Since the bones are naturally sourced, you don’t have to worry about artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Your dog will get an irresistible temptation to make a bite of this chew item.

Roasting the bones while maintaining optimum moisture levels helps cut down pre-mature splinting and fragmentation. This allows for long-lasting, safe, and satisfying chewing.

Apart from the natural proteins in this bone, it’s also packed with iron, calcium, and zinc to support your dog’s health.

All beef chews from Bones & Chews are made without bleaching – to maintain the natural color and canine appeal.


  • Perfect size for smaller dogs
  • Delicious and nutritious
  • Offers a long-lasting chew
  • Some meat bits are attached to entice dogs for robust chewing.


  • Some large dogs may be enticed to swallow the bone
  • Some reviewers raised concerns about missing marrow in some bone chunks

11. Smoked Beef Marrow Bones for Dogs

Type: Beef bone

These bones have been slowly cooked at minimal temperatures to bring out the rich beef flavor and make marrow-filled bones your canine friend would love.

This is a great alternative for dogs who don’t like chewing raw sticks and Nylabones.

One pack of this product contains four smoked bones, each of them measuring six inches. This is a good size for both medium-sized and large dogs.

Aside from curing boredom for heavy chewers, this bone is roughly textured with meat bits to entice your dog for added fun.

It also acts as a natural toothbrush to remove food debris and clear tartar from your dog’s teeth and gums.

We remind you to watch out for splintering and sharp edges when giving your dog this bone. Replace all worn-out bones to prevent your dog from picking up mouth injuries.


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Improves the dog’s health
  • Has a strong beef scent
  • Promotes clean teeth


  • Risk of splinters and sharp edges

12. Best Bully Sticks Large Marrow Bones for Dogs

Type: Bully sticks

With these bully sticks, you can be sure to give your dog engaging challenges with a tasty flavor for supplementary nutrition.

The chew sticks are 100% natural and they pack a delicious bone marrow treat, sourced from free-range cattle across the USA.

The bones are both durable and long-lasting to give your powerful chewer plenty of entertainment and keep teething puppies occupied instead of gnawing on furniture.

These strong bully sticks are roughly textured with meat bits to clean your dog’s teeth and add some enticement for a longer engagement.

We noted that these chews are an excellent substitute for rawhide and are safer than most other traditional dog sticks.

Since these bones are natural chews, you can expect them to degrade with time. Watch out for sharp edges and discard worn-out chunks to prevent injuries.


  • Promoted oral hygiene
  • Tempting beef flavor
  • Natural source of protein and calcium


  • Not suitable for some large breed dogs

13. Benebone Bacon Stick

Type: Nylon

For a relatively lower price, you can give your strong-jawed canine a combination of real flavor and a chew toy to play with.

Your aggressive chewer will work their jaws for an extended period as they enjoy the sweet flavor of real bacon with this bone. The manufacturer also offers this bone with a real maple wood flavor if your dog is into that.

With five size options, ranging from tiny to giant, you can be sure to find the perfect size for your pup based on their breed, and age.

The Benebone is a great and durable chew toy for extreme chewing. This may help to prevent your lovely pup from chewing furniture and other forbidden items.

A noticeable drawback will be seen when the bone starts whittling down after a reasonable round of extreme chewing.

The remnant plastic pieces may get deposited everywhere and this may end up creating a mess on your floor.


  • Satisfying flavor
  • Offers a great chewing experience for strong dogs
  • Comes in a variety of sizes for all dogs


  • May whittle down after some time

Factors To Consider When Choosing Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers

When selecting bones for your strong-jawed dog, we suggest that you consider the following factors before making your purchase decision:

1. Durability

For dogs who enjoy chewing and do so with much vigor and enthusiasm, you need to choose safe bones that are strong and durable.

Go for the chew bones made with high-quality material like real bones or nylon bones that can withstand your dog’s powerful jaws while chewing.

Be careful not to choose very tough materials because they may cause an injury when the dog chews too hard.

2. Size of the bone

A good chew bone should neither be too small nor too big for your dog. A very small bone could easily get swallowed, whereas bones that are too big may be cumbersome for smaller pups.

Very large raw bones may also have too much fat which can raise a health concern when consumed regularly.

It’s generally recommended to choose bones that are a little bigger than your dog’s muzzle length so that it’s harder for them to swallow it whole.

3. The texture on the bone’s surface

Bones made with rough textured surfaces are good for extreme chewers because they provide extra fun when chewing.

Heavy chewers are motivated when handling a bone for a long period. The heavy texture surface may provide a rewarding chewing experience without being destructed easily.

The rough texture of such bones also acts as a natural toothbrush to control plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth.

4. Nature of the bone

When choosing a good bone for your powerful chewer, we suggest that you go for natural ones instead of artificial bones.

best dog bones for aggressive chewers
Image Credit: Lucy Meadows from Pexels

If you need a nylon bone, then the material needs to be safe for dogs, non-toxic, and it should be made with a natural enticing flavor.  

Stay away from bones made with artificial chemicals, additives, fillers, and sweetening agents. Unnatural bones may pose a health risk to your heavy-chewing pup, since they may ingest a lot.

Types Of Bones Suitable for Aggressive Chewers

Now that you know what to consider when looking for a good chew bone for your pup, it’s time to highlight the common types that may suit your dog’s needs.

1. Nylon bones

Nylon bones, or Nylabones, are non-edible plastic toys made from synthetic nylon, that are generally hard to crack.

Heavy chewers can benefit from nylon bones because they offer entertainment and long-term engagement without ripping apart.

If your dog is forming the habit of chewing items and destroying them, you may start by offering them the right-sized Nylabones to redirect their habits.

2. Rubber bones

As the name suggests, rubber bones are made from safe natural rubber, which is usually long-lasting.

Rubber bones can ideally be used by all dogs, but they are particularly good for aggressive chewers when playing games of fetch.

These bones are gentle on the dog’s teeth, meaning they don’t have the risk of splintering or breaking apart when degraded.

3. Antlers

These are widely considered the longest-lasting chew bones for strong-jawed dogs. Deer antlers are natural, durable, and convenient for canines who find pleasure in gnawing.

If your powerful chewer has soft teeth, you may choose elk antlers because they are slightly softer and squishier on the inside.

4. Beef and bison bones

These chew bones are a favorite option for many dogs, including heavy chewers because of their natural odor and meaty taste.

Bison marrow bones can be cut into sizeable chunks (three or four-inch thick) and consumed raw or smoked.

Bison bones are typically harder than normal beef bones, so if you have a dog who enjoys long-lasting chewing, you may consider the former.

Both of these bones have a roughly textured surface, which is good for dogs in terms of maintaining dental hygiene.

5. Rope bones

These bones are convenient when playing tug of war with a powerful chewer. There are many variations of rope bones including floating rope, rope tugs, rope, and ball toys.

If you have an extreme chewer who loves interactive play, you may consider getting them a rope toy for added excitement.

However, you need to be careful when using a rope bone for your dog. Some dogs can easily swallow the rope pieces and this may cause an intestinal obstruction.

As you may have noticed, we haven’t recommended any rope bones because, based on our experience, they are not considered a good type for aggressive chewers.

Tips To Choose the Right Bone for Your Dog

The following are some of our suggested tips you can use to narrow down to a specific product for your dog:

1. Consult your vet

Ask your vet for advice about the appropriate chew bone based on the health, personality, and preferences of your furry friend.

Your vet is best suited to provide a tailored recommendation based on your dog’s needs.

2. Your dog’s age, breed, and habits

It’s recommended to select the right bones for your dog based on their age, breed, health condition, and personality.

If you have a puppy, then you may need to provide soft chews instead of risking them with tough antler bones. You should also know the right time when puppies can start chewing bones.

Certain dog breeds are also known for their robust chewing habits than others. Such dogs may require different types of bones to offer added excitement when chewing.

3. Allergies and sensitivities

Choose dog bones based on your dog’s allergies and stay away from bones that are likely to cause a negative reaction.

Bones formulated with grains, soy, and fillers are likely to cause an allergy to most dogs. It’s best to stick to naturally sourced chews for your furry friend.

Using Chew Bones Properly

You should establish a clear routine of when to give bones to your aggressive chewer. We suggest offering your dog a bone after they have eaten to reduce the need for them to chew and swallow the bones.

Naturally sourced bones may drip natural oils when chewed, and this may stain your carpet and furniture.

We suggest having a spaced-out place where your dog can engage with such bones to reduce the possibility of staining items.

Dog with a bone
Image Credit: Tatiana Rodriguez from Unsplash

It also helps to train your dog on chewing bones and encourage them to do so calmly without using lots of strength.

You can do this by giving the ‘stop’ command when your dog seems to chew destructively and redirect them to slow chewing.


Make sure to observe your dog when they play with bones and inspect the chew items regularly.

By being close to your dog, you can help them out when they get stuck or redirect destructive chewing habits.

Inspecting the bones regularly also helps you to know when they are due for replacement.

You should replace a bone once they become worn out since the splintered fragments and sharp edges may cause a choking hazard.

Alternative for dogs with dental concerns

As we have highlighted above, chew bones can be really good in promoting good dental hygiene in dogs. They help in making the teeth stronger and preventing the build-up of plaque.

However, if your dog has weak teeth, or they’re coming from a dental treatment, you may want to stay away from tough bones and use dental treats for their oral hygiene.


We believe that you found this guide useful and you have a bone or two that can match your dog’s powerful jaws.

Feel free to try different types from natural beef bones, and antler chews, to nylabones. It’s good to give your pooch some choices for further enjoyment and satisfaction.

In our reviewed list of the 13 best dog bones for aggressive chewers, we have prioritized safety in all selected items.

You can be sure that the bones are durable and not formulated with artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, or allergens.

We recommend the Heartland Antler as the best overall bone for aggressive chewers, they offer different sizes for all breeds and ages.

Always be there to supervise your dog when they chomp down and chew bones, especially the natural ones.

Splinters and chipped fragments are a source of hazard and they can cause serious concerns like intestinal blockage if ingested. 

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