Best dog crates for Golden Retrievers

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Golden Retrievers are high-energy dog breeds who need a comfy place to rest and sleep after a long day of activity.

Providing your Goldie with a fully furnished doggy crate is a convenient way to build a safe place for them to call home.

But with so many options in the market to choose from, it may be overwhelming to find the perfect indoor kennel that will serve your pup well.

This is why we have researched and reviewed the 9 best dog crates for Golden Retrievers in this comprehensive guide.

Our research team has covered all types of crates for different Golden sizes including a buying guide section to help you in making an informed decision.

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Our Top Picks in 2023 for the Best Crates for Golden Retrievers

Our Pick - Best Overall
Best Heavy-Duty Crate
Best Decorative Crate
Best Budget Crate
Best for Puppies
Our Pick - Best Overall
  • Convenient starter pack
  • Durable crate
  • Machine washable fleece and cover
  • Secured locking system
Best Heavy-Duty Crate
  • Very sturdy
  • Lockable and secure
  • Top and side doors
Best Decorative Crate
  • Durable Basel plate
  • Cushioned bottom
  • Side and front doors
  • Highly versatile
Best Budget Crate
  • Durable design
  • Top handle
  • Leak proof pan
  • Secure latches
Best for Puppies
  • Divider panel
  • Durable construction
  • High ventilation
  • Leak proof bottom

Best Mesh Crates for Golden Retrievers

1. iCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit – Best Overall

Key Features:

  • Convenient starter pack
  • Durable crate
  • Machine washable fleece and cover
  • Secured locking system

This iCrate by MidWest is more than a simple cage for your dog. It offers a perfect starter kit for your Golden Retriever to get them started on training and quality living.

The set includes a double-door doggy crate, a crate cover, a fleece bed, and 2 pet bowls that can be attached to the crate walls.

This crate took our tight spot for the best overall dog crates for Golden Retrievers because it combines functionality, durability, and versatility.

You can use this pet cage for house-training your pup as well as to provide a perfect home both in the summer and winter.

With 3 color options and 5 sizes to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect unit to add to your home.

The crate is furnished with a floor pan that can support dogs of up to 90 pounds in weight. The removable tray at the bottom is also convenient for managing the dog’s urine during training.

Maintaining the accessories is easy because the fleece bed and crate cover are machine-washable. You can simply toss them into the washer and later dry them to keep them tidy.


  • The crate comes fully furnished with a bed, cover, and 2 pet bowls.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain the crate.
  • Made with a durable metal frame.
  • Highly ventilated


  • The sides might feel clumsy when holding a strong dog

2. MidWest Homes for Pets

Key Features

  • Protective feet
  • Double door
  • Rounded clip
  • Paw-block design

This double-door dog crate is a perfect solution for Golden Retriever owners who would love to secure their furry friends at home with a piece of mind.

The slide-bolt door latches are the new security feature in this dog crate which makes it a haven for your canine companion.

It locks safely to keep your Goldie in place and prevent them from escaping.

With a measurement of 42 x 28 x 31 inches, this double-door dog crate is suitable for large breed dogs with a weight of up to 70 – 90 pounds.

The crate is made with strong wire and durable construction that makes it a safe space for your dog to fulfill their instincts.

We were also impressed by the removable bottom tray which keeps your dog comfortable and collects fallen hair during the high-shedding months.


  • Highly ventilated to keep your dog aired
  • Very easy to assemble and collapse when not in use
  • The crate has a sturdy construction


  • May not be suitable during the winter.

3. BestPet Dog Crate – Best Budget

Key features

  • Durable design
  • Top handle
  • Leak proof pan
  • Secure latches

If you are on a budget, you can consider getting this dog crate from BestPet. This indoor kennel almost resembles the other wire crates but you may have to sacrifice a little on the toughness.

One of the most notable features of this doggy den has to be the top handle which makes it easier to carry your pet.

It also has 2 large doors which allow the dog to enter and leave the crate without bowing too low. When inside, you will use the side bolt latches to lock in the dog to keep them secure and to prevent escape.

Assembling this crate is easy and you do not require any tools to get it to stand. This collapsible crate can also be folded when not in use for easy storage and convenience during travel.

You also get a convenient bottom pan that keeps your dog clean in the tray by taking care of any liquid messes that may occur during housetraining.


  • Easy to assemble and fold when not in use
  • It is highly ventilated.
  • Moderate pricing


  • The construction might feel clumsy for strong dogs.

Best Heavy-Duty Crate for Golden Retrievers

4. LEMBERI Heavy Duty Indestructible Dog Crate – Best heavy-duty

Key Features

  • Very sturdy
  • Lockable and secure
  • Top and side doors

If you have a strong Golden Retriever with high instincts to play, then you may want to consider this heavy-duty crate by LEMBERI.

This dog house is made using strong steel with reinforced 0.5-inch-diameter tubes for added strength. The durability of this unit has been bolstered with the strong joint latches on the door and a dual latch to keep your furry friend secured.

The attractive additional feature of this crate has to be the top door which allows pet owners to interact with their canine companions while inside the tray. It also forms a good place to crate-train your pooch.

This is in addition to the front door which gives your Golden Retriever full access to the inner compartment without bowing low.

We loved the floor grate on this unit which is reinforced with a removable tray underneath to take care of the small food particles and liquid messes.

This heavy-duty crate sits on 4 caster wheels which allows you to move the crate with ease. The wheels can also be locked when not in use to provide a stable place for your dog to stay.


  • Made with heavy-duty materials to handle strong dogs.
  • It can also be good for anxious dogs.
  • The locking wheels make it easier to move this crate around the house


  • It may be difficult to assemble.

Best Furniture Crate for Golden Retrievers

5. DWANTON Furniture Dog Crate – Best Decorative

Key Features

  • Durable Basel plate
  • Cushioned bottom
  • Side and front doors
  • Highly versatile

The traditional dog crates might be an eyesore especially if you would love to place them in the living room.

This is why you might consider adding the DWANTON furniture dog crate to your living room to get both functionality and a touch of decoration. It is constructed with particle board and meshed wires.

The other selling point of this product has to be the added soft cushion which gives your dog a comfortable place to rest without the need for additional bedding.

The bottom part of the soft cushion is furnished with a non-slip rubber material which helps to keep it in place and prevent your pooch from siding while rolling inside.

A furniture dog crate cannot be complete without including the aspect of having an additional tabletop for your convenience.

This crate is furnished with a leveled top that can double up as a side table for placing your flower pot, and books, or even using it as a coffee table. The table top is strong enough to support a weight of up to 220 pounds.


  • Beautifully constructed
  • Made with rounded corners to keep your dog safe.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • It can be used as a side table.


  • Might not be good for active dogs and heavy chewers.

6. GDLF Furniture Dog Crate

Key Features

  • Top cabinets
  • Huge double door
  • Sturdy construction
  • Adjustable feet

The other decorative dog crate that made it to our list is this particular product by GDLF. What makes this doggy crate stand out is the double-door design which allows large golden retrievers to get inside without feeling constrained.

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The manufacturers also made this crate using strong steel tubes instead of the weak iron materials that we saw in other furniture dog crates.

Still, on durability, we found that the materials used are anti-chew hence allowing the owner to keep heavy chewers without worrying about destruction.

We were particularly excited by the versatility of this dog crate because it includes top shelves that can be used to store your dog’s supplies and a flat top for placing some of your items.

The two side walls of this product together with the door are made with highly spaced steel tubes which increases the ventilation for your lovely pup.


  • It is decorative and beautiful in design.
  • The double-door design is highly convenient to allow huge dogs to get in and move out with ease.
  • The crate is very sturdy and it can support heavy dogs.
  • It is constructed with anti-chew materials.


  • It might be difficult to move the crate from one place to the other.

Assembling the parts might be time-consuming.

Best Soft-Sided Crate for Golden Retrievers

7. Dog Indoor Kennel with Adjustable Fabric Cover

Key Features

  • Top handles
  • Meshed sides
  • Sturdy frames
  • Non-slip feet

You can take a short trip with your Golden Retriever conveniently with this soft-sided dog carrier by Petsfit.

You have 3 color choices for this carrier and 4 size options to ensure that your double-coated canine gets the perfect fit.

This pet carrier is made with a solid iron pipe frame and a cloth cover that forms a convenient place to put your dog for a quick dash.

You also get some storage pockets for storing your dog’s supplies that may be needed. There are 3 doors all around this carrier that give your dog a convenient way to get in and out.

The strong handles at the top of the bag allow the owner to carry their canine friends with ease and in a comfortable way.


  • It has meshed sides which offer enough ventilation.
  • The non-slid feet help to keep the bag in place.
  • The convenient storage pocket can hold up a few dog treats.


  • Not suitable for heavy Golden Retrievers.
  • The fabric can be ripped by a heavy chewer.

Best Travel Crate for Golden Retrievers

8. SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels

Key Features

  • Airline-approved
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Includes pet bowls
  • Meshed windows and door

Before taking your Goldie to the airport, you need to ensure that you’ve placed them inside an airline-approved carrier.

This portable plastic kennel comes with a choice of 5 sizes which ensures that you get the perfect fit for your dog’s size.

The plastic body is reinforced with a wire mesh door and 2 window panels which ensures that your traveling companion is well-ventilated during the journey.

The inner part of the carrier has two dishes stacked on the door which gives your pet a convenient place to get some treats during the journey.

The entire travel crate sits on 4 wheels which helps in easier movements inside the plane compartment. You also get 4 live animal stickers to notify other passengers of the occupant in the carrier.

You can also use this crate at home to provide your Golden Retriever with a safe place to retreat after a tiring day out. 


  • Made with tough plastic and wire materials.
  • It has a waterproof bottom to take care of any accident.
  • The pet carrier is easy to clean and maneuver around.


  • It has little visibility which may be a concern to anxious dogs.

Best Crate for Golden Retriever Puppy

9. MidWest Homes for Pets

Key Features

  • Divider panel
  • Durable construction
  • High ventilation
  • Leak proof bottom

Crating a puppy might be more difficult than crating an adult dog; because if done wrongly, the puppy could see the crate as a confinement area.

You, therefore, need to get the most appropriate dog crates for holding your Golden Retriever puppy with comfort and security.

The MidWest crate is made with an all-around meshed design which gives your puppy full visibility of the outside world from the inside.

The top selling point for this product has to be the divider panel which helps to separate the interior sections to adjust the living area as needed.

This will provide your puppy with a sizeable place to call home and still grow with them into adulthood.

The door is also wide enough to give your young dog uninterrupted access in and out of the inner compartment.

The bottom part is furnished with a leakproof plastic pan which helps control wet leakage during housetraining.

You do not require any tools to put up this product and you can also fold it in place when not in use. This will provide easy storage and portability.


  • The divider panel is useful in adjusting the internal space for the dog.
  • It has high ventilation and visibility.
  • The bottom pan helps in housetraining to keep the floor clean.
  • The crate is constructed with strong and durable materials.


  • It might be too roomy for a juvenile puppy.

How To Choose a Dog Crate for Your Golden Retriever

Several factors should guide you when choosing the best dog crate for your Golden Retriever.

1. Crate Type

Dog crates are made in different forms and shapes and each of them has its use cases, pros, and cons.

a) Wire or Mesh Crate

Wired or meshed crates are one of the most common types of indoor dog kennels. These dog crates have been made with meshed wire and they also have spacious doors for easy access.

They are made with huge spaces that allow plenty of air to flow in and out of the crate. This is a good option if you live in warm areas or during the summer months.

It is also much easier to clean wire crates compared to other types and this will be helpful during the high-shedding seasons for Golden Retrievers

Mesh crates are furnished with a removable tray pan which helps in controlling liquid spills during housetraining. You can also furnish the bottom part with a comfy bed to give your lovely pup a perfect place for night snuggles.


  • They are highly ventilated and with good visibility.
  • They can be collapsed and folded for easier storage when not in use.
  • Highly durable – Wire dog crates can withstand the tear and wear of everyday use.
  • Some wire crates include a divider panel for space adjustment.


  • It is easier for a dog to escape if the door is not securely locked
  • They are not a good option for docile dogs who need a hideout.

b) Heavy-duty crate

Heavy-duty dog crates are constructed using strong materials such as thick gauge steel and tough wood. They are designed to withstand highly energetic dogs like Golden Retrievers who tend to escape.

These high-quality doggy crates are a good option for heavy chewers who may find it easy to rip apart other crates.

Heavy-duty dog crates are usually highly priced and they come with some additional features that may be lacking in other crate types.

These steel-made crates are ideal for containing a strong and destructive pup who may easily escape from an ordinary wire-meshed crate.


  • Heavy-duty dog crates are highly durable
  • Difficult for dogs to escape
  • They can contain a dog with destructive tendencies.


  • They can be too bulky to fit in a small space.
  • They require lots of time to assemble.

c) Furniture or Decorative dog crates

As the name suggests, decorative dog crates are those that are made with visually pleasing materials to blend in your home décor.

These beautiful indoor dog kennels are designed like normal home furniture such as coffee tables, bookshelves, side tables, or end tables. They provide a stylish additional pet accessory to your home.


  • Provides a stylish pet accessory that blends with your home décor.
  • Furniture dog crates can also function as a side table in your living room.
  • They can be used to store your dog’s supply and hold a few house items
  • These crates are furnished with a comfy interior that gives your dog a cozy place to lounge.


  • They are not good for heavy chewers and untrained dogs
  • They may be difficult to clean, especially during the high-shedding months of Golden Retrievers.

d) Soft-sided dog crates

Soft-sided dog crates are a good option to consider if you are looking for a lightweight and highly portable carrier for your Golden Retriever.

They are also convenient to use when going with your furry friend for a quick dash in town or during routine vet visits.

Soft-sided crates are usually made with nylon and canvas materials overlayed in sturdy iron frames. They typically have meshed windows on the sides to keep your dog ventilated.


  • They are portable and lightweight hence offering the most convenient option for outdoor use.
  • They provide sufficient comfort to your furry friend.
  • They can be used to calm down anxious Goldens.


  • They are not durable compared to other types.
  • A heavy chewer might easily rip the fabric apart.

e) Travel crates

Travel crates, also known as plastic dog crates, are a good choice for dog owners who would love to travel with their pups over a long distance.

These little dens for dogs are typically made with a sturdy plastic shell and a side meshed platform for ventilation. The front door is meshed and with enough space to let your dog get in and move out with ease.

Best dog crates for Golden Retrievers
Image Credit: Freepik

Travel crates have ‘live animal’ sticker provisions on the exterior to inform other passengers and crew about the occupant.


  • They provide a cozy place for your dog to stay during long journeys.
  • Most of them are airline-approved for safety and convenience.
  • The sturdy plastic used in construction is durable.


  • They have limited visibility which can be stressful for some dogs.

2. Crate size

Choosing the right crate size for your Golden Retriever should be a factor in deciding what to buy. A properly fitting dog crate will give your furry friend the comfort of staying inside without feeling restrained.

A good indoor kennel should not be too large or too small for your dog. A large crate will give the pooch too much room to maneuver while inside hence making it uncomfortable.

A smaller crate, on the other hand, will be distressing for your dog making them feel uncomfortable and cramped up while inside.

A good crate should have enough room to allow your Golden Retriever to stand, turn around, and sleep without feeling confined.

For an adult Golden Retriever, you need a crate of approximately 48″L x 29″W x 31″H which can support a weight of up to 90 pounds.

Golden puppies will be comfortable in a crate of approximately 24″L x 16″W x 19″H inches which can support a weight of up to 50 pounds.

3. Crate Accessories

Crating your dog is not only about containing them in a safe area. It is also about how well you furnish the platform for your dog.

You should look for a dog crate that can accommodate several accessories for your canine friend. You need enough space to put on a dog bed, pet bowls, and some dog toys.

You should also be careful not to overcrowd your dog’s crate with too many accessories since this could limit the space to make it uncomfortable for your Golden.

How To Measure Your Golden Retriever

To choose the right craze size for your Golden Retriever, you need to take their body measurement and compare them to your desired product.

To do this, you need a measuring tool and make sure your dog is comfortable and relaxed during the process.

This measurement should target getting the length and the height of your Golden Retriever.

Measuring the height

Let your dog stand upright on a flat platform and measure them from the shoulder area to the bottom of their front paws. Add 4 inches to the measurements obtained.

Measuring the length

Measure your dog from the nose to the base of its tail. Add at least 4 inches to the measurement obtained.

What Crate is Best for Golden Retrievers?

This depends on what you need to do with the crate. If you need a contained platform for housetraining your furry friend, you can consider getting a wire-meshed dog crate.

These crates will provide your dog with enough room and ventilation to get started on their housetraining, and they can also accommodate a sizeable bed to keep the dog cozy at night.

If you need a convenient pet carrier to tag your Goldie on a short trip, then you can consider getting a soft-sided dog crate.

For longer travels, we recommend getting an airline-approved dog carrier to keep your Goldie safe and comfortable.

Owners of strong Golden Retrievers with an active lifestyle should consider getting a sturdier indoor kennel to contain their high-energy pups.

6 Quick Tips on How to Crate-Train A Golden Retriever

You should train your dog to tolerate being inside their indoor kennels especially at night when you retire to bed.

Dogs are considered to be den animals, as such, you are less likely to encounter problems in training your pooch to accept their new home.

A fully furnished crate will attend to your dog’s needs for finding a perfect place to snuggle and get cozy during those chilly nights.

1. Choose the right crate for your dog

Depending on the size of your Goldie, you should always choose the best crate size for their safety and comfort.

If you have a puppy, you should go for a crate with a divider panel which will allow you to partition the interior as needed.

If you get it wrong on the size, then your Golden Retriever will have a hard time accepting an oversized/undersized crate as their new home.

2. Introduce your dog to the crate slowly

Your Goldie’s first impression of the crate will determine how they engage with it in the future. You need to get the introduction process right by allowing your dog to interact with the item before using it.

Place the crate in a room that your dog frequently visits and invite them to sniff the crate and investigate it.

After your pooch seems comfortable around the crate, you can open the door and allow them to enter and leave at their pleasure.

You can motivate your Golden Retriever to get in the crate by placing a tasty treat inside and praising them when taking a step.

Repeat this process several times until your Golden Retriever becomes very comfortable in entering and leaving the crate on their own.

The ultimate goal for a slow introduction process is to make the crate an inviting and comfortable space for your lovely pup. This will make the training easier for both you and the dog.

3. Furnish the dog’s crate

Equip the indoor dog house with accessories to make your pooch comfortable while inside. You want a place that is more inviting to your dog than where they currently sleep.

Get a comfy bed with a warm blanket to provide the dog with a comfy platform to snuggle during the night. You can also put in a few dog toys and treats to keep your dog entertained while inside the crate.

4. Don’t crate them for too long

You should not put your Golden Retriever in the crate for a long period. If you notice some uncomfortable signs from your puppy such as crying, whining, and barking, make sure to attend to let them out and calm them down.

You should start slowly and improve the time as your dog gets comfortable in their new indoor house. After consistent training, your dog should be able to stay in the crate for as long as they can including overnight.

5. Use positive reinforcement techniques

You should help your Golden Retriever associate the crate with good things by using positive reinforcement techniques.

We recommend using high-value foods like shredded chicken to motivate your Golden Retriever to get better.

Your canine friend will soon realize that a crate is a perfect place for them to stay and it also has a rewarding experience.

6. Don’t use the crate as a punishment

You should never use the crate as a punishment for your dog. Don’t lock up a dog in a crate as a way of preventing them from moving up and down in the house.

This will make it worse because the dog will associate the new crate with negative experiences and isolation from the owner.

It will be harder for you to have your dog enter the crate in the future because of the previous experience they had.

You should also avoid crating your dog only when leaving the house. Golden Retrievers are smart dogs and they will quickly associate the indoor kennel with you leaving.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Golden Retrievers do well in crates?

Golden Retrievers can indeed do well in crates. These indoor kennels can provide a safe and secure place for your Golden to get comfortable when they need some privacy.

Golden Retrievers are also quiet when being transported in doggy crates provided that they don’t feel cramped up in a small space.

2. How long can a Golden Retriever do well in crates?

The amount of time you can leave a Golden Retriever in a crate will depend on their age and level of activity.

In general, Golden Retriever puppies and seniors can have a good time in a crate for up to 4 hours while a healthy adult can stay for up to 8 hours per day.

You can provide them with intermittent breaks through the crating period for playtime, exercise, and potty breaks to prevent them from being restless. Remember not to force your dog to stay in the crate for extended periods at any given time.

3. Do vets recommend dog crates?

Yes! Qualified veterinarians would normally recommend the use of dog crates as a training aid for your Golden Retriever. They provide a confined space for your dog to get comfy and snuggle up for a rest.

Portable dog carriers also help in transporting dogs to keep them confined in a safe space and for close supervision.

Your vet may also recommend you use a soft padded dog carrier to transport a sick dog to their premises for medical attention.

4. At what age can I stop crating my Golden Retriever?

Generally, you can stop crating your Golden Retriever when they reach 2 years of age. Some dogs can however be crated for a little longer depending on their health condition and level of activity.

You should gradually take your dog from the crate and introduce them to their new environment to control any withdrawal symptoms.

5. How long does it take to crate-train a Golden Retriever?

The time it would take you to crate-train your Goldie will depend on your dog’s personality and previous experience with doggy crates.

If you get the steps right, you can crate-train your Golden Retriever within 4 – 6 months with consistency and patience on your part.

You can improve the training experience and shorten the time your dog learns new tricks by using positive reinforcement techniques during the learning period.

6. Are dog crates safe?

Yes! Dog crates are safe for your dog when used appropriately. You need to ensure that the crate has enough ventilation to keep your pooch aired and comfortable.

The crate should also be roomy for your dog to move around safely without feeling cramped. You can also supervise them while inside the crate to ensure they don’t get into messy situations.


When choosing a crate for Golden Retrievers, you need to consider their comfort and safety.

In this guide, we have explored some of the best options that are available in the market today and our top pick is the iCrate dog crate – due to its comfort, safety, sturdiness, and overall value. 

We have also considered some of the factors to make the dog crate a lovely home for your pup.

The crate should be spacious enough to allow your dog to stand up, turn around, and sleep without feeling squeezed.

You should take some time to crate-train your dog to ensure they are happy and comfortable in their new den.

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