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Taking your dog out for daily walks and exercise is a great way of caring for their physical health and mental well-being.

But there comes a time when the outside environment or physical limitations do not favor outdoor activities.

This is why investing in a dog-specific treadmill is a good way of keeping your furry friend active in the comfort of your home.

We are aware that selecting the right dog-walking machine can be a tough task for most dog owners.

This is the reason why our team did extensive research to single out the best dog treadmills and slatmills in 2023 that you can get today.

It’s important to remind you that home workout equipment for dogs such as treadmills should only be a temporary alternative for natural walks and exercises.

With that being said, let’s dive in and discover the products on our list for all categories and also find out our attached buyer’s guide to help you narrow down your choice.

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Our Top Picks

Best for All Sizes
Best for Large Dogs
Best for Medium Dogs
    • Comes with a disc brake for instant stops
    • Moderately portable
    • Anti-vibration systems for joint relief
    • Positive shipping experience from various users
Best for Small Dogs
Best for All Sizes
  • Provides up to 15 programmed exercises
  • Suitable for all dog sizes
  • Dog leash holder
  • Decent speed ratings
Best for Large Dogs
  • Supports large dogs comfortably
  • Side guards to prevent distraction
  • Highly portable
  • High-quality materials and finishing
Best for Medium Dogs
  • Comes with a disc brake for instant stops
  • Moderately portable
  • Anti-vibration systems for joint relief
  • Positive shipping experience from various users
Best for Small Dogs
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable running platform
  • Easy assembling of the parts

Best Dog Treadmills and Slatmills Reviews

1. Firepaw Dragon “Carpet Dog” Treadmill – Best for Large Dogs

Type: Non-motorized

Size: Large size 75 cm

Maximum Dog Weight: Not stated

This is the third generation of the Firepaw Dragon Treadmill and it features a smooth-moving carpet material for your dog’s comfort when running.

The company used solid steel in making the shafts and limiters on the belt which ensures a longer and safer use. 

The materials have been polished with 100% natural ingredients and furnished with a leash attachment point at the top.

It stood out as the best treadmill for large dogs because it is a good device for establishing muscle power, building body physique, and endurance.

Coming inside the package of this device is a new belt for wet paws, an adjustable dog fixing bar, and mobility wheels for enhanced portability.

You can also get some custom stickers on demand to place by the side of this treadmill for some extra uniqueness.


  • Supports large dogs comfortably
  • Side guards to prevent distraction
  • Highly portable
  • Made using high-quality materials and finishing


  • Might be too large for a minimal space.

2. Starrworkingdogs Dog Slatmill for Large Dogs

Type: Non-motorized

Size: 78.5L x 24W x 59H Inches

Maximum Dog Weight: 220 pounds

StarrWorkingDogs Slatmill for Large Dogs

This non-motorized treadmill will certainly appeal to pet parents who desire a handmade device with minimal machinery.

We were impressed with the solid carbon steel frame that adds to the durability of the entire product. The sturdiness of the slatmill can be beneficial to large dogs with a desire for activities.

The other outstanding feature of this treadmill is the belt, which is made with solid wood for extra toughness and rigidity. You’ll also get a leash attachment point to secure your dog for intensive workouts. 

Supporting the belt are aluminum rollers which ensure the solid base moves in tandem with your dog’s sprinting abilities.

The slatmill has adjustable height which allows pet parents to fine-tune the elevation to fit their individual pet according to their needs.


  • Handmade with a sturdy design
  • Durable running surface
  • Quick installation


  • Might be too bulky for small spaces in the house
  • Some users raised concerns about the long shipping time

3. PawPaw’s Dog Treadmill

Type: Non-motorized

Size: 74.8D x 23.6W x 59H Inches

Maximum Dog Weight: 220 pounds

Supporting dogs who weigh 220 pounds or less, this slatmill comes with a generous running surface which should be enough for large and medium-sized dogs.

You can’t fail to notice the beautiful design of this slatmill which incorporates a carbon steel frame, wooden belt, and resilient rubber wheels.

The tread platform is smooth yet non-slippery to give your dog a convenient place to run with maximum traction.

What’s cool about this device is the included chain which connects the two side racks and sits above the dog to protect them from jumping off the machine.

Talking of adjustments, the manufacturer included three tweaking points that help dog owners find the perfect fit for their furry friends during exercises.


  • Beautiful design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Smooth running way


  • May be too difficult to move around

4. DogPACER Treadmill 3.1

Type: Motorized

Size: 76.77D x 27.6W x 47H Inches

Maximum Dog Weight: 179 pounds

The DogPACER treadmill 3.1 has a generous running surface and it comes with an ideal footing to make your large dog run with comfort.

The speed setting can be adjusted with 0.1mph increments from a low of 0.5 to a high of 7.5 miles per hour, and this allows for a wide range of workout options.

You’ll get four adjustable settings for the incline angle between 5 and 9 degrees. The angles are changed manually, so you’re limited to using one inclination in a single exercise.

The DogPacer 3.1 weighs 84 pounds – which is lightweight, and most dog owners will love the patented folding technology. This makes it easier for you to fold the machine while not in use and store it in minimal space.

The manufacturer included a fabric guard to help your dog focus their view ahead and avoid distraction while using the machine.

This device also functions with less motor noise than many other dog-walking machines, and this makes it easier to desensitize your pup to walk to their new workout equipment.

This product has a rather straightforward control interface, which sits 18.1 inches above the ground surface.

You can get information such as workout time, current speed, distance covered, and estimated burnt calories on the screen.

The computer has a “Start/Stop” button – which can only function when the Safety Key is in place and other buttons for speed control.


  • Highly portable
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Fabric guards to reduce distraction
  • Less noisy


  • Minimal customization on the exercise modes

5. Firepaw Phoenix dog Slatmill – Best for Medium Dogs

Type: Non-motorized

Size: 64.96D x 19.69W x 48.43H Inches

Maximum Dog Weight: 179 pounds

Firepaw has listed this particular slatmill as their best-selling model yet. There must be good reasons why this product has attracted much attention from dog owners.

First, you will not fail to appreciate the construction of this slatmill which features a side guard to help your dog focus on exercising without destruction.

Still on the construction, we were impressed with the combination of steel, wood, aluminum, and polyester to come up with this slatmill for heavy-duty running.

The manufacturer handcrafted the solid steel with other high-quality materials to come up with a product that can work and stand the test of time.

To take care of your doubts, every purchase of this treadmill will come with an 18-month full warranty that covers all parts.

The roller wheels holding the non-slip running surface hold great inertia to provide your canine friend with a long sprint proportional to their abilities.

With this Firepaw Standard Dog Treadmill, you can train your dog in various types for stamina, additional power endurance, body gain, and weight control.

The front leg is adjustable to allow dog owners to increase the challenge by adjusting the incline angle to three different levels.

It also serves as a basic tool to condition your dog physically in cases where outdoor walking is hard to come by.

You can track your dog’s workout intensity using the speed computer included in this unit to help you read the current speed, distance covered, and exercise time.


  • Comes with a disc brake for instant stops
  • Moderately portable
  • Anti-vibration systems for joint relief
  • Positive shipping experience from various users


  • The inclination angles are limited

6. LifePro Treadmill for Medium Dogs

Type: Motorized

Size: 48D x 22.8W x 41.75H Inches

Maximum Dog Weight: 130 pounds

The LifePro Dog Treadmill is a great all-around affordable treadmill for use by medium-sized dogs.

It provides a great alternative for pet parents seeking a more conventional walk on a treadmill rather than intensive exercises.

This machine is also more affordable than some of the other options in its class. We were also impressed with the remote control that can be used to control the machine from a distance.

With a top speed of 8 mph, you can be sure to provide your dog with a wide range of challenging walks and runs.

If your dog is extremely sensitive to unfamiliar sounds, you may be impressed with the quiet operation motor found in this device.

In terms of safety, this treadmill is equipped with a safety key that enables operations from the computer. It also has an emergency stop button to halt operations when needed.

Besides the side rails that add to the safety of this treadmill, you will also get fabric panels on both sides which help your dog avoid distraction while exercising.


  • Comes with 12 preset exercise programs
  • Remote control for secure operations
  • Wheels for easier transportation
  • Relatively quiet operations


  • No inclination angles on the running surface

Best Dog Treadmills for Medium Dogs

7. PETSITE Dog Treadmill

Type: Motorized

Size: 47.5D x 21.5W x 42H Inches

Maximum Dog Weight: 200 pounds

The PETSITE Dog Treadmill comes at an affordable price with an impressive pack of useful features. The manufacturer made it with a wear-resistant tract with the paws of active pups in mind.

This electric treadmill is classified as energy efficient because of its resourceful operations in utilizing power to move the belts.

Talking about motorized movement, this machine works with a relatively quiet operation thanks to the efficient motor and an included noise reduction layer.

With a bright multifunctional LCD, dog owners can now track important metrics data during the workout session.

The screen showcases the distance covered, workout time, current speed, and estimated calories burnt. Most pet parents will appreciate the inclusion of 5 quick-speed preset keys for convenience in working out.

The included remote control can control the treadmill from a maximum distance of 65.5 feet, which is convenient during multitasking.

In terms of safety, this dog running machine is designed with 2 side safety fabric fences to block your dog’s vision, helping them to stay on track while running.

The crossbar at the front of the machine can provide a convenient point for leash attachment to keep your dog in place while running.

Petsite included an amazing safety feature in this doggy walker that turns the machine off after 30 minutes for extra safety.


  • 3-level incline angles for a varied workout
  • Rolling wheels for easy movement
  • Quick speed preset keys
  • Low noise


  • It doesn’t feature a variation of preset exercises

8. Goplus Dog Treadmill

Type: Motorized

Size: 21D x 49W x 29.5H Inches

Maximum Dog Weight: 200 pounds

This is another affordable and very convenient dog-walking machine that made it to our list. It is made with a combination of high-quality materials to ensure the safety of your pup while exercising.

The moving surface is smooth and wear-resistant, with a noise-reduction layer to support quiet operations while using the machine.

A key selling point for this device has to be the sturdy supporting frames which are durable and may serve your pup for a long time.

The digital computer positioned at the front of this machine is useful in controlling the moving belt and displaying relevant workout metrics.

You can get information about the distance covered during exercise, the time spent, the approximate calories burnt, and the running speed in visible fonts.

With a timer setting that starts from a low of 8 mins up to 99 minutes, dog owners can now provide challenging exercise sessions to their high-energy breeds.

It’s also worth mentioning the 12 preset exercising programs, 4 quick speed preset keys, and 3 countdown modes that guarantee your canine friend a customizable workout experience.

With the included remote control, you can tweak some settings on the computer from a maximum distance of 65.5 feet.

The sides of this treadmill are covered with removable and washable 600D Oxford fabric to help your dog focus ahead while running on the track.


  • 12 preset exercise programs
  • 3-level adjustable inclination
  • Remote control adds convenience
  • Longer time setting for intensive workout


  • Might get flimsy with repeated heavy use

Best Dog Treadmills for Small Dogs

9. Firepaw Mini Dog Treadmill – Best Treadmill for Small Dogs

Type: Non-motorized

Size: 22.05H x 13.78W x 36.22D Inches

Maximum Dog Weight: 58 pounds

Firepaw is known to make sturdy slatmills for large dogs, but they did a nice job with this tiny unit for small dogs.

In the Firepaw’s typical fashion, this product is handcrafted with steel frames, wooden belts, and convenient plastic wall frames on both sides.

The manufacturer says that this slatmill was specifically designed for the exact anatomical and behavioral needs of small breeds, and we couldn’t agree more. It is made for small breeds with a height of 15 inches max.

With a shock-absorbing mechanism using ceramic shields, this non-motorized treadmill is a good option for dogs with acute mobility concerns.

The product itself is small and portable for people looking for a convenient device to be used in various locations.

The purchase includes a speed computer to measure the metrics during workout sessions.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable running platform
  • Easy assembling of the parts


  • Might be a little bit bulky for one person to handle.

10. DogPACER MiniPACER Treadmill

Type: Motorized

Size: 42D x 28.5W x 21.5H Inches

Maximum Dog Weight: 55 pounds

This is yet another unit from dogPACER that caught our attention because of its stellar performance. The side construction features a red fabric guard to protect your dog from losing focus while running.

The maximum speed on this machine is 7.5 mph, which is achieved by making 0.1 mpg increments from a minimum speed of 0.5 mpg.

For most pet parents with small dog breeds, the speed rating on this device is decent enough to provide an all-around exercise program.

The dogPACER miniPACER treadmill does not come short of safety features either, it has both an emergency stop button and safety key to ensure your lovely pup enjoys their time running.

With the included multiple fitness programs, your dog is guaranteed to get everything they need for an in-house workout.


  • Sturdy construction for small dogs
  • Highly portable and compact
  • Decent safety features


  • Not suitable for larger dogs

11. GoPet PetRun PR720F – Best for all Sizes

Type: Motorized

Size: 42D x 28.5W x 21.5H Inches

Maximum Dog Weight: 132 pounds

Based on our research and review, we found the GoPet PR720F to be the most efficient dog treadmill for dogs of all sizes.

This pet walking machine features a relatively silent motorized system for quiet operations which makes it an ideal device for most dogs.

The running surface has a speed range of a minimum of 0.6 mph – 7.5 mph which is decent enough for most dog’s home workout needs. The speed can be adjusted using push button controls.

You also get a wireless remote control that allows you to toggle through your dog’s exercise program in real-time.

The Auto-Fold feature in this treadmill is something that we think most pet parents would wish to have in any dog accessory. The mechanism allows this treadmill to be folded for easy storage when not in use.

With the dolly wheels at the base of the machine, you get easier maneuvering from one place to the next.

If you have an active pup who needs some encouragement to exercise to their full potential, you can add a toy on the metal eyelet to spice them up.


  • Provides up to 15 programmed exercises
  • Suitable for dog sizes
  • Dog leash holder
  • Decent speed ratings


  • Does not come with an attached computer despite the price.

Difference Between a Treadmill and a Slatmill

When looking for the best dog-walking machine for your pup, there are two types of treadmills that you can choose from; the traditional treadmill, and slatmills.

Small ridgeback puppy standing on a treadmill
Image Credits: Ksenia Raykova from iStock

A traditional treadmill is powered by a motorized belt that allows dogs to walk or run in controlled motion.

Pros of Treadmills

Besides the overall advantages of treadmills, such as improving your dog’s health, the following are some of the specific advantages attached to traditional treadmills. 

1. It offers more control

Most motorized dog treadmills come equipped with a computerized system that offers a precise speed control system, and preset exercise programs for to get your dog started.

The control system is also used to display relevant metrics concerning your dog’s workout session such as distance covered, current speed, calories burnt, and workout time.

2. It can be used by all dogs

Dogs of all breeds and sizes can benefit from the motorized belts of traditional treadmills because they do not need the inherent dog’s power to function.

This makes it a versatile device that can be used for multi-pet homes with different dog breeds, sizes, and ages.

Toy breed dogs may particularly lack the power needed to move the running belts on a non-motorized treadmill.

3. Safety features

Most motorized treadmills come equipped with numerous safety features geared to make your dog secure and comfortable while running on the moving belts.

These include side rails, and emergency stop buttons which can be used to stop the machine when your dog gets overexcited to prevent injury.

Cons of Treadmills

1. Noise from the motor

Motorized treadmills are powered by moving belts that make substantial noise when in action.

Since dogs have a very keen sense of hearing, these unfamiliar noises may be startling to your pup and could cause fear or anxiety.

2. Training required

Running on moving surfaces is an activity that does not come naturally to dogs, and therefore you need to spend quite some time teaching your dog how to walk on a treadmill.

Depending on your individual pup, the training process can be lengthy and tiresome.

The worst-case scenario is that some dogs may take too much time to positively associate with the machinery.

3. Adaptation

Some dogs may require time to get accustomed to the moving belt, as it may feel unnatural or intimidating to them.

4. Limited muscle activation

Motorized dog treadmills are meant to primarily focus on cardiovascular exercise and may not engage your dog’s muscles as much as a manual slatmill would do.

Dog Slatmills

Dog slatmills are functionally different from motorized treadmills because they are not powered by a motorized system.

They instead consist of a large, circular platform with slats or bars that the dog can run on. The slats or bars are spaced apart to allow the dog’s paws to grip them while running, simulating a natural running surface.

Pros of Slatmills

The following are some of the advantages of using a dog slatmill for a home workout with your furry friend;

1. Natural and self-paced exercise

Slatmills are ‘dog-powered’ which means they rely solely on your dog’s power to move the slats, allowing them to dictate the running speed and the energy to use.

This self-paced exercise provides a more natural form of working out that aligns with a dog’s capabilities and instincts.

2. Relatively quiet operations

Slatmills don’t have a motorized system, meaning they do not generate lots of noise when working. This makes them a quieter device to have at home.

The absence of noise also means that the machine is less intimidating for noise-sensitive dogs and this helps to reduce stress and create a more enjoyable working out experience.

3. They are durable

Most manual dog trotters are handcrafted minimally following a simple and sturdy design with outstanding durability.

This makes it less expensive to maintain compared to the traditional treadmills which have a rather complex machinery network.

4. Less training requirements

The training requirements for slatmills are much less compared to what you need to achieve for motorized mills.

This is because slatmills offer a platform where your dog can walk naturally without the external control of moving belts – which may be intimidating to some pups.

Cons of Dog Slatmills

1. Bigger space requirements

Most manual dog trotters tend to be larger than motorized ones, and this necessitates pet parents to find a larger space for storage.

2. Not ideal for recovering dogs

Slatmills may not be the best indoor workout equipment for dogs recovering from surgery or those experiencing mobility issues.

This is because they are high-impact exercise devices that rely on dog power to function properly.

Our Recommendation

There’s no doubt that both motorized and non-motorized treadmills will serve the purpose of exercising your dog at home.

But, weighing in on the above pros and cons, we can recommend slatmills over motorized treadmills because of the more natural workout experience and quiet operations.

We however suggest that you assess your dog’s individual needs, preferences, and overall health before making a final decision on the type of treadmill to choose.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Dog Treadmill

Before buying a dog treadmill, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you make the right choice for your furry friend.

1. Size and Weight Capacity

The first consideration that should come out is the size and weight capacity of the dog treadmill with respect to your pups.

You should opt for machinery whose dimensions can accommodate your dog without pushing them to the edges while walking.

The base of the machine needs to be sturdy enough to accommodate your dog’s full body weight without causing any dent.

2. Running surface

Ensure that your desired dog treadmill is made with a non-slip running surface to prevent your dog from slipping out and getting injured during workouts.

The running surface should also be large enough to accommodate the dog without predisposing them to slide on the edges.

3. Speed control and incline options

If you’re buying a motorized treadmill, you need to consider the speed control settings from lowest to highest and compare them with the capabilities of your dog.

The lowest speed should ideally be slow enough to enable your dog to walk smoothly without straining their muscles.

Best dog Treadmills
Image Credit: cynoclub from iStock

Most computerized dog treadmills have a minimum speed of 0.5 miles per hour and they feature a 0.1 mph increment speed to a maximum of about 7.5 mph.

An incline option is also great to ensure your dog gets advanced challenges and variations in different sessions during the day.

Most treadmills with an incline option can slope from a base of 0 degrees up to a maximum gradient of 15 degrees angle.

4. Noise levels

Unfamiliar sounds and noises from rotating motors may scare your dog away and create a negative association with the new machine.

It’s for this reason that we recommend going for treadmills that operate smoothly and quietly without making loud sounds when the belt moves.

5. Safety features

Your dog’s safety should be paramount when exercising them using workout devices. Always ensure that the treadmill you choose is fitted with side rails to prevent your dog from tipping off.

Some other safety features to consider include the emergency stop button and leash attachment points to anchor your pup while running at high speed.

6. Durability and stability

It can be frustrating to replace your dog’s workout device a few months after making a purchase due to a mechanical breakdown.

But you can avoid going in that direction by ensuring that you invest in machines that are built to last. Opt for brands with a reputation for building durable dog trotters with sturdy construction.

7. Ease of use and maintenance

A complicated dog treadmill will not only be a nightmare for you, but it may also give your dog problems with how to maneuver while running.

We recommend choosing machines that are easy to use and maintain.

It helps to read through the manufacturer’s instructions to view important guidelines on using and maintaining a treadmill for long-term service.

8. Space and Portability

Purchasing a large treadmill might not be ideal considering the space requirements and portability. The size of the machine should be large enough for your dog to walk or run smoothly.

But it should not be so big to the extent of occupying too much space inside your house and limiting portability when needed in another area.

9. Budget

Have a realistic budget based on your preferences and choose a treadmill that offers the best value for your money.

We do not recommend sacrificing quality and safety for cheap treadmills. If you don’t need all the latest technologies, then a fairly priced treadmill will get the job done.

10. User review and recommendation

It never takes much time to review the comments posted by previous customers about the treadmill you intend to buy.

Doing so may answer the questions you had in mind about the product’s quality, performance, and value for money before checking out.

Benefits of Using a Dog Treadmill

1. Exercise during nasty weather

With a dog treadmill, you can provide indoor exercises to your pup despite having bad weather conditions, like too much cold or too much heat.

This ensures that your furry friend meets their daily exercise demands regardless of the outdoor environment conditions.

2. It helps maintain a healthy weight

A combination of an inactive lifestyle and a poor diet may prompt your dog to add some weight or even become obese.

Daily runs on a treadmill will help your dog cut unhealthy weight and build a lean body that is less likely to suffer from obesity-related conditions.

3. Rehabilitation

Treadmills provide an excellent way of exercising recovering dogs without putting too much pressure on their weak bodies.

Dogs coming from surgeries and those managing mobility issues can take advantage of controlled workouts on a treadmill to stay occupied and boost recovery.

As you can see, treadmill walking can be beneficial to dogs, but it should never replace the requirements for regular outdoor activities.

Walking your dog in open spaces provides environmental enrichment, and physical stimulation, and amplifies the dog’s mental agility in ways that cannot be achieved with home workouts.

Word of Caution: Proper Supervision and Monitoring

While walking your dog on a treadmill can be a great way to provide indoor exercise, we encourage pet parents to remain vigilant during the workout sessions.

Dogs should never be left on the treadmill unattended without close supervision, as they may slip and get injured.

Supervising your dog allows you to intervene in case anything odd happens and it also boosts the confidence of your dog during the session.

To ensure proper use and the safety of your, we recommend that you train your dog by starting slow and gradually increasing the speed and duration of the exercise.

Always be careful not to push the dog to the limits beyond their physical capabilities.

It also helps to check on your dog’s behavior and body language while running on the treadmill for signs of discomfort or fatigue.

Regularly inspect the treadmill for any wear and tear, loose parts, or malfunctioning components that may pose a risk to your dog while working out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can a dog use a human treadmill?

Ideally, dogs can use a human treadmill but it is not recommended. Large dogs may especially have trouble maneuvering on the surface because the machine is not wide enough for them.

The dog’s nails may also tear into the running surface on human treadmills since they were not designed to handle that.

2. Is a manual or electric treadmill better for dogs?

The choice will depend on the individual dog’s needs and goals, but we prefer manual treadmills over motorized ones because they offer a more natural workout experience.

Manual treadmills ‘slatmills’ are also less noisy in their operation which makes them an ideal device for noise-sensitive canines.

Due to the less machinery involved in slatmills, they tend to be more durable than electric treadmills and they are also much easier to repair.

3. How long should a dog walk on a treadmill?

Most adult dogs can handle a two-session workout of 30 minutes per day on a treadmill.

High-energy breeds with a constant thirst for exercise can handle longer sessions but you need to watch out for exhaustion.

Puppies and senior dogs should be limited to 10 to 15 minutes of workout time with breaks in between.

4. Are dog treadmills safe and legal?

Treadmills are generally safe and comfortable for dogs during home workouts when used properly and with close supervision.

Some jurisdictions have imposed bans on the sale and possession of dog treadmills because of their connection with the outlawed dog fighting vice.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the legality of dog treadmills in your country or state before buying one, to ensure you’re operating within the confines of law.

5. Is it easy to teach a dog to walk on a treadmill?

Teaching a dog to walk on a treadmill should be an easy task, but it may vary depending on your individual dog’s personality and previous training experience.

Some dogs take a relatively shorter time to walk freely on a treadmill while others need patience during the training process.

Starting by helping your dog create a positive association with the new treadmill can be a great way of shortening the training process.


We hope that you found this guide to be useful and selected a product or two that meets your dog’s needs for home workouts.

Our favorite pick is the Firepaw Dragon “Carpet Dog” Treadmill, which is the best for large and medium-sized dogs, and the Firepaw mini for small-sized dogs.

Whether you prefer a treadmill or a slatmill, we encourage you to train your dog how to use the machine before using it fully.

All the products featured in our list have passed our safety test and you can be sure to carefully use it with your canine friend without worrying about accidents.

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