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If your pooch is advancing in years or you have a high bed, providing them with a dog ramp for tall beds can make all the difference in their quality of life.

The benefits of a dog ramp cannot be overstated. These accessories can help your canine friend to navigate their way to elevated positions smoothly.

Dog ramps are also useful in preventing accidents or injuries, and saving the time you would have otherwise used assisting your dog to join you in your favorite hanging spots.

There are many dog ramp brands and models in the market today, each one with different features, quality, and pricing.

This makes it difficult for most pet parents to figure out the exact ramp they need for their dog, that matches their budget.

It’s for this reason that our team has researched and reviewed the best dog ramps for high beds and narrowed it down to a list of 10 to make the choice easier for you.

Watch out for our buyer’s guide at the closing section of this review to find valuable tips on what to consider when choosing the right product for your furry friend.

Our Top Picks

Our Pick - Best Overall
    • Made with a stylish finish to match your home décor
    • Convenient elevation for most high places
    • Durable construction from sturdy wood
Best for Space
    • Non-slip carpet tread for secured use
    • No tools are required for assembling
    • Occupies small space
    • Hinged back panel for storage
Best for Quality
Best for Budget
Our Pick - Best Overall
  • Made with a stylish finish to match your home décor
  • Convenient elevation for most high places
  • Durable construction from sturdy wood
Best for Space
  • Non-slip carpet tread for secured use
  • No tools are required for assembling
  • Occupies small space
  • Hinged back panel for storage
Best for Quality
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Ribbed carpet for maximum traction
  • Impressive length for a gentle climb
Best for Budget
  • Budget-friendly
  • High-quality stairs with a sturdy build
  • Easy to put together
  • The plush finish adds comfort

10 Best Dog Ramps for High Beds Reviews

1. Pet Gear Easy Step Cat & Dog Stairs – Best for Space

Type: Stairs

Size: 37.5L x 14W x 26H inches

Product weight: 20 pounds

Foldable: No

Maximum Dog Weight: 75 pounds

Maximum Height: 26 inches

During our research of the best dog ramps, we are confident that the Pet Gear Easy Steps will be the most versatile option for most pups.

These stairs are specifically designed for small to medium-sized dogs, and they give your furry pal effortless access to elevated sleeping surfaces.

The manufacturer made the step spacings shorter, to give your dog an easy time when climbing up and down.

We were particularly stunned by the L-shaped design which allows the steps to wrap around furniture to take up less room compared to other products.

As a bonus point, these stairs feature a back panel that can be used as a convenient storage space for your dog’s treats and other accessories.

The main part of any staircase for dogs has to be the walking surface, and this product did not come short of showing its worth.

The top surface is furnished with ridged carpet materials, which secures your dog’s footing as they use the staircase to access hard-to-reach areas.

It’s worth mentioning that the carpet treads can easily be removed from the top surface for machine-washing, and maintaining the stairs.


  • Non-slip carpet tread for secured use
  • No tools are required for assembling
  • Occupies small space
  • Hinged back panel for storage


  • May not be convenient for large-breed dogs

2. PetSafe CozyUp Wooden Cat & Dog Ramp – Best Overall

Type: Ramp

Size: 70L x 16W x 25H inches

Product weight: 22 pounds

Foldable: Yes

Maximum Dog Weight: 120 pounds

Maximum Height: 25 inches

A dog ramp doesn’t have to be an eyesore within your home!

We found the PetSafe CozyUp Wooden Dog Ramp to be one of the most stylish products that maintain high functionality.

If you’re looking for a fashionable ramp that will blend well with your home’s interior décor, then this ramp will not let you down.

PetSafe chose the sturdy wood construction to keep this ramp durable with extended use for dogs weighing 120 pounds and below.

The maximum height of this product is 25 inches, which is good enough to give your dog smooth access to high beds.

The top surface is furnished with a heavy-duty carpet to give your furry friend the traction they need when climbing up and down the ramp.


  • Made with a stylish finish to match your home décor
  • Convenient elevation for most high places
  • Durable construction from sturdy wood


  • Long assembling process

3. Frisco Deluxe Wooden Carpeted Cat & Dog Ramp – Best Quality

Type: Ramp

Size: 72L x 16W x 25H inches

Product weight: 29.7 pounds

Foldable: Yes

Maximum Dog Weight: 120 pounds

Maximum Height: 25 inches

Coming in two color choices of white and brown, this ramp from Frisco by Chewy features a classy finish made from robust wood and carpet materials.

With a maximum height of 25 inches and a length of 72 inches, this ramp can provide your dog with a smooth climbing surface to reach elevated places within your home.

While at it, your furry friend will appreciate the textured carpeted surface which gives them a secure grip while using the ramp.

The manufacturer spent time consolidating a high-quality dog ramp that can serve you for a long time without falling apart.

The reinforced solid wood frame used in the making of this ramp makes it very sturdy and stable to guarantee your dog a safe surface to walk through.

This product is well-matched for nearly all dog breeds who need a boost to walk into the hard-to-reach areas within our home.


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Ribbed carpet for maximum traction
  • Impressive length for a gentle climb


  • Might be difficult to assemble

4. FurHaven Steady Paws Cat & Dog Stairs – Best Budget

Type: Stairs

Size: 25.5L x 15.75W x 29.5H inches

Product weight:18.5 pounds

Foldable: No

Maximum Dog Weight: 50 pounds

Maximum Height: 29.5 inches

You don’t need to spend too much money for your dog to enjoy a smooth walk onto the sofa or high bed.

This particular unit from Furhaven is tagged with a budget-friendly price and yet it doesn’t sacrifice quality.

The 4-step variation comes with a generous height of 29.5 inches to boost your dog’s access to high places.

You can also choose the 3-step variation which has a height of 22 inches, if you need to use it for moderate elevation such as chairs and couches.

The steps and stabilizing poles are covered in soft plush to give your furry pal a comfy stepping place with a good foothold.

With a maximum load capacity of 50 pounds, these stairs are suitable for most small to medium-sized dogs.

An added advantage is that these stairs can be a good option for homes with cats too!

The steps and supporting poles are well-built to mimic a cat tree, which can offer your feline friend a place to perch and hide.


  • Budget-friendly
  • High-quality stairs with a sturdy build
  • Easy to put together
  • The plush finish adds comfort


  • The stairs may be widely spaced for some toy-breed dogs

5. Foam 6 Tier Dog Steps & Stairs for High Beds

Type: Stairs

Size: 39.8L x19.7W x 28.3H in inches

Product weight: 15.85 pounds

Foldable: No

Maximum Dog Weight: 60 pounds

Maximum Height: 28.3 inches

This product is neatly made with high-density memory foam to provide your furry friend with an ideal way of accessing high platforms.

The bottom part of the stairs is fitted with silicone paw prints to guarantee your small dog a smooth climb up and down without tipping over.

This product consists of a total of 6 steps which can be broken down into tiers of 2 steps and 4 steps. The steps are connected with a strong zipper form, which makes the product stable and sturdy.

If you don’t need to use the 2 tier stairs, the manufacturer included a hole at the bottom part where you can store it for convenience.

This allows you to save on space, and when using the full 6-tier steps, the hole can act as a burrow where your dog can play from.

With an incredible height of 28.3 inches, you can use these dog stairs next to a high bed, car, or even sofa.

Most pet parents will find the light gray cover ultra soft suede sides to match up with their home décor.

The corduroy dots on the front are well-positioned to give your dog a secured foothold when using the stairs.

It’s worth noting that the plush cover can easily be removed and tossed into a washing machine for cleaning and this helps to improve the hygiene in your home.

With every purchase of this product, you will get a pet hair removal tool which is an extra gift for you to remove hair, dirt, lint, and dust from your sofa or bedding.


  • Well-built and sturdy for small dogs
  • The plush finish adds comfort
  • The steps can be disjoined for versatility
  • pet hair removal tool included


  • Not convenient for small spaces

6. BRIKY 2-in-1 Dog Stairs/Dog Ramp with 4 Steps

Type: Stairs and ramp

Size: 30.9L x 18.5W x 25.6H inches

Product weight: 15.85 pounds

Foldable: Yes

Maximum Dog Weight: 110 pounds

Maximum Height: 25.6 inches

If you’re looking for a product that can be used both as stairs and a ramp, then it’s worthwhile to consider this item from Briky.

With a maximum loading capacity of 110 pounds, this product is best suited for use by small to medium-sized dogs.

The 2-in-1 conversion design is perhaps the top selling point here, and with that, the manufacturer ships this product while it’s fully assembled.

You can convert this ramp to 4-tier step stairs or use it as an inclined platform to give your dog access to high beds. This also makes it easier to store it when not in use.

The folded ramp can easily fit in narrow places like beneath the bed or inside the trunk of your car.

All you need to do is set it up in your desired place, which could be a high bed, sofa, window ledge, or any other hard-to-reach platform.

The walking surface of this product is carpeted to give your furry pal a comfy place to step on while climbing up and down elevated platforms.

To add safety, the manufacturer used rubber feet to keep this product in place when your dog is using it.

The overall safety component is reinforced by the sturdy construction which features a high-grade wooden frame for stability and reliability.


  • Features a 2-in-1 design for convenience
  • Highly versatile
  • Stable and sturdy construction
  • Padded steps for traction


  • The hinges might become flimsy on repeated use
  • The steps are highly spaced for toy dog breeds

7. Best Pet Supplies Foam Steps for Small Dogs

Type: Stairs

Size: 30L x 16W x 22.5H inches

Product weight: 4 pounds

Foldable: No

Maximum Dog Weight: Not indicated

Maximum Height: 22.5 inches

Foldable and collapsible ramps can be a good choice if you need to keep them away in a small space when not in use.

But if you’re looking for a more permanent option, then you may want to consider these stairs from Best Pet Supplies.

This product comes in a choice of 16 colors, making them a good choice for pet parents looking for something to complement their living room, bedroom, or personal spaces.

The stairs are ideal for small to medium-sized dogs and they come with a 4 or 5-tier step option.

The juice of this product is the foam design which makes it an ideal option to provide your dog with maximum comfort when going up and down elevated places.

Besides comfort, the padded foam is crucial in securing your dog’s footing to provide them maximum traction and added safety.

The foam is CertiPUR-US Certified which makes it an ideal and safe accessory for your pets at home.

With a non-slip fabric material at the bottom of this product, you can be sure about the stability of the stairs because it helps grip the floor and prevent tipping.

We noticed the minimum spacing between the steps that makes it much easier for small dogs to go up and down high beds.


  • Convenient for small dogs
  • The foam construction adds comfort
  • Non-slip bottom


  • The walking surface might be slippery for some dogs

8. Pawnotch Adjustable Ramp for All Dogs

Type: Ramp

Size: 40L x 16W x 24H Inches

Product weight: 20 pounds

Foldable: Yes

Maximum Dog Weight: 200 pounds

Maximum Height: 24 inches

Pawnotch products are proudly made in the USA using locally sourced materials made with great attention to the smallest details.

This ramp is constructed from real wood with color choices of light Brown or Black which can both complement your interior décor.

The non-slip gripped carpet on the walking surface of this product cannot go unnoticed. The company calls it ‘Paw Traction’ because it offers maximum traction and secures your dog’s footing when climbing up and down.

This ramp will appeal to many pet parents because it is suitable for all dogs. Whether you have a small breed or large breed dog, you can be sure to give them comfortable access to high beds with this ramp.

With a six-stage height adjustment (from 14 to 24 inches), this ramp can serve in many places including high beds, cars, trucks, sofas, and other hard-to-reach areas within your home.

You don’t have to worry when this ramp is not in use, because the collapsible design reduces it to a maximum of 4 inches tall which makes it very easy to store in small spaces.


  • Wide range of height adjustment
  • The carpeting offers maximum traction
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Suitable for most dogs


  • It may be too bulky for small spaces within the house

9. Zinus Easy Pet Stairs

Type: Stairs

Size: 28L x 21W x 24H inches

Product weight: 7.14 pounds

Foldable: No

Maximum Dog Weight: Not indicated

Maximum Height: 24 inches

The Zinus Easy Pet Stairs feature a high-density CertiPUR-US certified foam interior, ensuring optimal support and durability for pets of all sizes.

You should no longer worry about constant wear and tear because this premium foam can maintain its shape and resiliency over time.

With a generous height of 24 inches and 4-tier steps, these stairs are tailored for small to medium dogs, giving them a convenient platform for accessing high beds and other platforms.

Made with convenience in mind, these dog stairs come with a removable cozy cover for comfort and added traction when using the stairs.

The straightforward design of these dog stairs makes it very easy to assemble and set up by your bed’s side. Feel free to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions when putting up the product.


  • Furnished with cozy materials for added comfort
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Non-slip design
  • Comes with different size options


  • The step spacings might be too high for some small dogs
  • Not convenient for minimal spaces

10. Carlson Heritage Dog Ramp

Type: Ramp

Size: 39.5L x 16W x 24H inches

Product weight: 9 pounds

Foldable: Yes

Maximum Dog Weight: 80 pounds

Maximum Height: 24 inches

The construction of this ramp features a white wooden design with stylish no-slip gray carpeting. The walking surface is well-gripped to give your furry friend enough traction to walk safely.

This product will appeal to pet parents looking for a stylish dog accessory to complement their interior décor.

It can be used by all dog breeds, but due to the loading capacity, we recommend sticking to small and medium-sized dogs.

With the option to adjust the height of this ramp, you can be sure to give your dog an effective way of accessing various platforms within the house.

The rubber fitting placed on the underside of this ramp helps keep it in place and secure your dog in one position.

When not in use, this ramp can be folded and collapsed before storing it in a small space such as beneath the bed.


  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to assemble and set up
  • Offers secured footing
  • Adjustable height adds versatility


  • May not be suitable for large-breed dogs
  • The wooden frame can easily pick up stains

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What Is Considered a High Bed for Dogs?

A high bed for dogs typically refers to a furnished sleeping surface positioned higher than 24 inches from the ground.

Small dog breeds will definitely have a problem going up or descending from high beds due to their body size limitation.

This is the reason why you need to invest in a dog ramp for high beds – to give your furry friend an easy time ascending and descending from such elevated positions.

High beds are suitable for large breed dogs, such as Great Danes or Bernese Mountain Dogs, who need extra support and comfort during sleep.

Dogs who have joint issues such as osteoarthritis can also benefit from lifted beds because it reduces the pressure points and promotes better blood circulation during sleep.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Dog Ramp for High Beds

Several factors should come into play when choosing the best dog ramps for high beds, the main ones include:

1. Size and weight capacity

The market is filled with dog ramps ranging in different sizes across the board. It’s important that you consider the dimensions of your desired ramp before purchasing it.

Take into account the length and width of the ramp in comparison to your dog’s size and the bed’s elevation.

Moreover, you should pay close attention to the maximum weight limit of your potential ramp for purchase.

The ramp should be strong enough to support your dog without appearing flimsy, bending, or breaking apart.

Most high-quality dog ramps can tolerate a maximum weight limit of between 100 to 200 pounds, which falls within the range of most family dogs.

2. Material and Durability

The material used in constructing the dog ramp is critical in determining how well the product will serve your dog without getting flimsy.

Most dog ramps in our list are made with wood material but you can also get the ones with aluminum, plastic, or a combination of different materials.

If you want a super lightweight product that falls within a low budget, then you’re well off going for sturdy plastic ramps. They are good for smaller dogs, and they are highly portable which favors occasional use.

Dog ramps made with sturdy wood are more durable and stable. They are favorable for large breed dogs and can be used as a permanent ramp within the house.

3. Portability and Ease of Use

If you’re looking forward to using the dog ramp in a different location, then you need to consider the portability of your desired product.

We suggest that you narrow it down to ramps that are foldable or telescopic because this feature allows for easier storage when not in use and during transportation.

best dog ramps for high beds
Image Credit: :Ирина Мещерякова from iStock

Over and above the folding mechanism, it helps to consider the overall weight of the ramp if you desire a highly portable option.

A lightweight plastic ramp is much easier to move around than one made with hardwood or a composite of materials.

The ease of using a ramp is also an important consideration before purchasing. Ideally, you should get a ramp that is easy to set up, install, and fold up after use.

4. Adjustability

The advantage of choosing a highly adjustable ramp is that it gives users unparalleled versatility because it can be used on different elevations and surfaces.

Some high-quality ramps come fitted with a convenient sliding feature that allows you to customize it to your desired length and inclination.

Most dog ramps with variable height can be adjusted from 12 inches all the way to 24 inches. For dog stairs, you need to get one with detachable steps, for you to adjust the height.

5. Compatibility with Bed Height

Double-check the maximum height of your desired ramp to confirm its compatibility with the dog’s bed.

Start by measuring the elevation of your dog’s bed from the ground level and match it up with the maximum height of the ramp.

A short dog ramp may necessitate you to incline it on a steeper angle making it difficult for your dog to use, which then defeats the purpose of your investment.

Your dog can benefit from the positive experience of using a ramp that matches their bed’s height because it provides a smooth and gentle climb.

6. Anti-Slip Surface

When choosing a dog ramp for high beds, you need to pay attention to the walking surface and make sure it has some form of grip.

Ramps fitted with ribbed surfaces can provide your dog with a secure footing, which guarantees their safety when climbing up and down.

Some of the grip materials used on the walking platform include; carpeting, artificial turf, textured ridges, and rubber.

Carpeted surfaces are perhaps the most popular materials used on the upper surface of dog ramps because they have a better grip.

High-quality dog ramps also have rubber feet for secured grip and stability. This helps to hold the ramp steady and makes it safer for your pup to climb up and down.

Considering an anti-slip surface is particularly more important if you have a dog with mobility issues, or if the ramp is to be used in an outdoor setting with wet conditions.

7. Easy to clean

Active dogs who love spending long hours in outdoor settings may track all manner of dirt on the ramp when walking to sleep.

This is why you need to consider the easiness of cleaning before making a purchase decision. Go for a ramp with a smooth surface that can be wiped down with a wet rug to remove dirt.

The other option is to consider ramps with a removable walking platform, that can be washed in a machine or hand-washed with ease.

Cleaning, maintaining, and servicing your dog’s ramp regularly are good ways of keeping up with good hygiene in your home.

How to Train Your Dog to Use a Dog Ramp

Training your dog to use the ramp is an important process before installing it on their bed.

The training process should be fairly easy, especially if your dog is obedient and has a background in basic training.

The main objective of prior training is to teach your dog how to properly use the ramp with safety, confidence, and courage.

Step 1: Introduce the ramp

As soon as you make the purchase, the first thing you should aim for is introducing the ramp to your dog in a calm way.

You can start by placing the rap on a flat surface within the house and let your furry friend sniff and investigate the new accessory.

Allow your dog to explore the ramp on their own terms and give them a gentle pet when they appear calm to create a positive association.

Step 2: Teach your dog to walk on the ramp

After your dog seems comfortable with the new accessory, you can proceed by teaching them to walk on the ramp.

The initial training should be done on a flat surface, to remove the risks of your dog sliding through while trying to walk.

You can lure your dog to walk over the ramp by placing a treat on one side and encouraging them to walk over and eat it.

A more suitable way will be to hold the treat in one hand and lure the dog to follow you while they’re passing through the flat ramp.

Reward your dog with treats and praises as soon as they make a complete cross over the ramp.

With progressive sessions, the dog will start following your hands as you move it across the entire ramp. You can progressively remove the treats and lead them with an empty hand.

Once your dog follows an empty hand while walking over the ramp, you can mark it with a ‘clicker’ and reward them for action.

When your furry friend gets to the end of the ramp, lure them to make a turn to go back to where they started.

Depending on the progress of your dog, you should use a clicker or marker words such as ‘up’ or ‘down’ to mark when they start walking on the ramp and when they stop.

Step 3: Incline the ramp

Once your canine friend has mastered moving on a flat ramp, you can add the challenge by adjusting the inclination angle.

Remember to add the incline by a little angle at a time. Raising the inclination too fast may discourage your dog from walking on the ramp, and they may end up jumping instead.

You can use your empty hand in combination with your marker words to encourage the dog to follow the ramp while focusing on the ends.

Dog on a ramp
Image Credit: cynoclub from iStock

With sufficient practice, you should be able to get your beloved canine to follow your command going up and down the ramp.

Make sure to reinforce the improvements by giving the dog occasional treats and plenty of praise.

Once you’ve gradually raised the incline to elevations similar to the intended use, you can then install the ramp on your dog’s bed.

Double-check to ensure that the ramp is firmly placed on the floor to keep it safe for your dog to ascend and descend at will.

2 Tips to Remember for Successful Training

1. Practice patience

There’s no standard timeline that all dogs must follow when learning new tricks. We suggest that you be patient with your dog when teaching them to walk on a ramp.

Some dogs may take a short time to learn while others require extended periods to build courage when walking on ramps.

2. Don’t force your dog

Never drag your dog to climb up or descend from a ramp on your own terms. By doing so, your dog will immediately create a negative association with the ramp and they may not willingly use them.

While there’s nothing wrong with using a leash during training, some pet parents may unknowingly drag their dogs up the ramp, and this may create a negative impression.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I choose the right size dog ramp for my high bed?

Measure the length from the ground to the top surface of the elevated bed using a tape measure, and compare it to the maximum length of the ramp.

Ideally, the ramps should be longer than the measurements obtained to allow for a gentle incline without being too steep or flimsy.

The width of the ramp should also be wide enough to accommodate your dog’s size when using it. We suggest referring to the manufacturers’ instructions and size chart to find the perfect fit for your dog’s needs.

2. What is a safe incline for a dog ramp?

Incline angles of between 18 to 25 degrees are generally considered to be safe for most dogs. The incline of your dog’s ramp should not be too steep and neither should it be too gentle.

A safe inclination gives your dog a comfortable, steady, and safe platform to walk through without straining the joints and muscles.

Dogs with mobility issues or those with shorter legs like Dachshunds may have problems using ramps with steeper inclines.

3. Are ramps or steps better for dogs?

Both dog ramps and dog stairs are good depending on the planned use case and situations. Dog ramps are ideal for senior dogs or those with mobility issues because they provide a gentle incline.

Ramps can also reduce the pressure on joints and it minimizes the risk of falls and slips since they don’t require the dog to lift the leg too much when walking.

Dog steps on the other hand are ideal for dogs who have no mobility issues, and they offer a space-efficient solution for improving mobility in homes.

4. Are dog ramps suitable for all dog breeds?

Yes! Dog ramps are suitable for all dog breeds so long as you find the perfect size and weight option for your pup.

5. Can senior dogs benefit from using a dog ramp?

Yes! Dog ramps can be beneficial for senior dogs, especially when accessing elevated platforms such as beds.

It is common for the dog’s joints to become stiffer with advancement in age. This creates mobility issues which can be solved with ramps.

A steady dog ramp will provide your elderly dog with a safe walking platform to access their bed without putting too much strain on their hurting joints.


Thank you for reviewing our guide! We hope you found a product or two that meets your dog’s needs and budget.

During our extensive research, the PetSafe CozyUp Wooden Cat & Dog Ramp emerged as our preferred choice for the best overall product.

It offers almost everything most pet owners may wish for in a dog ramp and it’s made with a sturdy wooden frame for stability and added elegance.

Our list includes products that are safe and comfortable for your dog to climb up and down your favorite hangout spots.

We paid close attention to those made with sturdy materials, and whose walking surfaces or steps are furnished with ribbed carpeting for added traction.

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