13 Best dog ramps for vehicles in 2022

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Many pet parents love to see their dogs jump in and out of their vehicles as it might show how strong and playful they are.

However, experts do not recommend this because it might be harmful to your dog’s health, especially for puppies and senior dogs.

Playful Growling

If your furry friend is in his prime age, he might not pose a great threat when jumping off your car but then remember that prevention is better than cure.

It has been said by vets that each time your dog jumps from an elevated place to hard ground, it induces stress on the joints which can cause arthritis or broken limbs. 

Therefore, you must consider getting a dog ramp for your furry friend just to ensure that his health is not compromised.

If your dog is severely injured, recovering, or cannot walk properly, you can consider using a pet stroller to move him around. 

It can become a tedious task to search for the perfect dog ramp that will suit your furry friend with many options to choose from.

Dog ramps are available in the market in different sizes, qualities, shapes, and prices. There are many factors to consider when shopping for this accessory and we have carefully reviewed the 13 best dog ramps for vehicles in 2023 (cars, SUVs, and trucks) that you can consider buying.

Dog in car

If you have puppies, small dogs, medium-sized dogs, or large ones, continue reading through this guide because there is something for everyone.

Our Top Picks for the Best Dog Ramps

13 Best Dog Ramps for Cars, SUVs, and Trucks in 2023

1. Heininger 3062 Portable PET Twistep

The Twistep ramp from Heininger is a high-quality accessory made with a powder-coated construction. The top surface is both durable and non-slip hence it offers your dog a firm area to step on when jumping.

This is a step-up kind of dog ramp for trucks that raises the level to allow your dog easier access to your car. It is most suitable for pick-ups and trucks. This product is not suitable for vans, SUVs, and such like vehicles.

This ramp is carefully attached to the hitch of your car and is stored in the bumper whenever you are not using it.

This accessory gives your dog lower stress and lower impact jump into your car. It is more suitable for use by dogs in their prime age who have already learned the art of jumping.

If you have a very active dog who likes jumping, then he will most certainly not appreciate a conventional ramp. This ramp allows him to enter your pick-up with a safe jump.

A major advantage of this ramp is that it does not require a unique storage space every time your dog uses it. Humans can also use it when accessing the backside of the truck or pickup since it can support up to 400 pounds.


  • It is very easy to open and swing to set up for use.
  • It offers a very stable platform.
  • It is a good ramp for active dogs.


  • It works with limited vehicles.

2. WeatherTech EasyRamp Pet Ramp – Best for All Vehicles

If you have an elderly dog, then you need a more specialized ramp that is less steep, sturdy and offers a manageable walking distance.

The EasyRamp from WeatherTech comes with a unique design that features 2 ramps and 1 central stool for support. It can support up to 300 pounds and it weighs less than 21 pounds.

The different components make this ramp easier to move around with. It is better than shorter ramps when used for elderly dogs since it offers an easy incline rate to your car.

Both ramps are wide enough to accommodate your large dog. Each ramp has a measurement of 42 inches long and 15 inches wide, while the central stool measures 10 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 15 inches tall.

The surface of this ramp is made of a skid-resistant pad which gives your dog a non-slippery movement when using it.


  • Good product for senior dogs.
  • It is not very steep.
  • It is very well-made and sturdy.


  • It takes up a lot of space.

3. PetSafe Happy Ride Telescoping Dog Car RampBest for Trucks

PetSafe Happy Ride Telescoping Dog Car Ramp

PetSafe is a renowned brand that makes good accessories for pets and they did not go wrong on this one. The Happy Ride Dog car ramp comes in two sizes; regular and extra-large.

Both sizes can be used by dogs of all breeds and ages. If you have a large and heavy dog, you need to get an extra-large ramp that can support him perfectly.

The large ramp extends to a length of 87 inches and can be retracted to 47 inches while the regular ramp extends to 79 inches and retracts back to 39 inches.

This makes it a good option for easier storage and portability. The adjustability is also good to give you a perfect incline to your vehicle.

The ramp is made with aluminum material which makes it lightweight hence easier to carry when going for outdoor adventures. The aluminum material also supports your dog’s weight while giving his paws a good grip.

For safety, this dog car ramp features a telescoping design which gives your dog a high traction walking surface. It also has raised edges that prevent him from slipping over and hitting the ground.

Have a look at the video below from PetSafe that showcases more about this ramp


  • It is lightweight.
  • It has a high traction surface.
  • It is extra-long and can be adjusted.


  • Might have locking issues when fully extended.

4. Pet Gear Free-Standing for Dogs & Cats – Best for Cars

If you do not mind a cumbersome dog ramp, then you can consider getting a freestanding one that does not put any stress on your vehicle.

Freestanding ramps are also good for larger dogs because they can support more weight and they don’t wobble or bend when being used.

This ramp from pet gear features a free-standing design and it comes with a choice of 4 colors. The walking surface extends up to 56 inches, the legs measure 23 inches high and it has a width of 16 inches.

This unit can be folded to offer you compact storage which you can put in the back of your car.

The surface is made with an anti-slip material which gives your dog a firm grip when walking on it. When tested against other ramps, the non-slip surface on this one tends to be more slippery.

It also has slightly raised edges which are to prevent your furry friend from falling from the ramp. These safety features are especially good when you are training your dog to walk on a ramp.

Being a freestanding ramp, you can use it in many other places that don’t require base support. It is therefore a versatile accessory to have.


  • Great ramp for senior dogs.
  • It has a manageable weight.
  • It is fairly priced.
  • It can be used in many other places than your vehicle.


  • The side edges are slippery.

5. Pet Gear Free-Standing Ramp

This is a freestanding dog ramp that has a length measurement of 56 inches, 23 inches in height, and 16 inches in width.

It is a good option to choose when you have large dogs since it can support more weight without wobbling or bending. The ramp is best used for cars & SUVs outdoors and beside beds indoors.

The surface of this ramp has raised edges that prevent your lovely dog from slipping off and hitting the ground.

It also has a carpet trad bottom which is soft hence giving your dog a smooth experience when using it. The carpet is easy to wash and maintain.

Genius Dog 300 x 600 - Animated

The bottom part of this freestanding ramp is fitted with rubberized pads which grip the ground to offer a secured placement.

This is a security measure to ensure that your dog does not wobble with the ramp when using it.

The ramp can be folded and kept securely in your car’s cargo area. However, it is cumbersome when carrying it by hand.


  • Good for elderly dogs.
  • It is stable and sturdy.
  • It offers a large walking surface.
  • Can be used in many other places than your vehicle.


  • It is not very portable.

6. Gen7Pets Natural-Step Ramp for Vehicles

This dog ramp from Gen7Pets features a beautiful grass-designed mat that gives your dog a more natural feeling when taking a walk. The poly grass surface also gives your dog a slippery-free area to walk on.

This ramp folds in half and can neatly be stored in your car’s cargo space. It has a carrying handle which makes it easier to carry this ramp from one place to the other.

When unfolded, it measures 72 inches long and 16 inches wide which makes it a good recline for your furry friend. It is easy to attach it to your car’s bumper and it has a non-skid surface that will not scratch your car.

The poly grass mat surface might not be the best for Scratchers because they might use it as a scratching ground to exercise their paws.

It is recommended to walk your dog through with a leash if you are worried about him taking off the mat surface.


  • It has a beautiful design with a natural feel.
  • Lightweight and easy to unfold.
  • It has good traction for the dog’s paws.


  • Might be narrow for some dogs.

7. Pet Gear Tri-Fold Extra-wide Dog Car Ramp – Best for SUVs

pet gear dog ramp

The Pet Gear Dog ramp measures 71 x 19.5 x 4 inches making it a big accessory to use for all dog sizes up to 200 pounds. It can be folded three times to make it compact and for easy storage.

It is extra-wide and designed with a built-in handle for easy portability. The ramp has a security strap that can be attached to the floor door latch for safety.

Its surface has a reflective material that guides the dog up and down whenever he is walking on it. There are also side safety reflectors to allow maximum visibility when in use.

The surface is also slip-resistant to prevent your pet from slipping when going up or down even when wet.

It also features rubber grippers at the bottom of the ramp to prevent it from slipping and to keep it steady and stable.


  • It has a beautiful design.
  • It is sturdy.
  • The mat has a good grip.
  • Very safe.


  • It can be heavy for some users.

8. Portable Dog Stairs for Large Dogs

These dog stairs from LUFFWELL have a maximum length of 45 inches and a height of 22 inches. You can recline it to both high and low angles to suit your needs.

Elderly dogs are best suited to high angles which makes them use less energy when taking the steps.

This product is made with aluminum material and it is therefore lightweight. It can be folded for easier storage and portability.

The ramp weighs 8 pounds and can support dogs up to 150 pounds. The steps are strong and can manage heavy-duty usage. Just be careful with the load placed on it, maximum weight can easily bend the material.

The surface is made with a paw print coating surface which makes it non-slippery hence giving your dog a perfect grip whenever he is walking on it.

For added safety, this ramp is fitted with safety tethers which offer additional protection to your furry friend.

Setting up this ramp is quite easy and it can be used both outdoors and indoors. You can use it for different vehicle makes including, vans, sedans, SUVs, Trucks, and pickups.

For indoor use, you can give your dog safe access to elevated beds, vet tables, grooming tables, couches, and other heights.

LUFFWELL gives their customers free shipping of every unit bought plus a guaranteed free return on mutilated items.


  • It can be adjusted into different inclined angles.
  • It folds well into a very manageable-sized unit.
  • It has an attractive design.


  • Might not be a perfect fit for larger dogs.

9. Niubya Foldable Dog Stairs

These dog stairs can extend up to a length between 36.6 and 40.2 inches and a height between 25.2 and 26 inches. It is sturdy, and durable and has been fitted with safety tether clips that ensure your dog is safe whenever using it.

The stairs are made with rustproof metal which can support dogs up to 150 pounds. The stairs have a weight of 10 pounds and it is very easy to clean and maintain.

If you are planning to use these stairs in many places, don’t worry because they are very portable. You can fold them in small boxes measuring 17.5″ x 13.5″ x 6.5″ which is very manageable and can be stored in a small space.

It is a good option for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use it indoors to give your dog access to high beds and other elevated places.

Outdoor use includes vehicle ramping and other adventure experiences you might have with your furry friend. For vehicle use, it is ideal for various makes and models including trucks, SUVs, and vans.

These dog stairs have adjustable heights and angles which make them a good option to use for various dog breeds, ages, and sizes.

For an elderly dog, it is recommended to use a less steep angle that will not give him much strain when taking the steps.


  • It has safety tethers for added security.
  • Very lightweight and sturdy.
  • It is adjustable for various indoor and outdoor uses.
  • One of the best dog ramps for SUVs.


  • It might not be suitable for larger dogs.

10. Upgraded Pet Dog Car Step Stairs

These dog stairs can extend up to a length of 51 inches long and have a height of 36 inches. It has variable incliner angles which makes it fit for use by different dog breeds and sizes.

The ramp is constructed with metal and it features a five stairs configuration. It weighs 12 pounds and it can support large dogs of up to 150 pounds.

This is a good accessory for use by SUVs, sailboats, truck owners, and other elevated places.

The steps are coated with a non-slip rubber material that prevents your dog from slipping off and harming himself when walking. The soft surface is also good for dogs because it cannot scratch their paws.

This ramp is not free-standing and, therefore, requires support to function. At the bottom of these steps, there are feet fitted with rubber pads that reduce skidding.

This enables your dog to have a firm accessory to use when going into your vehicle which improves his security.

The stairs can be folded to a small size and easily stored in your car’s cargo area. This makes it more portable and therefore you can use it in many places.

The Snagle Paw Store offers their customers a money-back guarantee for all units bought that did not offer satisfaction.


  • Easy to unfold, use and fold back.
  • It offers variable inclination angles.
  • It is stable and offers a non-slippery surface for walking.
  • Lightweight and very portable.


  • Might be narrow for some large dogs.

11. Otto Step Car Pet Ramp Pet Step

This is a single car ramp step that gives your dog a manageable position to jump into your car. It is best suited for SUVs, pick-ups, and trucks.

Installing this accessory is simple, you will need to insert the hitch step into the 2-inch receiver and you are done.

This particular step model is different from other permanent ones which are stationed at the rear of your vehicle.

The Otto Step ramp is temporary and it is not meant to be put in place while driving your car.

The hitch step is made with plastic material fitted with nylon grass and weighs 5.5 pounds. It measures 18″x16″, and it is, therefore, a very portable accessory to travel with.

You will just need to find a safe spot in your car’s cargo area and pick it up for installation whenever it is needed.

It can support a weight of up to 200 pounds. This means that besides large dogs, humans can also place their feet carefully on this step to reach elevated levels.

The surface is slippery free and it will offer your dog a good spot to make a good jump into your vehicle.

If you have a dog that does not know how to jump properly, you can train him before fully relying on this product. It is best used by active dogs who love to jump onto places.


  • Very easy to install and remove.
  • It is strong and sturdy.
  • It is lightweight and very portable.


  • Not a good ramp for ailing dogs.

12. Heeyoo Upgraded Nonslip Car Dog Steps

This dog ramp is in the form of steps and it can extend to a maximum of 78 inches long and 30 inches high. Each step has a size of 6 inches which is manageable for most dogs.

It can support dogs of up to 150 pounds making it a good option for all dog sizes. However, you need to be careful not to put heavy materials on these steps because they might get damaged.

The surface of the steps is coated with a rubber material that prevents dogs from slipping off. It gives a good grip to your dog’s paws hence making it a safe accessory to use.

This dog step is not free-standing, it will require a support base to be used.

You can fold this ramp to occupy a small space hence making it portable. It easily fits in the back of your car and you can travel with it anywhere.

Apart from cars, you can also use these dog steps to give your dog smooth access to raised beds and other elevated heights.


  • It is a stable and sturdy accessory.
  • Lightweight and easily portable.
  • Easy to handle.


  • The security straps can easily break off.

13. PetSafe Happy Ride Foldable Dog Car Ramp

This is another dog car ramp from PetSafe, it measures 62 x 16 x 4 inches and can support dogs of up to 150 pounds. It weighs 10 pounds and can be folded to offer easy storage.

The lightweight material makes this ramp an easy-to-lift accessory that you can configure quickly and use in many places.

The full length of the ramp is 62 inches and it can be folded to 31 inches. It does not have a handle to carry it around but with its lightweight, you can easily carry it while holding it anywhere on the folded ramp.

It has side rails that ensure your dog is safe whenever he walks in and out of your vehicle. The end of the ramp securely hooks on your vehicle and the other end stays firm on the ground.

This ensures that your dog is granted a safe entry and exit way.

Caution needs to be observed when using this ramp with a high load. Remember that it is lightweight and can only support up to 150 pounds. Do not put it in any place where heavy items may be stacked.


  • Well-priced ramp.
  • It is lightweight and sturdy.
  • It is very easy to use.


  • The width might be too narrow for some dogs.

Advantages Of Having a Dog Ramp

All leading experts recommend having a dog ramp for vehicles and other elevations that are big enough.

A dog ramp will reduce the strain on your dog’s joints hence making him access elevated places without compromising his physical health.

The following are the benefits of having a dog ramp both for you and your furry friend.

1. It gives dogs easy access

A dog ramp will make it easier for your furry friend to access your vehicle and other heights. Puppies and other small dogs might find it very difficult to jump and your bigger dog may be reluctant to take the risk.

2. No more dog lifting

With a dog ramp, you will no longer need to manually lift your dog to put him in the car for your weekend trips. Lifting dogs can be dangerous especially when you have a heavy breed that might overpower you.

Lifting a dog

A dog ramp will make life easier for you especially if you have a sick dog that needs to see the vet. You will immediately notice the difference it makes between lifting and letting him use the ramp.

3. Eliminates stress on joints

You need to watch out for your dog’s joints especially if you have large breeds or senior dogs whose bones are fragile. When your dog jumps off an SUV, he risks stressing his joints to the extent of breaking a limb.

Dog in car

When your dog uses a ramp to descend from elevated places, he is casually walking down and hence he does not experience stress in his joints.

4. Flexibility

Dog ramps for vehicles can be used in most raised places so long as you find a stable base. This makes them good accessories to have especially if you have steep stairs in your home, raised beds, a dog grooming table, and many other raised places.

5. Give your dog a full vacation experience

When you are on vacation with your dog, you can now use his ramp to grant him access to areas that cannot be safely accessed without one. It consequently gives your furry friend an amazing experience in an environment where he feels welcomed.

Dog playing on sand

Don’t miss out on other reasons why dog ramps are worth the investment.

Choosing Between Flat and Stairs Dog Ramp

When it comes to narrowing down whether your dog needs a ramp or stairs, it depends on what works best for him and the situation.

Dog ramps can easily be folded and hence they are portable. This makes them an ideal choice to have for both indoor and outdoor use. Ramps are better than stairs for dogs with mobility issues.

If you have a senior dog with medical conditions, then he will find it easier to follow a ramp than take keen steps on stairs.

Dog in car

Dog stairs on the other hand are good when you want to use them alongside stationary objects. They are also good for very playful dogs who would want to see through the bottom when using the stairs.

Either way, it is of great importance that you consider getting an accessory that will aid your dog in moving from elevated places. It is recommended to use it early enough and train your dog properly on how to walk down and up the ramp.

We recommend that you check our comparison article on dog stairs vs ramps for cars to learn more.

3 Common Types of Dog Ramps

You can select different types of dog ramps depending on what your dog likes and the one that fits your vehicle well. The common types are:

1. Wooden dog ramps

As the name suggests, these ramps are made with wooden material and are sturdier. Some wooden ramps normally have inbuilt stairs and are suitable for dogs who may not like the non-slip type.

2. Lightweight dog ramps

These ramps are fitted with an anti-slip bottom that prevents your furbaby from sliding off. Most of them can be folded into two and are suitable for puppies and large dogs who cannot jump so high.

These are arguably the easiest dog ramps to use since they also have manageable weight.

3. Freestanding dog ramps

These are the dog ramps that do not require any support base since they have sturdy legs to stand. Most of them are built in the form of stairs.

They are best suited for pet owners who are concerned about supporting a dog ramp with part of their vehicle. It comes with the cost of being chunkier due to the added base for support.

Do All Dogs Need Ramps?

To answer this question directly, we say Yes and our answer is based on recommendations from leading veterinarians.

If you have a playful puppy or a dog in his prime age, you might be tempted to think that it is okay for him to make all those jumps from your car to the ground.

These jumps when done for a long time are very bad for your dog’s health. If you have an older dog, the risk is now lethal.

Dog in car's cargo space

If you notice that your furry friend has difficulties in reaching elevated areas like your vehicle or bed, the best thing to do is to get him a ramp to aid his swift movement. If you neglect him, he might try to take the risky jump hence endangering his health.

Certain dog breeds require a ramp in almost all elevated places they go owing to their anatomy. These breeds include the Great Danes dachshunds, the Bernese Mountain Dogs, the Golden, and Labs.

Dog ramps for dachshunds should be of the right height to allow them to go up with ease while supporting their weight.


There you have it guys, these are the best dog ramps for vehicles in 2023! It’s now clear that as a pet parent, you need a dog ramp to give your dog safe access to elevated levels.

With different designs, sizes, and shapes, you can pick more than one ramp for your multiple dogs. This is especially more practical if you have multiple dogs of different ages and sizes.

Among the best dog ramps for cars, SUVs, and trucks that we have covered, it is also important to single out the one that can reach your vehicle’s height.

If you have issues with training your dog on how to use a ramp, don’t worry. Take a look at the video below by Robert Cabral, which covers this topic in detail.

Thanks for reading through this buying guide. Make sure to check our picks of the best dog products.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below, and I will get back to you.

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