Best Halloween dog costumes

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The spookiest time of the year is fast approaching, and we want every member of your family to take part, including your furry friends.

Choosing from the best Halloween dog costumes should make your furbaby look extra cute or very scary, to stand out from the crowd during the All Hallows bash.

Whether your dog prefers a flamboyant Superman dress or a simple paw-printed shirt, we have a collection of ideas that can work for every pup and get you inspired.

Our Picks for the Dog Halloween Costumes

12 Best Halloween Dog Costumes

1. ARUNNERS Shark Halloween Holiday Costumes

First on our list is this subtle outfit that can turn your extra-large pup into a real star during the trick-or-treat celebration.

The embroidery eyes, open mouth on the cap, and three-dimensional fin at the back of the costume can turn your dog into the shark of the night.

2. Sweetude Halloween Dog Costumes

Cover your furbaby in this ghost costume that has three placed holes to allow some space for the two eyes and happy mouth.

This costume can turn your dog into the center of attention during the ghostly gala, and everyone will accord your doggo their deserved respect.

This gives your dog comfortable movement throughout the scary night of Halloween and no one will surely deny them some tasty snacks along the way.

3. Rubie’s Disney Princess Pet Costume

Just when you thought your lovely dog could not get any cuter, you come across this Disney pet costume. The color choices make it a perfect match for the ghostly activities during Halloween.

With several colors to choose from, all your pups can get a different style of costume to make the day even more scary.

4. Rubie’s Classic with Arms Pet Superman Costume

With this Superman-styled costume, your lovely dog would certainly save the day for smaller pets and turn into the hero of the night.

The uncanny experience can be made even better by putting the detachable red cap on your dog’s head during those late-night walks.

Perfect for active dogs who love to jump and run all over the place during good moments.

5. SCENEREAL Small Dog Halloween Costumes

Your little pups may not fly on a broom during Halloween, but they can make the night more interesting by putting on this orange and black-themed costume.

The polka dots, bats, and spiders print on the hat can make everyone who comes across your dog entice them with a tasty snack, or else!

6. GOYOSWA Dog Halloween Costumes

Show up to this year’s Halloween party with a charming vampire cloak costume that scares everyone into hiding.

This polyester-made ensemble will turn your humble dog into the center of attraction since everyone will want to avoid being the ‘prey’ of the night.

7. Pet Deadly Doll Dog Costume

This lightweight costume for dogs takes the spookiness in your neighborhood Halloween evening to a whole new level.

Turn your dog into the villain of the night with this doll costume that includes a detachable foam knife with oozing ‘blood’ on the sharp edges.

8. Frisco Happy Cow Dog & Cat Costume

Your dog may not be able to moo or snort like a real cow, but this costume may shock the neighborhood kids during the chilly evening on Halloween.

Be sure to give your male dog the look they deserve by going udderless. With plenty of size options to choose from, your dog is unlikely to betray the costume by barking due to discomfort.

9. Frisco Stegosaurus Dinosaur Dog & Cat Costume

Pamper up your dog with this stegosaurus costume to give them a pre-historic roaring advantage over other pets during this year’s Halloween night.

The headgear is separate from the scaly-looking skin body suit to give you customizable options for the night’s spookiest fun.

10. Frisco Lion Mane Dog & Cat Costume

Add plenty of fur on your dog’s head and turn them into the king of the neighborhood during Halloween using this majestic lion mane getup.

The costume secures around your dog’s head, with a complete set of ears, and is attached using a strong Velcro.

11. Frisco Clown Dog & Cat Costume Accessory

Halloween nights are supposed to be scary, but that doesn’t mean you cannot add some attractive costumes to the mix.

Turn your furbaby into everybody’s favorite pet during this year’s spooky-themed party in your neighborhood.

The flocked paw-print pattern used on this costume and the red pom poms on the hat will certainly show your dog’s soft side and everyone will be craving to pat them on the back.

12. California UPS Delivery Driver Dog & Cat Costume

Watch your neighbors’ hearts melt when they see your doggo delivering their long-awaited package in a UPS costume.

Despite acting as the delivery guy during the buzzing Halloween period, your dog will not feel the burden of carrying anything.


Our top picks for the best Halloween dog costumes will surely turn your furry friend into the talk of the town during the eeriest day of the year.

From a majestic lion mane to scaly dinosaur dog outfits, you can be sure to find a costume that fits your mood for the day and your dog’s personality.

If you feel creative and handy, you can pick some inspiration from our dog ghost costume DIY to create a matching ensemble both for you and your furry friend.

Always prioritize your dog’s comfort when looking for an October 31st costume. Get the products that fit your dog without constraining them or limiting their movement. Happy Halloween!

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