Laura Nassoura

Founder & Writer

Expertise: Pet Behavior, Pet Nutrition, Pet Training


  • Founder of Furs’n’Paws Pet Sitting and Dog Walking company in Dubai, and Pet Writer for the blog specializing in pet behavior, training, nutrition, and pet sitting & walking.
  • Dedicated to serving pet owners seeking valuable insights for their pets’ well-being and behavior.
  • Certified in pet training, behavior, and pet sitting, offering trusted expertise for a range of pet-related needs.


As the visionary behind Furs’n’Paws Pet Sitting and Dog Walking company and a Pet Writer for the Furs’n’Paws blog, Laura’s mission is to empower pet owners with reliable information to enhance their pets’ lives. With a hands-on approach, Laura translates her day-to-day experiences working with pets into engaging and informative content. She thrives on sharing practical advice that stems from real-world situations, ensuring her readers receive actionable guidance.

Laura’s commitment to staying current in the ever-evolving realm of pet health, nutrition, and training is evident through her dedication to continuous education. She blends her insights with the latest industry knowledge from courses and online publications, providing her readers with a balanced perspective that’s both practical and well-informed.

Having published articles for various prominent pet sites, Laura’s expertise has been recognized and showcased on platforms dedicated to pet care. Beyond her writing, Laura extends her passion for animals by volunteering at pet shelters to assist less fortunate pets. This firsthand experience enriches her understanding of pets’ needs and behavior, enriching the depth of her expertise.


Laura holds certifications in pet training and pet sitting, reinforcing her commitment to providing reliable guidance to pet owners. Her approach is grounded in her practical knowledge and her dedication to continuous learning.

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