30 DIY Cat Litter Box Ideas

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In this guide, we’ve combined a list of 30 DIY cat litter box ideas to spark your inspiration into crafting something special for your feline friend.

The good part is that you don’t need to be experienced in woodworking to get most of these projects done, both beginners and experts in DIY can have their cake in this guide.

31 DIY Cat Litter Box Ideas

1. Upholstered kitty litter bench

Upholstered kitty litter bench
Image Credit: mslk

You can place your cat litter box in an upholstered bench, which can double up as a lounging spot for your furry friend.

The sides of the bench form the entry points to this litter studio while the front part is hinged with a strong door to conceal the bathroom content and provide easy time for cleaning.

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2. DIY Modern Plywood Cat Litter Box

Watch this step-by-step video by Hunker to discover how you can make a gorgeous modern kitty bathroom enclosure using plywood.

The project might appear difficult for beginners, but the major skills required are to cut plywood into pieces and drill holes.

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3. Cabinet-inspired Kitty Litter Station

Cabinet-inspired Kitty Litter Station
Image Credit: catster

If you have an old standard cabinet with doors, you can repurpose it into a spacious bathroom station for your cat.

The best part about this project is that you can create an adjacent comfy lounge for your cat with adequate toys to keep them busy.

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4. DIY Cat cave

laundry room litter box cover
Image Credit: dimplesandtangles

If your cat loves toileting in an encircled area, you can use a side table that fits your kitty litter box and a fabric cover to create this fancy cat cave.

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5. Dog-Proof Cat Litter Box

Dog-Proof Cat Litter Box
Image Credit: Instructables

Is your dog always curious to dig out the content in your cat’s litter box? If yes, it’s prudent to find a way of keeping dogs away from the forbidden treats.

Instructables have explained how you can combine two boxes with other components to conceal your cat’s toilet area from your curious canine friend.

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6. DIY Litter Box Enclosure Hack

DIY Litter Box Enclosure Hack
DIY Litter Box Enclosure Hack
Image Credit: worstontheblock

This furniture-inspired litter box enclosure provides for an ingenious way of hiding your cat’s bathroom area in suitable furniture.

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7. DIY Litter box from three-piece plastic drawers

Mer Issa Mom has presented very clear instructions on how you can make this simple and affordable kitty toilet.

In addition to having a convenient litter box for your cat, you can also use the top drawer as a storage space for a few accessories.

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8. Mess-free DIY cat litter box

Mess-free DIY cat litter box
Image Credit: Erika

With an affordable 18-gallon bin and a plate to help draw a circle, you can create this mess-free cat toilet and bid farewell to deal with scattered litter.

Be sure to cut a spacious hole to provide enough space for your cat to enter and exit the inner chamber without tipping off the entire box.

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9. Outdoor cat litter box

Outdoor cat litter box
Image Credit: Instructables

Give your outdoorsy furry friend a convenient bathroom space with this inspirational DIY project by Instructables.

The best part about this litter box is that it contains two doors, one exterior and another connected with a passthrough from the main house. The LED with motion sensor adds ease of use during the night.

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10. Green Pee Cat Litter Box System

Green Pee Cat Litter Box System
Image Credit: Instructables

Eco-friendly cat owners will appreciate the unique and sustainable concept behind the green pee cat litter system.

This project uses a non-porous filler and pea gravel to let the cat urine flow into a second tray where it is absorbed by baking soda on an absorbent material.

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11. Homemade Litter Box

Homemade Litter Box
Image Credit: instructables

All you need to make this functional litter box is an old storage box valued at 10 USD and a few basic tools used in construction.

Feel free to paint the exterior part to make the end product more appealing and match your interior décor.

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12. Behind the curtain litter box

Behind the curtain litter box
Image Credit: towneandmain

If your kitty litter box is becoming an eyesore, you can maintain the aesthetic appeal of your living space by hiding it behind a curtain.

This easy DIY project combines functionality with a touch of creativity, creating a concealed space that allows your cat to do their toileting business in private.

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13. Repurposed damask benches litter box

Repurposed damask benches litter box
Image Credit: offbeathome

Get inspiration Lenna on how you can convert a chic damask bench into a convenient litter box station for your furry friend.

The litter box has one door for the cat and we also loved the top opening part which makes it easier to clean.

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14. Under stair cat litter room

Under stair cat litter room
Image Credit: designingparkside

Did you know you can turn one of the most underutilized spaces in your house into a functional bathroom area for your felines?

This project requires precise measurements and good woodworking skills, so you may want to call a professional to help you.

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15. Two-door cabinet cat litter box

Two-door cabinet cat litter box
Two-door cabinet cat litter box
Image Credit: instructables

Follow this 5-step process by Instructables on how you can turn an old 2-door cabinet into a functional litter room for your furry friend.

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16. Self-ventilating built-in litter box

Self-ventilating built-in litter box
Image Credit: instructables

Keep your house smelling fresh with this self-ventilating airy cat litter box that emits no smell and conceals loose litter from scattering.

The self-freshening feature works by the bathroom fan connected to the box through a generous pipe.

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17. Refurbished file cabinet litter box

Refurbished file cabinet litter box
Image Credit: oliveandlove

Instead of discarding your old filing cabinet, why not transform it into an elegant litter box enclosure for your feline?

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18. DIY Pinewood Litter Box Enclosure

DIY Pinewood Litter Box Enclosure
Image Credit: pineandpoplar

The natural beauty of this stunning pinewood litter box is enough to compliment your interior décor no matter your wall colors.

This project needs intermediate woodworking skills, so if you’re a beginner, you may want to ask for a helping hand.

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19. Plastic terra cotta pot litter box

Plastic terra cotta pot litter box
Image Credit: hometalk

This cute personalized space will work best for small cats and kittens, but it highlights how you can create an adorable yet hidden toilet for your cat.

Cat owners who appreciate minimalism and simplicity will love the natural aesthetic outlook provided by the terra cotta pot.

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20. Kitty head silhouette bench litter box

Celebrate your love for cats with a cat head silhouette bench litter box.

This DIY project adds a whimsical touch to your home, featuring a cat-shaped opening that not only serves a practical purpose but also creatively showcases your feline affection.

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21. Recycled trunk litter box

Recycled trunk litter box
Image Credit: ikeahackers

Thinking of throwing away your old trunk? Hold on for a moment, because you can transform it into a litter room for your cat while embracing sustainability.

This project may be detailed for beginners in DIY, so you should pay more attention to the measurements and drilling.

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22. Litter box in a wicker basket

Litter box in a wicker basket
Image Credit: pethelpful

Elevate your cat’s toileting experience with a touch of creativity by placing the litter box inside an IKEA wicker box.

This DIY project (estimated to cost 120 USD) seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics, offering your cat a cozy space while adding a rustic element to your decor.

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23. DIY Cat Litter Box Enclosures

DIY cat litter box enclosure 600
Image Credit: preventivevet

This easy DIY project forms the perfect cabinet to contain your cat’s toileting area while keeping the dogs out.

For added functionality, you can use some portions of this simple unit as storage space for your cat’s accessories.

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24. Mess-Less DIY Litter Box

Mess-Less DIY Litter Box
Image Credit: instructables

The mess-less cat litter box inspired by Instructables is here to help you skip cleaning up after your cat when leaving the toileting area.

This project may be difficult for beginners, but the end product is something you’ll be proud of. It helps keep the mess away by encouraging your kitty to get inside by climbing on a sisal rope.

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25. Mini cat house litter cover

Mini cat house litter cover
Image Credit: abeautifulmess

This cute cat litter box studio is catchy and showcases your love for felines through the kitty head-shaped entrance.

Basic woodworking skills are required to make this project a success, so feel free to tag an expert if you’re still new to DIYing.

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26. Hidden cat litter box house

Hidden cat litter box house
Image Credit: sawsonskates

Upscale the privacy of your furry friend while doing their toileting business by adding a fabric curtain on a console table to convert it into a littered house.

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27. Bench-inspired DIY cat litter

Bench-inspired DIY cat litter
Image Credit: sawsonskates

This DIY project forms a double solution by crafting a cat’s cradle and a convenient top bench for both people and pets.

The building process might be time-consuming and heavy for beginners, but luckily enough, the project authors created a step-wise process and an accompanying video.

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28. Giant litter box from a large plastic bin

Giant litter box from a large plastic bin
Image Credit: instructables

This giant litter box crafted from a large plastic bin can be a game changer for pet parents with multiple cats.

One of the top highlights of this extra-large litter box is that it can be used by other similar household pets weighing 30 pounds or less.

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29. Advanced Litter Box Enclosure

Advanced Litter Box Enclosure
Image Credit: cuckoo4design

Building this spectacular litter box condo might be more difficult than the others on our list, but you will love the results.

The project authors included a motion sensor nightlight to guide your kitty’s night toilet trips, and an exhaust fan to keep the area smelling fresh.

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30. Dog-proof litter box

Dog-proof litter box
Image Credit: craftylittlegnome

If you’re looking forward to keeping your curious canine friend out of feline litter, this dog-proof litter box is all you need.

Crafting this litter box is not very difficult, especially for DIY enthusiasts. The other good part is that you can use the adjacent cabinet to store unused litter or some cat food.

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31. Cheap & Easy Ikea Hack

Discover in this video by peterjhshin how he transformed a $159 Ikea cabinet into a sleek, hidden cat litter box with extra storage! Customize the interior by adjusting or removing shelves for more room for your cat.


There you have it, 30 DIY cat litter box ideas to inspire you today. We hope you found a project or two that might do well for you and your feline friend.

We encourage you to take that bold step and experiment with a few DIY projects to create an amazing personal bathroom space for your cat.

We’ll be happy to know how your favorite project went down, so please leave a comment below to share your experience with our community.

Featured Image Credit: CasarsaGuru from iStock

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