DIY Dog Gate Ideas

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As a responsible pet parent, one of your top priorities should be on how to keep your furry friends safe from accessing dangerous zones, without feeling isolated from the rest of the family.

A dog gate offers a practical solution for most homeowners and renters who want to restrict their pups from walking into certain areas in the house or create a safe training space for them.

In this post, we have researched and outlined 30 creative DIY dog gate ideas that are functional, budget-friendly, and highly customizable to match your needs.

From simple set-up options to more elaborate woodworking projects, read on to discover how to make a dog gate at home with simple steps.

How to Build a Dog Gate – 30 DIY Dog Gate Ideas

1.     PVC Dog Gate for Stairways

Type: Retractable

PVC Dog Gate for Stairways
Image Credit: Sew Many Ways

This simple barrier was built to keep a Golden Retriever named Annie, from accessing the stairs without close monitoring.

What we liked most about this simple dog gate idea is that it is budget-friendly and yet very effective especially when used to block access to the stairs.

Basically, this staircase barrier is made of four PVC pipe frames, covered with a fabric material with seam stitches. The fabric covers the PVC frame to give you an effective yet stylish option to keep Fido safe.

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2.     Dowel Rods Gate for Pets/Babies

Type: hardware mounted

Image Credit: Newlywoodwards

If you have a toddler at home, Ryan from Newly Woodwards made this hardware-mounted gate, that can inspire you to keep your baby safe from crawling into dog zones.

This dog gate is made with pines and dowel rods. People looking for lightweight dog gates can check this creative idea because the dowel rods are surprisingly lightweight.

In case you’re curious about the strength, the entire dog gate is sturdy enough to withstand the knocking impact from active dogs.

The stability is further enhanced by mounting the frame on the walls to give you a piece of mind when you’re not around to monitor your pup.

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3.     Classic Dog Gate

Type: Freestanding

Image Credit: maisondepax

If you don’t want to make permanent changes to your stairway, you can pick some inspiration from Racheal Paxton on how to create this classy gate for pets and babies.

It works like a charm to prevent your young ones from crawling into dog zones and also keeps them safe from accidents and injuries.

This dog gate is a simple panel that slides into a stairway with railings to prevent your dog from crossing over.

We suggest trying this DIY idea if you have a staircase with side rails to hold the barrier in place for added stability.

You can add soft fabric or rubber paddings at the bottom of the barrier to prevent scratching your floor when sliding the barrier.

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4.     Freestanding Dog Gate

Type: Freestanding

Image Credit: sawsonskates

You can make this freestanding dog gate at home using simple tools and wood as the main raw material.

This DIY dog gate can be placed in most areas within your house, but we suggest mounting it on the doorways to prevent your pup from running into dangerous zones.

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5.     Reclaimed Dog Gate

Type: Hardware-mounted

Most DIY projects are inspired by making use of salvaged materials or sourcing budget-friendly materials to make a gate with a specific design.

Rustic Goose made a YouTube video highlighting how he made a dog gate from reclaimed materials and you may like the final results.

6.     Stylish Dog Gate

Type: Hardware-mounted, pass-through

Image Credit: yellowbrickhome

If you’re looking for a stylish barrier that complements your interior house finishing, then we recommend picking up some nuggets from Yellow Brick Home.

The finished products look amazing with a tree design that may catch your dog’s attention as they get restrained from accessing dangerous zones.

The dog gate is entirely made from wood and with the help of the right tools, you can get this project done within a few days.

One end of the wooden frame is attached to the doorcase with hinges while the other end is fixed with a latch for a secured lock.

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7.     Extra Wide Freestanding Dog Gate

Type: Freestanding

Image Credit: jennifermaker

For pet parents with wide spaces or large breed dogs, we suggest picking up some inspiration from Jennifer Maker on how to make a functional wide dog gate.

This self-supporting dog gate is made of four panels linked together with hinges for versatility and flexibility to use if many spaces.

Jenniffer suggests that you can also attach one end to a fixed door case if you’re looking for a permanent option to keep your dog safe.

If you go that route, don’t forget to leave one side open to allow easy walk-through access when the gate is not in use.

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8.     Vintage Bench Dog Gate

Type: Hardware-mounted, pass-through

Do you have an old bench occupying space in your home store? You can make good use of it by converting it into a suitable dog gate.

In addition to the woodcut supplies from your old bench, you may need other raw materials and tools outlined by Hometalk, and luckily enough, they’re not expensive.

We suggest picking the decoration ideas from Hometalk while also being flexible to add some small touches of improved polishing.

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9.     Modern Dog Gate

Type: hardware-mounted

For people with advanced woodwork skills, we recommend checking out this project by Johnny Brooke of the Crafted Workshop.

The final product is both stylish and highly effective in keeping your dogs from accessing certain areas and it can also serve as a baby gate for the stairways.

We specifically liked the horizontal bars with minimal spacing which makes them effective in preventing your dog from sticking their front legs through the barrier.

10. Velcro Fabric Dog Gate

Type: Retractable

Image Credit: ejay-curlygirl

This barrier primarily consists of a piece of durable fabric attached to the door frame using firm Velcro strips.

The selection of fabric can be based on personal preference, though it should be sturdy enough to withstand a dog’s curiosity.

We loved this design because it is good with non-standard dimensions since the fabric can be custom-cut to any size for your preferred openings.

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11. Pass-Through Baby/Pet Gate

Type: Hardware-mounted

Image Credit: allthingsheartandhome

If you have some more dowel rods remaining from our previous projects, why not use them to make this foldable baby gate for another space?

This gate makes it a lot easier to walk through the staircase or doorway with a one-handed operation.

The final product may make this project appear complicated but with the right tools, you can take down this project in a short time.

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12. Barn Door Baby & Dog Gate

Type: Hardware-mounted

Image Credit: remodelaholic

This dog gate is made using a rustic wood barn door which can be an ideal addition to safety and style in your living room.

It can also work well when installed on the staircase, hallway, or in a specific room for restricted access to the furry members.

Another great aspect of this project is that you can also build a matching Dutch door especially if you have active large dogs.

This solid wooden door doesn’t feature the pesky slats which is easy for toy breeds to escape, although it may be a target for heavy chewers and scratchers.

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13. Pallet Dog Gate

Type: Hardware-mounted

Image Credit: simplymaggie

Simply Maggie offers pet parents some inspiration on how to build a simple dog gate with an oak pallet, hinges, and one handle.

The slats are spacious and blocked with diagonal wood to prevent your cheeky pup from sticking their paws from one end.

Large breed dogs will also find it difficult to jump over the gate or knock it down thanks to the impressive height and wall-mounted design.

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14. Fabric mesh dog gate

Type: Retractable

Image Credit; debbiesaenz

You can make use of your extra muslin fabric at home to make this simple dog gate for small breeds. Simplicity wins in this DIY project because of how easy it is to come up with the final product.

Debby highlights how she made this dog gate to prevent her little canine friend named Chico from accessing her couch in the living room.

Feel free to customize the design to your needs but we do not recommend using it on larger dogs, because they can easily topple this barrier when running over it.

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15. Cardboard Box Dog Gate

Type: Freestanding

Image Credit: twoandthreequarters

If you’re not skilled in carpentry and on a budget, you can build this simple cardboard dog gate that actually works.

The good bit is that you have the option to choose your preferred Con-Tact paper that can complement your interior house design.

This gate can keep both small and big dogs contained, but it can be toppled down with a high-impact knock.

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16. Pallet wood baby/dog gate

Type: Hardware-mounted

Image Credit: instructables

This dog gate can work best when installed on doorless frames or at the bottom of the staircase to prevent unmonitored access.

With a sizeable wood blank and pallet runners, check out the instructions from Instructables on how to get this project done in minimal time.

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17. Fabric DIY baby gate

Type: Retractable

Image Credit: thediyplaybook

If your canine friend is not an aggressive chewer, why not try this fabric dog gate that can also create a barrier for your toddlers?

Casey Finn made this fabric barrier with a creative design that resembles a stretched quilt running across a doorway or as a room divider.

The loops at the four corners make it very easy to set up and pull down the gate when needed without straining too much.

Most people would love this project because it doesn’t require sewing skills to get the job done.

We don’t recommend installing this barrier at the top of the stairway since an active dog may walk through it and topple on the stairs.

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18. DIY Dog Gate by Little Victorian

Type: Hardware mounted

Image Credit: littlevictorian

Christina from Little Victorian made this DIY dog gate with a minimal budget that falls within the range of most people on an adventure.

It features a well-made gate with horizontal slats to prevent your dog from crossing over while keeping them visible to the rest of the family.

Beginners can also try out this project because it only requires some basic carpentry skills to get the job done.

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19. PVC Baby/Dog Gate by Autodesk

Type: Hardware mounted

Image Credit: instructables

This PVC pipe dog gate is an affordable and lightweight option that can be assembled quickly with the basic skills required.

You’ll need PVC pipes and pipe connectors to create a sturdy and functional gate that can be taken down and moved easily.

This project is well furnished with detailed stepwise instruction which makes it an easy option even for beginners.

The slaty opening might be too wide for some tiny breeds to escape, so feel free to make them narrower while sticking to the original plan.

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20. DIY Red Dog Gate

Type: Hardware mounted

Image Credit: thegirlswithglasses

The girls with glasses did this project which resulted in a beautiful wooden dog gate that can work for both small and large dogs.

We found the instructions to be detailed and simple for most people to understand. Feel free to swap the red for any color of your choice to match your aesthetic appeal.

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21. PVC Dog Gate

Type: Pressure-mounted

Image Credit: ehow

This is yet another PVC dog gate project that you can include in your to-do list. This simple dog gate is crafted using a PVC pipe frame and a galvanized steel hardware cloth.

It features a pressure mounting system that may work in doorways but we don’t recommend installing it on stairways, especially for large dogs.

PVC pipes are not a good target for most dogs who love to chew, so you may want to consider trying this out if you have a heavy chewer.

It’s worth mentioning that this effective dog barrier comes with a friendly budget tag and it requires moderate handy skills to get it done.

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22. Plexiglass dog gate

Type: Hardware-mounted

Image Credit: chrislovesjulia

If you’re looking for a stylish way of blocking your stairways while maintaining visibility, then you can try using plexiglass in your DIY project.

This dog gate features a wooden frame and a Plexiglass thick sheet hinged on one side of the staircase side rails.

The instructions from Chris and Julia are top-notch, making it easy to follow along without making obvious errors.

Take caution when installing this barrier on puppies, since its transparent Plexiglass may not be immediately apparent to them, potentially leading to collisions if they fail to see it.

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23. Dutch Door Dog Gate

Type: Hardware-mounted

Image Credit: pineandprospecthome

This DIY Dutch door is split horizontally in the middle allowing the top half to remain open, while the bottom half stays closed.

This will effectively help in keeping your playful pups from wandering into unsafe areas and avoiding accidents along stairways.

Andrea made the final product beautiful and you can also follow her steps, thanks to the detailed instructions.

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24. Indoor dog fence

Type: Hardware-mounted

This indoor dog fence is a good option for pet parents looking to barricade large spaces within their homes.

It features a creative construction of heavy-duty pallets and metal screening to make a sturdy barrier for your furry friends.

We loved the creative ideas used by Homeroad to make this dog fence decorative and complementary to internal décor.

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25. Headboard Dog Gate

Type: Hardware-mounted, pass-through

Image Credit: factualfairytale

You can make use of your vintage headboard by converting it into a dog gate with some inspiration from Meg.

Depending on your headboard style, we found this project a suitable idea for pet parents who would love a touch of traditional aesthetics in their doorways or walkways.

If you don’t have a salvaged headway, you can find a suitably-sized vintage headboard from a nearby thrift store or flea market, and configure it to fit the width of your doorway or opening.

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26. Futon Frame Dog Gate

Type: Hardware mounted & Sliding

Image Credit: MrResp3ctful on Reddit

If you have an old futon at home and some garage spare materials, then you just got the needed raw materials to create this stylish indoor dog gate.

This sliding door is a great barrier for high-traffic areas to keep your dogs with restricted access while offering humans ease of movement.

With an impressive solid build, you can be sure to keep your large dogs contained on one end although the slats may be large enough for some toy breeds to escape.

Redditor MrResp3ctful did not include a latch on one end of this door but feel free to add one if your pup is brave enough to slide the door open.

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27. Lattice Dog Gate

Type: Freestanding

Image Credit: kittyloaf

If you ever wondered ‘how to make a dog gate out of lattice’, then KittyLoaf got you covered with a detailed easy-to-follow tutorial.

The gate is made of a vinyl lattice structure which can easily be purchased from a nearby home improvement store.

The lattice has been cut to the width and height of the required open space and then framed with wooden pieces for additional support and durability.

We found this project to be easy even for beginners with limited woodworking skills. Feel free to customize the gate to your liking and add a few decorations for aesthetic appeal.

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28. DIY Sliding Dog Gate

Type: Hardware-mounted

Image Credit: instructables

This beautiful gate operates on a sliding mechanism, providing ease of use and quick accessibility for homeowners, while still ensuring the safety of pets.

Instructables designed a wooden frame, sized it to fit a wide opening, and installed it on a track that allows for smooth sliding motion.

The gate can be customized with a gate latch for added security, and it has a brown painting to align with most interior home décor.

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29. Stylish PVC Dog Gate

Type: Hardware-mounted

Image Credit: kathiefischer

You can easily mistake this PVC dog gate for one of these favorite professionally-made gates with horizontal slats.

This project is made using PVC pipes and wooden dowel bars, making the final product lightweight, easy to handle, and resistant to wear and tear.

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30. DIY Dog Gate in 10 minutes

Type: Hardware-mounted, Pass-through

Credit: The Finding Purpose Furniture

What if you only have ten minutes to do your DIY dog gate project? Pick up this wonderful idea from Finding Purpose Furniture and create a secure space for your pup.

This project features a traditional barrier hinged on the doorcase and latched on the other end to provide a secure lock for your active pup.

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DIY dog gates offer a cost-effective and customizable solution to keep your furry friends safe and contained.

With a little creativity, knowing how dog gates work, and a DIY spirit, you can design a safe and stylish indoor barrier for restricting your dog’s access to unsafe areas.

Whether you opt for a simple freestanding dog gate or a project that needs advanced woodworking skills, there are endless opportunities to match your style and need.

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