Top 100 Male Dog Names

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When planning to adopt a new dog, you need to start thinking of the name to give the newest furry member of your household.

Finding the perfect male dog name to complement your cute puppy’s character can be a huge task, especially since there are many options.

Conventional male dog names like Fido and Max have been used over the years, and they truly personify some dogs out there.

When choosing a cute name for your boy dog, you should always be creative by stretching your imagination beyond the obvious.

Whether your cute boy is a toy breed like Yorkshire Terriers or a giant breed like the Great Dane, we’ve created a list of the top 100 male dog names cutting across different categories.

For some extra inspiration, you may want to take some of your personal interests into account when naming your male dog.

It’s also a good idea to wait until you know your new dog’s personality instead of naming them too soon.

Top Male Dog Names

The following are some of the most popular male dog names you can use to create an identity for your pup.

Top 100 Male Dog Names
Image Credit: Aaron Bookout from Unsplash

1.    Bear

2.    Beau

3.    Bentley

4.    Blu

5.    Buddy

6.    Charlie

7.    Cooper

8.    Duke

9.    Finn

10.    Jack

11.    Leo

12.    Max

13.    Milo

14.    Oliver

15.    Ollie

16.    Rocky

17.    Teddy

18.    Tucker

19.    Winston

20. Zeus

Top Names for Strong Male Dog

If you have a robust dog breed, you may be inspired to choose a name that complements their well-built physique and high energy reserve.

Top 100 Male Dog Names
Image Credit: Yuki Ghost from Pexels

1.    Avalanche

2.    Beast

3.    Biggie

4.    Boss

5.    Bourbon

6.    Bruiser

7.    Chopper

8.    Cobra

9.    Colt

10.    Crash

11.    Diesel

12.    Flash

13.    Goliath

14.    Heart

15.    Hunter

16.    Jaws

17.    King

18.    Knuckles

19.    Maverick

20.    Maximilian

21.    Orion

22.    Thorr

23.    Thunder

24.    Titan

25. Warrior

Top Cute Boy Dog Names

Take it from us that your little male pup is the cutest pet in the world and nobody should tell you otherwise. So why not go for a fun name that complements his adorable looks?

Top 100 Male Dog Names
Image Credit: Flouffy from Unsplash

1.    Abu

2.    Ace

3.    Bingo

4.    Blaze

5.    Fuzzballs

6.    Jellybean

7.    Meatball

8.    Rambo

9.    Rascal

10.    Rocko

11.    Roo

12.    Snuggles

13.    Tofu

14.    Waffles

15. Whiskers

Top TV-themed Male Dog Names

Top TV-themed Male Dog Names
Image Credit: Simona Kidrič from Unsplash

Here’s our list of trendy TV-themed dog names based on popular TV shows you can choose for your good canine boy.

1.      Carlos (from ‘Desperate Housewives’)

2.      Comet (inspired by the Golden Retriever in ‘Full House’)

3.      Dexter (from ‘Dexter Laboratories’)

4.      Dwight (from ‘The Office)

5.      Earl (from ‘My Name Is Earl’)

6.      Eddie (inspired by the Jack Russell Terrier in ‘Frasier’)

7.      Eric (from ‘7th Heaven’)

8.      Footie (for ‘Monday Night Football’)

9.      Hank (from ‘Breaking Bad’)

10.  Jamie (from ‘Mad About You’)

11.  Quantum (from ‘Quantum Leap’)

12.  Scooby (from the iconic Great Dane in ‘Scooby-Doo’)

13.  Walker (from ‘Walker Texas Ranger’)

14.  Walt (from Walter White of ‘Breaking Bad’)

15.  X (from ‘X-Files’)

Top Clever/Intelligent Male Dog Names

If you would love your dog to excel in agility courses and dog competitions, then you may want to pick a name that shows their brainpower

Top Clever Male Dog Names
Image Credit: Samson Katt from Pexels

1.    Astro

2.    Cosmo

3.    Da Vinci

4.    Darwin

5.    Einstein

6.    Hawking

7.    Hemingway

8.    Lincoln

9.    Orwell

10. Theodore

Top Food-themed Male Dog Names

If you’re a food lover, you can pick any of these food-inspired dog names that not only sound delicious but also match your dog’s outlook.

Top Food-themed Male Dog Names
Image Credit: Petr Magera from Unsplash

1.    Basil

2.    Biscuit

3.    Brownie

4.    Cheddar

5.    Chip

6.    Cinnamon

7.    Cocoa

8.    Cookie

9.    Nugget

10.    Peanut

11.    Pepper

12.    Pickles

13.    Pretzel

14.    Pumpkin

15. Snicker

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From our list of the best 100 male dog names, it is clear that there are lots of good options to consider when naming your little boy.

Animal behaviorist, Patricia McConnell, PhD recommends choosing a short name that contains two syllables since it can help get your dog’s attention.

It’s prudent to avoid names that rhyme with obedience commands. For example, the name ‘Knit’ sounds like ‘sit’, so using that name makes it hard for your dog to master the ‘sit’ commands.

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