Siberian Husky Mixes

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The Siberian Husky dog is one of the most popular breeds in America, renowned for their lovable temperament, inherent energy, and beautiful appearance.

However, Siberian Huskies are prone to becoming bored and take up destructive behavior when left alone for extended periods.

Their wanderlust behavior also makes them potential escape artists, which can be risky for people living in high-traffic areas.

Breeding Siberian Husky Mixes is one of the best ways to tone down the undesirable qualities in Huskies while preserving the good traits.

Below, you’ll find a collection of 15 beautiful Siberian Husky mixes developed by breeding Huskies with other beloved purebred dogs.

15 Siberian Husky Mixes

1.    Alusky (Siberian Husky x Alaskan Malamute Mix)

Siberian Husky Mixes
Image Credit: alusky_cypher from Instagram

Resembling a larger, more powerful Siberian Husky, the Alusky inherits the iconic dense fur, captivating eyes, and overall wolf-like appearance from both parents.

This intelligent and friendly mix possesses enormous energy, stemming from their parents who worked hard to pull sleds in the Arctic Circle.

The Alusky can become stubborn at times, so you need to provide consistent training and socialization that attunes their temperament.

People living in cold climate regions are best suited for this Husky mix breed. Alusky also needs extensive outdoor activities, so be sure to slot in some time for brisk walks and runs.

2.    Ausky (Siberian Husky x Australian Cattle Dog Mix)

Image Credit: howlingupnorth from Instagram

The Ausky inherits a powerful, athletic physique and a dense, weather-resistant coat that may sometimes take after the unique mottled patterns of the Australian Cattle Dog lineage.

These striking markings, when paired with the piercing blue eyes characteristic of the Siberian Husky breed, make up a stunning dog with desirable qualities.

The Australian Cattle dog has enough energy and resilience to perform hard work in the field all day. Pair this with the Husky’s motivation and you get a fairly strong, independent hybrid dog.

Known for its sharp intellect and independent nature, Husky Crossbreed can do well with practical owners who can provide training and extensive brain work for mental stimulation.

You can also manage Ausky’s abundant energy by providing a practical daily routine that can comprise working roles and sufficient exercise.

So long as you nourish them with high-quality foods, your Ausky can enjoy activities like agility courses, hiking, and playing fetch.

3.    Aussie Husky (Siberian Husky x Australian Shepherd Mix)

Aussie Husky.
Image Credit: along_came_cookie from Instagram

The Aussie Husky is a designer hybrid dog, bred from crossing Siberian Husky and Australian Shepherd parent breeds.

There’s no doubt that this mixed breed is a total eye-catcher, sometimes with those captivating Husky eyes that can have different colors.

Aussie Husky’s coat might be fluffy and wolf-like or leaner like that of an Australian Shepherd, but it’s always incredibly soft. Just be prepared for shedding season which comes twice a year.

These dogs can be at their best alongside active families who keep up with their energy levels and enjoy training sessions as much as cuddle time.

4.    Beaski (Siberian Husky x Beagle Mix)

Siberian Husky x Beagle Mix
Image Credit: squeak_the_beaski from Instagram

This lovely Siberian Husky mix often inherits the floppy ears of Beagles while retaining a Husky’s striking coat colors and eyes.

Just like most Beagle mixes, the Beaski have a strong sense of smell which makes them a good choice for nose work.

Don’t be surprised to see your Beaski going about sniffing everything on their way during routine outdoor activities.

Beaskies are cheerful and extremely friendly to anyone, meaning they cannot serve as effective watchdogs or guard dogs, but they can become vocal at the sight of a dashing squirrel.

5.    Belusky (Siberian Husky x Belgian Malinois Mix)

Siberian Husky x Belgian Malinois Mix
Image Credit: apollo.the.belusky from Instagram

The Belgian Malinois can serve as an excellent police dog, military dog, or guard dog, thanks to their intelligence and brave attitude.

Belusky, a mixed breed of Siberian Husky and Belgian Malinois, takes on the powerful and brave attitude of their Belgian parents and the beautiful appearance of their Siberian heritage.

Well-trained Belgian Malinois are content with making their caregivers happy, but the Siberian Huskies are not motivated to do that.

As a result, these Siberian Husky Hybrids fall somewhere in the middle in terms of temperament and demeanor.

6.    Bernese Husky (Siberian Husky x Bernese Mountain Dog Mix)

Image Credit: gibbythebernsky from Instagram

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a giant breed, a trait which they passed down to their litter when crossed with the Siberian Huskies.

Unlike other designer breeds featured in our list, the Bernese Husky is not very popular maybe because of their physical characteristics which can disfavor apartment dwellers.

Aside from the size traits, The Bernese Husky are loyal to their masters and they can build strong emotions when given the right upbringing.

This designer pup loves spending quality time outdoors, but be cautious about exposing them to hot temperatures during the summer.

7.    Boxsky (Siberian Husky x Boxer Mix)

Image Credit: blake_ingles from Instagram

The bubbly and playful Boxer dog breed has an inherent protective nature which has earned them a guardian role in many homes.

Boxers can form strong connections with their favorite humans, a trait that is transferred to their crossbreed offspring, the Boxsky.

Potential owners should aim to provide enough time for daily exercise and mental stimulation to keep these dogs at their best.

8.    Grey Houndsky (Siberian Husky x Italian Greyhound Mix)

Siberian Husky x Italian Greyhound Mix
Image Credit: goose_greyhound from Instagram

The Grey Houndsky is a crossbreed of two very different breeds – the Siberian Husky and the Italian Greyhound. The Italian parents are tall and thin while the Siberian parents are tough.

These Husky mix breeds look leggy, lean, and sleek like an Italian Greyhound but may have some of the Siberian’s markings or coloring.

The Italian Greyhound is naturally obedient to their owners’ command, something we cannot outrightly say about the Huskies.

The significant differences in demeanor create an energetic hybrid with a character somewhere in between the two.

Because Grey Houndskies love to run and chase things, they need to be on a leash whenever you take them out and keep them in a safe, fenced yard for their own safety.

9.    Huskimo (Siberian Husky x American Eskimo Mix)

Siberian Husky x American Eskimo Mix
Image Credit: goodboyandtheskallywag from Instagram

Huskimos, a cross between the Huskies and the American Eskimo dogs come with an adorably unpredictable appearance

Some siblings can inherit the all-white fluffy coat of the American Eskimo, while other littermates take on the Husky markings that we all love.

Regardless of their outward appearance, their striking blue eyes always shine through from their Siberian parents.

Upbeat and friendly, these intelligent hybrid pups can make friends with every family member, and more so those who occasionally offer soft cuddles.

Huskimos have high energies, making them a slightly difficult-to-train breed. Owners should put more effort into redirecting the dog’s attention to constructive activities.

10. Pitsky (Siberian Husky x Pitbull Mix)

Husky Pitbull Mix
Image Credit: husky_pitbull_mix from Instagram

The hybrid of a Pitbull and a Siberian Husky is fun-loving, so they will be more than happy to find an owner who offers interactive plays.

One downside of the Pitsky is that they may not know when to stop playing.

These hybrid pups have the energy and endurance of a Husky and muscle tones of Pitbulls which makes for an excellent playmate.

Potential owners should commit to early socialization and consistent training to keep these remarkable hybrid dogs in their best condition.

11. Pomsky (Siberian Husky x Pomeranian Mix)

pomsky dog
Image Credit: pomsky_von_der_engelspforte from Instagram

Pomskies are smart, curious, and love to be the center of attention. These designer pups may be small like their Pomeranian Parents, but they have abundant energy to match an active lifestyle.

Pomskies love to play and explore their environment, and they’ll definitely let you know what they want by being vocal, which can be of concern for your next-door neighbors.

Training a Pomsky from a young age is super important to help them grow and develop into well-mannered little adults.

Thinking about adding a Husky-Pomeranian mix to your family?  Check out our complete guide to the Pomsky mixed breed for everything you need to know.

12. Shepsky (Siberian Husky x German Shepherd Mix)

Siberian Husky x German Shepherd Mix
Image Credit: withmyelements from Instagram

The Cross between a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky has a thick double coat, so make sure to plan regular grooming sessions for shedding control.

Sometimes called the Gerberian Shepsky, this Husky hybrid dog has a nice mix of traits from both purebred parents.

The Shepsky crossbred can share deep emotional connections with their human caregivers and sometimes go out of their way to ensure nothing harms us.

Gerberian Shepskies have high energy, so they will likely appreciate kids who share valuable time with them in interactive games.

Just like their purebred parents, Shepskies are good at work, and they will definitely enjoy staying in an active family where they can get numerous activities.

13. Siberian Boston (Siberian Husky x Boston Terrier Mix)

Siberian Boston
Image Credit: skye.thesiberianboston from Instagram

The Boston Terrier genes make Siberian Boston one of the smallest Husky crossbreeds on our list.

The smaller footprint of these hybrid pups removes some pressure from the high-energy demands of the Husky purebred dog.

Most of them often have charming ‘tuxedo’ markings, thanks to their Boston Terrier ancestry, alongside irresistible striking eyes and a friendly personality.

Upbeat and Social, this Husky mix is generally easier to manage than other crossbreeds while retaining a small portion of stubbornness inherited from Boston Terrier parents.

The Siberian Boston can be prone to separation anxiety, so make sure you don’t leave them alone for extended periods.

14. Siberian Cocker (Siberian Husky x Cocker Spaniel Mix)

siberian cocker
Image Credit: charlie_the_siberian_cocker from Instagram

The Siberian Cocker can be the perfect cuddle bug with a dash of Husky’s lively spirit for the right owners.

They often have striking Husky colors mixed with the soft, floppy ears and sweet expression of a Cocker Spaniel.

These dogs are gentle, loving, and eager to please their humans. While they might have a touch of stubbornness, they’re generally easier to train than some other Siberian mixes.

Just remember, that the Husky energy is still alive and kicking, although at moderate levels. Siberian Cockers still love a good play session or a fulfilling brisk walk in a doggie park.

Siberian Cockers are at their absolute best when given plenty of cuddles and attention from those they love. Lack of steadfast companionship can make these crossbreed pups develop anxiety.

15. Siberpoo (Siberian Husky x Poodle Mix)

Image Credit: alfred_and_the_aliens from Instagram

Also called the Siberian Poodle, Husky Poodle, or Huskydoodle, this mix combines the high intelligence and playful antics of a Poodle and the good looks of the Siberian Husky.

The Siberpoo hybrid pup can form strong connections with their human caregivers because both of their parents historically lived close to humans.

Unfortunately, this can also mean that they can become too dependent to the extent of suffering separation anxiety when left alone for long periods.


Siberian Husky mixes come in different sizes, personalities, and energy levels, meaning there’s a potential match for many types of homes.

Siberian Husky crossbreeds combine the striking appearance, playful energy, and other good qualities of Huskies with those of other purebred dogs to create a unique hybrid pup.

Do your research to find the mix that best suits your lifestyle, while putting the size of your home, your activity level, and your experience with dogs into consideration.

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