50 Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts

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Are you tired of the same old look of your Yorkshire Terrier? With their long, silky fur, Yorkies are the perfect candidates for fun and creative haircuts.

From classic trims to playful puppy cuts and trendy styles, there’s always a perfect Yorkie hairstyle to suit your dog’s personality or match the occasion.

In this guide, we’ll showcase 30 amazing Yorkshire Terrier haircuts guaranteed to turn heads. It’s all about inspiration, styling tips, and many adorable Yorkie transformations.

30 Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts Ideas, Styles, and Photos

#1. Oval face cut

Oval Cut
Image Credit: sammie.n.maddie from Instagram

The Oval Face cut is great for Yorkies with long hair. Shape their face fur into an oval – short on the sides, longer at the chin. This looks cute with layers! Just keep the hair trimmed away from their eyes.

#2. Teddy bear cut

Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts
Image Credit: duckytheyorkie from Instagram

Of all the popular Yorkshire Terrier haircuts, this cute teddy bear hairdo stands out as a favorable choice for many owners. It gives your Yorkie a fluffy body and rounds their face for a classic teddy bear look.

#3. Long & flowing haircut

Yorkshire Terrier Cute
Image Credit: mara.yorkshire from Instagram

Some Yorkie owners love the classic long-length hairdo by allowing their pup’s silky coat to grow naturally. This style needs regular brushing to prevent tangles and mats.

#4. Summer cut

Summer Cut
Image Credit: gorgeous_handsome_hounds from Instagram

This summer cut will keep your Yorkie cool in hot weather. It’s also low-maintenance, and a good choice for playful pups who spend lots of time outdoors because they’ll dry off quickly after playtime.

#5: Dog show cut

Beautiful Yorkie
Image Credit: deanje_kennel from Instagram

Even if your cute Yorkie isn’t in dog shows, they can rock the fancy show dog cut. This style features super long fur that reaches the floor and a top knot to keep hair out of their eyes.

#6: Schnauzer haircut

Image Credit: yorkiedougal from Instagram

Would you love to give your Yorkie the Schnauzer look? Trim the ears and mustache (not too short), keep the upper body fur shorter, and leave a longer chest.

#7. Winter cut

Winter cut
Image Credit: the_marvelous_marvin from Instagram

A medium-length cut is a good choice for your Yorkie as temperatures drop. It provides necessary warmth against the cold while avoiding the potential matting issues that can come with longer fur.

#8. Shaggy cut with ponytail

Yorkie Hairdo
Image Credit: miss_luna_of_yorkie from Instagram

For a fun and playful look, this hairdo is achieved by keeping the Yorkie’s coat slightly longer and shaggy, with a cute ponytail gathered on top of the head.

#9. Ponytail with eyelashes and mustache

Miss Luna Yorkie
Image Credit: miss_luna_of_yorkie from Instagram

This elegant Yorkie style balances beauty with practicality. It simplifies the classic Show Cut but still requires grooming. Consistent brushing and trimming are recommended to keep the coat great.

#10. All-weather cut

Multi Colored Yorkie
Image Credit: Fido Foto from Instagram

If you have an elderly Yorkie, you can let them rock a natural, long coat with a minimal all-weather cut to keep the coat leveled. This beautiful, short hairdo also means less brushing for you.

#11. The Yorkie shag

Yorkie Haircut
Image Credit: yorkiedougal from Instagram

Give your Yorkie a carefree vibe with this shaggy outlook which celebrates natural texture, especially on single-colored pups. Get ready for extra brushing to maintain the look and prevent tangling.

#12. Round face trim

Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts
Image Credit: sorariku_ws from Instagram

This cut gives your Yorkie an adorable, youthful look by keeping their facial fur trimmed short and in a rounded shape.

We loved its versatility, as it can work with any length of body fur, making it a perfect choice for both puppies and older Yorkies.

#13: Explosive freestyle

Cute Yorkie
Image Credit: Fido Foto from Instagram

Your lovely Yorkies can also rock this adorable ‘just out of bed’ look’. Their long, fluffy fur creates a fun, tousled style, but remember, this simple hairdo needs regular grooming to avoid tangles.

#14. Leveled cut

Cute Yorkshire Terrier
Image Credit: wyldcub from Instagram

Want a super easy Yorkie haircut? Trim all their fur to the same length. It’s low-maintenance and your lovely dog will love the freedom.

#15. Thicker legs

Groomed Yorkie
Image Credit: lovelypetspa from Instagram

Most Yorkies have long face fur and shorter body fur. But you can flip the style. If your Yorkie’s hair isn’t too full, try keeping their leg fur thicker than the body fur.

#16. Blunt haircut

Yorkie Haircut
Image Credit: rosieandharley from Instagram

This cute Yorkie haircut is similar to the Lion Cut but with less fluff around the face. It’s a low-maintenance style that doesn’t call for extensive grooming.

#17. Overgrown fur with ponytail

White Yorkshire Terrier
Image Credit: smalldogssmalltown from Instagram

While long fur on Yorkies can look adorable, it’s our job as responsible owners to keep it clean and tangle-free.

#18. Short Hair

Yorkshire Terrier
Image Credit: giadagroomz from Instagram

Make your grooming routine simpler with this minimalist haircut for your Yorkie. This style, with its super-short body fur and slightly longer head fur, looks charming on black and brown pups.

#19. Cute eyelashes

Yorkshire Terrier Haircut
Image Credit: rosieandharley from Instagram

Give your Yorkie cute eyelashes with this hairdo. Just leave two long strands of hair above their eyes and gently spike them upwards. Be sure they don’t block your pup’s vision.

#20. Classic haircut

Cute Yorkie
Image Credit: biewerboy_anderson from Instagram

This classic Yorkie grooming style keeps the fur short all over, with a bit more length around the head and ears for a sweet, puppy-like appearance. It’s a low-maintenance style that’s perfect for playful pups.

#21. Long facial hair

Yorkshire Terrier
Image Credit: yorkiedougal from Instagram

This Yorkie hair idea features longer facial hair with almost equal body fur all around. It makes your Yorkie stand out but adds more requirements in the grooming department.

#22. Puppy cut

Yorkshire Terrier
Image Credit: louieforprez from Instagram

Short fur all around the body is a perfect hair care for playful pups. It keeps your Yorkie comfortable and allows them to focus on having fun.

#23. Long mustache

Yorkshire Terrier
Image Credit: bubble.tea.boba.time from Instagram

Let your Yorkie’s facial hair grow long, especially the mustache, for a classical hairdo. Then gather the top of their head into a high ponytail, adding a sense of fun and keeping long hair out of their eyes.

#24. Double ponytail

Yorkshire Terrier Haircuts That Will Turn Heads
Image Credit: chibithe_yorkie from Instagram

Give your Yorkie a playful and adorable look with double ponytails. Gather the fur on top of their head, carefully dividing it into two sections, and secure each with a gentle brightly-colored hairband.

#25. Clean haircut

Yorkie Puppy
Image Credit: Fido Foto from Instagram

Want a classic, easy-to-manage style for your lovely pup? Try this simple and clean hairdo. It features a short haircut that keeps your pup looking neat with minimal upkeep, just weekly baths and brushing.

#26. Classic cut

Yorkie Haircut Style
Image Credit: rosieandharley from Instagram

This classic cut features slightly longer facial fur with an equal trim on the body. This timeless style suits both puppies and adults and requires regular brushing to prevent tangles.

#27. Puppy cut

Yorkie smooth cut
Image Credit: rosieandharley from Instagram

This Yorkie has a puppy cut, keeping things neat with short fur from head to paw. The slightly longer fur on the legs, head, and ears adds a charming touch.

#28. Lion Haircut

Groomed Yorkie
Image Credit: Fido Foto from Instagram

Give your Yorkshire Terrier a bold new look with a lion-inspired haircut. Trim their body fur short while leaving the hair around their face, tail, and paws long for a playful mane effect.

#29. Long hair with ponytail

Yorkie pony
Image Credit: mara.yorkshire from Instagram

The long hair around your Yorkie’s face can open up a world of many fun hairstyles. Consider trying this simple and adorable ponytail.

#30. Round face cut

Yorkie Grooming.
Image Credit: wufpetspa from Instagram

Give your dog an extra dose of cuteness with a round-face Yorkshire Terrier haircut and short fur across the body. Feel free to ask a professional groomer for this style, as it looks best when done in a pet salon.


With our 30 Yorkshire Terrier haircuts to explore and try out, you’ll definitely find the perfect look for your elegant canine.

Whether you choose to do a simple trim at home or visit a professional groomer, always prioritize your Yorkie’s comfort over looks.

We recommend you consider your dog’s lifestyle, personality, and weather conditions when choosing the right hairdo. Have fun and let your Yorkie’s unique personality shine through.

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