Pictures of Really Cute Dogs That Will Make Your Day

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Is your day dragging longer or turning out a bit stressful? We’ve got exactly what you need. Check out these 20 pictures of really cute dogs that will make your day.

Below, you’ll find some of the cutest, fluffiest, most adorable dogs that are guaranteed to make you smile from ear to ear.

Don’t keep all the cuteness to yourself. Feel free to share some of these pictures with your buddies at home or your colleagues. You could brighten their day, who knows?

20 Pictures of Really Cute Dogs That Will Make Your Day

1.    American Bully

American Bully
Image Credit: nathaliesoleil from Instagram

Despite being powerfully built and looking so strong, the American Bully dogs have a gentle demeanor that makes them affectionate toward their caregivers.

These gentle giants are known for their wide smile which radiates happiness and can quickly turn your glare into a perfect smile.

2.    American Cattle Dog

20 Pictures of Really Cute Dogs That Will Make Your Day
Image Credit: heeler_vibes from Instagram

This cattle heeler is ever alert, intelligent, courageous, and wary of strangers. They have lots of energy, so they need constructive challenges, otherwise they can get into mischief.

American Cattle Dog owners should take their dogs for physical exertion or provide engaging work to keep them in good shape.

Despite being working dogs, ACDs are a true beauty to look at. Their speckled coat with a mixture of tan, black, blue, or red colors makes them adorable.

3.    Beagle

Image Credit: Kaylee Greer from Instagram

The Beagle dog breed is instantly recognized, thanks to their classic foxhound appearance. These medium canines have huge floppy ears, brown eyes, and a tri-colored coat, usually black, tan, and white.

Despite being compact, Beagles have a sturdy body frame and a keen nose for adventure, making them a favorable choice for scent work.

4.    Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog
Image Credit: thebernerbunch from Instagram

With their impressive size and strength, Bernese Mountain Dogs (originally from Switzerland) are built for hard work, but that’s not all about them.

These gentle giants are also beautifully gorgeous and possess incredibly sweet, affectionate, and good-natured personalities.

Berners are known for their calm demeanor, but you can expect them to light up for playtime with their caring human companions.

5.    Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise.
Image Credit: Christian Vieler from Instagram

Bichons are ever alert and curious, a combination of traits that makes them little yet effective watchdogs dogs to have in your home.

These pint-sized pups are highly adaptable, and they can live happily with other pets and children. Their small size and confidence make them a good choice for apartment dwellers and urban living.

6.    Border Collie

Border Collie
Image Credit: pixelpawsitive from Instagram

Border Collies have a mix of personalities, including being alert, non-aggressive, energetic, and intelligent. This dog breed learns new tricks so quickly that they were found to be the smartest breed among all.

They have a strong natural desire to herd, so they will certainly thrive in a country setting within farmsteads and ranches.

Owing to these qualities, Border collies can become destructive when denied activity or valuable human company.

7.    Boxer

Image Credit: floofystudios from Instagram

Cheerful and playful are two words we can use to describe the Boxers’ personality. Their persistent patience and protective instincts make them wonderful companions for households with kids.

While they have a fun-loving side, Boxers are also loyal guardians who are always ready to defend their loving families when called upon.

Socializing your Boxer dog with other pets and humans is important to ensure they develop into well-rounded, responsible adult dogs.

8.    Dalmatian

Image Credit: mollythedal from Instagram

Dalmatians are famous for their unique spotted coats. These playful dogs were once used to run alongside horse-drawn carriages and protect them.

Modern-day Dalmatians make loyal and energetic family pets. They are smart and energetic, so they need sufficient exercise to stay in good shape.

9.    Dachshund

Image Credit: Christian Vieler from Instagram

Wiener dog, Weenie, Badger dog, Sausage dog, Doxie, Low Rider, and Hot dog, are but a few nicknames for this dog breed with a mixed parentage of both hounds and terriers.

The long body, short legs, and floppy ears are perhaps the most recognizable physical features of the Dachshunds.

Historically bred to hunt down dangerous prey in burrows, Doxies are highly courageous but they can become stubborn if not properly trained.

10. French Bulldog

French Bulldog
Image Credit: littleprincebenedict from Instagram

America’s favorite dog for 2022 had to make it on our cuteness list. The French Bulldog is ever-alert and completely irresistible, thanks to their adaptable personality.

Frenchies resemble a miniaturized version of a Bulldog, save for their bat-like erect ears, which are the breed’s symbol of uniqueness.

French Bulldogs have a low-maintenance coat and they can adapt to various living conditions while maintaining their playful side.

11. French Mastiff

French Mastiff
Image Credit: Christian Vieler from Instagram

The French Mastiff, also called Dogue de Bordeaux in French-speaking countries, is a powerful dog that can tower about 27 inches at the shoulder and weigh a massive 110 pounds.

These sturdy, fawn-coated guardian dogs can show steadfast loyalty to their human caregivers and protect the family when needed.

12. German Shepherd

German Shepherd
Image Credit: shepherdography from Instagram

Ask anyone to name a breed from Germany and they will most definitely tell you about the German Shepherd dogs (GSDs).

GSDs are currently a top favorite for police roles, military roles, search and rescue, and other law enforcement working roles, but they were originally bred to herd sheep.

They are versatile, loyal, intelligent, and confident, a combination of characteristics that makes them a favorable canine companion for many homes.

13. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers
Image Credit: elliegoldenlife from Instagram

Golden Retrievers have been among the five most popular dogs in America for years. Goldies are people-oriented, intelligent, and devoted to their human family.

They have a sturdy body frame with enough muscles covered with luxurious double-coated fur with colors ranging from gold to mahogany.

Goldies can make good playmates with kids, but their immersive size means they can knock off toddlers, so you should be cautious about that.

14. Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound
Image Credit: Rescued Robie from Instagram

Being the fastest dog breed on the planet means that the Italian Greyhound has a slender yet muscular body that makes them agile on runs.

15. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier
Image Credit: annaaverianova from Instagram

The Jack Russell Terrier is a true embodiment of a working dog. They are always happy when given human companionship and something constructive to do.

Originally bred by Reverend John Russell in England, these terriers were designed to flush out foxes with barking, driving them from their dens without killing them.

Due to their instinctive hunting drive, these dogs love digging, so it’s best to create a digging pit in your yard or invest in a sandbox.

16. Labradoodle

Labradoodle 2
Image Credit: wuschel_hunde from Instagram

The photo shows a mixed breed dog, created by crossing a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. The creators of this hybrid dog were looking for a mixture of desirable qualities from both parents.

Labradoodles are a good choice for people who need the demeanor of labs trapped in the low-shedding coat of poodles.

17. Poodle

Image Credit: Kaylee Greer from Instagram

Apart from their signature curly coat, Poodles are loved for their high intelligence which means they are good students for obedience classes and working roles.

Poodles (Standard, Miniature, and Toy) have a fun side, which makes them a good breed for homes with kids. These dogs thrive on attention. They are likely to develop a stubborn streak when ignored.

18. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback
Image Credit: Annabelle from Instagram

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are powerful, athletic dogs with a strong instinct to run and play. They need regular exercise, including long walks and playtime, to channel their energy in constructive outlets.

Despite their active nature, these dogs are remarkably adaptable. With proper outlets for their energy, Ridgies can thrive in various living environments, from apartments to detached homes with large yards.

19. Vizsla

Hungarian Pointer
Image Credit: annaaverianova from Instagram

The Hungarian Pointer, also known as Vizsla, is instantly recognizable by their sleek golden-rust coat and slightly longer body.

This athletic dog typifies an image of a swift and agile hunting companion. Still, they earned the nickname ‘Velcro dogs’ because of how clingy they can be to their primary caregivers.

20. Whippet

Pictures of Really Cute Dogs That Will Make Your Day
Image Credit: itsernieandolive from Instagram

Not to be confused with the Italian Greyhound, the Whippet is a smart and slender dog breed inclined to be quiet.

A fenced yard should be a top priority for whippet owners to prevent them from escaping and getting into potential trouble.


Who needs a spa day when you can warm your heart with a daily dose of cute puppy eyes and wagging tails?

If you were feeling down before, we hope those 20 pictures of really cute dogs made your day brighter with a huge smile on your face.

We would love to know your favorite furry face of the day. Leave a comment below and tell us which breed stood out for you.

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